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1241. Method

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    So after Tang Dao thought about it again, he spoke to Wuchen.

    "I think in such a situation, why not try to see if you can try to completely transform the demonic energy in your body into a part of you, so that you won't be in pain  You can also make good use of the blessings this magical power brings to you."

    After Wuchen heard such a method, he frowned and did not give an accurate answer as to how he should do it better.

    Wuchen also sincerely considers such a proposal. After all, he doesn't have that much time now. If he wants to use this ordinary power, ordinary ordinary methods will really take a long time to get over it completely.  The most important thing to clear away the things on your body is whether you can wait that long?  cannot.

    ¡°I once said that I wanted to become one of the most powerful gods, so that my name can exist directly on this land, so that most people can know about me and believe in me.

    Under such a situation, this is indeed something that is not easy to do. What's more, in my current situation, if I go through a certain amount of cultivation, I don't know when I will be able to completely succeed.

    I don¡¯t want to waste that long time, I don¡¯t want to delay that long, so I have only one way, and that is to choose quickly and take a risk.

    Wuchen felt that Tang Dao's words were quite pertinent, so under such a situation, he frowned and nodded directly.

    "Tang Dao, I think what you said is a solution. Under such a situation, I think we can go to this city. Maybe we can really try and succeed. Anyway, I am now  I can only treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor, otherwise my recovery at this time is really too slow. And there is also pressure from outside people on me. These circumstances make it impossible for me to make a stay.  .¡±

    After Tang Dao heard these words, he remained silent and did not say anything more, but he could also feel some of Wuchen's emotions, and he could understand Wuchen's situation in such a situation.

    After making such a decision, Wuchen did not hesitate too much and just wanted to report the matter to the superiors. After all, no matter what, they were also thinking of ways for themselves. If they  Trying to find a way to abandon them without telling them will only make them waste more time.

    Another god wearing a mask, a god who trusted Wuchen very much, quickly came to Wuchen's side, frowned at him and asked.

    "I heard that you are coming to me. What kind of thing can make you come to me? Is it possible that you have already found some way to show up here? Otherwise, it would be a very difficult situation.  Good thing, please tell me quickly, after all, your current situation has indeed attracted the attention of many people."

    After hearing these words, Wuchen smiled and went straight to tell him the method he had discovered. After finishing speaking, he went to look at the situation of the god in front of him at this moment.  After thinking for a while, he continued to speak.

    "I know that you have some problems that are bothering me, and you are also thinking about how to solve my problems. Under such a situation, I also know that you are actually quite helpless right now, so I don't  I plan to continue to trouble you, so I plan to find a way to see if I can break the current situation."

    Faced with such a situation, the god frowned directly after hearing what Wuchen said. What possibility was in his mind, he spoke to Wuchen in front of him.

    "Have you heard some unpleasant things from the outside? You don't need to pay attention to what they said. Some people are worried when they know your current situation, and they won't try to exclude you or leave you."  If I recognize you, you can rest assured, there is no need to think about so many things."

    Wuchen seriously went to explain to the gods. He said that it was not for such a reason. In fact, under such a situation, he wanted to recover in a short time. If he only relied on this long-term  If there was time, then he would naturally be more steady, but she didn't want to spend that long.

    After a series of exchanges, the god in front of him sighed when he saw Wuchen¡¯s decision.In the end, I still didn¡¯t comment on what to do, I just said helplessly to Wuchen.

    "Anyway, you can make up your own mind. You are an independent person with your own thoughts and ideas, and your contribution this time is indeed quite great. All of us will remember you and pass it on.  The information is very useful. According to what you said, we are now going to find another group of people who have offered to do the experiment. After all, they are the most important and core people. It will be difficult to carry out the experiment without finding them."

    After Wuchen heard the other party's praise for him, he also smiled. He also wanted to join the big army, and also wanted to find out who it was that had harmed everyone and ended up like this.  Under such a situation, everyone directly became a miserable experimental subject and lost his original peaceful life.

    What kind of goals and thoughts do those individuals have?  Why would they do this, after doing all this?

    Wuchen really wanted to know, and after he wanted to know, he went directly to make them pay for what they had done.

    But now the top priority is that I have other things to do, so I can¡¯t learn more about it.

    So in the end Wuchen didn¡¯t say any more about these things.

    Faced with such a situation, Wuchen¡¯s first task is to first figure out the problem with his body.

    Then Wuchen directly planned to go into seclusion and concentrate on solving the problems in his body to see if he could completely integrate the demonic energy in his body into his own flesh and bones. This way  If so, my strength will definitely improve, and maybe I can regain my full strength.  (Remember the website address:
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