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Chapter 1343 Its Arrival The Ancestral God Summons

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    A moment later.

    "I know Teacher Hu Yanbo's virtual universe number very well." Luo Feng said with a smile, "As long as Teacher Hu Yanbo connects to the virtual universe, you will find that my number is on the contact list. You can contact me at any time Teacher Hu Yanbo and  I haven¡¯t seen Babata for a long time, so I won¡¯t bother you.¡±

    Then he turned around and disappeared into thin air.

    Seeing Luo Feng leave, Hu Yanbo and the nine soul servants under his command breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Boss, Master Luo Feng is grateful to you. Although you died, you still have the blessing of inheritance and guidance. There is no need to be so nervous. You can have normal conversations Look, boss, and the few of you, one by one.  I'm so scared. I can't communicate with you even if I want to." Babata said helplessly.

    "It's simple, and we all understand it." The giant chimpanzee-like immortal roared, "Babata, that is the Lord of the Universe! To us the Lord of Ganwu Kingdom is an ancient and invincible existence that is above us. As for  The legendary Lord of the Universe is the most apex existence of the entire human race. Although I understand that the boss is kind to this Lord of the Galaxy, after all, we have not known each other before, and he is such a big shot Who is not afraid? I'm afraid.  One look from this big shot and we¡¯re dead.¡±

    Hu Yanbo breathed a long sigh of relief and stroked Babata's head: "Babata, you have fought with him life and death. You have been with him since he was weak and grew up together so you feel okay, but after all, we are with him.  He doesn¡¯t know me, so I¡¯d better behave myself. Such a big shot Even if I have some kindness to such a big shot, if I rely on my kindness to act randomly and make him dissatisfied that would be bad."

    Everyone around him nodded.

    There is an ancient saying on earth, "A companion to a king is like a tiger to a companion." In the face of beings who hold absolute power, even if there is kindness, one must be cautious.

    Compared to the emperor on one planet, the 'Lord of the Universe' who can easily kill billions of planets, reverse time and space and resurrect countless living beings Ordinary immortal gods tremble in fear in front of them, and the vast majority of immortal gods are not qualified to see the universe in their lifetime.  Lord.

    "Yes." Babata nodded, "Boss, I understand what you are saying. Even for me, Master Luo Feng restrained his pressure in front of me as before, but my heart is tight In the past, I called him Luo Feng casually.  , but now I don¡¯t dare to do it unnaturally.¡±

    "This is power." Hu Yanbo said with a smile, "Even if a superior existence does not take the initiative to show its majesty, its status will naturally make us feel awe in our hearts. Those without awe will not live long at all.  . I didn¡¯t expect that I just didn¡¯t want my inheritance to be cut off, but I actually created such a great person.¡±

    Standing behind Hu Yanbo, the yellow-skinned man who looked a little cold said, "Babata, you have to tell us the story of this Lord of the Galaxy."

    The two sides met before.

    Luo Feng was naturally grateful and wanted to have a good conversation. Babata also told some general stories on the side, so that Huyanbo and the others could understand the relationship between the 'Luo Feng' in front of them and them.  But after Babata finished telling Hu Yanbo and the others were extremely reserved. Luo Feng talked for a while, but had nothing to say. Seeing that the other party was too reserved, he had no choice but to leave first.

    And Hu Yanbo and the nine soul slaves are extremely curious deep down in their hearts¡ª¡ª

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Shortly less than 200,000 years.

    From a native of the earth, he climbed up step by step until he became one of the pinnacle beings of the entire human race.  Hu Yanbo and the others are also proud that they can play a part in it.  At the same time, they also understand If you embrace such a big leg, as long as you are not a fool, you are destined to have a bright future.

    "I know Master Luo Feng's story before his immortality very well. After his immortality, as Master Luo Feng's strength becomes stronger, I know less and less." Babata continued, "But the ones I know are extremely exciting.  , Master Luo Feng is definitely a truly peerless person with perfect perseverance and perseverance. Let me first talk about the several catastrophes on the earth, and then talk about the battle between geniuses"


    Milky Way.

    In the quiet void, Luo Feng strolled away.

    The higher you are in a high position, the lonelier you become. Except for close relatives, wives, children, and parents, there will be no estrangement because of your high status.  Like some other friends, even friends who have fought life and death, such as Rong Jun and others, or even Hong and Lei Shen, there will be some distance.

    On the contrary, they had grown up together since childhood, and Wei Wen, who did not know much about the upper echelons of the human race, felt free to be with Luo Feng.

    "This is how I restrain my pressure. If I expand my pressure, even the Lord of the Universe would be trembling and dare not look directly at me." Luo Feng's mood at this timesp; "I have talked with the three Ancestral Gods of the Ancestral God Sect after the war, and they are not arrogant people."

    "Since you summoned meand asked me to go therethere must be a reason." Luo Feng thought to himself.

    At his level, he has already stood at the pinnacle of the entire primitive universe, so the necessary respect is necessary for strong people to communicate with each other!


    Luo Feng disappeared out of thin air.


    Ancestral God Religion, Ancestral Mysterious Land Bauhinia Island.

    The residence where Luo Feng lived was still there. With the dim light, a figure in a silver robe appeared, it was Luo Feng.

    ¡°It¡¯s been a long time since I¡¯ve been to Bauhinia Island.¡± Luo Feng looked around.

    "Luo Feng!" A voice came directly to Luo Feng's ears, "As for me, I have something important for you as a human being to tell you."

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