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Text Chapter 440: Getting What You Want

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    Chapter 440: Getting What You Want

    As long as the golden elixir treasure "Mountain and River Picture Scroll" on Sihai's body is revealed, each member of the studio will get the right to use it for one day, and the rotation will continue.  .

    Tianle's promise greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of several evil elements in the Evil Soul Sect. They formed a circle and wanted to dissect the whole world on the spot and code it piece by piece.

    "That's not good?"


    "This feud has become violent."

    "Damn it, mother-in-law, do you still want to get the mountain and river scroll?"

    "Nonsense! You must get the mountain and river scroll, otherwise how can you show it off! Okay, okay, just do what you say." The deceased, Ghost Shadow, Xue Tong, Luthier, Fat Maitreya, Luo Xing, and Mei Niang were arguing with each other.  , completely ignoring the beads of sweat falling from Sihai's forehead, who was suppressed and controlled to the ground.

    "Let me go, I'll give you 10 million in cash per person!"

    Sihai was also panicked.

    Although he knew that the chance of losing his golden elixir treasure was only a dozen percent, facing a group of masters from the Evil Soul Sect, he still couldn't help but tremble and seize the opportunity to fight for a glimmer of life.


    No one paid any attention to him.

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????? out of the world.

    Tianle Studio is now the number one studio!

    "Fifty million!"

    "One hundred million is useless." Xue Tong turned around and smiled strangely at him, but was immediately hit on the head with a hammer by the deceased: "Stop talking, don't waste time, set up the formation."

    As soon as the words fell, more than a hundred formation flags suddenly rose into the sky and quickly spread over a hundred meters radius.

    With the smoke billowing, the seven members of the Evil Soul Sect, together with the Four Seas, disappeared from the sight and thoughts of the major sect masters

    "Save me! I'll give you one billion!"

    Sihai¡¯s reluctant exclamation didn¡¯t even have time to utter: ¡°¡­¡±

    The next second.


    It lasted for several minutes

    "Why did it take so long?"

    "Seven people are taking turns to kill. One of them should be able to kill him in one go. Shouldn't they be attacking and healing at the same time?" In the distance outside the formation, the disciples of the major sects have not heard the wailing of being killed all over the world, and they can't help but feel their hearts surge.  I felt a strong sense of horror, and my hair stood on end.


    Only this can explain how Sihai can persist until now.

    It lasted for a while.

    The voices from all over the world finally subsided.


    ¡°Look at the ranking list of golden elixirs¡­¡±

    In the crowd, many players were eager to search for information from the side.

    In the fierce formation, the small dark room prepared by the Seven Evil Souls has successfully ravaged the whole world.

    Several golden elixir instruments on Sihai's body were all blown to pieces, the brilliant light was completely dimmed, and finally completely lost its brilliance and protective effect.

    When the last defensive weapon was shattered, the deceased ended the life of Sihai, allowing the latter to be freed

    The ragged corpses all over the world were ruthlessly thrown to the ground, as if they had been raped by countless individuals and thrown aside, falling hollowly under the shadow of the quicksand black tower

    The dead man reached for his hands in a hurry.

    "Did it fall out?"

    Guiying and the others rubbed their palms vigorously and stared at Sihai's body.

    The deceased¡¯s right hand sank.

    First, his body was slightly shocked, and then, a solemn and cautious expression appeared on his face, and he slowly pulled his hand back from under Sihai.

    The exquisite golden scroll glowed with astonishing brilliance and charm as soon as it was pulled out from under Shi Hai, instantly illuminating the eyes of seven people.


    "Haha! It's out, it's really out!"

    The seven people suddenly turned into rabbits with blood-red eyes, all eager to touch the golden elixir.

    "Don't be anxious, don't be anxious, I'll report it to the boss first."

    The deceased pretended to be angry and slapped the six people's hands away, but there was an unstoppable smile on his face.

    "Touch, touch it for me."

    "Yes, it's full of immortality."

    "De surname."

    After a while, the deceased smiled and looked at the mountain and river scroll, and an astonishing power of the golden elixir emanated from the latter's body:

    &nbsp"The boss said, let's expose this thing. He means what he says. Each person will come one day at a time. On this first day, I won't be polite to the brothers. I will come first" The deceased took the lead unceremoniously, causing  The six people's strong dissatisfaction and protest, especially Xue Tong

    After withdrawing from the formation, Feng Xian glanced at the seven excited and noisy people and shook his head helplessly.

    "Okay, Rocky and I won't snatch it from you. You guys have fun first, but don't forget what the boss told you. Be sure to keep it safe and don't let people from the Tianmeng Group have the opportunity to take it back."

    "Haha, brother Feng, don't worry."

    Seeing that a group of people had forgotten what they were doing, Fengxian shook his head again and sighed:

    "The charm of the golden elixir treasure is indeed terrifying."

    "Now that this is settled, let's enter the Quicksand Black Tower." Rocky suggested.

    Tianle faced the ancestor who was in the Nascent Soul realm alone. Even though there was a group of ninth-level Jindan demon souls to help him, it was still very dangerous, and he was a little worried.


    Fengxian waved his hand:

    "We can't handle a battle of this level. The demon souls in Tianle Baihun Pan, except for the ninth level of Jindan and a few special demon souls, all died in battle. The ancestor of Yuanying can be destroyed with a flip of his hand, and he can't go.  Go for nothing, I won't cause trouble for him. You have a sword formation and your defense is stronger than mine. It's too difficult to pass through, so just wait."

    Together, the two of them gave up the idea of ??entering the Quicksand Black Tower.

    Tianle Studio obtained the golden elixir treasure and severely damaged the Tianmeng Group. On the other hand, the Tianmeng Group lost face in front of others. The leader Sihai was tortured to death, and no one rescued him. Not only were several high-grade golden elixir magic weapons smashed to pieces  , completely useless, even the golden elixir treasure bought at a sky-high price was revealed, and people were panicked for a while.


    "A bunch of trash!"

    "What's the point of raising you?"


    After Sihai was resurrected, he wanted to beat Qingyu Kuangshu and the others to death.

    The competition for the mountains and rivers consumes a lot of funds from the Tianmeng Group. Now that the golden elixir treasure has been exposed, all the efforts of the Tianmeng Group in the past few months have been reduced to ashes. In such anger, they almost lost a mouthful of their hard work.  When I entered the game, my face was full of ferocity.

    "The golden elixir is in the hands of the deceased"

    "The Green Jade Crazy Book."

    "Contact Xuejian immediately and ask him to mobilize everyone in the studio and all the power under his command. I want to enter the Quicksand Black Tower" As soon as Sihai said this, Qingyu Kuangshu and a group of others all had their eyelids twitching wildly, and they were horrified.  Paled face.

    "Boss, this matter"

    "It's impossible."

    "All the experts from Tianle Studio are now in the Liusha Black Tower. With Tianle alone in charge, he is no longer able to compete. Now there is an additional Fengxian, and there are so many masters"

    "Yes, even if we use all our strength to kill the deceased, we may not be able to reveal the golden elixir treasure. I'm afraid we have to consider the matter of revenge in the long term."

    Hearing the last sentence, Sihai finally couldn't bear it any longer. He staggered, flickered twice, and disappeared from the game like a bubble.  (To be continued.
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