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Text Chapter 550 Finale (Part 2)

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    Careless.  Niu Haoling was lying on the ground, feeling that his vitality was rapidly beginning to decline. The demon Satan's self-destruction destroyed one-fifth of the True Dragon Realm, and there were endless space cracks everywhere.  The surrounding real dragon illusions were wiped out in an instant. Niu Haoling's injuries only continued to worsen and could not be recovered.  Niu Haoling's figure instantly transformed into a human form. He sat cross-legged on the ground and activated the True Dragon Art.  "I didn't expect the victory to be so tragic." At some point, Emperor Yan walked up to Niu Haoling with his sword in hand.  Yanhuang had a strong murderous aura. Niu Haoling opened his eyes and said softly: "You want to kill me?" Yanhuang stood less than three meters away from Niu Haoling, stared at Niu Haoling and said, "I have this idea." Niu Haoling  He smiled bitterly and said: "Then let's do it. Anyway, I don't know if I can survive now." Yanhuang looked at Niu Haoling, hesitated for a long time, and said with a smile: "That's all, I don't plan to return to that world anyway.  , I¡¯ll let you go.¡± Emperor Yan raised his hand, and a strong vitality was poured into Niu Haoling¡¯s body.  The abundant vitality instantly activated the vitality in Niu Haoling's body. Niu Haoling raised his head and said, "Thank you." Yanhuang said, "You don't have to thank me. You let me go just now, and I let you go again. We are even."  "Yan Huang said: "Have you ever heard of the God Realm?" Niu Haoling nodded: "Yes." Yan Huang said with a smile: "I plan to go to the God Realm. I don't want to be a frog in the well and a reptile in the eyes of those people.  " Niu Haoling sighed: "Do you know the way to the God Realm?" Yanhuang picked up the holy sword in his hand and said, "Yes, this holy sword of mine comes from the God Realm." "  Have you ever entered the God Realm?" Emperor Yan laughed at himself and said, "After entering the God Realm, you realize how ridiculous it is for us strong men. This holy sword is the lowest weapon in the God Realm.  Niu Haoling was silent for a while and said, "Is pursuing the path of the strong so important?" Yan Huang laughed and said, "If we don't pursue the path of the strong, why can't we still get married and have children? Have you thought about our lifespan?"  Are you going to watch your loved ones leave you one by one?" Niu Haoling sighed softly: "In Chinese culture, this is called farewell." Emperor Yan sneered and said, "You won't follow me into the God Realm? I guess there is still a passage there.  It will be closed in more than a month." Niu Haoling stood up reluctantly and said with a smile: "No, I still like the land where I was born and raised." Yanhuang shook his head and said, "Then I won't advise you, open it.  Barrier, I want to leave." Niu Haoling said, "Just wait a few more days. My body has not recovered yet and I am unable to open the barrier." What Niu Haoling is most worried about is the safety of the Ice King and others. Now the crisis is over.  Now, the cooperation between them and Emperor Yan has come to an end. If Emperor Yan returns to South America today with evil intentions, wouldn't the Ice King and others be in danger?  Niu Haoling knew that the relationship between the King of Killers and Emperor Yan was not good.  Emperor Yan's injuries have not yet recovered. He nodded and said: "Okay, then we will wait for seven days!" In the sky of South America, fighter jets flew by, and underground, rows of soldiers were carefully cleaning up the corpses of monsters.  .  Because the devil's dark cloud absorbed the power of the entire South American Warcraft, causing the entire South American Warcraft to fall into a deep sleep, the Ice King naturally would not miss this opportunity. He quickly contacted the Chinese military, who took the lead.  A group of death squads soon set off for South America.  A large number of monster corpses were dismembered and transported away. Three days have passed, and South America has always been peaceful.  "What's going on? Why doesn't Hao Ling show up yet?" the Ice King said worriedly.  The King of Killers said softly: "It's hard to say, Emperor Yan is not a good person. Even if he kills the devil, Emperor Yan may still attack Thirteen." The Ice King gritted his teeth and said: "You follow the army back first,  I'll stay here and wait, no matter who comes out!" "I'll wait too!" Jiang Yu said.  The King of Killers sighed softly: "Jiang Yu, come back with us." Jiang Yu said angrily: "Why?" The Ice King said: "Go back, listen to Constantine!" The King of Killers said softly: "  If Thirteen doesn¡¯t come back, we will still be the last line of defense against the devil or Emperor Yan.¡± Although the King of Killers didn¡¯t say it clearly, everyone else said.Knowing what he meant, the Ice King forced a breakthrough to the Emperor Realm and would never be able to advance further. However, Jiang Yu and others are still very likely to become Emperor Realm experts.  Jiang Yu, who understood the serious relationship between them, did not give in anymore and returned to China on a ship with the King of Killers and others.  Seven days later, the sky above South America suddenly glowed brightly, and two men walked out slowly.  "Haoling!" Seeing Niu Haoling, the Ice King's eyes were filled with excitement.  And all of this was captured by countless cameras left in South America. In an instant, the whole world was boiling.  The hero is back!  !  !  Yanhuang walked out of the barrier and quickly disappeared into the sky without saying a word to Niu Haoling.  Niu Haoling hugged the Ice King and said, "Thank you for your hard work." The Ice King's eyes flashed with excitement. He vaguely recalled the first time he met Niu Haoling, the scheming young man back then.  People have now grown to a level that he looks up to.  "Let's go, senior, let's go home." Niu Haoling said softly: "I want to get back everything I lost." A month later, celebrities from all over the world gathered in Quan City to attend Niu Haoling's wedding.  Wearing a red bridal outfit, Lei Xuanxuan shed tears of joy under the glare of countless cameras.  Lei Xuanxuan¡¯s long wait has finally paid off.  "Every man is happy if he has a confidante who will never give up on him in his life, and Niu Haoling is undoubtedly the happiest man in the world at this time.  Soon after their marriage, Niu Haoling and Lei Xuanxuan moved into the Thirty-sixth Palace, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Ma Dong inherited all the shares of Hongye Group and officially became the chairman of Hongye Group.  Three years later, Niu Haoling had three sons, named Niu Fangxu, Junhao and Ziqian.  Twenty years later, Niu Haoling¡¯s adoptive father Niu Zhishan died of illness at the age of 87.  The passing of Niu Zhishan made Niu Haoling sad for a long time. He erected a statue of Niu Zhishan at the old site of Niujia Village.  Thirty years later, my best friend Feng Tang passed away at the age of 76.  Feng Tang¡¯s death filled Niu Haoling¡¯s heart with sadness, because he understood that Feng Tang¡¯s departure was the beginning of his gradual loneliness.  Less than three years later, Niu Haoling¡¯s best brother in his life, Ma Dong, passed away.  This time, Niu Haoling presided over Ma Dong's funeral. Many media captured the hero's tears. The scene was extremely sad.  Then, in the following ten years, those close friends who had fought side by side with Niu Haoling passed away one by one. After attending the funeral of his sworn brother Tieniu, Niu Haoling suddenly aged dozens of years overnight and transformed from a gentle and elegant monk.  Turned into a senile old man.  Another year passed. Although Lei Xuanxuan had taken many life-extending elixirs, she still could not withstand the invasion of time. Lei Xuanxuan held Niu Haoling's hand and chuckled: "Do you regret it? Thirteenth brother?"  Niu Haoling's tears fell down his cheeks. He sat on the ground, holding Lei Xuanxuan's withered palm full of traces of time, and just shook his head.  After Lei Xuanxuan said, "I am so happy in this life," Niu Haoling's tears were like water bursting from a dam, and she could no longer hold back her tears.  After Lei Xuanxuan¡¯s death, Niu Haoling announced his retreat.  Twenty years later, Shui Yong, who failed to advance to the imperial realm, passed away.  Ten years later, the Ice King died at the age of 198.  The Ice King¡¯s funeral was very simple. Only the King of Killers and several other powerful men who had advanced to the Emperor Realm attended. They held a simple funeral for the Ice King on the top of the iceberg in Siberia.  After burying the Ice King, Niu Haoling's heart has become as solid as a rock. In this world, except for the Killer King and Jiang Yu, there is no other relative around him.  One day, a roc bird suddenly fell from the sky and landed at the Thirty-sixth Palace. The roc bird held a letter in its hand, signed "Niu Haoling".  Niu Haoling opened the letter and saw one sentence written on it: Niu Haoling, the gate to the God Realm will reopen in half a month. If you don't come now, when will you wait?  Signed: Yanhuang
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