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Chapter 4262 You are finally here

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    When Ye Fan heard this, he couldn't help but frowned, thinking of some recent events in his mind

    Just when Ye Fan was thoughtful, Su Qingxue refused with a faint smile

    "Senior, are you sure you want to hold my hand in front of my husband?"

    Su Qingxue turned back to look at Ye Fan, "Hubby, can you agree?"


    When Ye Fan was asked this question, his throat seemed to be stuck.

    ¡° Women have asked this, so he can¡¯t ask Li Chunfeng to take a look.

    But the problem isSu Qingxue is obviously hiding something.

    Li Chunfeng said with a smile: "Just look at the palm, there is no need to touch it."

    Su Qingxue held Ye Fan's arm and leaned her head lightly, "If my husband agrees, I will agree."

    Ye Fan took a deep breath and said with a smile: "Forget it, my wife is a fortune teller herself, and colleagues are enemies. It's better to have less to do than to do more."

    Li Chunfeng obviously saw some mystery, smiled and nodded, and did not force it anymore.

    "Wife," Ye Fan looked at Su Qingxue and said through a voice message: "Do you have anything to tell me?"

    Su Qingxue rolled her eyes at him, "Don't think too much, I just don't want to change some fate lines."


    "You don't believe me?" Su Qingxue frowned.

    Ye Fan looked intently into the woman's eyes. After a while, he sighed: "I believe in you more than I believe in myself."

    Su Qingxue¡¯s delicate body visibly trembled, she pursed her red lips, and said with a smile: ¡°Don¡¯t worry, everything is according to plan, you will understand when the time comes¡­¡±

    "That's good¡­¡­"

    At this time, the noble and dignified Queen Mother of the West came to Aqun and said hello with a smile.

    "Ye Junyang, long time no see."

    "Queen Mother, please remember me, my slave." Aqun also bowed respectfully.

    "How could you not remember that no matter what, you are also the Eight Tribulations Azure Dragon, and how few of the Five Empresses are there in history?"

    "The queen is so impressed."

    Ye Fan and others looked over in surprise. Didn't they expect Aqun to know the Queen Mother of the West?

    "Your master, have you gone to cross the river?" Queen Mother Xi asked.

    Aqun nodded, "The master has finished handling the old lady's affairs, and his wish is fulfilled."

    Queen Mother Xi smiled and nodded, "He is also a hard-working man. He has been running around all his life."

    Ye Fan asked: "The Queen Mother also knows my grandfather?"

    "Of course he recognizes him. Among us old guys, who doesn't know himmany of my friends were sent to the river by him."

    Queen Mother Xi sighed: "Now that he has gone, it's really a great change."

    "Crossing the river crossing the river it is better to cross yourself than to cross others, but it is easy to cross others, but difficult to cross the heart," the old God Emperor August sighed.

    "The river does not cross the river, but the river crosses itself, so there is no need to obsess," King Arthur said.

    Li Chunfeng smiled and said: "The nameless person is ordered by heaven, and there is no reason to avoid the order of heaven."

    The creators nodded one after another with many emotions.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????? Women only have a vague understanding of these things, and these things are still too far away from them.

    "Isn't it just a matter of breaking through a realm? What is passing through mountains, rivers, and rivers? What can I say after wading in the water?"

    Chi You was listening to a group of sentimental creators and was very impatient.

    "You're making a fuss, you're so rotten, if you want to fart, get out of here, don't disturb me from eating meat here!"

    Naturally, the creators will not get angry easily, and they don¡¯t even bother to pay attention to this big boss.

    After a while, the teleportation array flashed, and a group of people passed the "Star Map Ticket" and entered the lounge.


    A man dressed like a dog, wearing new clothes, took the lead and showed up with a Qingqiu woman in his arms.

    Ye Fan took a closer look before he recognized who this guy was.

    "Feng Xiaotian, why are you dressed like a gentleman?" Ye Fan smiled.

    "Haha! Didn't you learn this from big brother?" Feng Xiaotian grinned and winked.

    Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, and then he laughed, and went up to hug Feng Xiaotian, saying nothing.

    ¡°Brother, I¡¯m not joking with you, Mimi carefully selected this for me. She said that this battle must be treated with caution and you should dress better.¡±

    On the side, Wuye Mimi bowed respectfully, "Sword God, I think that since my husband doesn't have his turn to play this time, he should dress up more formally."?

    Ye Fan smiled and said, "I thought you would stay in Wu Tai."

    After coming together, there were a few three points including Xiao Qingxuan and Emperor's return, as well as Hong Meng's Xiao Wangge, Jian Yuzhu mother and daughter, a group of Hongmeng masters.

    "Uncle, how can you not come to support this life-and-death battle for the Creator?"

    As Xiao Wangge spoke, his eyes glanced at Chi You, but after a careful glance, he immediately looked back.

    "It's a pity that my father has not been resurrected yet, otherwise he would definitely be able to play," Jian Yuzhu said.

    "Brother Zi Zaiit's really a pity."

    Ye Fan nodded, with Jian Zizui¡¯s talent, he would definitely be able to enter the realm of the Creator after the Yin-Yang War.

    In addition, if Mr. Lu is still there, he will definitely be able to replace Ji Wuming or Emperor Yan, making his combat power even better.

    "It's a pity that even if he reaches the Creator, Ye Fan doesn't know how to get Lu back. He can only hope that everything is fine with Lu.

    "Boy Ye Fan, haven't we gathered all the people yet? People from the big world seem to have arrived one after another."

    Ji Wuming was sitting aside at this time, drinking wine with Li Siye.

    He pointed to the opposite side, where there was a white light spot in the distance.

    There is the lounge on the Big World side. The lights are on, indicating that the other party has also arrived.

    "The Queen of Thousand Faces will definitely arrive. In addition, Emperor Yan is coming, so Ji Xuanyuan should be there." Ye Fan was actually unsure.

    Just as he was talking, a space door opened, and a woman with an expressionless face and a look like a passerby came out.

    Qianmian glanced at the scene, frowned and asked, "Where are the Yan and Huang Emperors?"

    Before he finished speaking, a voice shouted¡ª¡ª

    ¡°I¡¯ve been waiting for you!!¡±

    Chi You stood up and threw away the bones. Unexpectedly, they turned into a black shadow and hit Qian Mian on the head with a heavy fist!


    At the moment of disintegration and release, Thousand Faces turned into countless demon particles, filling the surroundings of Chi You.

    All the demon particles suddenly became heavier, their mass increased tens of thousands of times, and they pressed down hard on Chi You!

    "Knock, knock, knock!"

    Chi You¡¯s bones and joints made various breaking sounds, his skin and flesh were torn, and he turned into a bloody man and fell to the ground!

    The super lounge venue carefully built by the God of Wisdom and the God of Fire has fallen into a big pit!

    ¡°Dad!¡± Bai Qianluo shouted nervously when he saw this scene.

    This is not over yet, the demonic particles turned into blazing demonic flames and burned up!

    Chi You let out a scream, but the flesh and blood scattered all over his body suddenly disintegrated and exploded!  !


    Ye Fan and several creators realized that the situation was not good, and used all their strength to instantly set up defensive shields!

    With the cooperation of Ye Fan and a group of other creators, the power of the disintegration explosion was finally reduced to a small area.

    Chi You's explosion also caused the thousand-faced demon particles to be dispersed, and they returned to their demonic state and retreated to the side.

    Chi You entered the realm of the Creator. His already powerful body had even more terrifying resilience, and he recovered in the blink of an eye.

    He stood up, grinned and said: "Old witch, you are really powerful, come again"

    "Looking for death" Qianmian was obviously very angry, and his tone was full of coldness and murderous intent.

    Ye Fan was speechless and stood between the two of them, "I mean you two, at this rate, we'll have to lose two of them before the ring battle even starts?"

    ¡°It doesn¡¯t matter, I¡¯m always efficient in fighting,¡± Chi You said.

    ¡°It won¡¯t take long to behead a barbarian bull,¡± Qian Mian said coldly.

    Ye Fan couldn't bear it anymore, why was he worrying about the fifth wife's life and death?

    At this moment, another space door opened.

    Ye Fan was overjoyed when he saw the person, "Boss Jiang, you're finally here!"

    If you want to discipline your old father-in-law, Emperor Yan is the best!

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