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Volume 2: The Four Immortal Schools. Remarks on the completion of the book, the new book "The God King of Ten Directions"

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    Well, if you think about it, it has been exactly two years and seven months since the book was published.

    For more than two years, I would like to thank my brothers and sisters for their companionship and support along the way. I would like to thank Tiger 012456, Fei Xia Ge, Invincible Big Potato, Humanoid Wild Panda, Yun Shang Mo Dao, 00 Demon King 00, Dao Yao, idsuperhero, myjackson, Bing.  Chen Chunqiu, Wei Xiaoniu, Good Elvis, Love Brother Love, 19951995, Book Friends 642079, Lemon Kiki, thb222, Death and other friends (there are too many, so I won¡¯t list them all, sorry).

    With the support of everyone, "Tao Yin" was successfully completed today, and overall it achieved good results.  To be honest, it is not an exaggeration to say that we are the dragon's food and clothing parents. It is everyone's support that supports the current dragon (woo, we will also raise dragons in the future).

    In short

    thank you all!

    Thank you to all the friends who support Long!

    Here, I bow to everyone!

    "Seal of the Way" has been completed, and Long's new book "God King of Ten Directions" has also been uploaded simultaneously today. It will be on the Zongheng Chinese website and will hit the new book list tomorrow.  Regarding the new book list, this is a very important list. The level of results achieved in a month of the new book period basically depends on this list.

    So, Long is here to plead for everyone¡¯s support!

    During the new book period, a click, a collection, a red ticket, and a monthly pass can be turned into power points that impact the new book list!

    Seeking strength value, everyone!

    Regarding the new book "God King of Ten Directions", the dragon setting has been discussed for a long time, and I have discussed it many times with my editor and the panda leader. Then, the various settings in the book will be more complete and exciting than Dao Yin, so everyone  You can rest assured that the new book is definitely more enjoyable than Dao Yin, and I guarantee you won¡¯t be disappointed!

    New book address: ²¨OK/²¨OK/468543html

    Friends who do not have a Zongheng Chinese website account, you can use your Baidu account to log in to the Zongheng Chinese website. It is very simple. You can also register an account on the web page, which can be completed in a few dozen seconds.  After everyone logs in to the website, please be sure to collect "God King of Ten Directions". During the new book period, collecting is really important, thank you!

    When "Tao Yin" was published, we won the first place in the new book list.

    The new book "God King of Ten Directions", Long Xiang, as long as we have the support of everyone, we can still get the first place!

    (End of this chapter)
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