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Stellar World Chapter 124: The End

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    "Don't even think about it!" Seeing Zuo Qifeng coming towards him, Uchiha Madara's eyes flashed with coldness. He formed a seal with one hand like lightning, and saw countless people suddenly popping up crazily on the sacred tree.  The branches turned into wood escape and stood in front of him!  "Look at me breaking him!" Facing Uchiha Madara's dying resistance, Zuo Qifeng sneered at the corner of his mouth, and with the Mo Xie sword that turned into three pure things in one breath, he slashed into the wood escape and opened his mouth!  "Ah, squeak" Suddenly, the terrifying ghost noise completely ignored the wood escape defense and penetrated into Uchiha Madara's eardrum!  Click!  As Uchiha Madara's eyes fell into a dull state, the Wood Release transformed from his sacred tree actually cracked in an instant.  Without any resistance, Zuo Qifeng's Moye Sword directly cut off Madara Uchiha's head from the sacred tree. At the same time, when blood continued to spray from Madara's mouth and nose, suddenly  , the sacred tree lost Madara's control and automatically grew crazily!  Boom!  While watching the sacred tree grow wildly, the Six Paths Sage Otsutsuki Hagoromo, who was originally controlled by Madara, also collapsed in an instant and all the Hokages around him floated to Zuo Qifeng's side.  "Young man, be careful of the backlash from the soul of the sacred tree in your body! Run away! I know you are very fast. As long as you run far enough, he will have less control over you." Looking at the scene in front of him, the Immortal of Six Paths  A trace of solemnity flashed in his eyes.  "Thank you for the reminder, but it doesn't have to be so troublesome. It's up to me." Regarding Liu Dao's reminder, Zuo Qifeng smiled and rejected Liu Dao's suggestion.  In Otsutsuki Hagoromo's surprised look, as he watched the sacred tree continue to expand, Zuo Qifeng actually took the initiative to reach the core of the peak of the sacred tree.  "The cornerstone of the plane, it's time to unite!" Zuo Qifeng lightly pressed his hand on the heart of the sacred tree.  ¡°Buzz¡­¡± As an invisible force suddenly expanded and exploded, at this moment, with the sacred tree as the center, the entire area was shaking.  "Young man, the power of the sacred tree is not as simple as you think" Before Otsutsuki Hagoromo finished speaking, looking at the sudden scene in front of him, Otsutsuki Hagoromo opened his mouth wide and was completely stunned I don't know why.  At that time, Zuo Qifeng's body was constantly emitting golden light, and when this golden light appeared, the entire sacred tree was also undergoing constant changes. Seeing that the golden light became more and more dazzling,  Silently, the entire huge sacred tree was sucked into Zuo Qifeng's body.  "Zuo Qifeng, congratulations to you, the fusion of the cornerstones of the planes has been completed. From now on, the whole world will be your exclusive world!" When Zuo Qifeng felt that the power in his body continued to flourish and finally remained stable, quietly, Sara  The voice rang out from Zuo Qifeng's consciousness.  At this time, after hearing Sara's words, Zuo Qifeng couldn't help but smile. After thanking Sara, Zuo Qifeng's consciousness left the plane ring and returned to reality.  "From now on, the disaster of the sacred tree will end." As Zuo Qifeng spread his right hand, a seed of the sacred tree fell lightly from the palm of Zuo Qifeng's hand to the ground.  The moment the sacred tree seeds fell to the ground, violating the laws of all things, the entire sacred tree seeds continued to grow and expand at a speed visible to the naked eye. Finally, in less than half an hour, another sacred tree grew.  So he stood between heaven and earth again.  From beginning to end, he had completely witnessed Zuo Qifeng¡¯s deeds. At this time, Otsutsuki Hagoromo already knew that Zuo Qifeng¡¯s achievements had probably surpassed his own, which meant that the world no longer needed his help.  "Young man, thank you. The world should remember your kindness. From today on, I hope you will inherit my name." He gently took off his god robe, and Otsutsuki Hagoromo smiled and took off his god robe.  The robe was handed over to Zuo Qifeng.  And within a short period of time when Zuo Qifeng solemnly took over his god-controlling robe, Otsutsuki Hagoromo simply ended the state of reincarnation in the dirt Seeing Otsutsuki Hagoromo turn into fly ash, quietly, beside Zuo Qifeng,  More and more people have gathered, and everyone is shouting excitedly that this moment belongs to the victory of the entire ninja coalition!  While the clones were having a harmonious conversation with the past Hokage, Naruto, the five modern Kage and all the ninja coalition, Zuo Qifeng's true self quietly came to Miaomu Mountain and found Meidaizi who was waiting quietly among the flowers  ¡­ In the plane ring.  Like the creator, he is admiring what is constantly happening in the world of Naruto.?, Similarly, Zuo Qifeng could clearly feel what the two clones were doing now in his consciousness.  One of the clones, Zuo Qifeng, inherited Liu Dao's last wish and built a temple around the new sacred tree to start the inheritance of faith in the world of Naruto.  The other clone accompanied Mei Daizi on his behalf, accompanying her to the places she wanted to go.  After Zuo Qifeng finished observing the world of Naruto, he opened the exclusive world of stars. Zuo Qifeng restored the time difference and invested his clone just like the world of Naruto.  What I have to say is that this clone did give Zuo Qifeng more time and more choices, but the consciousness of several consecutive clones put a little burden on Zuo Qifeng's mental strength.  However, compared to the time difference that once slowed down the exclusive world, this approach did make Zuo Qifeng a little more accepting.  After finishing all the matters and not trading for a month, Zuo Qifeng made a transaction with Lao Dao, Klaus and others, and obtained a large number of Hongmeng coins.  "Sara, what should we do next?" Sitting cross-legged quietly in the world of plane rings, under Sarah's arrangement, Zuo Qifeng entered the world of plane rings again END, the end.
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