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Volume 4 867 Finale

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    "Li Shimin, it's true that you are plotting against me!" Zhen Mingku walked up to him and kicked him in the mouth, knocking him onto his back. He fell to pieces and was dizzy.  Zhen Mingku took off the voice changer from his throat, squatted down, grabbed his collar, and whispered: "Li Jiancheng, when you killed Fulin and abused Shuang'er, did you ever think that this day would happen?" Li Jiancheng's eyes suddenly  Opening his eyes extremely wide and looking at "Li Shimin" in front of him in horror, he finally understood something.  "Yes, it's you!" "It's me, go ahead and atone for Fulin and Ah Dong's sins in hell!" "You're Zhen" Li Jiancheng opened his mouth wide, looking at Zhen's life in disbelief, his head  He slowly lowered his head and looked at the black dagger stuck in his chest, which had reached its hilt.  Until his death, he did not believe everything that happened in front of him. He died inexplicably. The unwillingness, resentment, and regret in his heart filled his mind. His mind gradually became blurred, and the bone-breaking pain reminded him that everything that happened before him was true.  of.  Zhen Mingku slowly pulled out the dagger, wiped the blood on his body indifferently, stood up, and walked towards the gate of Tai Chi Hall.   Li Yuanji fled in a hurry with a dozen guards. Just after leaving Xuanwu Gate, he saw a strong man holding a hammer weighing dozens of kilograms in the distance, riding on the street outside Xuanwu Gate. The horse underneath him was agitated.  The ground is trampled by horse hooves.  A trace of fear surged in Li Yuanji's heart, and he shouted sternly: "Yuchi Jingde, why don't you get out of the way!" Yuchi Jingde laughed loudly: "On the order of the King of Qin, I came here to capture you, a rebellious traitor.  Life!" Li Yuanji knew that the situation was difficult to resolve.  Gritting his teeth, he ordered to the dozen or so guards around him: "Shoot this man for me!" The crossbows were raised one after another and pointed in the direction of Yuchi Jingde.     at this time.  From the tower of Xuanwu Gate, there were more than a dozen bang-bang sounds of bowstrings vibrating. A dozen guards around Li Yuanji were hit by arrows in the back and fell to the ground.  Li Yuanji looked back and saw that there was only one person on the tower. He opened his bow from left to right, and one person shot more than a dozen arrows in a row at the same time.  Killed all his guards.  Yuchi Jingde in the distance laughed: "Brother Qin, you are good at archery!" Qin Shubao stood astride the wall on the tower, standing proudly.  There was a trace of pride on his face that was not worth mentioning.  "Brother Yuchi, this person is entrusted to you." At this time, Li Yuanji knew that a disaster was coming, but he was unwilling to admit defeat and bent down from the horse to take a look.  He grabbed the horse in the hand of a guard on the ground.  Yuchi Jingde smiled disdainfully.  Li Yuanji screamed desperately.  Holding the horse's shaft in hand, he galloped toward him.  Yuchi Jingde threw away the ax in his hand and used his bare hands. With a wave of the reins, the horse leaped high and faced Li Yuanji.  Qin Shubao stood on the city wall and watched with concentration, and said to himself: "It is said that Yuchi Jingde's skill in grabbing a white blade with his bare hands is unparalleled in the world. Today I want to see it for real!" I saw the moment when the two horses crossed each other.  Yuchi Jingde faced the direction where the opponent's horse stabbed him, and let the horse stab into his chest.  Li Yuanji was overjoyed.  Just waiting to be penetrated hard.  Unexpectedly, the other party not only did not stop him, but instead grabbed one end of Ma Shan, followed his momentum, pulled him, and sneered.  Comparing strength with him is simply courting death!  Yuchi Jingde has been in the army for many years, but he has never seen anyone who can beat him on horseback.  Li Yuanji used force in a hurry, but now he was pulled by Yuchi Jingde. The horse seemed to have pierced the void and came out from the other side of Yuchi Jingde's chest. As a result, his body lost balance and fell from the horse's back.  fell from above.  The moment Ma Cha stabbed Yuchi Jingde's chest, Yuchi Jingde used a very subtle angle to let Ma Cha gently rub the armor and pass through his armpit clothes This is what he has practiced on the battlefield for many years.  This skill relies on the instantaneous burst of waist muscle strength to turn the body sideways at an angle when the horse spear pierces the chest, so that the horse spear can just penetrate into the armpit, luring the enemy into thinking that it is a trick and will not pull out the horse spear.  Thrust harder.  And he took this opportunity to seize the opponent's horse and pull the opponent off the horse.  After Li Yuanji fell off the horse, the horse was frightened and galloped forward, dragging Li Yuanji forward, and ran more than ten meters away in the blink of an eye.  Yuchi Jingde took out the horse stick from his armpit with his backhand, turned around and stood on the horse, aiming in the direction of Li Yuanji like a javelin.  Whoosh - Ma Shan's castration was like thunder, diagonally inserted into Li Yuanji's chest, pinning him to the ground.  Li Yuanji didn¡¯t even have time to utter a scream. He died on the spot. The frightened horse was suddenly stopped and moved forward hard to kill Li Yuanji¡¯s body.It was pulled in half by the ground, and it ran forward with half of the body, and soon disappeared at the end of the street.  ¡­ The moment Zhen Mingku stepped into the Tai Chi Hall, most of Li Jiancheng and Li Xiaogong¡¯s troops in the Tai Chi Hall were dead or injured.  As he stopped shouting, everyone saw the body of Li Jiancheng being carried by the two secret guards behind Zhen Mingku. Everyone involuntarily dropped their weapons and knelt on the ground.  "I, under the orders of the Emperor, have come to punish the rebels. Now that the leaders of the rebels have been killed, the rest of the people who have nothing to do with it must retreat quickly. No one is allowed to leave the military camp without my order! Carry these people out,  Then retreat!" "Yes!" The dead and wounded soldiers in the hall were quickly carried out of the hall by the remaining soldiers.  Only Zhen Mingku and a dozen secret guards were left in the palace.  Zhen Mingku walked up the steps to the throne and saw Li Yuan, who was seriously injured and passed out on the dragon chair, and suddenly felt a lack of interest in his heart.  The golden dragon chair represents eternal power.  ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????How many people throughout the ages have sent hundreds of thousands of people to the battlefield just for it.  No one can really secure this position. Even if they get it, they will be on tenterhooks all the time. In order to keep the throne, they have to learn tactics, kill decisively, and nip all threats in the cradle. There is no family affection and no humanity.  So what if you sit on this chair? This is a cursed position. So many people have sacrificed their blood and lives for it.  In order to secure this position, no matter how kind a person is, he will be changed.  He has become unscrupulous in eradicating all dissidents around him, even those close to him.  History has been changed, and Li Shimin is no longer the leader of the Tang Dynasty.  His great revenge was avenged, but there was no relief in his heart.  Taking this hot potato, he has not thought about how to deal with it. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. At the same time, the greater the temptation and the possibility of losing oneself. He doesn't know if he will also step into Li Yuan's path.  Follow in the footsteps.  The only thing that is certain is.  He has no interest in this position.  ¡­ He looked back at the dying Li Yuan and saw that he was no different from an ordinary old man at this time, and there was no hatred in his heart.  Just a hint of sadness.  He could have captured Li Jiancheng alive and used a thousand tortures to take revenge, but he finally chose to end the other party's life quickly, just like a quick death for the losing party.  It is also a kind of kindness.  Compared with those anti-kings in history who were captured alive and then cut to pieces after fighting for the throne, they were all lucky enough to meet him.  He should have let Li Yuan die like this, but in order to end all this, Li Yuan had to live and live in regret and hatred for the rest of his life.  He took out a pill from his waist, opened Li Yuan's mouth, and stuffed it in.  This pill was found from Li Jiancheng.  Although Tang Jun's coagulation powder is powerful, detoxification is not difficult.  Soon.  Li Yuan woke up from his coma and saw a familiar face in front of him, with a weak smile on his lips.  When he glanced across the steps of the main hall and saw Li Jiancheng's body lying under the steps, tears fell again.  "Father, the matter has come to this, please forgive me and accept the change." Li Yuan raised his head and asked with a choked voice: "Where is Mr. Yuan Ji?" "He has also been executed." Li Yuan stared at him blankly. He had already discovered that Li Shimin was not there at this time.  He seemed to have understood something. A trace of sadness flashed in his eyes, but he also knew that the overall situation had been decided. He murmured: "Do we have to kill them? Why can't we keep them alive? They  It's your brother!" "They wanted to kill me first, and I have no other choice." A look of despair flashed through Li Yuan's eyes, and he shook his head and lamented: "That's all, I'm so disheartened that I don't want to ask anymore.  , it is up to you to deal with it as you wish. Since this has already happened, we must eradicate the roots and kill all the descendants of their brothers to avoid future troubles. Tomorrow I will spread the decree to the world, abdicate the throne and make way for the worthy, and leave the world of the Li family to you.  I have nothing to regret.¡± ¡°Thank you, Father.¡± ¡­ ¡­ ¡­ ¡­ Spring is coming and autumn is coming.  It has been more than two years since the Xuanwu Gate Incident.  On Chang'an Avenue, hundreds of cavalry dressed as Turks walked from the city gate towards Chang'an Palace.  Behind the team are dozens of sacred horse-drawn horses, two meters tall and covered in fat. They feel uneasy as more and more people gather around them, and they exhale irritable snores from their noses from time to time.  The horse¡¯s hooves are trembling in graceful steps.The shiny fur on his body shines brightly in the sun.  Riding at the front of the team is the current Turkic Khan Tuli. Not long ago, with the help of the Tang Army, he had just eliminated Chuluo Khan in the north of the Turks and unified the Turks.  This time I came to Chang'an, in addition to escorting Empress Xiao who had been stranded in the Turks back to Chang'an, there was another thing I wanted to do, which was to sign a century-old friendship agreement with the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty.  As for the dozens of sweat-blooded BMWs behind them, they were exchanged by the Turkic Khan for a high-tech product called the "Iron Donkey", which can run faster than the sweat-blooded BMWs.  More and more people were watching, pointing at these Turkic soldiers.  "That's the Turkic Khan. He looks very scary." "Yes, look at his beard. It hasn't been washed for several days. It's slovenly and has pigtails." "The barbarian people outside the Great Wall, follow us.  People from the Central Plains are just different, so ugly. " "Others still think that we are so delicate that we look like women. " " Huh, it's not like before. With the Emperor's Sixteenth Guards Army here, give them ten courages.  They don¡¯t dare to invade the Central Plains easily. They claim to be a people on horseback, but they don¡¯t want to exchange their national treasures for our products.¡± ¡°Look, I didn¡¯t expect that they Turks also have beauties.¡± ¡°You don¡¯t understand this.  Come on, that's Empress Xiao who was escorted back to Chang'an by the Turkic Khan. "What? She's almost fifty? Why does she look like an eighteen-year-old girl?" said the passers-by.  The Turkic cavalry team moved forward. The cavalrymen on horseback looked at the bustling Chang'an Avenue with curiosity and fascination in their eyes.  Especially the bicycles passing back and forth on the road.  Basically, everyone has one, and occasionally a few three-wheeled donkeys driving cargo pass by, which makes their eyes brighter.  In the only carriage in the cavalry, the curtains were pulled up at some point, revealing a beautiful face that would captivate a country.  She looked at all kinds of new and strange things on Chang'an Avenue with bright eyes, and murmured: "I haven't been back for many years, and I have changed a lot." Another woman next to her also came to the window.  He said with surprise: "I didn't expect that the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty was really capable." "Sister, my eyes can't see clearly. What is written on the tallest building?" "Chang'an Library." "Library?"  "Yeah. I heard people say that this is the landmark building of Chang'an City. When you come to Chang'an, you don't go to this library to take a look. It's really a waste of time. A six-story building that can accommodate tens of thousands of people, inside  There is a dazzling collection of books from all over the world, both ancient and modern. You only need a library card to go in and out to borrow books. Speaking of which, this Emperor of the Tang Dynasty is really ridiculous. Originally, only the children of the aristocracy could read and write, but he couldn't even afford to eat.  The common people are now literate, and their thoughts are too chaotic. How can this country be stable? " Queen Xiao looked at this magnificent but simple building from a distance. The door of the library was six meters wide, and people came and went.  There is an endless stream of scholars and farmers wearing farmers' clothes.  Her eyes flashed with touching excitement, and she murmured: "Are there still people who can't afford to eat now?" During the two years in the Turks, she was always paying attention to the news in the Central Plains. Every policy measure taken by Li Shimin after he ascended the throne, every time  The drastic reform measures touched her heart, making her excited and curious about where the people of the world would go under the leadership of such a king who established the old and established the new.  In just two years, the land of the Central Plains has undergone miraculous changes and is full of vitality.  The Liang divisions who rebelled against the king in Shuofang were all surrendered by the king of Tang Dynasty. King Dong of Han Dynasty personally went to Shandong to appease the king. Luo Yi in the north also surrendered. After nearly a few years of war, the world was finally unified.  The woman next to her was speechless for a moment, and after a while she said reluctantly: "I think he just got lucky." Queen Xiao smiled slightly, stopped talking, and looked around, looking at the scenery along the way.  The ground let out a soft sigh of admiration.  After the cavalry walked around Chang'an Avenue, they stopped at the Xuanwu gate of Chang'an Palace.  The palace door was open, with hundreds of honor guards standing on both sides of the door, playing majestic music, and dozens of civilian and military generals standing at the door to welcome the arrival of the Turkic Khan.  Tu Li gave an order, and hundreds of cavalry dismounted.  Several maids walked to Queen Xiao's car, opened the door, and welcomed Queen Xiao out of the car.  There was no excessive red tape, no singing of praises, and I saw a man walking from a distance with two women and a dozen civil servants.  Queen Xiao met this man, his eyes never moved away, and his eyes gradually became a little blurry.  He has not changed. He is still wearing the same brocade robe. Only the belt around his waist is different. There is a dragon pattern embroidered with gold thread on it to distinguish him from other people.  The scar on his face is his most unique mark and can be recognized at a glance.  There were two women beside him, one of whom was holding a child who had just turned one year old in her arms, and the other was holding a bouncing little girl in her hand, welcoming her with a smile on her face.  "The Queen." "Goose." The two parties came forward. Queen Xiao suddenly quickened her pace and hugged one of the women tightly.  "The Aijia knows that nothing will happen to you. You know, I don't know how worried I was when I was separated from you last time. Fortunately, nothing happened to you. Otherwise, the Aijia will be uneasy for the rest of their lives. The matter between you and General Zhen is all over the Aijia.  I heard Oh, no, I should call you the emperor instead. Lovers will finally get married. The Ai family is sincerely happy for you. " "Thank you, Queen." "Haha, it is the Ai family who wants to call you the queen.  ." Mrs. Zhang chuckled: "I am not the queen, the queen is someone else." "It's a long story. I will tell you more in detail later." Everyone looked at it with smiles.  Empress Xiao and Mrs. Zhang hugged each other, crying and laughing.  It wasn't until they finished reminiscing that the two of them let go with some embarrassment. Empress Xiao first glanced at the scar-faced man who had been looking at her with a smile.  Then he looked at the graceful and graceful beauty next to him holding a baby in her arms, with a hint of confusion in her eyes.  The woman next to Empress Xiao glanced at the scarred man, "General Zhen, I thought you were a devoted and infatuated husband-in-law, but I didn't expect that you would end up with three wives and four concubines. Three palaces and six courtyards." Zhen Mingku smiled awkwardly.  , "We haven't seen each other for several years, but Miss Xiao is still not forgiving." Mrs. Zhang came to his rescue and said, "The Queen. Let me introduce to you, this is the eldest grandson Beier." The eldest grandson Beier smiled slightly and said, "I have met the queen.  Empress." Queen Xiao nodded towards her.  Something suddenly pulled his clothes.  Looking down, I saw a little girl of three or four years old standing next to her. She raised her head and looked at her with big watery eyes. She held her dress with a small hand and said pitifully: "Auntie."  Hug her." Empress Xiao saw how cute she looked and couldn't help but bend down and pick her up.  He kissed her chubby little cheek and asked with a smile: "Baby, what's your name?" "Goose." "Your name is Goose too, haha, is it Little Goose?" "Yeah.  "Where's my aunt?" "Aunt, my name is Xiao Yueying." The eldest grandson Beier's eyes flashed with love, and she said with a smile: "I don't know who I learned this from."  Dad learned from me." The girls laughed together.  Zhen Ming smiled helplessly and turned to look at Tu Li, who had a complicated expression on his side. He sighed inwardly. It had been a few years, but he didn't expect Tu Li to still remember Zhang's appearance. It's no wonder that Zhang's appearance has changed over the years.  It has not changed at all due to the passage of time, but it has gained a bit more mature and charming charm.  "Brother Tuli, what's wrong?" Tuli stared straight at Mrs. Zhang, looking at her fair and tender face. He seemed to have thought of something, but was not sure. He turned back to stare at Zhen Mingku and whispered.  Asked: "Brother Zhen, why does your queen look so familiar?" Zhen Ming smiled bitterly: "Does she look familiar? No wonder, she is my wife. She was named Princess Yicheng by Yang Guang back then. She married into the Turks, or I  I personally went to Turks to snatch it back." Tuli opened his mouth when he heard this.  Zhen Mingku patted his shoulder, "Don't blame me. You may not know it well. She was already my wife before she was married to the Turks. I came to the Turks to bring her back and deceive her.  You are forced by the situation, and you have no choice. If Brother Tuli wants to blame it, blame it on you and our two countries being in a hostile position at that time. Now that the two countries have formed an alliance, please don't take it to heart, the beauty of Chang'an City.  Ruyun, if brother Tuli really likes Han beauties, why not settle down in Chang'an and marry a beautiful wife you like is not difficult. " Tuli is no longer the reckless little Khan who was young and budding, so how can he do it for one.  He could still understand the powerful relationship between women and the powerful Tang Dynasty. In addition, Zhen Mingku personally led the army to help him defeat Chuluo Khan and help him secure the position of Turkic Khan in these years.  This kindness is enough to offset the grudges of the past.  Hearing Zhen Mingku¡¯s suggestion, his eyes lit up and he laughed loudly.?, having long forgotten what happened back then, he nodded repeatedly: "I want ten beauties like her! Tell me how many cattle and sheep I want. The Khan has plenty of cattle and sheep!" As soon as he said this, everyone was quiet.  Come down.  Seeing that the atmosphere had become a little tense, Zhen Mingku looked embarrassed and leaned into his ear: "If the Khan really likes a Han woman, don't say that you want to exchange it for any cattle or sheep. The girl's heart must be exchanged for the Khan's."  In exchange for sincerity, as long as the Khan is sincere to them and promises to treat them well for the rest of his life, and if the other party is willing to marry the Khan, no cattle or sheep will be needed at all, and maybe a lot of dowry can be obtained. This is a good deal  "Look at me, I didn't spend a penny, and I married three people at once" Due to the consequences of years of war, the population has dropped sharply. The male-to-female ratio in Chang'an City is close to one to ten, and too many women can't find husbands.  She could only sit in her boudoir and sigh. In order to allow these women who had no ability to survive on their own to find support, Zhen Mingku specially asked Du Ming to formulate a law based on actual needs. Men who had the conditions could have three wives and four concubines, opening up marriage.  The conditions are not limited to the scholar-bureaucrat class, merchants and farmers. As long as they can support themselves, they can marry women who are willing to marry him.  At the same time, it is stipulated that "all wives must be treated equally" if a husband treats his wife unfairly.  The wife can go to court to sue her husband.  Although the law was absurd, it solved the problem of gender imbalance, and the population surged across the country.  In order to support their wives at home, men work extremely hard, and the gross national product soars at an annual growth rate of 100%.  After hearing this, Tuli became more and more excited. He immediately felt that the Central Plains was full of gold, and became more determined to move to Chang'an.  Zhang and her eldest grandson Beier, who had sharp ears, had already heard Zhen Mingku¡¯s words and shot two murderous eyes at him.  Zhen Mingku suddenly felt like a light on her back and hurriedly changed the topic.  "Brother Tuli, come, let me introduce to you the pillars of our Datang Dynasty." "This is Wei Zheng, the Legislative Dean of our Datang Dynasty. Vice President Sun Fuji." "This is Du Ming, the Prime Minister of our Datang Dynasty, Vice President  Prime Minister Fang Xuanling, these are all State Councilors of the Tang Dynasty" He introduced Tuli one by one.  "You have met most of these people. They are now standing members of the Tang Military Commission. You have met them all before. Li Daliang, Li Jing, Luo Shixin, Yuchi Jingde, Cheng Yaojin, Pei Xingyan, Qin Shubao, Xu Shiji"  "These are Liang Shidu, the governor of Gansu Province. Liu Heitai, the governor of Shandong Province. Fu Gongyou, the governor of Jiangnan Province. Lin Shihong, the governor of Henan Province" "Yan Lide, the minister of land, resources and construction, Yan Liben, the dean of Hanlin Academy, and the national education minister  Chu Dengshan, Minister of Publishing and Information, Bao Qijia, Minister of Commerce, Sun Huan'er of the Ministry of Health, Sun Xing'er of the Ministry of Environmental Protection" Tuli listened to these unfamiliar official titles with confusion in his eyes, not knowing who these officials were.  Whoever has a higher position has more power. If he lives in Chang'an for a long time in the future, he will naturally have indispensable contacts with these officials.  When he saw Xing'er, who was wearing a strange official uniform and had a slim figure, his eyes lit up, "It's really strange that a woman can be an official. Does this lady have a husband?" Xing'er is still as pretty as before, but  The resentment between her brows became even heavier. Two years later, she still wasn't pregnant with a child. Her resentment towards Chu Dengshan was growing day by day. She glared angrily: "Who is your wife! Keep your mouth clean! Be careful, I will poison you! Still!"  Yes, why can women be officials? " Zhen Mingku winked at him and told him not to mess with this aunt.  Tu Li was startled, then laughed: "The beauties of the Tang Dynasty are all delicate, but also fierce. I like it, I like it so much" He turned around and asked: "Brother Zhen, if I settle in Chang'an,  You also give me an official position." Zhen Ming smiled bitterly and said: "How about I make you the Minister of Foreign Affairs?" "You are the one who deals with foreign affairs. If you have conflicts with foreigners, you come forward to help.  To stop the fight, if anyone dares to invade the territory of the Tang Dynasty, you will be the first to send an envoy to show them your force and strength. When Tu Li heard that he was an envoy who could fight, he immediately nodded hurriedly and asked:  "What do these members of the Military Commission do?" "They are equivalent to the Khans of your small Turkic tribes, and they are also the princes of my Tang Dynasty." After saying this, Tuli understood. He glanced at Li Jing and others, and saw that each of these strong men  He has a resolute gaze and is not angry, and he looks like a fierce general who has experienced hundreds of battles.  "Don't stand still. I will set up a banquet in the main hall to welcome the Queen and the Khan. Please!"  The Turks and the Tang Dynasty became allies and signed a hundred-year non-aggression treaty.The news of strengthening economic and trade cooperation and free customs clearance spread throughout the country in a few days from Chang'an Palace. People rushed to tell each other and cheered and celebrated.  Chang'an City specially held a grand fireworks party for the Turkic Khan who came from afar to surrender. The whole city celebrated for three days and three nights.  In a small house in the south of the city, while the whole country was celebrating, mourning and weeping came from the house.  Li Yuan, who was injured by poison and filled with anger and anger, finally died in the West after two years.  The one-armed Li Shimin and his wife, concubines and children knelt on the bedside, mourning for Li Yuan.  There is no shortage of food, clothing, and supplies in the house, but the Li family is not allowed to leave without permission except within Chang'an City.  After Li Yuan's death, Li Shimin looked at the room full of Li clan members and lost all his ambitions. During his two years of house arrest, he witnessed the prosperity of Chang'an City. The people all over the world lived and worked in peace and contentment. The policies were enlightened and the people supported them. He knew that the Li family would have no hope of revenge.  , the general trend is that there will never be a day when the Li family will be revived.  Zhen Mingku opened the net and spared other unrelated people of the Li family, including the descendants of Li Yuanji and Li Jiancheng, and revoked the official titles of all relatives of the Li family.  He was demoted to a common people and ordered that the Li family should not enter official positions for three generations.  Those who understand current affairs are heroes.  He remembered that when he returned to Chang'an with his eldest son Fuji two years ago, Zhen Mingku personally went to his house to find him and said something to him. He still remembers every word.  "For the sake of your people, I hope you will stop instilling the consciousness of hatred into the descendants of the Li family. Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji deserve karma. They brought shame on themselves. Now that the world has been settled, you will never be able to make a difference. I  I won¡¯t give you any chance to cause trouble, but if you are single-minded and blinded by unrealistic ideas, I will not be soft-hearted anymore.¡±  It comes out of someone else's mouth.  He would sneer at it, but from Zhen Mingku's words, he had to believe that the man in front of him made him unable to even think of resisting.  After burying Li Yuan, he summoned all the parents of the Li family and had a long talk with them all night long.  After this long discussion, the entire Li family changed their names and established family rules.  One day when Zhen Ming was alive, all his descendants were prohibited from entering officialdom.  He also never mentioned the history of the Li family's downfall to future generations.   In the Cining Hall of Chang'an Palace, Queen Xiao looked at the magnificent hall with dazzling eyes and murmured to herself: "I never thought that the Ai family would be able to come back here in my lifetime." Zhen Mingku supported her.  Walking into the bedroom where she had lived for more than ten years, the room was rearranged according to the style of her previous residence.  "Queen, from now on, this is still your palace, please feel free to live here." Queen Xiao turned back to look at him, with a strange look in her eyes: "This should be where your two wives live.  "Zhen Ming smiled bitterly and said, "They are used to living in poverty, but they are really not used to living here." Empress Xiao suddenly fell to the ground: "Xiao Yueying thanked the emperor for his kindness." Zhen Mingku hurriedly helped her up.  Madam, please get up quickly. The ceremony of kneeling and worshiping disappeared in this palace two years ago. You are the grandmother of Fulin and Yang Tong. Logically speaking, I should be the one to salute you. Don¡¯t call me emperor anymore.  In a few days, I will step down. From now on, there will be no emperor in this country, only a queen who symbolizes the honor and dignity of the country." Queen Xiao seemed to have heard the most incredible thing in the world, and her eyes widened, "What did you say?  " Zhen Ming smiled bitterly: "I can't tell for a while, but I have already done what I should do. I can't handle the heavy state affairs alone, so I have thought of many ways to make this country run stably.  Now it¡¯s finally starting to take shape, and I can finally retire.¡± ¡°The Ai family doesn¡¯t understand.¡± Zhen Mingku helped her sit on the bed, took a chair, and sat opposite her, looking at her.  The eyes that have gone through many years but are still full of charm, said softly: "You don't need to understand immediately, someone will explain it to you in detail later. You just need to remember that soon, you will be the supreme queen of this country, and you will be lifelong.  , represents the honor and dignity of this country, but your power is limited to issuing and reading resolutions of Congress. Only decrees announced verbally by you will be effective. Otherwise, no one has the right to implement the decree. Of course, there will be  Many professional people will assist you, provide you with professional advice, and report to you on major policy agendas. You can submit proposals to the Congress to abolish and appoint the Prime Minister and the President of the Legislature. The 300 people in the Congress are composed of representatives from various state governments.  They are elected by the upper levels and have the right to vote, and major resolutions need to be voted on by the Congress" Queen Xiao was confused when she heard this, but she hidYue felt that the strict logic of this system basically abolished the possibility of the king of a country acting arbitrarily.  "Each member of the Military Commission does not have the power to mobilize the military. Their only responsibility is to supervise other members and check each other. Any act of starting a war without a vote by Congress will be regarded as treason. Members of the Military Commission have ten years  After the term is up, there will be another process for re-election" Zhen Mingku roughly explained the system of state power institutions, which are interlocking and closely connected. Empress Xiao listened quietly, she herself  Bingxue is smart, and Zhen Mingku explains it a little, and she realizes the mystery. She listens with gusto. When Zhen Mingku talks about the key points, or when she doesn't understand the terms she doesn't understand, she will also ask questions. Zhen Mingku is all the same.  Answer her patiently.  Just like this, time passed by in a hurry, and it was late at night in a blink of an eye.  Queen Xiao finally figured out everything Zhen Mingku had done in the past two years, and her eyes became a little confused and curious when she looked at Zhen Mingku.  "General Zhen, everyone dreams of sitting on the throne of power above ten thousand people, and you finally got it. But you gave up so easily and tried every means to put heavy shackles on it. Don't you think it's a pity?"  There is something more worthy of my cherishment in my heart." Empress Xiao stared at him for a while and smiled slightly, "I understand, General Zhen, I will definitely come back to visit the Ai family when I have time.  Yes, I will resign first and wish Her Majesty the Queen eternal happiness and good health. " A month later, the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty announced to the world that the Emperor of Tang would abdicate from the throne.  Empress Xiao was established as the Empress of the Tang Dynasty.  As soon as the news came out.  It did not cause much of a stir. As early as two years ago, Zhen Mingku set up the operation of the national system as a required course in the publicly funded civilian schools built across the country, allowing all people to know and participate in the country's politics and rule of law.  Coupled with the prestige he has accumulated over the years, when he gives an order, the whole people responds, although this is a big thing.  But it did not cause any turmoil and the handover was smooth.  ¡­¡­¡­In a small two-story house in the south of Longmen Town, Luoyang.  Bright light shines from the room.  The laughter of children came, full of warmth.  The lotus pond next to the house is full of lotus flowers, exuding bursts of lotus fragrance in the summer night, and crickets and frogs compete with each other.  Various green vegetables are planted in the vegetable field, and the chickens, ducks and geese in the fence have already fallen asleep.  A sturdy figure with a travel bag on his back appeared at the door of the house, opened the courtyard door and walked in.  He secretly walked to the bathroom window on the first floor, gently opened a layer of window paper with his fingers, and moved closer.  The bathroom was filled with steam, and a slim figure stood with her back to the window, standing under the lotus shower, gently wiping her body. ?? Her skin is as white as jade, and her beautiful buttocks are as firm as a hill, looming in the foam of the shower gel, a picture of a beautiful beauty taking a bath.  The scent of shower gel wafted out of the window.  The man outside the window took a deep breath, with a look of great enjoyment on his face, and swallowed hard.  At this time, a woman's voice came from the bathroom door: "Sister Zhang, Goose said that she wants to take a shower with you." The woman in the bathroom turned around, covered her chest with a towel, and walked to the bathroom door  , opened the door, and a naked little girl ran in giggling, threw herself on her, held her pair of beautiful round legs tightly with her hands, buried her face between her legs, and rubbed her face for a while, which made the woman itch.  With a sweet smile, he picked her up and pinched her little nose with a loving look on his face, "Girl Pi, didn't you say you want to wash with your mother?" "No, I want to wash with my aunt, Auntie Goose.  "Auntie, I really want to thank you." "Oh, you're welcome. Mom, please come in and wash me." "Mom, you're here too!"  He smiled and said, "There's no way we can squeeze in so many people. I'll wash it after you finish washing it." The little girl broke out of the woman's arms, ran out of the bathroom, and pulled her into the bathroom. The woman laughed and cursed, but  Without refusing, he quickly took off his clothes and soaked in the bathtub together.  The bathtub was very big, and it was just right for two people to squeeze in. The little girl ran and jumped into the bathtub, and the water immediately overflowed. The little girl laughed heartily and clapped her hands.  "It would be nice if daddy comes and takes a bath with us." Zhang laughed and said, "Where is his place?" The little girl tilted her head and thought for a while: "Daddy, please hug me."Auntie holds the goose in her arms.  " "What about your mother?  " "Mom helps dad rub his back.  " Another woman asked with a smile: "Why can't you rub your father's back?  " "No, daddy wants to wipe Goose's back.  " "Is the order wrong?  " Little Goose tilted her head when she heard this. The man standing outside the window looked at the warm scene in the bathroom, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, turned around and secretly opened the door and entered the house. While they were having fun in the bathroom,  "  Daddy, rub Goose's back.  " "Okay, let daddy see if my little goose is eating well.  Is there any flesh gain?  " "It's grown, you touch it!"  "Zhen Goose raised her bulging belly. Zhang and her eldest grandson Beier watched the two father and daughter playing in the bathtub, splashing water on each other. There was a look of happiness in their eyes. They looked at each other, secretly got up from the bathtub, and rinsed  After cleaning up, they left the bathroom, leaving the father and daughter talking in the bathroom In the dead of night, Zhen Mingku finally coaxed Zhen Ge to sleep and helped her close the door and walked towards the roof.  After opening the door, Mrs. Zhang and her eldest grandson Beier were sitting on the swing on the roof, looking at the stars in the sky and whispering. He walked gently to the two women, squeezed in between them, put his arms around their waists.  The two women turned around and looked at his side face, with joy and shyness in their eyes. "You two ladies have been waiting for a long time. From today on, I will be free. I will fulfill my promise to you."  Tell me, where do you want to go?  "The two women said in unison: "Maldives.  " Zhen Ming smiled bitterly: "Okay, let's start tomorrow.  My husband will take you to visit famous mountains and rivers, and go to the first stop of traveling around the world.  Maldives, we will set off tomorrow Madams, it's late at night, let's take a rest early. You two ladies have promised me something, and you can't go back on it.  " The two women giggled when they heard this, and one after another broke away from his arms, escaped from his reach, pointed at each other and said in unison: "Let Sister Beier (Sister Zhang) accompany you, I'm sleepy.  " With that said, they ran downstairs and returned to their respective rooms. Zhen Ming smiled bitterly. Once the thoughts in his heart surged, he couldn't control it. He said to himself: "You promised me something, how can you do it?  If you can regret it, your husband has the final say in this family. It depends on where you go to escape.  ¡± After saying that, he turned around and chased after him with enthusiasm. ?¡­ ?Zhen Mingku drove a fully equipped and comfortable station wagon on the flat concrete road. The two women sat in the car and enjoyed the scenery along the way, all the way to Jiangdu City.  When passing by the foot of Songshan Mountain in Dengfeng, Zhang suddenly proposed to visit the Songshan Shaolin Temple. Zhen Mingku suddenly remembered what Shan Yunying had said to him when she met him in Luoyang two years ago.  Ying asked him to go to the Shaolin Temple, but he didn't take it seriously at the time. Thinking about it now, he couldn't help but be a little curious. Thinking that he hadn't seen Abbot Dao Jing for so many years, I wonder if he is still alive. By the way, I asked him about Tongchi.  Whereabouts, Tongchi went down the mountain privately to find Zhang. If he knew that Zhang was not dead, he would not know how happy he would be. Over the years, Tongchi has been like a family member. Now he has to leave the Central Plains, I am afraid it will be many years later.  It would be best if he could take him with him. Therefore, as a family of five, Zhen Mingku held little Zhen Tian in one hand and held little Zhen Goose in the other, following behind the two girls with a sullen expression, watching them relax.  He walked freely up the mountain, but unfortunately he had to carry a lot of travel bags filled with food and water, completely becoming a free coolie and nanny A meal bell sounded from the Shaolin Temple halfway up the mountain.  The huge figure flew out of the temple, the fat on his body trembling like waves, looking for something everywhere in the Shaolin Temple, muttering: "Two little naughty ones, they are coming to eat, where did they go to play"  While the fat monk was looking around the temple, two five-year-old children were hiding in a corner on the back hill of the Shaolin Temple, covering each other's mouths and giggling. The little girl had two hair on her head.  He has a cute braid and a chubby face, which makes him look like a master and disciple of the fat monk. The little boy¡¯s face is covered with plaster, and his eyes are clear and bright, flashing with a cunning that is not suitable for his age.  ??? ??????????????????????????????????????????? Tongzhi asked us to eat.???????????????????????? ?? ? ?Now we are still full. ???? The little girl was a little worried after hearing this,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??  If you continue to eat, you will become a fat girl. It depends on whether you can get married" The little girl flattened her mouth and burst into tears. The little boy hurriedly coaxed: "You can get married, you can get married, you can get married.  The little girl tilted her head and thought for a moment, thinking that marrying a fat man would be a good idea, at least she wouldn't be hungry, and she burst into tears.  At this moment, a pleasant female voice came from outside the hiding place of the two people: "Life is hard, life is good. It's time to eat. Come out quickly. If your father and mother don't see you when they come,  , You can't blame me for not reminding you" "Aunt Frost!" When the two children heard the voice, they ran out of the hiding place with surprise on their faces, ran towards the woman, and threw themselves into her arms "A familiar one!  The figure appeared in front of the two children. It was Ling Shuang who had been away for two years. She had long hair, a nun, no makeup, and two years of cultivation by the Qingdeng Ancient Buddha, making her look so tranquil and calm. She stepped forward  Holding the two of them, looking down the mountain, a sweet and warm smile appeared on his face.  "Your father and mother are here to find you." (Complete book) (To be continued)
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