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Volume 1: Become Famous in One Move Chapter 638: Successful Merits (Final Ending)

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    As Manchester City fans celebrated their first Champions League win in history, a piece of news that surprised them came from Manchester City headquarters.

    The contract of Dick, the world's number one coach who has coached Manchester City for two seasons, has expired. He does not intend to renew his contract with Manchester City. Instead, he has terminated his work contract with Manchester City and his next employer is unknown.

    When this news came out, fans from all walks of life in the Premier League breathed a sigh of relief. In the past two seasons, the top players in the Premier League have also made extremely tenacious resistance, but Manchester City still easily won two league championships. If  If Dick continues to coach, he will be able to monopolize the entire Premier League championship even more than Manchester United

    Everyone began to guess, which team will Dick go to next?  To Real Madrid, which was suppressed by Barcelona?  He has conquered the four major leagues, and now the most worthy challenge is probably to bring Real Madrid back to the top, right?

    Or to coach a certain national team and create glory in the next World Cup?  Dick has already won all the championships that the club can win. Only the honor of the national team can make him want to pursue it more, right?

    However, after a month of silence, Dick went to an unexpected but reasonable team.

    Monaco in Ligue 1.

    After everyone was stunned for a moment, they then remembered the relationship between Dick and the Monaco royal family, and sighed in realization - it seems that Dick is willing to go to a less famous and less exposed place for the sake of beauty.  It's a relatively low league

    However, although he went to a league with relatively low exposure, Dick's light was still not blocked by anyone.

    Monaco is no longer a strong team that has reached the Champions League final. With the high salary tax paid by other French Ligue 1 teams, Monaco's weight to attract players no longer exists. Last season, they only ranked first.  In the middle, however, after Dick took charge, he did not buy too many players. He just tapped the potential and bought a few powerful players in Ligue 1 and quickly combined them together, which immediately transformed Monaco.  The feeling of continuous progress in the league and domestic cups!

    When Dick had already gone to Ligue 1, a consortium from the Middle East contacted Atletico Madrid's senior management. They hoped to buy shares in Atletico Madrid, and at the same time proposed a price much higher than the market price to acquire Hill's shares.  .

    Hill Jr. has also been a little annoyed in recent years. Because he has been boycotted by Atletico Madrid fans, Hill Jr. cannot be the chairman of Atletico Madrid. And Atletico Madrid has not performed well in the past few years, and they will spend more and more money.  There is not much profit. If it weren't for his father's death, Xiao Xier would have thought of a way to sell Atletico Madrid. Now there are people from the Middle East who want to acquire shares. Although Xiao Xi owns 51% of the shares,  I can't move it, but he can sell the other shares.

    Under such circumstances, Xiao Hill sold 38% of his shares. He was not worried, because even if the Middle Eastern consortium bought out the shares of the other two shareholders, he still had  Fifty-one percent, there will be no wavering.

    If the other two shareholders are kicked out by this consortium, it will be beneficial to themselves - without trusting the Middle Easterners, Atletico Madrid fans can only accept the reality that they become chairman

    Just when Hill was thinking complacently, when the season ended, he encountered a bolt from the blue.

    Dick, who had just led Monaco to win the Ligue 1 title, French Cup title and French League Cup title, came to Madrid with his accountant and lawyer. He took out a will left by the old Hill. The truth of this will  This proved that Dick had the right to purchase 38% of Hill's shares at market price.

    Almost instantly, Hill became the one with the fewest shares among the three new Atletico Madrid stock holders

    The Middle Eastern consortium, which acquired all their shares from the other two shareholders and owned 49% of the shares, announced that it would transfer these shares to the Monaco royal family. Later, Hill learned that this Middle Eastern consortium actually owned 49% of the shares.  It is a company affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Group. Hill also knows why it does this, but what's the point?

    The friendship with Mansour, the relationship with the Monaco royal family, and even the connections Dick has made in Germany and Italy in recent years are no longer something that Xiao Hill can fight against.

    Dick used the gentlest way to treat Atletico Madrid and Hill, with almost no ability to resist. Hill's rule in Atletico immediately collapsed.

    This is also what Dick needs, because what he wants is not a turbulent Atletico Madrid, but a complete Atletico Madrid. His original intention is not to destroy something, but to build something.

      Xiao Hill gave up and admitted his failure. He only has 13% of the shares left on hand. This amount of shares can only make him a dry stock holder, waiting every year.  Just pay dividends. He now has a lot of cash on hand, but it is obvious that no matter how much cash he has, Xiao Hill will never be able to restore his shares to the previous number.

    After Abasolo and Cerezo expressed their welcome to Dick, there will be no changes after Dick takes over. Although he only has 38% of the shares, he is the largest shareholder.  It is the Monaco royal family that owns 49% of the shares, however

    On the day that June comes, the Monaco royal family announced that Monaco¡¯s eldest princess Charlotte will marry Dick. At the same time, as a dowry, 49% of the shares of Atletico Madrid will be given to Dick. Starting from this day  , Dick will become the largest shareholder of Atletico Madrid with 87% of the shares

    The Atletico Madrid fans who had been watching this scene with cold eyes cheered. They had been waiting for this day for a long time. They did not think that what Dick did was excessive. At least he never ignored the old Hill and returned to Madrid.  On the first day of his career, he visited the grave of old Hill. Atletico Madrid fans saw all this.

    However, Dick did not take up the position of chairman of Atletico Madrid. He continued to hire Abasolo, who no longer had any shares, as the club's chairman. This situation is very common in La Liga. Hiring a person without shares as chairman is just responsible.  Management, this can better guarantee the interests of shareholders. For example, the island team Mallorca is composed like this. Their chairman Alemany does not have any shares in the club, but only receives a salary from the club every year.

    Dick thinks this approach is quite good, especially as he is very familiar with Absolute Dick. He is an honest man, has good abilities, and is also very loyal to Atletico Madrid. Such a person has no shares.  The club can at least allow the club to run better.

    And I can put more energy into building the team.

    To be honest, Dick did not expect that the Monaco royal family would take action. The dowry was indeed very expensive, and marrying a princess was indeed a very cost-effective business - just by buying the shares from Xiao Hill and two other shareholders,  It cost the Monaco royal family no less than 200 million, and now it all goes to Dick as a dowry. In other words, Dick actually got the shares of Atletico Madrid, and he only paid less than 100 million in cash, which gave him  Enough money to restart Atletico Madrid.

    Having just taken over, spending money is a must.

    And the good foundation Dick laid before also allowed him to quickly complete several heavyweight transactions.

    Manchester City was very interested in Atletico Madrid's Aguero, and Dick exchanged Aguero for the two players he wanted and part of the money - Torres and Bale. Torres only had one year left on his contract.  Bell, on the other hand, did not get many playing opportunities in Manchester City because his position overlapped with Ribery's. It was no secret that Manchester City wanted to pursue Aguero, so soon, Manchester City spent 10 million euros as well as Torres and Bell.  The deal for the two players to package up Aguero has been finalized.

    By returning with Dick, Torres fulfilled his dream and Dick fulfilled his promise.

    After bringing back Torres, Dick quickly made his second major signing. He spent 35 million euros to introduce the Spanish national team's main midfielder David Silva from Valencia.  , in the new season, Atletico Madrid's frontcourt attack combination has gradually taken shape.

    With Torres, Bell, Silva, and Colombian striker Falcao poached from Porto, Atletico Madrid's offensive line immediately became one of the best in Europe.

    In the midfield and backfield, Dick has also purchased many potential young players and strong players. With his vision and training ability, coupled with the level of coaching, Atletico Madrid will become a three-pointer with Real Madrid and Barcelona in the future.  Team!

    A few years later.

    USA, Las Vegas.

    "Did you see it? I won again!"

    The gray-haired Dick laughed and downed a glass of wine, and then said proudly to Charlotte beside him.

    "Okay, I admit you always win" Charlotte, who was over forty but still well-maintained, curled her lips. She felt a little helpless towards her husband. Since she turned fifty, she announced that  After retiring, Dick became a liberal without any ties. He took Charlotte around the country every day, and he didn't even pay attention to the situation at Atletico Madrid

    During Dick¡¯s twenty years of hard work, Atletico Madrid has won more than ten league championships and more than five Champions League championships. Whether it is domestic honors or European honors, Atletico Madrid is not inferior to Real Madrid and Barcelona.?These three teams have become the most powerful teams that dominate La Liga, and their influence also spreads all over the world.

    After his fiftieth birthday, Dick, who is full of honors, does not plan to coach anymore. He is so far the only head coach to have won the five major league championships, and the only one to have won it with four different teams.  The head coach of the Champions League winner, the only head coach with more than 20 league titles - this has surpassed Ferguson, who has thirteen league titles. No one can compare with him. He was ranked among the top five of this century recently.  Among the decade's greats, Dick is the only football figure to make the cut.

    "What are you going to do next? Are you going to retire like this?" Charlotte tilted her head and asked Dick.

    "Of course, I'm going to enjoy life now!" Dick said with high spirits. Since his fiftieth birthday, the old beggar appeared in front of him and said with satisfaction that his performance was good and he had earned face for him. From now on,  After giving himself more discounts and allowing him to live to be a hundred years old without any pain or disease, Dick planned to live more freely in the remaining fifty years of his life!

    "Honey, let's go to more places together? I heard that the newly developed Mars colony is very enjoyable, and having sex in a state of weightlessness is also a brand new experience Oops!"

    As Charlotte pinched Dick angrily, Mr. Dick, a hundred-year-old reserve officer, let out a huge scream!

    PS: The whole book is finished, and I will upload the testimonials and new book preview tomorrow.
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