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Chapter 1227 The finale!

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    Time flies, one morning half a year later.

    The sun gradually rose from the sea level, and a small half-round purple-red flame immediately illuminated the dim sky.

    Behind the bright morning glow, there seems to be an endless stretch of blue satin.

    After Yang Fei returned to Pengcheng, he gradually faded out of people's sight and returned to a peaceful life.

    "Zhao Yaxin and Zhang Tianai brought their children back from abroad and lived in Yunhe Village.

    Ji Rou also returned to the Selena and continued to handle her business, while Yang Linlin opened a film and television company and started her acting career.

    On Pengcheng Bay, Yang Fei and Lin Xiaoman drove a Bugatti Veyron and parked in front of a hotel.

    But at this time, many onlookers had gathered in front of the hotel.

    The crowd heard a rumbling sound coming from nearby, turned around and looked surprised:

    ¡°Oh my God, it¡¯s a Bugatti Veyron!¡±

    ¡°Another luxury car is coming, I¡¯m so darn excited!¡±

    It¡¯s another super luxury car.

    Yang Fei took Lin Xiaoman out of the car and came to the door of the hotel!

    "Damn it, this Xiaoliu disappeared like this. He is still very good at pretending. He actually got so many luxury cars at once!"

    Yang Fei looked over and found that there were dozens of sports cars parked in front of the hotel. Chen Liu was leaning on the front car wearing sunglasses.

    "Wow!" Lin Xiaoman screamed, "So cool!"

    Lin Xiaoman was surprised. These sports cars include Maserati, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz Grand G, BMW Z4, and Lincoln Stretch. Each of these sports cars is worth at least one million.

    This scene instantly attracted the attention of countless passers-by, some of whom were taking pictures with their mobile phones.

    After all, scenes like this can only be seen in Hollywood blockbusters!

    It¡¯s so crazy that it explodes!

    ¡°Oh my god, there are only a few Bugatti Veyrons in China!¡± One of the passers-by¡¯s eyes almost bulged out.

    It just so happens that he is a sports car enthusiast, so he immediately recognized these cool sports cars and was extremely shocked.

    ?? Let¡¯s just say that entry-level Bugattis cost more than 5 million, top-level models cost tens of millions, and the most luxurious customized versions cost hundreds of millions.

    "Should I give it a try? What on earth are these second-generation rich people doing?"

    ¡°Isn¡¯t this too awesome?¡±

    "When can I drive a sports car like this?"

    "I don't know what happened today. So many priceless sports cars gathered together at the same time. What on earth is going on!"

    "Who are these people waiting for?

    The passers-by who were watching took out their mobile phones to record this moment, because it was so shocking!

    It¡¯s simply unbelievable!

    "Brother Six, you are really big on the cards today!" Lin Xiaoman couldn't help but sigh as he looked at so many luxury sports cars in front of him.

    At this time, Chen Liu, who was leaning in front of the sports car, noticed Yang Fei and the two people walking towards them. He quickly looked at the people behind him and snapped his fingers, "Let's go!"

    After he finished speaking, the group of people followed Chen Liu and Yang Fei in a mighty manner.

    What a strong momentum!

    This momentum is simply invincible.

    Seeing this huge crowd, passers-by onlookers almost called the police.

    "Xiao Fei, long time no see!" Chen Liu walked up to Yang Fei and said hello.

    "Six, your cards are good!" Yang Fei said with a smile.

    "Hey, how about it? In order to welcome you back, I have found dozens of brothers. This battle will be strong or not, no matter how good it is!"

    Chen Liu chuckled.

    Yang Fei gave a thumbs up and said with a smile: "Awesome! Once you pass by, I want to know, will all these people go on the yacht with us later?"

    "Haha, you are so funny. If you want to go, go ahead!" Chen Liu said with a smile!

    "Can the yacht fit in?" Yang Fei smiled playfully and counted the number of people with his fingers!

    "I'm kidding you, how could I take them there? These rich second generation people just want to meet the famous Brother Xiao Fei and come here to make up the numbers." Chen Liu said with a smile!

    "That's good!"

    While talking, Yang Fei and Chen Liu hugged each other, and then said, "Xiao Liu, you have stolen my limelight."

     "Hey, that's right, I'm more handsome than you." Chen Liu took off his sunglasses and made a victory gesture.

    At this time, Lin Xiaoman shouted: "Sixth brother, long time no see, you have become handsome again!"

    "Hahaha! It's been a long time since we last met. Sister Xiaoman is getting better and better at talking."

    Chen Liu, who was praised by the beauty, burst into laughter.

    "Brother Zhang Jiajun?" Yang Linlin recognized the person who came, it was Zhang Jiajun.

    "Hello." Zhang Jiajun smiled, took off his sunglasses, and walked in front of Yang Fei and others.

    "Brother Zhang, it's really you. I wonder why you look so familiar." Yang Fei smiled slightly and shook hands with Zhang Jiajun.

    "Brother Zhang, brother Zhang, long time no see!" Chen Liu shouted with a smile.

    "Haha, long time no see." Zhang Jiajun also laughed.

    "Brother Zhang, please stop trying. Why did you call us here this time? Tell me quickly, what are we going to do next?" Chen Liu eagerly wanted to know what Zhang Jiajun wanted to do when he called them here.  What.

    "Hehe." Zhang Jiajun chuckled and continued: "It's nothing, I just haven't seen you for a long time and I want to go on the yacht with you!"

    "Haha, what are you waiting for? Let's go!" Chen Liu pushed Zhang Jiajun directly into the car, and then drove towards the yacht in Pengcheng Bay.

    "Let's leave quickly." Yang Fei smiled and followed Lin Xiaoman in the car.

    For a time, dozens of luxury sports cars drove majestically on the streets of Pengcheng Bay, and the scene was extremely spectacular.

    ¡°Perhaps only Yang Fei can have such a life

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