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Volume 1 Gene Development Postscript

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    Finally finished writing, 101 felt a sense of relief.

    This book was published from January 14, 2013 to November 6, 2013. It took more than nine months and 1.02 million words. 101 finally completed its first million-word novel. I am very happy.

    Some people in the Internet literary world say that if you want to become a god, you must write a million-word novel. Sure enough, after completing it, 101 felt that the harvest was huge.

    When I wrote this book, I didn¡¯t have an outline in advance. I just conceived a beginning in my mind and wrote it in a hurry. As a result, the characters and storyline in the first volume were confusing and procrastinating.

    In the second volume, I learned from the painful experience and adjusted the direction in time, starting to add superpowers and the main line of saving the world. It can be said that it is completely inconsistent with the style of the first volume.

    The whole second volume was laid, and it was only in the third volume that it got on track.

    A friend who has read the entire book told me that the plot of this book from Boss Huang to Bean's appearance is pretty good. Unfortunately, some of the foreshadowing was good and the anticipation was raised, so it was not written in depth, such as the training camp plot.

    Later, 101 was reading a book while pondering the layout skills, trying to create a sense of expectation through foreshadowing, and then turning the strong sense of expectation into a climax.  Writing a book finally has a clear purpose, which is to provide readers with climaxes one after another, pushing the story to its climax in the climax, making readers feel refreshed and moved!

    In terms of characters, I also studied Jin Yong¡¯s books carefully one by one, and also carefully studied the creativity and excitement of popular online novels.

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Out of her mind, she didn¡¯t dare to be sloppy and tried her best to fill in the holes dug in the front one by one. Finally, she basically handed in a passable answer sheet.

    This book has an open ending. How will the relationship between Fang Hao and Lin Xiaoxiao, Qin Xiaoyue, Guo Ya and Chen Qianqian continue to develop?  Has the army of fourth-dimensional people arrived?  How to hunt zombies infected by alien spores?  How can the Chinese League Base and the supernatural warriors continue to fight under the leadership of Fang Hao?

    101 plans to write another book to tell all these stories in the future.

    Next, 101 will continue to prepare for two months, read and study, summarize the gains and losses, write a new book outline and save the manuscript, and expect to dedicate a good-looking fairy novel by the end of the year.

    I hope all book friends will continue to support you. The quality of 101¡¯s new book will definitely surpass this one, for sure!

    Let¡¯s meet again with the new book!  (To be continued. Please search Piaotian Literature, the novels will be better and updated faster!)
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