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Volume One: The Strongest Disciple Kenichi in History Chapter 24: Karate Club!

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    After everyone was shocked, someone shouted: "You're actually doing such a cruel thing Let's go together!" More than 20 people rushed forward, and the scene was extremely chaotic!

    "You want to besiege Miss Jisara, have you asked me?" A slightly androgynous woman wearing a gold dress, blond hair, jumped out from behind the woman!

    Immediately afterwards, a man with a strong upper body, a burly man, and a man who looked very dexterous jumped out together!




    After about ten breaths, more than twenty people across from me all lay down!  They all lost consciousness!

    "When I heard the title of 'Kicking Flower Man', I was happy for a long time. I thought I had found good material, but I didn't expect it to be so uninteresting. ¡¼Please search <strong>Piaotian</ in Baidu  strong>, read the latest chapters of popular novels first!¡½" The woman held the visor of her hat to adjust her hat. She raised her head and looked towards the office in the teaching building. Several figures quickly escaped. Even the teacher did not dare to confront this woman!

    "Miss Ji Sara, although these people are not very powerful, if they are absorbed into Ragnarok, they can become peripheral." The neutral woman lightly pressed her chest with one hand, bent slightly to salute, and said in a nice voice.

    The woman who used Taekwondo and Hwarangdo before was none other than Ji Sara, the leader of the largest delinquent club in Desolate High School!

    The muscular man who rushed up earlier had a toothpick in his mouth and a newspaper in his hand. It was the newspaper written by Niijima. There was a big picture of the 'kicking flower boy' who had just been knocked down

    The man threw the newspaper away and then punched out with his right fist


    The newspaper was shattered by him in mid-air!  What an impact!

    At this time, a muscular man came from a distance

    "Tsukuba, you went to find the 'Rookie King of Fighters'. What happened?" Ji Sara looked at the person.

    "You were knocked down by me in ten seconds, so you can be a peripheral guy." The man named Tsukuba frowned.

    Jisara is now expanding crazily. She will absorb those she defeats into her own power and become a member of 'Twilight of the Gods' Ragnarok is the most powerful society in this town, and no one can betray Ragnarok.  !  Those who attempt to betray Ragnarok will be hunted endlessly!  Being sent to the hospital is a minor matter, but having your hands and feet broken is possible!

    Ji Sara is currently competing with others for the position of the eighth leader, so the expansion speed is exaggerated. The Tsukuba in front of her is the karate club general who was defeated and conquered by her, a strong man with a black belt level!

    "Really? Even the 'Fighting Rookie King' was announced" Ji Shaluo looked very disappointed, and then she asked with a bit of hope, "Then the 'Flying General' who ranks first among the 'Five Rookies'"  How about it? Is he from your karate club?"

    Tsukuba recalled the situation of Shirahama Kenichi, and after being silent for a while, he said: "The soft-footed shrimp is vulnerable, and it probably only has the ability to 'run fast'."

    Ji Shaluo's expression darkened obviously, and then she sneered: "Forget it, you can't force it. I need more capable and potential subordinates, please help me pay more attention"

    "Yes!" All five people nodded.


    the other side.

    Today is a rest day. Lin Yu signed up for the Karate Club. If there were no big competitions and extra training on weekdays, the Karate Club would not have practices and activities during school hours. After all, Desolate High School is not known for its tyranny in karate.  A school If it were this kind of school, a character like Tsukuba wouldn't be the main general!

    Because of this, Lin Yu was able to avoid a head-on confrontation with Damen Temple when his strength did not reach the level of Damen Temple.  But now, Lin Yu can't escape. Today and tomorrow are rest days. Unless Lin Yu doesn't report to the club, he will definitely encounter Damen Temple

    Of course, Lin Yu didn't intend to hide. After all, although Damen Temple was strong, according to Master Qiu Yu's estimation, even the master of karate, Tsukuba, might not be able to defeat Lin Yu when Lin Yu tried his best!

    Lin Yu came to the locker room, took off his outer clothes and pants, and put on a karate robe.  The white uniform is made of strong material and the style is the one often seen on TV. There is also the official script character "Îä" on the back

    Lin Yu went to the side and tied up a yellow belt. Compared with the cleanly washed karate robe, this yellow belt was black and greasy, as if it had never been washed

    That¡¯s right, this belt has never been washed!

    In today's age of material abundance like Lin Yu, in order to keep people from forgetting the spirit of Bushido, belts in regular dojos are not allowed to be washed and can only be air-dried!  To show hard work and diligence!

    &nbsp; Fortunately, the production process of this belt is extraordinary, and a large amount of special dyes are used. Although it looks greasy after drying, at least it does not emit a foul smell

    After Lin Yu changed his clothes, he went to the practice room. The karate practice room was relatively large. If a basketball stand was installed, it would be able to create four basketball courts

    The floor is wooden!  Of course, it is not a good wood, but artificial composite wood. It feels like wood, but it is actually elastic plastic. Many sports venues have this kind of floor!

    In the center of the dojo is an 8-meter by 8-meter arena, covered with tatami mats and without fences around it This is a dedicated arena for karate competitions!

    Lin Yu walked to the center of the training ground. The equipment here was complete, including various sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, punching machines and pull-up machines

    Since we can use such a large classroom as a training ground, we must not be too weak in financial resources, and it is not surprising to have special equipment!  Lin Yu looked around and judged that even the coaches in the club were not too powerful. The heaviest dumbbell was thirty kilograms. No matter how much karate athletes practiced with this amount, they would only be black belts at most.  It is impossible to become a 'martial artist' who transcends the common sense of martial arts

    There were buckets, mops and other items on the side. This was usually a part-time job, but after Lin Yu looked there for a while, he ignored it. He turned to the sandbag and practiced hitting it with his palms. Suddenly, there was a bang.  A slight sound echoed in the training ground

    Kenichi was assigned the task of cleaning, so he had the key to this classroom.

    Lin Yu was the first to arrive, and it wasn't until he warmed up and trained for more than ten minutes that anyone else arrived.

    Several karate team members came in talking and laughing. They were all tall and powerful. Although Lin Yu had been practicing for a while and his strength had improved comprehensively, he used Qiu Yu's pink muscle training method, and the current amount of exercise was not enough.  This made his muscles bulge, making him look just a little bit stronger than the average person. Any one of those people would have a physique above him

    After several people came in, they heard a banging sound. Then they looked at the source of the sound and saw Lin Yu concentrating on beating the sandbag

    Lin Yu's martial arts has entered the disciple level. He can already calm down in his own world. He doesn't hit the sand with much force, but he fights very focused, as if the whole world is centered on him  ¡­

    Several people were slightly surprised when they saw that Lin Yu was playing with sandbags, and then they all looked at the brooms and buckets in unison.


    (I really can¡¯t bear the dual-book version This book should become a hobby)
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