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Text Chapter 1,337 Everyone is not simple

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    "Zhang Chongyuan is not simple. It seems that his arrogance and arrogance are just an external manifestation." Ye Xiaofeng said looking at Zhang Chongyuan sitting on the ice seat and adjusting his breath too much.  "Which one of the truly top players of the younger generation will be easy, except of course Ouyang Bowen who was beaten by you? I'm afraid there was a conflict between the two of you before. Now he can't accept the fact that you can defeat him. This also shows that  You are more powerful than them, and you hide deeper." Liu Yunyan said with a gleam in her beauty, as if she wanted to completely dig out the secrets of Ye Xiaofeng.  "I have nothing to hide. What I show is my true self, not as hypocritical as others." Ye Xiaofeng said.  "Maybe!" Liu Yunyan said lightly.  Ye Xiaofeng didn't speak anymore. He turned his attention to the fourth round platform. On this round platform, Dugu Xing was fighting with an eighth-level innate warrior. Ye Xiaofeng felt depressed for a while. Why couldn't he meet an eighth-level innate master opponent every time?  , at least this way you can hone your martial arts skills.  At the beginning, Dugu Xing didn't take any action at all. He kept dodging, like a piece of wood, moving expressionlessly, his whole body straight, and making no other movements when moving. Every time his feet moved slightly,  , the upper body remains unchanged, and is moved away.  About two or three minutes later, he glared, and an aura that absolutely suppressed all power burst out, like a peerless overlord. His opponent was just about to take action when his whole body was trembling under the suppression of his aura.  Unable to exert all his strength, the other party knew that Dugu Xing had already given him face, so he gave up and left on the spot.  This made Ye Xiaofeng sigh, they are all a bunch of sluts.  From Ye Xunhuan, Ye Xiaofeng knew that the Ye family's flying knives were extremely powerful. He wanted to see it for real, but he didn't expect that the number one member of the Ye family, Ye Wuhua, did not use flying knives at all. He only used a transformed lightsaber to kill  Ye Xiaofeng was disappointed that the opponent was defeated, but fortunately there was more fighting to come, and sooner or later he would be able to see his knife-throwing skills.  In the third round, only the six of them encountered the scene of a strong encounter. The opponents of the other top masters of the younger generation were either innate eighth level or innate ninth level. They fought with almost no effort.  This round of competition continued until the morning of the next day. A total of twenty-five people entered the fourth round. Among these twenty-five people, there were a total of twenty top players from the younger generation, that is, the eight major families.  The first person of the younger generation, Ouyang Tianhua, one of the two dragons of the Ouyang family. As for Ouyang Bowen, who was too injured to participate in the competition and was eliminated, the five masters of the five major sects, and Ao Xiangfei, who belongs to the ranks of casual cultivators  The three of them, as well as Ye Xiaofeng, Su Han and Leng Jie.  The other five people were Han Xueshuang, Ximen Canxue, two casual cultivators, and one of Ning Caiyao's junior sisters, Hua Yu.  Twenty minutes after the game ended, the familiar sound of vicissitudes of life sounded, "All the masters who have entered the next round gathered on their respective round platforms." As soon as these words fell, twenty-five figures flew over  There are five people on each of the five round platforms. They are the geniuses of this generation and role models for the younger generation. Many people in the younger generation in the stands looked at them with envy and silently vowed in their hearts that they must work hard to practice.  The next step was exactly the same as the previous round. The Holy Realm master collected all the metal cards and threw twenty-five metal cards from 1 to 25 into the void for everyone to choose.  "The twenty-five of you are divided into five groups. Now you each stand on the round platform where you belong." After seeing everyone get the metal medals in their hands, the voice of the strong man from the Holy Realm came over.  Everyone on the round platform moved and flew towards their respective round platforms. Ye Xiaofeng did not move. His metal plate number was No. 20, and he was on the fourth platform again this time.  After about three breaths, everyone stood on the circular platform where they were, looking at the masters who belonged to the same circular platform as themselves.  On the round platform No. 1 are Zhang Chongyuan, Ouyang Tianhua, Ximen Canxue, Chen Yanfeng and Chen Wen; on the No. 2 platform are Ye Wuhua, Zheng Shaolong, Han Lichen, Dugu Xing and Fu Xingyi; on the No. 3 platform are Liu Yunyan, Wu Changkong and Lian Jianfeng  , Su Han and Hua Yu; on stage four are Ye Xiaofeng, Ning Caiyao, Leng Jie, Nangong Lie and a casual cultivator; on stage five are Ximen Luoxue, Yuankong, Ao Xiangfei, Han Xueshuang and a casual cultivator  .  "We are really destined to be on the same round platform. If we meet, you have to hold back!" When Ning Caiyao saw Ye Xiaofeng and herself on the same round platform, she smiled lightly and said,  Brilliant as a flower.  ¡°I¡¯m not necessarily your opponent yet.¡± Ye Xiaofeng said with a faint smile.  "Don't be too humble. Excessive humility is pride." Ning Caiyao said with another smile.  Ye Xiaofeng smiled and said nothing.  At this time, Leng Jie walked up to him and said coldly: "For a while, if the two of us met, I would like to see how big the gap is between us.  " "Okay, of course I won't hold back.  "Ye Xiaofeng's eyes moved from her face to her proudly erect peaks, with a smile on her lips. Feeling Ye Xiaofeng's aggressive gaze, Leng Jie's figure flashed far away from Ye Xiaofeng, and at the same time  Two words were thrown away, "Rogue."  "Seeing Leng Jie gritting his teeth, Ye Xiaofeng smiled slightly. "Humph.  "A cold snort of dissatisfaction came. Ye Xiaofeng turned around and saw Nangong Lie, who was not far away from him, looking at him coldly. Nangong Lie was extremely dissatisfied with Ye Xiaofeng. He was shocked by what Ning Caiyao, Leng Jie and Ye Xiaofeng said just now.  Listening to his ears, those words were so harsh to him, as if Ye Xiaofeng's cultivation level was extremely high. Where would this put him? Although Ye Xiaofeng defeated Ouyang Bowen, he still did not think that Ye Xiaofeng was his.  The opponent thought bitterly: "When I meet him later, let's see how I make him suffer so much shame. When I see you, you will say such things to him. "You should be called Nangong Lie!  "Ye Xiaofeng asked with an uncertain tone. Of course he knew that the other party was Nangong Lie, but he said this specifically to attack Nangong Lie. "I am, what's the matter with you?  "Although Nangong Lie scolded Ye Xiaofeng in his heart, he still looked like a calm master on the surface. This is the style of a master, showing no emotion or anger. "Do you have any objections to me?  "Ye Xiaofeng asked directly. "I don't have any opinions. I just heard that your cultivation level is very high, and I really want to compete with you. Now it seems that this round, we have a great chance of fighting each other.  "Nangong Lie said lightly, looking very graceful. "Compete with me?  Ye Xiaofeng asked back, paused and said, "Don't worry, I will hold back when the time comes, and I will definitely not let you become the second Ouyang Bowen."  " Hearing this, Nangong Lie's face turned ugly. He wanted to cut Ye Xiaofeng into pieces with a thousand knives, but he still smiled faintly, "You are joking. If you want to hold back your hand, I should hold it back. Although your cultivation  The reason is very high, but compared to us, the purity of the true energy cultivated in big cities is far from enough.  "Nangong Lie is clearly telling Ye Xiaofeng that Ye Xiaofeng is not good enough and cannot beat him. "I hope so. I'm afraid that if you lose then, people will say, how come no one from the Nangong family can survive in the world of mortals?  He couldn't defeat anyone in the city. Could it be that the cultivation environment of the Nangong family was not as good as that of the big city?  Those who are missing are your Nangong family members," Ye Xiaofeng said with a faint smile. Hearing this, Nangong Lie's eyes burst out with two strong murderous intentions.
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