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Volume 7, Ghost Rider Chapter 573 Determination

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    And the cosmic space near the pyramid is also rapidly transformed into negative energy under this erosion!

    The image of the negative will of the universe is completely different from the image of the positive will of the universe. It is like an extremely ugly black insect with countless arms extending from the insect's body, exuding an extremely terrifying majesty!

    The three most powerful planetary beings, including the giant dragon god, have sacrificed all the fragments of rules collected over the endless years, and quickly absorbed the power from them, turning into an incomparably majestic giant god, dominating the heavens with a mighty aura.  Spread throughout the entire universe, allowing all living creatures to worship!

    Even the cosmic will that is still sleeping on Buzhou Mountain faintly resonates with this breath, as if it is about to merge into one!

    "Move Mount Buzhou back to its original position!"

    The whole body of this giant god, which condenses all the power of the giant dragon god and three others, is pure gold like the will of the universe. Its rumbling voice is like a thunder of chaos, exuding infinite power!

    After being reminded like this, Murong Xiao discovered that Buzhou Mountain had been pulled away by six black holes!

    The existence of Buzhou Mountain is to suppress the invasion of Negative Universe!

    And once its position moves

    ??An endless stream of negative energy comes from the bottom of Buzhou Mountain. These pure negative energy eventually flow to the will of the negative universe, making its aura even more powerful!

    It turns out that under Mount Buzhou, there is actually a crack in the world suppressed!

    Through it, you can travel between the positive and negative worlds!

    However, Murong Xiaoke, who has tried to be eroded by negative energy, has no interest in the world of the negative universe. It is a dead place that is completely opposite to the positive universe!

    Murong Xiao and Qing Wu looked at each other.  The giant god of rules and the will of the negative universe have begun to engage in close combat.  The majestic energy fluctuations directly exploded the other five black holes!

    Murong Xiao¡¯s figure flashed.  Go directly to the bottom of Buzhou Mountain, hold the bottom of the mountain with both hands, and start exerting force!

    Qing Wu¡¯s Dharma Dragon also grabbed the other corner of the mountain and pushed it with all its strength!

    "However, the Buzhou Mountain Territory spreads for nine light years. Not to mention its special material, even if it is made of ordinary cotton.  It¡¯s not something Murong Xiao can push!

    Even if Qing Wu is added, which is equivalent to the power of two god emperors, it won't work!

    However, there were more than just two people on Murong Xiao¡¯s side. Then, Carlos, a god-level mecha codenamed Gonggong, a planetary life form that did not participate in the battle

    The power gathered by tens of thousands of mythical warriors can compete with the entire Mount Buzhou.  Kankan maintains balance!


    Murong Xiao looked up to the sky and screamed, the potential of his immortal body was stimulated to the limit.  An endless stream of surging power burst out, and Mount Buzhou, which was billions of times heavier than Mount Tai, finally began to loosen!

    Then, everyone began to exert their strength, and the moving Buzhou Mountain began to return to its position bit by bit, and the negative energy pouring out of the cracks in the word world began to decrease!

    And Negative Universe Will also discovered this, and is moving the battlefield to Mount Buzhou bit by bit with the help of the giant god of rules!

    The strength of the giant god of rules is inherently weaker than the will of the negative universe. Driven by it, the giant god of rules has no choice but to hope that Buzhou Shan can return to his original position as soon as possible!

    However, contrary to expectations, although Mount Buzhou has begun to move, in the universe where the distance is measured in light years, it is almost indistinguishable from no movement at all!


    Dozens or hundreds of negative energy rules slammed down on the giant palm formed by energy rules. The rules giant intercepted it with all its strength. However, it only had two arms. How could it stop it? It could only watch as nearly half of them  Negative energy rules hit Mount Buzhou!

    ¡°Boom, boom, boom!¡±

    Buzhou Mountain was hit hard one after another. Under the power far exceeding the level of the God Emperor, it suddenly moved half a light year!

    The crack in the world that connects the positive and negative universes has been opened slightly!

    The extremely powerful negative energy suddenly surged out. On the spot, dozens of strong aliens were contaminated with excessive negative energy and fell directly!

    Because of the continuous fighting, the power drawn from the rule fragments has begun to disappear!

    "The will of the negative universe is different. With more and more negative energy added, the aura becomes more and more terrifying, and people can't help but worship it and be captured by its aura that dominates the heavens!

    Murong Xiao gritted his teeth and gave up the idea of ??pushing the Buzhou Mountain Society back to its original position. A fragment of rules was suspended in his hand, and the golden divine patterns were flowing endlessly, seeming to condense all the principles and principles in the world

    With the influx of negative energy,?The universe continues to collapse, and in an instant, it sweeps across dozens of light-years in the center of the universe!

    In this, positive and negative energies collide with each other, and planets continue to explode, causing such a huge impact that only the mythical strong ones can barely survive!

    Witnessing with one's own eyes that one planet after another in the void of the universe was being destroyed by the erosion of negative energy, and all the void of invisible matter was annihilated into a negative energy field, Murong Xiao's mood that he originally thought was very dull, at this moment, actually  Extremely sad!

    This is the painful moan issued by the will of the universe on Mount Buzhou. The invasion of the negative universe makes it feel extremely painful!

    Qing Wu seemed to be feeling something at this moment, looking over here, she happened to meet Murong Xiao's reluctant eyes, and felt inexplicably suffocated!

    Murong Xiao¡¯s body suddenly flashed across a distance of several light-years, arriving directly inside the Buzhou Mountain ruins and in front of the will of the universe!

    The will of the universe, which was originally as calm as a pool of stagnant water, is now rolling violently, as if it has been completely boiled. This is the case with the endless golden ocean!

    At this time, Murong Xiao's condition was not very good. His immortal spiritual realm was crumbling, as if he would fall below the realm and return to the God Emperor in the next moment!

    The frenzied breath of the inner demon kept churning in his body, like a wild beast that had been imprisoned for a long time, crazily impacting Murong Xiao's mental state. Soon, a crack in consciousness appeared in the unbreakable mental state, marking Murong Xiao's death.  The realm has fallen from God Emperor to God Emperor!

    However, Murong Xiao¡¯s face was calm, even a little solemn?  !  !

    Murong Jian behind him let out a mournful cry, as if he had realized something, and the will of the universe as the background was churning even more violently at this time!

    The erosion of the negative universe has been further expanded!

    "The ultimate form of swordsmanship is the high state where nothing cannot be cut and nothing cannot be broken. That is, there is nothing that cannot be used as a sword and nothing that cannot be cut!"

    "Then, I will use the seven emotions and six desires in my heart as a sword to cut through the sword! Cut through myself! To prove the sword!"

    The indestructible fragments of rules were suddenly crushed into pieces in Murong Xiao¡¯s hands!

    And Murong Xiao¡¯s body, soul, and will were also directly annihilated by his sword of extreme passion!  (To be continued, please search Piaotian Literature. The novels will be better and updated faster!
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