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Act Two: Blooming like a majestic flower Chapter 172: Demonic Breath

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    Although there are countless more grand and spectacular architectural facilities in the Four-Colored Flag era, it is already a miracle to be admired that such a level of architectural achievements can be produced in this era of great destruction.  Piao Astronomy£¨w W W . Piao Tian . N e T£©

    The passage was not completely dark as expected.  It seems to be using a completely different system from the outside circuit. The dark blue runes always flashing above the heads of the three people provide exact direction guidance for pedestrians in the passage.  The faint fluorescence flashing on the internal walls also allows people to comfortably observe this ultra-long tunnel that is obviously artificially built.

    It was obvious that the magic lines directed by an expert were spiraling and spreading on the dark copper-colored tunnel like the skin of a snake, and like countless winding vines, they were engraved on the surrounding copper walls with dangerous and beautiful lines.  texture.  Unknown structures formed subtle brass structures on the surrounding bronze wall panels. Listening to the heavy footsteps of the three people, they swayed slightly with the sound.  The flickering flash also proved that this place was not directly cut into pieces of the source of magic power by the black blade as the three of them expected.  But it is still very difficult to maintain his own small world and faithfully carry out his unknown tasks.

    In fact, the silence between the three people did not last long.  Because they felt the unlucky smell emanating from the depths of the passage, but it was remembered by everyone as a terrifying smell deep in their hearts.

    An abnormal atmosphere, almost like a demonic world, spreads in this strange passage.

    All the shadows are spying on the three people coming from the outside world, curling up under the pipe like self-aware beasts, observing these three intrusions of different forms with their dark and desperate spirits.  By.  From time to time, strange creaking sounds were made in the minds of the three people, distorting the road ahead of them with illusions.  Some overestimating spiritual entities tried to infect the three people walking in the passage with their crazy thoughts, but they could only be burned to ashes by their torch-like thoughts.

    He took a deep breath of the familiar atmosphere and felt the spiritual energy flowing on his skin, as if he had awakened something extraordinary.  Gao Gen, who was walking in front, could not help but spread a smile that was as devouring and deadly as a virus.  The white teeth showed a strange and ferocious color under the light of the blue runes above his head.

    It¡¯s so familiar.

    He is too familiar with this numb atmosphere, as if even the air is eating people.

    Even from the shadows, demons will pop out to gnaw at your heels, and even in the brain, there will be the unwilling face of the wronged soul.  Everything here is like an extension of his hands and feet. Even with your eyes closed, you can feel the despair and madness contained here.

    Is there any need to judge for this kind of evil?  Is there any need to cover up this kind of evil?

    Completely useless.  You can be found guilty with just your breath.

    Breathing greedily the soul-tingling psychic energy in the air, like a drug addict.  The man closed his eyes and greedily pulled at his throat, immersed in a great sense of pleasure.

    He won.

    He will definitely win.

    ¡°¡­The winner of this war is me after all.¡±

    The red hair turned into a dark color under the dim light.  Gao Gen's pair of eyes that had been dyed pitch black were shining, and he turned to look at the two people behind him with disdain.  He pressed his heels together like a suffering saint, and stretched out his hands crazily towards the two people behind him, forming a dark cross.  The uncontrollable madness flashed in his eyes.

    That handsome face was full of malice, and it almost solidified and flowed out from the face.  A crazy smile bloomed on his cheeks, as if the corners of his mouth had been cut off by scissors, and his spasming eyes were filled with a sense of relief.

    In a trance, I even saw a line of pitch black liquid slowly flowing down from the young man's seven orifices.

    The old mage felt that his breathing was a little short of breath.

    "This is true, this is true"

    With two trembling fingers, he took out a slender cigarette from his arms, stared, lit the cigarette tremblingly, and put it to his lips tremblingly.  Just putting it into my mouth failed two or three times before I managed to put it in my mouth.

    "What a good start! What a good start! This kind of thing has been confirmed, right? This kind of thing has been confirmed, right! I can kill them all even if there is no evidence, right? Ah? I can kill them all even if there is no evidence, right?  These sinners! These criminals! They deserve their brains to be boiled in the pot!?I feel disgusted if my dog ??eats pieces of meat!  If I make their offal into haggis soup and give it to my demon army, they will be poisoned!  My idiot subordinates will all find it dirty to let their spirits contaminate them!  These despicable devil worshipers, these despicable devil worshipers!  They deserve to go to hell!  They deserve to go to hell with that idiot Mephistopheles and be crushed by me ten thousand times!  "

    He waved his palms wildly, cursing those who were dead or not yet dead.  Gao Gen's mouth always maintained a vicious smile.  Like a dagger coated with poison, it split in a crazy arc to the left and right.

    As if to emphasize something, each verse is repeated twice.  The young man who was already extremely excited could not help but tremble. After making that hugging gesture, he could not even speak clearly.  A series of vulgar words and vicious curses that were usually unthinkable were spitted out from the dry, flaky lips of this usually slender and frail man.

    A joy that seemed to burst his heart washed over his spinal cord, causing this steel-like man to do such an unbearable gesture.  Even his few remaining brain nerves were cheering for joy, feeling sincerely happy for his victory.

    Even the shadows danced wildly with his excitement, and even the malice in the air laughed wildly with his joy.  The psychic lines on the top of the head flickered, and the runes spreading in the surrounding passages also condensed into faces that looked like weeping and laughing. They roared together with the man who was glaring and cursing crazily, singing together the evil song of destroying all things.

    The delicate face was like broken porcelain, with cracked lines appearing on the skin.  The aura poured out turned everything around him into his stage.  The terrifying and evil spiritual energy hovered around the laughing man, like waving tentacles, corrupting everything around him wantonly.  The two people who were the first to bear the brunt could feel the waves of wanton roars coming from the subspace.

    He has unabashedly poured out his malice here, and vented the crazy and repressed side of his heart here without any reservation.

    Because he may say goodbye to his painful and gloomy life soon.

    He is about to touch the truth.

    That kind of scene is so happy.  He was so happy that he didn't even care that his secret was exposed and the expressions of the two people behind him changed.

    "Anyway, this is just a breath. We can't be sure whether the people here are really summoning demons for research. We should find more information." Looking at the red warrior, he was approaching the edge of madness.  The old mage couldn't help but said aloud.

    There was an inaudible click in the air, as if the pause button had been pressed, and the man's dancing movements suddenly stiffened.  The frantic spiritual energy around him also pressed the pause button, and the surrounding flashing runes also pressed the pause button.  Listening to the voice of dissuasion, it was like time had stopped, leaving only the old man's voice echoing in the tunnel.

    Feeling this atmosphere, Wu Sheng silently pressed the black blade with his rough palm and made preparations to draw the sword and strike.

    "Ha, you are right."

    Slowly lowering his palm, Gao Gen¡¯s gradually shattered face returned to normal.  As if those crazy scenes had never happened, a shy smile like that of an eighteen-year-old youth appeared on that slender face again.

    "Then let's go on and find the evidence you want."

    ¡®I¡¯m talking about ¡®you¡¯, not us.  In other words, do you want to do something even if there is no evidence?  Ryan Kogan, what on earth are you thinking about?  I don't believe that just a few years can make a person become like this' The old mage squinted his eyes and looked at the figure in front who seemed to be very excited, but also a little timidly walking towards the depths.  He clasped a special mechanical mechanism from his sleeve and quietly clasped a red crystal in his palm.

    PS: If you feel that the characterization in this chapter is rather abrupt, please contact us for the full text about his mental state and everything that has happened in the past ten years.

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