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Extra 2: Cheng Lang and her

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    Chapter 199

    In the cold winter, Mrs. Cheng Si¡¯s house burned down.

    The little Cheng Lang was led outside Mrs. Cheng¡¯s room by his mother-in-law. Before he could get closer, he saw his frail mother kneeling in front of Mrs. Cheng¡¯s door.  My mother is very beautiful, with light eyes and thin and soft lips, like petals.  It's as good-looking as people say, full of aura.  He just lowered his head and said nothing.

    Cheng Lang tightened his mother-in-law's hand and asked her to pat the back of her hand gently: "Brother Lang, hurry up and hold your mother-in-law and cry. Your father is inside and will hear it soon."

    Cheng Lang blinked, his delicate little face was as beautiful as his mother's.  He asked softly: "Mommy, why is my aunt forced to kneel down?"

    "My wife is still a concubine from the Ningyuan Marquis' Mansion," the mother-in-law sighed. The concubine from the Ningyuan Marquis' Mansion has passed. Who can control her here? Although there is a brother in the mansion to support her, but that  My brother is also useless, and the Cheng family doesn't take him seriously at all.  She felt guilty when she said this.

    "Your aunt was hired by a good family, and she is still a noble concubine no matter what. Unlike those cheap concubines who can be beaten, scolded and sold at will. If she hadn't committed the crime of seven outings, why should she be punished by kneeling down." The mother-in-law said in a low voice,  "Just go up and cry, and soften your father's heart, and then my wife will be forgiven" After that, the mother-in-law muttered again.

    Roughly speaking: Who doesn¡¯t like beauty?

    Six-year-old Cheng Lang slowly stepped forward, timidly. He didn¡¯t know how to cry to his father¡¯s heart. He stood for a while but couldn¡¯t cry anymore, and stared blankly ahead.  The woman came forward and sighed that it was useless. She stretched out her hand and squeezed his little arm hard.

    In the harsh winter, a child¡¯s delicate skin and tender flesh are wrapped in a cotton jacket, and it hurts when you twist it.  Xiao Cheng Lang finally burst into tears.

    The mother-in-law finally breathed a sigh of relief. She was not cruel.  If there really was no mother, this child would not have been eaten alive in the Cheng family.

    Although this mother is indifferent to him, it is still good to have something.

    The child's cry finally attracted the attention of the people in the room, but Aunt Lu didn't even raise her eyes and stared at the door persistently.

    The mother-in-law looked at that lonely and stubborn figure, feeling something like that in her heart.

    Stupid, stupid!

    She is a concubine in the Hou family, although she is not favored.  But it is always good to marry a Yinshi family and be an equal wife.  She was born to like a married woman, and she was born to be lonely and stubborn. In the early years, Mr. Cheng San loved her, but in the past two years, it was just like that when he got tired of seeing beauties.  If she had been born like this, her life would be much better than hers.  Not stupid or anything!

    Who would have thought that after crying a few times, the first person to come out of the door was not Mr. Cheng San, but a little fat man, one year older than little Cheng Lang, but a head taller than him.  Wearing a thick fur-edged cocoon silk jacket, black silk trousers, and a tiger-skin Liu'an hat.  Compared with Cheng Lang's thin body, he was wrapped like a ball.

    The little fat man looked fierce, and in the ice and snow, all his breath was white.  He stepped forward and kicked Xiao Cheng Lang, shouting: "I made you cry! I made you cry! It's so noisy!"

    There was snow on the soles of the boots. Xiao Cheng Lang was kicked down in two blows, and the snow-covered soles pressed coldly against his face.

    He cried louder, the snow was cold, and he kept struggling.

    The mother-in-law didn¡¯t care at first, but when she saw another group of figures walking out of the house, she hurriedly stepped forward to pull her away: ¡°My second young master! The fourth young master¡¯s body is strong, but he can¡¯t be beaten!¡±

    When the man who was walking quickly in front saw this scene, his face darkened: "Cheng Shen, stop it. Who taught you the rules and you dare to hit your brother!"

    There was another beautiful woman following behind. Seeing that the man was about to beat her son, she was so distressed that she shouted: "Master, Brother Shen is just a child who is not sensible and is playing around with his younger brother. Brother Shen, help your younger brother quickly."  Get up and admit your mistake to daddy!"

    In Xiao Cheng Lang¡¯s eyes, everything was very chaotic, with many people talking.  The father got angry and pulled the little fat second brother over, but because Mrs. Cheng blocked him, and Mrs. Cheng came to protect her grandson after hearing the news, he couldn't get rid of him even after squeezing his fist for a long time.  Naturally, his aunt no longer had to kneel as punishment, but he did.

    He only remembered the cold boots with snow on his face.

    When she returned to her small courtyard, Aunt Lu was sitting at the table drinking tea. She was scolding her mother-in-law: "Who asked you to take him there? It's embarrassing."

    The mother-in-law said: "Auntie, if it weren't like this, your whole body would be ruined"

    "Even if I'm on my knees, I still won't bow to that bitch." Aunt Lu said coldly, "That bitch slandered me in front of Song Lang, considering me as a concubine and not as good as her"

    The mother-in-law thought secretly, you areUnderneath, he thought empathetically, if one day he left his aunt and was captured.  He must be a thousand times, ten thousand times more miserable than this little duck, because she brought all the good things.  So have mercy.

    The next day at the banquet in the mansion, Lu Jiaran returned victorious.

    Also returning with me is my uncle.

    Lu Jiaran enjoyed all the honors, but as for his uncle, he stood coldly in the corner of the crowd, looking sinisterly in the direction of his brother.

    But when he walked towards her, he was smiling.

    "I'm back." He held her tightly in his arms and said in a low voice, "Look, I'm still back alive."

    The garden is full of guests and friends, congratulations, noises, and glasses of wine.

    But it seems like there are only these two people in the world.

    As a small boy, he held her skirt and suddenly felt an indescribable feeling.

    Later, when he gained power, no one dared to ignore him anymore, but she was no longer around.  His big heater was gone, and the little duck finally lost its mother, so panicked and numb with despair, how cold it was.

    ¡°After he killed his second brother and Mrs. Cheng San with his own hands.  The mother was helped upright because at that time no one dared to offend Lu Jiaxue anymore.

    The mother got the position of the principal wife, got what she wanted most, and began to try to restore the relationship between mother and son.

    Cheng Lang was sitting in the night drinking tea. He put down the tea cup and smiled: "Mom, it's really unnecessary. You don't like it, so I think I don't need it either."

    He no longer needs attachment and love. As an adult child, his heart is full of ulterior desires, disobedience and self-destruction.

    But no one will know this anymore.

    He walked out of Cheng's house and far away from the bright lights of his mother's residence.

    He looked up at the sky in the wilderness yard, and saw that the sky was full of stars, twinkling.  Many times like this, people realize how lonely they are in this world.

    How lonely.  (Remember the website address:
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