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Lin Zhiyu x Bai Xiaoyue (4)

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    As soon as he said this, the wine glass in Lin Zhiyu's hand almost fell to the ground without holding it steady.

    "What did you say?"

    Chu Xu looked at his confused look and scratched his head.  "Have you forgotten this?"

    Lin Zhiyu opened his mouth in surprise: "No, we only met in college."

    "Right?" He turned to ask Bai Xiaoyue.

    Bai Xiaoyue took a sip of water, put down the tea cup in her hand, and after a few seconds turned to Chu Xu and said, "Look, he doesn't remember me at all."

    Lin Zhiyu was at a loss for words. He seemed to suddenly understand why he felt she looked familiar and why she had such a strange attitude toward him.

    "I really can't remember clearly. Who remembers things from my childhood? I just said that I have a bad memory after a long time. Why don't you tell me?"

    Just when Chu Xu was about to speak, Bai Xiaoyue got in front of him and said, "Don't say it."

    Lin Zhiyu was a little anxious: "You have to let me know where I went wrong, right?"

    Bai Xiaoyue stabbed the steak with a knife and said softly: "I have forgotten it. There is no point in thinking about it."

    "Why is it meaningless? I think you still remember this matter now, which means it is very important and related to our future. We must make it clear today."

    Chu Xu looked at the two people, and immediately understood something, and smiled with ambiguous eyes.

    Bai Xiaoyue's face turned slightly red and she simply stopped talking.

    Lin Zhiyu surrounded her and asked her questions, but Bai Xiaoyue didn't say a word.

    Chu Xu finally couldn't stand it anymore and said, "Okay, you two, how big of a deal is this? Zhiyu is just a child who is not sensible. Xiaoyue, just forgive him."

    Bai Xiaoyue: "I didn't blame him either. You see, now that I'm acquainted with him again, I haven't even mentioned what happened back then."

    "Then why did you stop him from telling me? It's abnormal that he didn't mention it. Why didn't you tell me that you knew me before?"

    "Can't you just eat your food well? Why are you talking so much?" She felt her patience was reaching its limit, "And we don't know each other either."

    Because she is the only one who remembers it, whether he was good to her or bad to her, he has forgotten it.

    She remembered this for more than ten years.

    "This happened back then. Although Zhiyu did something unethical, he compensated you in the end, so don't worry about it."

    This time it was Bai Xiaoyue's turn to be confused.

    "When did he compensate me?"

    Chu Xu thought of something and knocked on his head, and said apologetically: "When you were crying, he asked me to comfort you and give you the cake. It's just that this kid had an awkward personality at the time and wouldn't let you.  Let me tell you, no one mentioned it after that, so I forgot to tell you. I didnt expect you would still remember it now.

    When Chu Xu said this, Lin Zhiyu finally remembered it belatedly.

    He looked at Bai Xiaoyue in surprise: "You, are you the chubby girl who brought snacks to me back then?"

    Lin Zhiyu looked at her carefully and said, "You didn't look like this before."

    Bai Xiaoyue ignored him and asked Chu Xu: "You mean, when you came over to hand me tissues and give me a small cake, he asked you to do that." She pointed to the person beside her who was still recalling the past.  Lin Zhiyu.

    Chu Xu nodded.

    Bai Xiaoyue picked up the red wine on the table, covered her head and drank half of the glass.

    Chu Xu: "What are you doing?"

    "I need to calm down."


    After dinner, Chu Xu said that he had made an appointment with someone else and wanted to go first.

    Bai Xiaoyue drove here, but because she was drunk, she asked someone to drive the car back.

    "Come for a walk with me," she said.

    Lin Zhiyu nodded and said yes.

    The two walked in silence for a long time, without Bai Xiaoyue saying anything. Lin Zhiyu was used to her being quiet, but he was not used to being quiet himself.

    ? Seeing something wrong in her expression, I thought she was still blaming him for what happened when he was a child.

    "I think about it. I seemed to have gone too far at that time. You see, I wasn't happy and they gave me food. I also said" He has forgotten what he said now. Anyway, he definitely didn't give it to her.  Good look.

    "But I can explain it. Don't talk about you at that time. I didn't even want to talk to my parents. You know, my sister and I were born on the same day, and my birthday was her birthday. The birthdays of the previous seven years were ours.  We were together, but then she got lost. How could I be in the mood to celebrate my birthday? Even that day, I was dragged there by my family."

    Anyway, its really not?As for you, didn't Chu Xugang also say that in those years I had such a bad temper, torturing myself and torturing others.  "

    "" He said a lot intermittently, but Bai Xiaoyue said nothing.

    Although Lin Zhiyu didnt understand why this matter made her angry for so long, he felt that women are creatures that dont need you to understand. When they are angry, you only need to apologize and coax them.

    He walked closer to her, pulled her sleeves, and sounded a little begging for mercy.

    "Isn't it okay that I was wrong? If I knew I would fall in love with you in the future, I wouldn't have dared to make you cry even if I killed you."

    He vaguely remembered something. After driving the little fat girl away, he saw her leaving in tears.

    He didnt want to take it into account at first, but when he saw the pile of food she placed in front of him, his conscience became uneasy.

    It happened that Chu Xu came over at this time, and Lin Zhiyu picked up one of the cakes and pointed in the direction of the little fat girl: "Give this to her and comfort her a few words to stop her crying."

    Hey, I really regret it. He should have gone by himself at that time, but Chu Xu got an advantage in vain.

    Lin Zhiyu was thinking this when he suddenly heard the woman next to him speak.

    Bai Xiaoyue: "Besides this, do you think of anything else?"

    "What?" Lin Zhiyu was confused again. Is there any follow-up to this matter?

    Bai Xiaoyue: "What I'm most angry about is not that you laughed at me, but that you forgot about me."

    "Three times, three times in total, you didn't remember me."

    "Three times? Where three times? Didn't we only meet once at a banquet before?"

    Bai Xiaoyue was too lazy to pay attention to him. She picked up her steps and continued walking forward. Without looking at him, she continued: "Let's talk again when you remember."

    Every time they met in the past, for her, they were remembered deeply, but for him, they were forgotten.

    This person changed the entire trajectory of her life.

    She spent her entire youth cultivating herself into a being that was so perfect that no man could ignore it.

    Finally, on the fourth time, he remembered her.

    After countless times, I fell in love with her.


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