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Text Chapter 783 Crossing the River

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    "Ignore the battle, cross the river as soon as possible. It won't be so dangerous after that." Taoist Hanshan reminded. ?????????????????????????????????????????? Everyone concentrated, stopped nagging, accelerated their speed, and crossed the river as much as possible.  At this moment, the sky seemed to become clear, but then black clouds rolled in.  Looking upward, I saw that only the top of the river was like this, and the sky was still blue for thousands of miles elsewhere.  Seeing this situation, Taoist Hanshan reminded everyone.  "I'm here to help you. If it rains heavily, the Demon King will come out. Let's cross the river first." I saw an aura appearing on the other party, preparing to bless Ye Feng and the others.  But at this time, Ye Feng and the others disappeared.  Only a few flickers were seen.  Ye Feng and the others have arrived on the other side.  Just now, Ye Feng felt a strong pressure.  Ye Feng was almost certain that the king of the river monsters would not be much weaker than the Hanshan Taoist. He originally did not want to use the ability of shrinking to an inch, but he had to use it.  "Shrinking to an inch?" Taoist Hanshan was startled at first, and then increased his speed.  Ye Feng and the other three people on the bank felt the aura burst out from Taoist Hanshan, and they were all surprised.  As for safety, the three of them are not worried.  Because Taoist Hanshan still needs their help to leave here.  When Taoist Hanshan was still thirty meters away from the shore, a huge whirlpool quickly formed in the center of the rushing river.  After a while, a huge thing slowly floated up from it.  At this time, the king of the river demon glared at Taoist Hanshan and Ye Feng and others on the bank.  Roared: "It's you bastard again! It seems that the lesson you learned last time was not enough, right?" Of course Taoist Hanshan knew that the other party had locked onto him, but he obviously had no intention of continuing to fight.  Because Taoist Hanshan was blocking the way, Ye Feng and the others did not feel too much pressure.  I can only feel that the guy in the middle is really powerful.  Taoist Hanshan was about to go ashore. The distance of thirty meters was just a blink of an eye for him. But at this moment, the river in front of him suddenly turned into a giant hand and grabbed him.  At this time, Taoist Hanshan's whole body glowed with a burst of white light, and then, his fingertips were seen tapping forward, and then.  Just look at the palm formed by the river water that suddenly froze, then cracked and finally split into two halves.  Taoist Hanshan passed quickly through the middle.  At this time, Taoist Hanshan had arrived at the shore.  He turned around and looked at the River Demon King calmly, and said calmly: "If you feel that you are strong, come ashore and fight with me!" Taoist Hanshan seemed to have no anger, and his whole body exuded a soft aura, but Ye Feng and others never  What he saw in his eyes was a deep sense of confidence.  At this moment, the River Demon King did not pursue him.  All the river monsters gathered together at this moment, surrounding the king, and they all knelt down and worshiped.  Obviously, this river demon king is the absolute leader here.  Seeing that the other party ignored them, Taoist Hanshan turned around and looked at Ye Feng and others.  "I didn't expect you to be proficient in shrinking the ground into an inch. And you are all so young, and each one of you is an outstanding person. It seems that you have a great opportunity to come here. I think I can definitely leave here by following you." Ye  Feng then asked the other party.  "Senior, how many super monks are there in this plane?" Originally, Ye Feng and others didn't think much about it, but just after crossing a big river, they met a super monk, plus Taoist Hanshan, there were two.  You know, even if you travel across the sea of ????stars, it is difficult to find a super monk.  Taoist Hanshan seemed to have thought that Ye Feng and the others would ask this question.  Then he smiled and said: "There are indeed many super monks in this plane. I have seen five of them. None of the others are human beings, they are all monsters. Everyone is super strong. And in their eyes, humans are just food.  "The drunkard then asked: "Are there humans here? Judging from the current situation, there should be humans here!" "There are indeed, but they are very weak, and it is difficult to find even a monk in the Golden Core Realm.  The number is very rare. Although I have been here for so long, I can't say that I have visited most of the places. The total number of humans is only tens of thousands. I have checked them and they all have innate physiques.  There is a problem, so it is difficult to become a person. Therefore, in this plane, humans are at the bottom." After understanding what happened here, Ye Feng continued: "Senior, what you said at the beginning means it?  "Of course it counts. I am convinced. What's more, I still need your help to get out of here. Judging from the situation just crossing the river, your strength is not measured by your realm." Ye Feng.  He smiled and said: "As long as we can improve a little more, I believe we can help our seniors leave"? inside.  " At this time, Roger said: "Senior, there is something I don't know whether to say or not.  " Taoist Hanshan said directly: "Whatever you want to ask, just say what you want to say.  I tell you everything I know.  " At this moment, the four people moved forward at the same time, because there were huge waves tens of meters high on the river, and there were many river monsters in them. It was obvious that the four people were chatting by the river, which angered the waves.  River Demon King. Everyone ran for two miles before they stopped. At this time, Roger said directly: "I want to know whether the mission of the Longmen Chamber of Commerce is right."  finished?  To be honest, we also got the news about this place from the Chamber of Commerce, and we wanted to have some luck here.  " Hearing this, Taoist Hanshan smiled and said: "I see, you are lucky to be able to come in.  Of course, it's easier to get in than to get out.  As for the dragon pattern sword that the Longmen Chamber of Commerce is looking for.  I have no news at all, and even if I leave now, I will never return to Longmen Chamber of Commerce.  Because if I don¡¯t improve my realm in the future, they can¡¯t help me.  " " As Taoist Hanshan said, after reaching the level of super monk, you may ascend to the fairy world at any time. Everything depends on chance. That's why I will not continue to work for the Longmen Chamber of Commerce. What's more, no matter where they go, such powerful people can  There was a sensation. Ye Feng continued: "When can I reach the super monk?  The drunkard next to him said angrily: "You'd better think about how to break through the Nine Spirits first."  " After hearing the conversation here, Taoist Hanshan said: "As long as you are destined, you can definitely get a lot of benefits in this plane.  I entered the ranks of super monks in one fell swoop.  The resources contained here are simply unimaginable.  Of course benefits and dangers coexist.  You have to think about it!  " "If you don't enter the tiger's den, you won't catch the tiger's cubs. Seniors should lead the way.  Even if it is a dragon's pond and a tiger's den, we must try to break into it.  Otherwise why come here?  "
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