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Text Final remarks

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    </script>I finally finished writing it successfully last night, and I was very relieved.

    ??????????????????????? It took so long to complete this book, and IĄŻm very sorry to everyone. Thank you to all the book friends who didnĄŻt dislike it, but still supported me, and gave me the opportunity to complete the promise I made to you.

    Speaking of which, I really have a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder. If I owe something or donĄŻt finish something, IĄŻll always have a big knot in my heart. This book is the same. Now itĄŻs over. Mom no longer has to worry about my compulsion.  Got sick

    At the same time, I would like to thank my editor Ni Loach for coming back to write. He didnĄŻt say anything, but gave me a strong recommendation, which made many book friends know about my return.

    The original inspiration for the book Pian Feng came from the two games I played, Tang Dynasty Warriors and Tianxia. I guess you can see this between the lines. There are too many online games about Western fantasy, so at that time I  IĄŻm thinking about writing a martial arts-style online game myself. After all, in our country, there are actually quite a few online games with this theme, and many of my friends have probably been exposed to it.

    Thanks to the support of all the book friends, the results of the book are pretty good. When I wrote the book, I also felt that some of the passages were very good. Of course, there are also many shortcomings, such as the character of the protagonist is not too obvious, etc. These were all things when I first started the book.  Errors in consideration.

    When I started writing the book, I positioned it as a heartwarming online game novel with a single female protagonist. Looking at it now, everyone is still very positive about the role of Huahua, which shows that I didnĄŻt write it badly.

    LetĄŻs talk about the original interruption. This is a stain on the book, but IĄŻm not afraid to say it. You have to be brave enough to admit your mistakes. During that time, all kinds of things really came over me, which made me breathless.  I'm out of breath. During the time when I was transferred to the new factory, the Internet was not very convenient, so I had no choice but to stop updating without saying hello. I would like to solemnly apologize to everyone here again.

    I'm not a full-time writer, so I don't have much time. The deposited manuscripts are usually only available in new book issues. Once the deposited manuscripts are used up later, I can only write as much as I want and publish it. This has always bothered me.  My book friends must have noticed that the updates in the early days were fine, but later on I often took leave or made less updates. Although I could sometimes make up for it the next day, it often left me unable to do anything else for the whole day.

    In the past, when I was single, I could talk a little, and if I ran out of time, it would be gone. But now that I have a family, it would be a waste to do this anymore. I always have to set aside time to spend with my family. This is what I originally wanted to write.  The reason is that if you have children in the future, you will have even less time.

    For me, writing a book is a kind of fun. When I wrote my first book, The Strongest Landlord, at Qidian, I was really short of books and had no choice, so I came up with the idea of ??writing one myself. As a result, I wrote  I can't stop. It's been six or seven years now, and the fun has gradually turned into a way of life.

    My original intention was to stop writing this book after I finished it. The protagonistĄŻs words at the end of the book represent my feelings. However, after finishing the book last night until now, many book friends have been asking me to open a new book.  I don't know what to do either.

    Actually, itĄŻs okay for me to open a new book. IĄŻm just worried that due to time constraints, updates will be slowed down. If you book friends can tolerate it, itĄŻs actually no problem for me to open a new book.

    Please leave a message in the book review area. If you really want me to write another book, I will discuss it with the editor and write another book. However, I may not necessarily write about virtual online games again. There are not many good books about virtual online games now.  model, from the original invincible flow, artifact flow, luck flow, to the snail's rebirth flow, it can be said that these routines are too many and there is nothing new. When I write a book, I always have to seek some breakthroughs.  So I may write about other categories, such as system flow or game world, etc. Please give me your opinions.

    ThatĄŻs it. I bow once again to thank you all for your unwavering support and tolerance
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