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Chapter 5576: Rise Up

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    Chapter 5576 Rise Up

    The two chatted for a while.

    Jin Niu asked Green Snake to sit down and asked with a smile: "Fellow Green Snake doesn't come to the Three Treasures Hall for anything. If you come here today, you must have something to say?"

    Green Snake laughed, "It is indeed a small matter, and I would like to ask fellow Taoists for help!"

    Facing Taurus, Green Snake put away her "brother" behavior because she knew very well that senior Taurus would not accept this behavior!

    Taurus has always been sincere and upright, and will not be fooled by her charm. She can only pretend to be a weak person in order to win sympathy.

    Taurus smiled and did not respond.

    Green Snake could only continue: "Fellow Taoist Taurus, you should already know that the Holy Order of Taoist Xuantu has been lost."

    "The twelve Holy Judges are one body, and we should help and support each other!"

    Jin Niu stared at Green Snake, "Didn't you already ask fellow Taoist Zi Shu for help?"

    "Could it be that with the strength of fellow Taoist Zishu, we still haven't retrieved the Holy Judgment Order?"

    Green Snake shook his head, "Fellow Taoist Zi Shu is not weak, but he suddenly retreated into seclusion and was unwilling to help Xuan Tu retrieve the Holy Judgment Order!"

    Taurus chuckled, "Suddenly retreating?"

    "Probably not, Fellow Taoist Zishu is not like this!"

    "Everyone can see how much Taoist Zishu has shown his affection for you over the years. How could he not agree?"

    Green Snake smiled and said, "Fellow Taoist Taurus, can I still lie to you?"

    Jinniu stared at the green snake and said, "Fellow Taoist Zishu doesn't want to do this, so why don't you force me to do it?"

    "Fellow Taoist Green Snake, why don't you want to do it yourself?"

    "You can definitely send a clone to take back the Holy Judgment Order!"

    Green Snake said helplessly: "Fellow Taoist Taurus should know that my strength is slightly weaker, so I'm afraid it will be difficult to get the Holy Judgment Order back!"

    Jinniu stood up and said, "Fellow Green Snake, I still have things to do. Regarding the Holy Judgment Order, let's leave it at that!"

    "I'm going to go do some work, please go!"

    Green Snake froze, and his expression changed slightly, "Fellow Taoist Taurus, are you unwilling to take action?"

    Jinniu said: "The strength of the emerging ancestral star is only the immortal state. Your clone is not weak, how can you not get it back?"

    "You don't want to take action yourself, but you want me to take action. You have bad intentions!"

    "I don't want to talk to you anymore, just leave!"

    Green Snake¡¯s expression changed greatly, but there was nothing he could do.

    ¡°Obviously, Taurus saw her intentions and was unwilling to cooperate with her actions.

    Green Snake had no choice but to turn around and leave.

    Leaving the Taurus Hall, Green Snake was very angry. She thought that Taurus would be persuaded by her.

    Taurus rejected him directly!

    Green Snake can only continue to look for other people.


    Many monks were watching near Yaochi. Everyone wanted to find out what happened in Yaochi?

    However, after a change occurred within Yaochi, no one could find any information anymore, and Yaochi seemed to have become monolithic!

    Despite this, there is still some news coming from the Holy World.

    "Yang Bo may have obtained the Holy Judgment Order, but some of the Holy Judgment Orders were lost and fell into the lower realm!"

    "The Holy Judgment Order has a great effect. It can communicate with saints and communicate with the holy world!"

    "If you can get the Holy Order, you will get the support of many saints, and from then on you will flourish and reach the top!"


    As the news spread, more and more monks flocked to the area around Yaochi. Everyone gathered around Yaochi, trying to get something out of the fire.

    Although a large number of monks came together, no one dared to take the lead.

    Yang Bo¡¯s strength is obvious to all, and Yaochi¡¯s strength is not comparable to that of ordinary forces. Everyone is afraid of Yaochi, and no one dares to take the lead.

    After being surrounded for many days, someone finally stood up at the scene.

    This man was a monk from Zhaixing Tower. He stood up, raised his arms and shouted, "Fellow Taoists, we have been watching in Yaochi for many days, but Yang Bo never showed up!"

    "Why was Yaochi attacked by saints? This is the retribution for Yaochi's many evil deeds!"

    "Now, all of us must act together to kill Yang Bo, eradicate Yaochi, and eliminate harm for the saint!"

    The monk in Zhaixing Tower is named Du Yutian. With just one mouth, he packaged and beautified the behavior of everyone present.

    They clearly wanted to seize the Holy Order in Yang Bo's hands, but they told Yang BoKill the wicked.

    When everyone heard these remarks, they responded one after another.

    "Kill Yang Bo and eradicate the evildoers!"

    "Yang Bo is despised by the saint. The saint is separated from two worlds and wants to attack him. This shows that the saint despises him to the extreme!"

    "Let's do it together!"

    Everyone at the scene was shouting and attacking Yaochi.

    Yaochi¡¯s defensive formation was immediately activated.

    The alarm bells sounded throughout Yaochi.

    Yang Bo held the plain cloud flag in his hand and was practicing in seclusion. He suddenly felt the movement of the defensive formation.

    Yang Bo walked out of the retreat. He stood on a high place and frowned when he saw the movement at the bottom of the mountain.

    During this period, a large number of monks had been gathering around, and Yang Bo had always paid attention to them.

    I thought these people had calmed down, but I didn¡¯t expect that they would take action after all.

    Although Yaochi was well prepared, the Yaochi monks were still beaten back at the first moment of the conflict.

    However, as more Yaochi monks arrived, the pressure was quickly blocked at the scene.

    When Yang Bo arrived, there was a fierce confrontation at the scene.

    Yang Bo stared at the scene, and his eyes quickly fell on Du Yutian, because he was the most active at the scene.

    When Du Yutian looked up, he also saw Yang Bo. When Yang Bo looked over, he sneered, his eyes full of disdain!

    Yang Bo took out the golden scissors, and in two days the golden dragon flew out and strangled Du Yutian!

    Du Yutian's expression changed drastically, and he quickly took out a talisman.

    This is actually a saint's talisman!

    Extremely powerful!

    Seeing this kind of talisman, Yang Bo's expression suddenly changed.

    The Saint of Zhaixing Tower probably felt that the mortality rate of the monks in Zhaixing Tower was too high, so he prepared a talisman for Du Yutian, and he used it as soon as the battle began.

    Yang Bo quickly took out the nine-story pagoda and made full preparations.

    The saint's talisman turned into a sword light and slashed in the direction of Yang Bo.

    Facing this sword light, Yang Bo couldn't help but change his expression. He quickly invited Senior Sheep out and put the Holy Judgment Order close to his body.


    There was a sudden thunder in the sky, and a lightning bolt several feet thick struck directly on the sword light.

    In an instant, the sword light disappeared!

    The golden dragon flew forward and immediately entangled Du Yutian.

    A golden light emerged from Du Yutian's body, blocking the golden dragon, and he dodged.

    Yang Bo stretched out his hand and took back the golden scissors.

    Du Yutian looked ugly. He did not expect that the saint's talisman could not play its role and was blocked by the way of heaven.

    As far as he knows, the saint's talisman can play a role in the lost realm. Now it seems that the saint's talisman cannot be used in this world.

    A wasted talisman!

    Du Yutian retreated, which instantly affected the monks around him, and several monks followed him and retreated.  (Remember the website address:
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