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Text Chapter 3020 Fire Phoenix True Spirit

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    "From this point of view, Lu Su is afraid that he will betray the Canyan Dynasty just like Ji Tianxiong" Chen Aotian pondered for a moment and said: "This matter is just a guess on our part. The specific situation is not yet clear. However, I  We must be extremely careful to avoid being manipulated by the other party The most important thing now is to find out the situation in Gunan Town, Commander Lu" Chen Aotian looked at Lu Tianyu and said, "I'm afraid this matter will trouble you."  In terms of individual combat capabilities, his sergeants are definitely no match for the Blood Killing Guards led by Lu Tianyu.  "Okay, I will send someone to Gunan Town right now." After Lu Tianyu finished speaking, he looked at Huang Shaofu and said, "Shaofu, you will handle this matter. You pick ten people to go to Gunan Town with you.  Remember, pay attention to safety." "Yes!" Huang Shaofu responded in a deep voice and took the order.  "Adjutant Zhang." Chen Aotian looked at Zhang Chaoxing and said, "In the past few days, you are responsible for the food, daily life, logistics and sundries of the army. Jinxing and Jinhua, you two go back and stand by. We will discuss it later when the Blood Killing Guard reports back the situation.  ." "I obey the command of the commander-in-chief!" A look of excitement flashed on Jin Xing and Jin Hua's faces. They admired Chen Aotian even more and decided to be with Chen Aotian sincerely.  On the contrary, Zhang Chaoxing had a cold face. Chen Aotian's move undoubtedly made him sit on the bench.  "Damn Chen Aotian, just wait, I will definitely make you regret it." Looking at Chen Aotian hatefully, Zhang Chaoxing turned around and walked out.  After Lu Tianyu returned to the room, he began to practice.  Although his breakthrough in cultivation has already made him a supreme saint, his breakthrough this time was completely coincidental and beyond his expectation.  According to his original idea, he would first unify the five elements into one, stabilize the divine way, and then make a breakthrough to become the ultimate saint.  However, what he didn't expect was that when he was fighting against Ji Tianxiong that day, he accidentally caused a thunder tribulation. The thunder tribulation contained a strong Tao of the Five Elements, which directly helped him break through the barrier and break through his cultivation level.  There¡¯s nothing wrong with this, but it¡¯s just not as easy as breaking through after the five elements have been fused.  If he had integrated the five elements back then, his breakthrough would not have been so dangerous.  But since he has made a breakthrough in advance, he will naturally not struggle anymore. Now he only needs to slowly integrate the Five Elements.  "I have integrated the three elements of earth, water, and wood. According to the principle of the five elements being mutually restrained, I should integrate the way of fire. Well, I should refine the fire stone." Lu Tianyu said, the power of the divine way in his body surged,  Go towards the flaming stone package. ?? Streams of flames rose up and filled Lu Tianyu's heart. The flaming stone was slowly getting smaller. At the same time, a faint flame appeared on Lu Tianyu's Shinto.  When Lu Tianyu was in the Three Realms, he had obtained the essence of the Five Elements. After coming to the Canyan Realm, he entered the illusion of Yandi Academy and had a deeper understanding of the Five Elements. Now he has broken through to the Supreme Saint, and the speed of integration is very fast.  Quickly, after a while, the Fire Stone will only be a tiny bit in size, and the Way of Fire has been successfully integrated.  Lu Tianyu was just about to refine the last bit of the Fire Stone, but at this moment, a flame shot up into the sky, and a harsh hissing sound came from his ears, "Is this Cangque?" Lu Tianyu watched helplessly.  , the flames soared into the sky, turned into a big fire bird, and flew towards the east.  This big bird is exactly the same as the Carrow, but its body shape and the power exuded from it are much stronger than the Carrow.  "This is the fire phoenix!" Lu Tianyu instantly recognized that this big bird was not a bird, but a veritable mythical beast, the fire phoenix.  The old turtle also jumped out, shaking his head constantly, signaling Lu Tianyu to catch up.  Ignoring the old turtle, Lu Tianyu's heart trembled. He could see that the fire phoenix was not just a shadow or a virtual soul, but also contained a true spirit. However, the true spirit of the divine beast could be trapped in the fire.  Ishiuchi?  Lu Tianyu would not doubt why the divine beast true spirit appeared. He had three beast servants, two were quasi-divine beasts, and one was a real divine beast. Not to mention it was just the fire phoenix true spirit, even if the real fire phoenix appeared in front of him  , he would not be surprised.  He is just curious. Divine beasts can cross the realm. Like the Emperor, they are the strongest existence in the realm. Why are they trapped in the flaming stone, and why do they escape at this time? Could it have something to do with him?  Lu Tianyu was puzzled. At this moment, Ma Liang's voice sounded outside the door, "Commander Lu, Marshal Chen has invited you." "I know." Since he couldn't think of it, he didn't think about it for the time being. Lu Tianyu withdrew from his heart and stood up.  Go to the city lord's mansion.  "What happened?" After entering the City Lord's Mansion, Lu Tianyu discovered that Chen Aotian and others had gloomy faces, and a depressing atmosphere filled the entire City Lord's Mansion.  "Huang Shaofu is missing." Yan ?? He whispered to the side: "None of the ten blood-killing guards who went with him came back." "None of them came back?" Hearing this, Lu Tianyu also had a look of surprise on his face, "They didn't even signal.  Didn't you send it out?" He shook his head seriously.  "After Huang Shaofu disappeared, I sent two teams of guards to check, and without exception, they were all missing." Chen Aotian said with a gloomy face.  "Commander, what you mean is that Huang Shaofu and the two teams of guards you sent were all killed instantly, without even a chance to ask for help?" Lu Tianyu was surprised and turned to confusion. Not to mention the two teams of guards, the ten people led by Huang Shaofu were killed.  Wei, his cultivation level is above the middle stage of the Ultimate Sage, and his strength exceeds his cultivation level. He is still capable of fighting even against the Supreme Saint Qi Tian, ??how could he not even have a chance to ask for help.  A look of confusion appeared on Jinhua's face, and he said: "Based on the known situation, it is indeed the case. However, the scouts and guards we sent are all from the White Tiger Regiment. They are experienced and powerful. The two teams are divided into  There are ten groups, going from different directions. It is absolutely impossible for them all to disappear at the same time." Several people present nodded, with doubts on their faces.  When Lu Tianyu saw this, his heart moved, he walked over and sat down and sneered: "It seems that our guess is good. I'm afraid the other party is cooperating inside and outside, waiting there." "Even so, it's not that easy to deal with the Blood Killing Guard, right?  "The scout guards sent out by the White Tiger Legion may not be as good as the Blood Killing Guards in individual combat, but they are much stronger than the monsters, demon cultivators, etc. who are also sergeants.  The Blood Killing Guards are even stronger. Ordinary sergeants cannot trap them so easily.  "Although the Blood Killing Guard is strong, it is not as difficult as you think to deal with it. For example, if I take action, people like Huang Shaofu will definitely die." Lu Tianyu said lightly.  "What Commander Lu means is that the other party has sent experts who are equal to the Supreme Saint. Is this impossible?" Chen Aotian didn't believe it.  Demonic cultivators, monsters, and humans have been fighting for years, but everyone has always adhered to the most basic bottom line. In a battle between ordinary sergeants, there will never be powerful monks participating in the battle.  After all, once the powerful monks join the war, the implications are wide, causing powerful monks from the three tribes to join the war, causing the Shinto war to come early.  Lu Tianyu sneered, "What's impossible? Have you forgotten Li Sheng?" Everyone was shocked when they heard this. This time they came to Huanyun Xinghai. Not only were the Blood Killing Guards led by Lu Tianyu, but also led by Chen Aotian.  In the expeditionary force, there is also Li Sheng, a heaven-defying saint.  However, along the way, Li Sheng did not show up, making everyone ignore him for a while.  " However, what Lu Tianyu said was the truth. Just because Li Sheng would not take action easily does not mean that he would definitely not take action.  The human race will think of arranging for Li Sheng to accompany him, and the demon cultivators and monster beast clan may also arrange for powerful cultivators to take action.  Anyway, as long as they are not directly involved in the war, this kind of action between powerful people will not cause much backlash. Lu Tianyu continued: "Moreover, I guess that the other party not only has powerful monks participating in the battle, but may also have arranged a large formation.  Huang Shaofu and others, as well as the scout guards sent out, were all trapped in the formation. Otherwise, how could there be so many of them disappearing quietly? " Lu Tianyu thinks this possibility is the greatest. After all,  With his forbidden cultivation, it is not too difficult to do this.  When the people present heard this, their faces became more and more gloomy.  "If it's true as Commander Lu said, it will be troublesome." Chen Aotian sighed solemnly.  At this moment, a soldier hurried in and said: "Commander, there is a vision flashing in the eastern sky." "A vision flashing?" Chen Aotian was stunned, but Lu Tianyu's expression changed, and he realized something.  , flew away into the sky.  As soon as he flew into the sky, he saw several fire clouds rising in the eastern void, like an endless inferno. There was a ray of golden light flickering in it, and then the golden light shone in the sky and turned into a fire phoenix flying out of the fire cloud.  Soaring in the void.  After a while, the fire phoenix turned sharply down and disappeared in front of everyone in the blink of an eye.  This vision was exactly the same as what Lu Tianyu saw in his heart.  Lu Tianyu was shocked and shouted, "City Lord Ye, can you recognize the place where the fire phoenix fell?" Ye Ziyu was also stunned by the sudden appearance of the fire phoenix in the sky. Hearing Lu Tianyu's shout, he  After coming back to his senses, he took a careful look in that direction and said, "If I read correctly, that should be Wutong Town, not far from Gunan Town. There is a mountain range behind Wutong Town called Luofeng Mountain. According to legend,  In ancient times, it was the habitat of the mythical beast Phoenix" "Wutong Town, Luofeng Mountain?" Lu Tianyu's eyes widened when he heard this.He shrank, thought for a moment, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, "I see, I understand." "Commander Lu, what do you know?" Chen Aotian said, and everyone else also looked at Lu Tianyu.  "Let's go back to the City Lord's Mansion first." Lu Tianyu waved his hand, fell from the air, and entered the City Lord's Mansion.  "Boy Lu, tell me what's going on? Is that really the fire phoenix just now? Have these ancient beasts disappeared, why are they here." Master Hailan walked in from outside and asked a few questions.  Chen Aotian and others also looked at Lu Tianyu with confusion. In their understanding, all the mythical beasts had disappeared and would never appear again in the realm.  "The disappearance of the mythical beasts does not mean that they will not appear. It's just that the place where they appeared is beyond what we can imagine." Lu Tianyu's mind showed the figure of Xiu Xiu. When he found Xiu Xiu, it was under the Qingdi Temple, but  The place where Xiu Xiu really should exist is in the endless chaos.  "Furthermore, what just appeared was not the real fire phoenix, but just a trace of the true spirit of the fire phoenix. Although it has the power of the divine beast, it has no consciousness of the divine beast." Lu Tianyu said lightly.
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