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Text Chapter 1338 Jing Yi appears, the finale!  !

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    Tang Hu died; Tang Long and Zifeng were exhausted and had no strength to fight anymore.  However, at this time, a fierce murderous intent suddenly rushed over, instantly covering Zifeng. At the same time, Tang Long on the side also felt this undisguised murderous intent.  The two of them couldn't help being startled at the same time, and struggled to get up, their eyes searching everywhere.  An unprecedented sense of crisis is sweeping across!  !  !     who is it?  The shocked eyes are full of defense!  !  "Tang Zifeng, we meet again." A familiar voice followed, and the girl with white hair walked step by step from the distant mountains, gradually approaching Zifeng.  The young girl Zifeng who appeared in his sight was no stranger to her. She was even so familiar that she couldn't be more familiar with her.  "Ye Jingyi." Three words of shock rang out from Zifeng's mouth.  "The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows. Isn't Tang Zifeng surprised? You didn't expect me to show up here, did you?" Ye Jingyi's playful voice sounded. In fact, as early as Zifeng, Tang Long and Tang Hu were fighting  Ye Jingyi was already nearby, but she had been hiding and not showing up.  After all, the battle just now was not something he could bear.  But it's different now. Whether it's Tang Long or Zifeng, no matter how strong they are, they are already at the end of their strength. It's easy to kill them at this time.  The time for revenge has come.  "I really didn't expect that you would appear here." Zifeng's heavy voice sounded, with a hint of exertion. At this moment, he could only try his best to restore his body's consumption, otherwise Ye Jingyi in front of him  I will never let myself go.  "Yeah, I didn't expect even God to help me." Ye Jingyi's faint voice sounded.  "Jingyi, what nonsense are you talking to him? Just kill him." At this time, another voice sounded in the distance, and then an afterimage rushed towards here. In an instant, a figure appeared between Zifeng and  In front of Tang Long.  The man in front of me is none other than the Japanese Martial God and the master of the God List - Wu Zhen; before, Ye Jingyi and Wu Zhan were both in the Japanese country, and during this period they were taught by Wu Zhen  , Ye Jingyi's combat effectiveness has also been improved to a very powerful existence.  After the destruction of the Japanese country, Ye Jingyi came to the Yan country, always waiting for the opportunity to attack Zifeng.  She wants revenge.  "Master." Ye Jingyi couldn't help but exclaimed when she saw the martial arts funeral.  "Master, why are you here?" Immediately, a surprised voice came from Ye Jingyi's mouth.  "Actually, I have always been by your side. Not only did you want to kill Tang Zifeng, but I also wanted to kill him. It's a pity that this guy has been hiding in Dragon City and it's hard for me to do anything. But it's different now.  In this barren mountain, even if I kill him, no one will know, and no one will stop me." Wu Zhan didn't hesitate at all, and the angry voice sounded.  He wants to kill Zifeng?  The reason is very simple, it is entirely because Zifeng destroyed the Japanese country. As a member of the Japanese country, and as the patron saint of the Japanese country, he naturally cannot let Zifeng go.  It's just that he also came to Yan Kingdom secretly. After all, if he alerted the number one on the God List, let alone wanting to kill Zifeng, it was still unknown whether he could leave Yan Kingdom alive.  "Kill him." Immediately, Wu Zhan's impatient voice sounded.  "Yes." Ye Jingyi didn't hesitate at all.  "Wuzhan, as a master on the God List, you dare to take action, aren't you afraid?" At this time, Tang Long's angry voice also sounded.  He didn't expect to meet the two people in front of him at this time.  He naturally knows the grudge between Zifeng and Ye Jingyi.  But at this time, even if the two of them wanted to resist, they had no chance. After all, neither he nor Zifeng had the strength to fight again.  "Afraid?" Wu Zan sneered.  "Why should I be afraid? You two are already at the end of your fight, and I don't need to take action at all. Even if Tang Tiannu wants to pursue it in the future, why should he pursue it?" Wu Zhan's sneer voice sounded.  "You" "Kill him." Wu Zhan's cold voice sounded again.  "Kill!!" Ye Jingyi no longer hesitated and strode towards Zifeng.  She has been waiting for this day for a long time.  He wanted to avenge his two brothers, avenge Gao Shuai, and avenge himself.  Only by killing Tang Zifeng can the hatred in her heart be completely dissipated. Isn't she just living for revenge?  This moment has finally arrived.  "MLGBZ, how dare you, a little Japanese devil, come to my land of Yan country to kill people and set fire? Do you think I am dead?" At this time, when Ye Jingyi suddenly wanted to take action, a sharp voice sounded in the forest.  timeWhen he raised his voice, there was a hint of playfulness, a hint of teasing, and even a hint of anger in his voice.  "Tang Tiannu." Wu Zhan was startled, with a trace of fear flashing in his eyes.  "Tang Tiannu?" Ye Jingyi was also stunned.  "Old man!!" Zifeng and Tang Long's eyes flashed with excitement.  With Tang Tiannu coming, even Wu Zhan had no chance to take action.     boom!  !  !  The next moment, a figure rushed over. Wu Zhan, who was standing quietly on the spot, didn't even have a chance to react. He was directly knocked away. His body flew ten meters backwards and then hit the ground heavily.  A mouthful of blood spurted out directly from Wu Zhan's mouth, and his face turned pale.  Damn it!  !  !  Wu Zhan stood up from the ground with difficulty. At this time, a figure appeared in front of him.  However, looking at the person in front of him, the anger in his heart was suppressed. On the contrary, looking at the person, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.  The number one master on the God List - Tang Tiannu; He never thought that Tang Tiannu would appear here at this time, which made him desperate, unwilling, but helpless.  "Wu Zong, you actually came to my country, Yan, to kill people and set fires. What do you think I should do with you?" Immediately, Tang Tiannu's playful voice sounded.  At this moment, he is still wearing a floral shirt, a pair of big pants, and a pair of flip-flops. He does not have the demeanor of a first-generation master at all.  "I didn't kill anyone." Wu Zhan's trembling voice sounded.  "No killing?" Tang Tiannu snorted coldly.  "Then who killed this man?" Then, Tang Tiannu pointed at Tang Hu's body in the distance, and a cold voice sounded.  He naturally knew how Tang Hu died, and he also knew that Tang Hu was his son.  But none of that matters.  "I didn't kill him." Wu Zhan's helpless voice sounded.  "I said you killed me, and you killed me." Tang Tiannu's extremely domineering voice sounded.  ""Wu Zan was speechless.  "You have nothing to say, right? You just admit it when you have nothing to say, right? A master on the God List killed people and set fire to Yan Kingdom? You are very good." Tang Tiannu sneered.  ¡°I, it¡¯s really not me who killed you,¡± Bang!  !  !  !  Before Wu Zhan could finish his words, Tang Tiannu kicked him directly.  Click click click!  !  !  Several sounds of broken bones were heard, and Zifeng and the other three were horrified while listening.  Are the experts on the God List so abused?     boom!  !  !  Immediately, Tang Tiannu kicked Wu Zhan hard again. The powerful force caused Wu Zhan's body to twist. There was no sound of screams and no chance to resist. The Japanese Martial God and the master of the God List had already  There was no life left, and only the footprint of a slipper remained on his chest.  Instant kill; This is definitely an instant kill; Hiss Zifeng and the other three couldn't help but take a breath of cold air.  Although Tang Tiannuyun calmly solved the military burial, the shock it caused in the hearts of Zifeng and the other two people was difficult to add to.  No matter what, Wu Zhan was also a master on the God List, so he died like that?  "You idiot, are you trying to reason with me? Don't you know that I've never been unreasonable? The Japanese country is gone, so what's the point of living as a Japanese martial god?" Tang Tiannu looked down upon Wu Zang's corpse.  His eyes fell directly on Ye Jingyi who was on the side.  "The little girl is pretty good-looking. She needs a good figure and good looks. And she also has this white hair, tsk tsk, she really has a personality." Looking at Ye Jingyi, Tang Tiannu's praising voice sounded, and at the same time that  Greedy eyes were fixed on the pair of breasts on Ye Jingyi's chest.  One second ago, he was a peerless strongman who could instantly kill the masters on the God List; this second, he had become a lustful old man; "Senior." Looking at Tang Tiannu in front of her, Ye Jingyi gritted her teeth.  A cold voice sounded.  Naturally, she had heard about Tang Tiannu, the top master on the divine list, from Wu Zan, and also knew about his relationship with Zifeng. At the same time, she had seen the scene where he killed his master instantly.  At this moment, Ye Jingyi felt infinite despair in her heart. With this person in her heart, it was simply a dream for her to kill Zifeng, and it was simply impossible.  Damn it!  !  !  "What do you call me Senior? Just call me Xiao Tiantian." Tang Tiannu heard the words and said lightly.  Boom Boom Zifeng and Tang Long were completely defeated.  Is this my grandfather?  Is this my father?  It¡¯s so shameless, it¡¯s so shameless; It¡¯s an animal. ?When Jingyi heard this, the corners of her mouth twitched crazily; "How about it, do you want to kill him?" Then, Tang Tiannu looked at Ye Jingyi with a playful look, pointed at Zifeng and asked.  "Huh?" Ye Jingyi was stunned.  "Do you want to?" ""Ye Jingyi was speechless. She didn't know what the old man in front of her had planned, but she gritted her teeth and nodded instinctively.  "You tell me that you want to kill him. Isn't that simple?" Tang Tian said angrily. "However, your current strength is not enough. How about you learn more from me, the old man? Maybe one day you can do it with your own hands."  Maybe even kill him." "What?" Tang Tiannu's words made the three people present completely dumbfounded.  Ye Jingyi looked at the perverted old man in front of her with an expression of disbelief.  Isn't Tang Zifeng his grandson?  He wants to teach himself how to kill his grandson?  Ye Jingyi's heart was completely confused, but when she saw Tang Hu's body in the distance, she felt relieved again.  Tang Hu was not his son, but he didn't even look at him.  However, this time Ye Jingyi really thought wrong. Zifeng and Tang Hu were different. Tang Hu betrayed the Yan Kingdom, while Zifeng was the one who protected the Yan Kingdom.  "Are you sure I am his grandson?" Zifeng's mouth twitched and he looked at Tang Long and asked.  "Not sure." Tang Long expressed his doubts unusually.  ""Zifeng was speechless.  "How about it, please tell me something, why is the little girl so inked? If it weren't for your beauty, I wouldn't help you, old man. You will know how awesome I am when I kill Wu Zhan instantly."  Looking at the silent Ye Jingyi, Tang Tiannu's urgent voice sounded, which made Zifeng and the others speechless. Could this beast have taken a liking to Ye Jingyi?  It¡¯s possible, very likely.  Looking at his eyes, he never left Ye Jingyi's breasts.  Killing and burial?  Isn¡¯t it just to show off?  "My master." Ye Jingyi hesitated for a moment and then spoke with a faint voice.  "Hey, isn't that right? From now on, follow the master and I will definitely make you enjoy the spicy food." Hearing this, Tang Tiannu put his right hand on Ye Jingyi's shoulders and said coquettishly, "Don't worry,  It's not like you have a master to help you kill this kid." Immediately, Tang Tiannu's faint voice sounded, but the scene in front of him was so weird in Zifeng's eyes, and his face was even more incredible.  "Boy, what are you looking at?" At this time, Tang Tian looked at Zifeng's sharp voice angrily.  "I'm telling you, don't think that you are arrogant just because you have achieved something. Did you see it? This little girl has been aiming to kill you from beginning to end. And with my guidance in the future, her strength will definitely improve by leaps and bounds. If you don't work hard,  When the time comes, don't blame anyone if you are killed. " "Competition will give you motivation. The men of the Tang family don't want to be useless. From now on, I will ask her to kill you once every month, and the people around you can't help.  It's up to you if you can't survive." Then, Tang Tiannu added.  However, at this time Zifeng and Tang Long seemed to understand that Tang Tiannu wanted to use Ye Jingyi to stimulate Zifeng. After all, Zifeng was too weak now, and Ye Jingyi's hatred for Zifeng was unnecessary.  If there is any doubt, she will never show mercy.  Zifeng and the others understood, how could Ye Jingyi not understand?  However, she didn't care, as long as she could kill Zifeng.  "Baby apprentice, let's go." The next second, Tang Tiannu ignored Zifeng and the others, pulled up Ye Jingyi, jumped up and disappeared directly from the sight of Zifeng and Tang Long.  .  "Boy, your Jinghong Yijian is good, but you still need to work hard." After a moment, Tang Tiannu's voice came to Zifeng's ears again.  "You brat, you'll have to endure it from now on." Watching Tang Tiannu leave, Tang Long's wry smile sounded.  "Are you sure you were born to him?" Zifeng looked at Tang Long and ignored Tang Tiannu's words and Tang Long's words, but couldn't help but ask.  The whole book is finished!  !  !  PS: The ending is a bit rushed, and I don¡¯t know if the brothers like this ending.  No matter what, Duzui is here to say sorry to everyone and thank you for your continued support.  The new book will be uploaded tomorrow, I hope brothers can support it.  During the year of Xietu, I gained quite a lot of feelings, including the glory in the early stage, the slump in the middle, and forget it in the end. I won¡¯t talk about it anymore.  It has been several years since I wrote a book, and I have never written an outline. I have been preparing the new book for four months, and I have also set up a relatively detailed outline. I believe it will be more perfect than Xietu.  Duzui has always believed that the quality of a book is not enough for the author alone. The help of brothers is absolutely indispensable. Only by pooling their wisdom can we create good-looking novels.  Therefore, I hope everyone can read the new bookGive Duzui more advice and let¡¯s work together to create a novel that everyone will like.  Supreme Hongtu!  !  Outside the outer realm, a secular place; heaven and man are invincible, who can compete with it.  In the middle domain, there are many sects; the position of the saint is proud of the world.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  The vast starry sky is filled with planes; there are thousands of races, but who is the master?  This is a world where the strong are respected, and this is an era where the weak eat the strong.  Blessings and misfortunes depend on each other, life and death coexist.  Thousands of races, endless planes, and countless geniuses are no more than a speck of dust in the world.  Either aspire to the top, or fall into the mortal world; who is the master of the vast world?  Tianwu Continent, one of the endless planes; a secular place in the outer world, where sects are hegemonic, empires are vassals, and the people are all ants' playthings.  The young master of the General Mansion was framed since he was a child. His meridians were cut off and he was unable to practice. On the day of his sixteenth-year-old coming-of-age ceremony, he was framed again. He was brutally attacked and killed outside the imperial capital. On the verge of life and death, the memories of his past life were revived.  The resurrected soul, the boiling blood; embarking on the journey, blood-stained people.  Coming from the barren world, I asked to point to the top of the sky - who dares to stop me!  !  The secular world in the outer world, the middle region of the mainland, the Tianwu Heavenly Region, the vast starry sky, the endless planes, the dual cultivation of medicine and martial arts, the unparalleled hegemony.  ??The memories of past lives, the reincarnation of seals, unsealed again and again, reaching the peak step by step; there are many bones on the journey, and the eternal world creates the immortal myth.  If people stop me, I will kill people; if the sky suppresses me, I will - control the sky and become a god!  !  !  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????¡­
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