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Volume 1: The Avenue Points Directly at the Radio Chapter 228: Tribulation

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    After a sigh, the world fluctuated like a mirror, a flower in the water, and the moon. It seemed extremely illusory and could disappear from this world at any time.

    Then, the cracks in the whole world became even bigger. An Lan had seen a similar scene suddenly appear.

    One pillar pierced the sky, then two, then three. At this time, everyone realized that this was not a pillar, but a giant hand covering the sky.

    "There is a monster trying to crawl out of it." The knowledgeable monk was the first to come to his senses and came to this conclusion in stunned silence.

    A wave of coercion surged out like a sea and a mountain, filling the entire world in an instant. A dozen demons standing upright around the world knelt down in the air meekly, like sheep.

    The human monks¡¯ hands and feet were so cold that it was extremely difficult to even move.

    There was silence between heaven and earth, except for the increasingly louder breathing sounds. The monster in that world seemed to be crawling extremely hard. After stretching out a hand, it kept groping, but could not get out.

    "My lord!" More than a dozen demons opened their mouths and shouted in unison, trying to locate the monster.

    The fingers of the giant hand slowly spread out, growing bigger and bigger, and finally covered several miles in radius.


    "Do it, stop them!" In fact, these Yuanying monks were also confused, but at this time they could only find those demons

    Following this order, the human monks spit out magic weapons one after another, the sky was filled with brilliance, cold air and flames formed, and the magic weapons rained straight ahead.

    Unexpectedly, the demons were indifferent to these shocking scenes, and their hands were still shrouded in long black robes.  Staring coldly, as if his eyes never moved.

    "Huh!" There was another gasp in the void.  The invisible crack expanded, and the giant hand stretched out again, stirring violently, and strong winds rose, covering the sky and the sun.

    The brilliance of the vision formed by countless magic weapons was instantly disrupted by the wind and rain!  The blowing wind even stirred up waves several feet below, causing many monks to lose their footing in the wind, causing their rocking chairs to sway.

    And the strange thing is that this evil wind seems to be only effective on them.  It has no effect on the demons at all.

    An Lan¡¯s eyes were wide open, and a bad premonition kept rising in his heart. This giant hand always reminded him of the last scene he saw in Dragon Tomb.

    The giant hands tearing apart space dueled in the void, creating space cracks.

    He had no time to think about Fu Qiluo's affairs, and carefully used the magic weapon to retreat with some monks.

    Sure enough, the ominous premonition just appeared.

    The strong wind that was originally full of powerful repulsive force suddenly turned into suction force, and everyone suddenly felt like they were in a whirlpool.  He started to shake involuntarily and was pulled towards where the giant hand was.

    No monks were spared. An Lan suddenly saw that the Nascent Soul monk, who was admired by thousands of people and had boundless momentum, was among them, unable to struggle.

    "Ah!" His eyes darkened for a moment, then lit up again.  The four walls are covered in red light.

    "Are you okay?" The monks did not get separated. They still gathered together. There were balls of light of different colors floating in the void. This was the so-called shield.

    An Lan also met up with his fellow disciples to observe the surroundings.

    "You won't send us anywhere again." An Lan remembered that he encountered a similar situation last time.  As a result, I was thrown into a different world. I wonder if I will be in the same situation again this time.

    "Gudong. Gudong." There were strange sounds all around.

    "What is this?" People looked at the red surroundings, so they curiously circulated their energy and reluctantly took a look.

    The four walls are all uneven, and the bottom is like an abyss covered with a layer of mist.

    The Nascent Soul monks suffered this disaster and had no power to resist. At this time, they were extremely violent. One of the old men struck out with a sword across the sky, and thousands of sword energy shot out in all directions.

    However, although these sharp sword lights were extremely coercive, they made no move when they fell into the surrounding area.

    It just made a dull sound of "Puff!"

    "This seems to be meat?" An Lan observed for a moment and came to this conclusion. Looking at the crowd again, all the monks also showed shock.

    "This is inside the body of the monster." The Yuanying monk was well-informed. At this time, after some exploration with his spiritual sense, he came to a conclusion.

    "Gudong, Gudong!" The surrounding flesh walls stirred slightly, and then, a wave surged below.

    Green waves rise into the sky, dozens of feet high.

    "Ah! Ah!" Several monks couldn't escape. The ball of light melted in the green waves like the first snow in the blink of an eye, and even the physical Nascent Soul disappeared into it.

    "Be careful, is this gastric juice?" The monks turned pale and ran around.

    ??The green waves surged up and down, and the monks flew up for a distance, only to find that there was an invisible barrierJue, no matter how sharp the magic weapon is, it can't do anything, it's like being cut into the void.

    An Lan and others could only turn around and chop in the green waves to prevent them from contaminating themselves.

    "Crash." The waves danced wildly like intelligent snakes.

    After dodging countless times, one after another monks were swept up by the waves and turned into nothingness. The Nascent Soul monks all changed their expressions. They looked at the green waves as if they were ghosts and hid in panic.

    "Boom!" The waves surged again and again, and finally a huge wave hit everyone in one fell swoop.

    An Lan's expression changed drastically. He had no time to react before he saw his protective shield dissipating.

    Everything is reduced to nothingness, including your own body.

    "Mom! Momo." An Lan was frightened in her heart, almost fainting from the anxiety. She stretched out her hand to grab the storage bag at her waist, where her mother's ice coffin and mobile phone were also placed.

    However, I found that my hands were gradually disappearing.

    Green smoke rises, and the disappeared parts feel as painful as burning.

    An Lan tried to encourage the vitality in his body to attack, but the green wave was unmoved and flooded up.

    "An Lan!" At this time, a soft sound came from his ears, and when the fragrant wind moved, An Lan felt that he was being pulled hard, and his soul left his body.

    "Sister Qiluo?" After counting her breath, An Lan saw the person in front of her clearly.

    The beautiful face is clearer than before, the breath is blue, and the pink lips are right in front of you.

    After a while, he figured out that both of them were in a spiritual state, inside a magical shield. When the green waves encountered this shield, they separated automatically.

    An Lan's eyes gradually focused, and then there was a burst of sadness.

    "Mother, she" Even as a spirit body, the sadness is still real.

    "Don't cry, don't be anxious." Fu Qiluo came closer and hugged An Lan into his arms.

    The feeling of the spiritual bodies embracing each other was very real, just like the physical body. You could feel the ups and downs, but An Lan was completely unintentional at this time.

    Fu Qiluo comforted her in a low voice, but this could not drive away An Lan's pain. An Lan didn't even want to ask about Fu Qiluo's current situation, his head was full of chaos.

    Several times, Fu Qiluo couldn't calm An Lan down. He was still searching in vain in the undulating green waves around him.

    At this time, Fu Qiluo caught a glimpse of An Lan's soul body beginning to fluctuate, as if there were signs of collapse.

    She couldn't help but be surprised. In fact, if she hadn't obtained the secret method by chance, she wouldn't have been able to persist in this world as a spirit body. Since An Lan had not practiced the secret method, the effect of Fu Qiluo's blessing on her would not last long.

    With a long sigh, Fu Qiluo looked at the anxious and decadent man in front of her with complicated eyes, then she put her red lips on An Lan's lips and gently covered them.
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