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Volume 2 The Foundation for Rise Chapter 1019 Crystal Palace

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    At this moment, the calm sea surface suddenly rolled with waves. Under the rolling waves, a huge head suddenly emerged from the bottom of the sea at this moment, opened its bloody mouth, and opened its mouth to swallow Chu Han.  Chu Han, who was suspended in mid-air, didn't seem to notice the huge head that suddenly appeared behind him. Until the huge mouth of the head completely enveloped Chu Han's expression, it seemed that he could swallow Chu Han just by closing his mouth.  into the belly.  There was a hint of joy in the giant beast's eyes, and it closed its huge mouth with force. Unexpectedly, a human figure suddenly appeared not far from its head.  "Baqi, it's you. I didn't go looking for you. I didn't expect you to come looking for me this time!" Chu Han looked at the monster lurking from the bottom of the sea not far away, and said to it with a calm face*  .  At this time, the other heads of Yamata no Orochi slowly emerged from the bottom of the sea. At some point, the other head that was chopped off by Chu Han had grown back. At this moment, sixteen giant scarlet eyes were staring at him.  Staring at Bu Fan, the eight heads kept swinging back and forth.  Oops!  A gleaming golden sword appeared in Bu Fan's hand. As soon as the Shenlong Holy Soldier appeared, thousands of rays of light immediately shot out in the sky with dazzling light.  And Chu Han's figure suddenly disappeared at this moment, and then instantly appeared on the side of a head of Yamato no Orochi, and the divine dragon holy weapon in his hand was chopped down without hesitation at this moment.  Yamata no Orochi didn't even have time to react. He only felt that one of his heads was leaving his body again. The tough snake scales he was proud of did not play any protective role this time.  Under the sharp effect, it was like tofu and was easily cut open by Chu Han.  "Ouch!" The huge body of Yamata no Orochi suddenly emerged from the depths of the sea. As its huge body rolled, the surface of the sea was stirred by huge waves, while its other heads couldn't help but  Howl.  At the same time, he looked into Chu Han¡¯s eyes.  There seemed to be a hint of flinching. He did not expect that not only was his sneak attack unsuccessful, but Chu Han easily beheaded him again.  And the more obvious thing is that it seems that he is no longer a match for Chu Han.  Chu Han did not stop because of Yamata's wail, but used teleportation again, appeared next to the other head of Yamata-no-Orochi, and then slashed it down with a sword.     boom!  Another huge snake head fell from Yamato no Orochi's body and fell into the ocean.  The bright red blood dyed the huge sea surface red, and the Yamata no Orochi howled again.  "Stop, Great God, I have something to say. I can tell you how to enter the Dragon Gate!" Yamato no Orochi was really panicking at this time. Seeing Chu Han effortlessly chop off two of his own heads, such a fighting power  , even if it means killing him with one sword.  There was no more difficulty, so he made a decisive decision and immediately begged Chu Han for mercy.  When Chu Han heard this, his figure stopped in mid-air.  Looking at Yamata no Orochi, he asked softly: "Do you know the situation in Longmen?" The other heads of Yamata no Orochi nodded quickly, and then quickly said to Chu Han: "Yes, great god. This is the Sea Clan.  There is one gate in each of the four sea areas in the southeast and northwest, known as the Dragon Gate! After passing through this dragon gate, you can directly enter the Crystal Palace of the Sea Clan. It is said that there are treasures left by the Sea Clan in the Crystal Palace, and the Dragon Gate is opposite.  All marine life has great appeal! ""Dragon Gate? Crystal Palace? What a mess!" Chu Han thought helplessly!  "Stop talking nonsense, let's talk about how to get in here!" Chu Han interrupted Yamata no Orochi's words unceremoniously and said coldly.  "Well, for sea beasts, the only way to cross the dragon gate is to jump over it. That's why there is a saying that carp jumps over the dragon gate. But I heard that there are other ways, and it seems that you can get in!" Yamata no Orochi flinched a little.  said to Chu Han.  Hearing this, Chu Han was speechless for a while, and then turned to look at the gate formed by huge stone pillars in front of him. It seemed that the height must be several thousand meters!  How to do this dance? Should we use the legendary monkey somersault cloud? ???????????????????? Boom!  Just when Chu Han was stunned, the Yamato no Orochi who had seized the opportunity suddenly swam quickly. Of course, this time he was not attacking Chu Han sneakily, but quickly diving towards the depths of the seabed.  If you don¡¯t run away now, then when will you wait?  Seeing Baqi escaping in a hurry, Chu Han didn't bother to pursue him anymore, but stared at the huge light door in front of him.  Jumping over the dragon gate?  Chu Han doesn¡¯t have that idea yet, but when he thinks about itHearing the message of the prophet's scepter, Chu Han held the prophet's scepter tightly in one hand, and then slowly flew towards the light curtain gate.  Sure enough, when Chu Han slowly approached the huge light door, an invisible force seemed to permeate the surrounding space, blocking Chu Han from the outside.  And as Chu Han moved forward step by step, the resistance of that force became stronger and stronger, making Chu Han couldn't help but frown.  But at this moment, the prophet's scepter in Chu Han's hand suddenly emitted a layer of multicolored light, and then slowly shrouded Chu Han's whole body.  After the power of the prophet's scepter escaped, Chu Han only felt that the invisible force surrounding him dissipated in an instant, and then, Chu Han's figure easily passed through the light curtain.  After passing through the light curtain, Chu Han only saw that the seawater behind the light curtain had already rolled to both sides at some point. The endless ocean revealed a waterway made of seawater at this moment.  , spreading towards the depths of the ocean step by step.  What a powerful method, it actually makes the entire ocean be driven by it. It seems that the mysterious sea tribe really seems to have unknown powerful power!  Looking at the magnificent scene in front of him, Chu Han's heart couldn't help but beat. Although he had already seen many supernatural powers, the scene in front of him still shocked him.  After the shock, Chu Han walked along the waterway, step by step, towards the depths of the waterway.  And just after Chu Han walked by, the originally transformed waterway closed again, and the sea level became calm again.  Chu Han looked up and saw that there was still a long waterway under his feet, but above his head, there was a thin layer of sea water, as if covered with a thin layer of glass.  Chu Han shook his head and continued walking down!  However, unlike Chu Han's easy entry, fierce battles broke out in the other three Dragon Gate sea areas. The Emperor Guangming and others who came after hearing the news encountered strong sniping attacks from the sea beasts who wanted to enter the Dragon Gate, including many.  An ancient sea beast that has existed for a very long time like Yamata no Orochi!  (To be continued)
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