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Volume 2. Small appearance 304. Finale

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    As expected, Xiaowu lived up to Zhao Hong's hope for it and used her body to completely wrap up the fire energy.  (Download the e-book here for free!) In order not to come into contact with the energy of fire, Xiao Wu sacrificed part of his body and fixed the energy of fire in a circular cage.  Although the cage did not come into contact with the fire energy, it also began to change its attributes.  It is slowly turning red.  Xiaowu's body was like a light bulb that flickered on and off.

    Xiaowu and Zhao Hong can sense each other within a certain distance.  So Zhao Hong and Xiao Wu successfully met up near the crater.  Zhao Hong took Xiao Wu into the space without saying a word.  Another bone ball was taken out.  Zhao Hong had already stored a lot of bone essence before entering the fantasy cave.  I also brought a lot of bones.  Plus those collected in the Phantom Cave.  The bone bead now has 4,000 bone elements.  There are also five bone balls.  One is worth 5,000 bone elements, two are worth 2,000, and two are worth 1,000.  I just used a 2000 one.  This time I took out two 1,000 coins.

    Zhao Hong also knew that he could not hurt the monster, but now he was no longer tied down and no longer had to circle around the volcano.  But you have to leave some souvenirs for them.  Throw one to the back.  Throw one at the volcano.  The little monster saw Zhao Hong coming here again.  This time I wasn't going to be fooled, so I accelerated and rushed over.

    ¡°It¡¯s so fast,¡± Zhao Hong sighed at the little monster¡¯s speed.  Two bone balls were detonated at the same time.  "Boom" and "boom" came one after another.  There was also a strong vibration on the ground.  ,

    Zhao Hong didn¡¯t even look back and continued running wildly.  Not to mention fighting monsters, there is absolutely no damage to the little monsters.  The bone spurs were almost used up, so Zhao Hong had no choice but to gather them again.  But I don¡¯t dare to be like before.  Throw it away without restraint.  After completely leaving the volcano range.

    Zhao Hong looked back and saw that the monster was gone.  Only the little monster continued to chase.  Look at its fierce eyes.  Zhao Hong felt panicked.  And now the little monster no longer spits air bombs.  The red light on his body gradually began to recover.  He is worthy of being the leader of those monsters.  Really strong.

    If it weren¡¯t for Zhao Hong, he would have started leading the race early.  It had already been pierced into a hornet's nest by the initial air bomb.  Both sides now remain in a tell-the-movement situation.  Zhao Hong also stopped harassing the bone spurs.  Throwing bone spurs will not only not help yourself now, but will also shorten the distance between you and the monster.  The little monster also saw this and stopped being alone.

    Now there is one person and one monster, one chasing and the other escaping.  A long tug-of-war began.  The little monster saw Zhao Hong stealing one of his treasures.  So I won't give up.  Zhao Hong, on the other hand, needs the energy of fire. If he misses this opportunity, he doesn't know when he will see him again.  Zhao Hong will not give up either.

    The little monster has a small body but a lot of strength, and it seems to have very strong endurance.  And Zhao Hong is completely desperate now.  My own bone essence is enough.  But Zhen Yuan and Ju Yuan are about to bottom out.  Without his current speed, Zhao Hong would definitely die.

    Zhao Hong was in a dilemma between giving up and life.  You only have one life, and Zhao Hong finally decided.  give up.  If he died now, what future would he have left?  But how to safely return things to the other party has become the biggest problem at hand.  If Zhao Hong stopped, there would be no doubt that he would be blasted to pieces.

    Now the distance between the two parties has begun to close unconsciously.  Zhao Hong is now in a dilemma.  If you had stopped, you might have died before taking out the fire energy. Now if you take it out directly, you are afraid that the other party will not know and damage it.  Then Zhao Hong would really be dead.  When the owner is catching the thief, if the thief returns the item intact.  Maybe we can even get around him.  But if something is damaged, the thief is dead.  And it¡¯s such a precious thing.

    The Qi of fire and the Qi of gold are both treasures of heaven and earth.  But they are also very fragile.  At Zhao Hong's current speed, if he throws the fire energy out.  Zhao Hong can guarantee that this fire energy will be gone.  If you don¡¯t throw it away, you will die.  Throwing it away means death.  Zhao Hong felt like he was collapsing.  It's too late to say anything now.  You have to solve the troubles you cause by your own greed.

    What can attract its attention?  food?  Magic weapon?  Pill?  Immortal stone?  etc.  Fairy Stone might be a good choice.  The natives here all know that fairy stones are good things.  A creature as powerful as this should understand better.

    Without blinking, Zhao Hong took out thirty or forty fairy stones.  Throw it gently wherever you pass.  Then keep running.  After running for a while, I looked back quietly.  Sure enough, the little monster's mouth was filled with fairy stones.  Looks hilarious.  Now the little monster's mouth is bigger than its body.  While running, he still chewed hard.  The speed naturally slowed down.

    Zhao Hong saw that there was a way.  So he was cruel and took out two-thirds of his immortal stones at once.  There are more than 800 immortal stones.  It dazzled the little monster's eyes.

    Zhao Hong is now betting on his luck to see whether the little monster wants the Immortal Stone or theWant the energy of fire.  I only took away one group, and there are still three groups left.  It depends on your luck.  The little monster stopped in front of Xianshi, showing an expression that was difficult to make a decision.  This expression appears on a small animal, which is very humorous.

    However, Zhao Hong doesn¡¯t think there is anything humorous about the little monster now.  Its decision is related to Zhao Hong's life and death.  You must know that Zhao Hong is almost running out of gas now.  Then there is no speed advantage.  Even if Zhao Hong takes out all the fairy stones, he will probably be killed.  Now Zhao Hong can grit his teeth and hold on for a while.  But the little monster didn't know Zhao Hong's current situation.  That's why he showed a hesitant expression.

    Within a few seconds of the little monster's hesitation, Zhao Hong had completely distanced himself from it.  The little monster saw that Zhao Hong had run away.  In the end, he had to give Zhao Hong a hard look.  Then he swallowed all the fairy stones into his stomach.  The whole body immediately turned into a hill.  Staggering towards the volcano.  Like an oversized tumbler.

    Zhao Hong saw the little monster leaving from a distance.  He immediately lay on the ground, motionless.  It had been a long time since he had sweated and all of Zhao Hong's clothes were soaked through. With the exoskeleton still there, Zhao Hong almost died from the boredom.  Put away the exoskeleton.  Zhao Hong gasped for air.  It was really life and death just now.

    If Zhao Hong showed any signs of weakness at the end,  I guess it's hard to breathe now.  Just by looking at the expression on the little monster, you can tell that its intelligence is no longer inferior to humans.  Zhao Hong has been gritting his teeth and maintaining a constant speed.  Just afraid of being seen by the little monster.  Fortunately, I came up with a countermeasure.  It would be false to say that I am not heartbroken over the loss of the Immortal Stone.

    You can use fairy stones to exchange for the energy of fire and your own life.  It's very cost-effective.  Not to mention saving a life.  The breath of fire alone is enough.  Now fairy stones can be found and deceived.  Grab and wait.  But things like the energy of fire have completely disappeared in my own world.  Even if you are powerful, you cannot conjure the energy of the Five Elements out of thin air.

    Although there is a big gap with the exchange of gold energy.  But Zhao Hong didn't care.  As long as the energy of the five elements can be gathered together.  It's all worth it.  Think of the five elements of Qi.  That reminds me of the great hero this time - Xiao Wu.  Quickly call Xiao Wu out from the space.  Xiaowu looked very depressed.  It seems that in order to keep the fire energy intact, Xiaowu paid a lot of price.

    Fortunately, it hasn't transformed yet.  The lost mist can be completely replenished by devouring flesh and blood.  Xiao Wu saw Zhao Hongqiang cheering up and slowly licking Zhao Hong's hand.  Zhao Hong knew that Xiaowu needed to rest now.  Just take it in again.  Now I should collect some flesh and blood for Xiaowu.  And I can¡¯t stay in this place for much longer now.  The little monsters will come back if they are not saved.  Think of this.  Zhao Hong turned over and began to replenish what he had just consumed.  Less than a third was replenished.  Zhao Hong quickly left there.

    In this way, Zhao Hong recovered and hurried on.  After a full day's journey away from there, I slowly relaxed.  I found a cave that was not very deep.  Zhao Hong killed all the beasts inside.  Set up a protective formation.  Then I felt around.  Only then can I really relax.  ,

    Taking out a few fairy stones, Zhao Hong began to slowly recover.  I was on the road just now, because I absorbed it too quickly.  Zhao Hong's meridians are still a little aching.  Be safe now.  First, the damage just caused to the meridians must be repaired.  Otherwise, it will be a big trouble in the future.

    It has been half a day since the damaged meridians were repaired.  Wake up from trance.  Zhao Hong first carefully observed the surrounding situation.  Zhao Hong has developed a good habit of being cautious in the other world.

    I saw no dangerous creatures nearby.  Zhao Hong then carefully took out the fire energy.  Outside is a small cage made of Xiaowu's body.  Slowly crush the cage.  Revealing the fire energy within.  The cage went from black at first to dark red now.  Leave the bottom cage alone.

    The air of fire floats quietly on the base.  Exudes mysterious red particles.  Surrounded by the aura of fire.  Dance slowly like an elf.  Then take out the golden energy.  The two groups of five elements of energy are together.  It sucked all Zhao Hong's mind in.  Gold and red fill the entire cave.

    Slowly, the particles of the two types of Five Elements Qi began to come into contact.  A magical scene appeared.  The golden energy is actually avoiding the particles of the fire energy.  The two kinds of particles were chasing each other in front of Zhao Hong.  The particles of fire energy slowly caught up with the particles of gold energy.  It actually began to slowly dissolve the particles of golden energy.  The particles of golden energy are constantly struggling.

    Zhao Hong looked a little fascinated.  Are these still particles of the Five Elements Qi?  The whole thing is an intelligent life.  No, it should be only instinctive life.  The particles of fire energy will slowly disappear after melting several particles of gold energy.  It seems that this should be a conflict.  Seeing the particles of fire energy actually seem to be approaching the gold energy.  Zhao Hong quickly separated the two groups of precious Five Elements Qi.  Then put a bone wall between the two groups of air to separate them.  Just put it into the space.

      Please click on the remaining fairy stones. There are probably less than four hundred.  After enough to go out on your own, you will be able to practice to the elixir-forming stage.  At that time, I can completely refine the "True Interpretation".  In the future, I no longer have to be afraid of illusions like the mysterious crystal.

    And when you reach the Nascent Soul stage, you can increase your spiritual thoughts without limit.  Whether it's the control of magic weapons, the power of spells, etc.  It all has a lot to do with the strength of the divine mind.  Although he may not be able to obtain spells.  But having too many spiritual thoughts is definitely beneficial and harmless.  Thinking of the bright prospects in the future, Zhao Hong felt excited.

    But the premise is that you can¡¯t die here.  otherwise.  It's all talk.  I'm leaving in less than three months now.  So I have to find out what I gave to the sect first.  Otherwise, Zhao Gushan's family would be happy for Zhao Hong to go down below and continue to be brothers with him.  Zhao Hong would never hand over the Five Elements Qi.  We can only look for other alternatives.

    But it seems that everyone¡¯s gains are not very good. There are only some not very valuable things in the storage bags that I searched on the battlefield.  Zhao Hong didn't even think about it.  Something of real value.  They are all guarded by monsters that are countless times more powerful than the monks.  They are not as fast as Zhao Hong to escape the monsters.  One accident and it will stay here forever.

    Although those who can enter the fantasy cave are monks who dare to fight hard.  But no one would do something stupid if they knew they would die.  Zhao Hong calculated it.  All he had to do was rush back when there was about half a month left, and he still had nearly two and a half months to find a replacement.  It should be in time.

    that's all.  Zhao Hong stopped and walked along the way, and he slaughtered all the beasts and monsters that were not very strong, including their souls, flesh, and bones.  Zhao Hong has taken the concept of environmental protection to its extreme.  Nothing is left.  Sometimes Zhao Hongdu laments that he is really a good protector of environmentalism.

    It seems that Zhao Hong¡¯s luck has run out.  for the next two months.  Zhao Hong has never gained anything valuable.  but.  It was discovered.  Monks, mages, and warriors began to gather in one direction.  Zhao Hong didn't care at first.  But as the number of people increases.  And Zhao Hong really couldn't find anything valuable.  He had no choice but to follow a group of people and move in one direction.

    Zhao Hong wanted to see what it was that could attract so many monks and mages.  You must know that the two sides are completely opposed to each other now.  Being able to bring the two parties together peacefully is definitely something that neither party can take away.  Otherwise, it will definitely be the same melee as last time.

    Zhao Hong¡¯s guess was right this time.  It is indeed something that no one can take away.  It was a magnificent palace.  White floors, walls, and a transparent roof.  The entire palace is made of large white bricks, and the floors are spotless, as clean as mirrors.  The walls are also glossy and reflective.  From a distance, it is almost impossible to look directly at the palace.

    Because it's so shiny.  Like a shining pearl.  There are many mysterious patterns on the walls of the palace, which are also white. If you don't look carefully, you can't find them at all.  As for the inside of the palace, I guess no one knows what it looks like yet.

    Because many monks and mage warriors have gathered outside this mysterious palace.  Both sides were restrained.  One on each side.  They are all using spells and magic weapons.  Formation, secret technique.  In short, I just want to find a way to get inside.  Such a conspicuous palace is full of treasures no matter how you look at it.

    However, it is impossible to enter now. Three meters away from the palace, there is an invisible wall blocking the progress of both parties.  It can be said that everyone tried their best, but they couldn't break this wall.  The harder it is to break open, the more proof there is something good inside.  No one gave up because they couldn't break through the wall.

    When Zhao Hong felt it, he was very surprised. He didn't expect that the two sides actually coexisted peacefully.  It seems that there will be no conflict until the mysterious wall is broken.  Zhao Hong saw that everyone was working hard on the wall.  It¡¯s not good for me to just watch.  I found a place with few people.  I also started my own research.

    The monk next to him saw Zhao Hong coming and quickly gave up his position.  There is probably nothing we can do.  Let's see what Zhao Hong can do.  Zhao Hong first took the spells, magic weapons, and true essence and tried them one by one.  The wall didn't respond at all.  The other party saw that Zhao Hong was almost the same as him.  I stopped paying attention.

    Zhao Hong experimented for a while and then retreated.  Looking around, everyone is still doing useless work.  However, some people seemed to be tired from studying and sat together to talk.

    Suddenly, with a throbbing heart, Zhao Hong felt that he had never moved. The deadly breeding space suddenly had a trace of tremor and induction.

    A large amount of knowledge suddenly poured into Zhao Hong's mind.

    The surrounding space was distorted, and when Zhao Hong regained consciousness again, it was already?A familiar yet strange home.

    Familiar layout, familiar furnishings.

    Zhao Hong looked at these and slowly remembered all the past events: "Xiao Ai, Xiao Ya and Sister Lan!"

    He came back so magically, without any warning, without any warning.

    Zhao Hong, or Xu Yao, returned to Earth just like when he left, so sudden and unacceptable.

    Walking downstairs, two familiar figures were praying downstairs and chanting Xu Yao's name.

    Xu Yao opened his arms and shouted: "I'm back!!"

    The two of them looked at the source of the sound in surprise, and threw themselves into Xu Yao's arms, venting loudly.

    Xu Yao was filled with emotions as he hugged Xiao Ai and Sister Lan tightly.

    Sister Lan and Xiao Ai looked a little haggard, but Xiaoya was nowhere to be seen.

    "Xiaoya and Bai Ying left when you disappeared for the second year!"

    Sister Lan considered it carefully and told the truth.

    Xu Yao was not that surprised. In the other world, he was used to seeing life and death, and he was already content with Xiao Ai and Sister Lan staying.

    Regarding Xiaoya, Xu Yao can only say that the two of them are really destined to be together.

    The reopened Wei Zhi Xuan once again became popular throughout Tiannan City and expanded rapidly. Soon the entire province and even its products were produced and sold abroad.

    A few months later, Xiaoya and Bai Ying returned to the villa, but their identities were completely different.

    Xiaoya is still pure, and Baiying is still charming.  But the two of them did not wait for Xu Yao. Although they did a good job in doing their best, in comparison, Xiao Ai and Sister Lan were more popular.

    Xiaoya still loves Xu Yao, but she really can't live in an empty villa all her life, and the same goes for Bai Ying.

    So two years later, the Wei Zhi Group, which has become a world-class industry, ushered in its wedding day.

    The wedding was held in a small, remote country.

    The grown-up and mature Xiao Ai and the still popular Sister Lan, as the main wife, and the supporting wives Xiao Ya and Bai Ying, married Xu Yao together!

    It¡¯s really gratifying, gratifying!  !  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile phone users, please read it.)
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