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Reappearance of the Priesthood (Complete)

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    Willow¡¯s movements were too fast, and Xie Xu was stabilizing the barrier again. When he reacted, the little girl in a plain dress with some baby fat had already been ignited by the rays of the sun.

    In the blink of an eye, even the soul was burned away by the power of the God of Light.

    Xie Xu's ears seemed to fall silent for an instant.

    In the blink of an eye, the boy's warm palms, wet with sweat, suddenly grasped the white and cold fingertips of the black-haired god.

    The temperature has passed.

    I don¡¯t know when Keerlan has grown taller than Xie Xu.  He stood behind Xie Xu, his breath falling next to Xie Xu's earlobe.

    Xie Xu could even imagine Collan turning his face slightly and lying on his shoulder, with a serious look on his face.

    "Don't be sad," the blond king said uncomfortably, "it's the fault of the gods."

    Corlan raised his head slightly and stared at the sky. The sunlight fell in his golden pupils, but he blinked without discomfort.  Instead, he raised his lips slightly, revealing a wild and ferocious smile.

    "These gods who wantonly toy with human beings and treat living beings like ants seem to have never realized that they are nothing more than ants."

    ¡°Such bold derogatory words about gods are hardly something that can be said from a human mouth.

    But instead of refuting, Xie Xu nodded indifferently.

    Above the sky, the God of Light paused the action of throwing the Sun Fire.  Because now there are two more gods confronting him in the sky.

    The God of Samsara is still wearing a black robe and has a cold expression.  It's just that under the robe that is as dark as a secret abyss, this time there is a silver-haired, silver-eyed, extremely holy god of light.

    It¡¯s none other than Christine, the god of medicine.

    Christine seemed to be saying something emotionally to the God of Light, but the God of Light changed from being indifferent at first to a furious expression. Then, powerful divine power began to gather in his hands, and he looked crazy.

    The black-haired god took a slight step forward, and his satin-like black hair slipped through Corlan's fingers.

    Xie Xu has a city he wants to defend.

    He can withstand the disease of the God of Samsara, and the fire of the God of Lightbut he can't resist it. These crazy gods come out of nowhere and want to destroy mankind on a whim.

    "I'll be back soon." Xie Xu said to Keerlan.

    His body flashed slightly, breaking through the restriction set by the God of Samsara on him not to leave the Western Kingdom.

    Xie Xu's appearance has completely changed, but after all, he is Orthea's creation. The first moment he appeared, Orthea looked at him with awareness.

    That is an extremely beautiful face that even the God of Beauty cannot match.

    The moment Christine saw him, her heart moved slightly, and she felt an indescribable beating.  After this throbbing passed, he became hostile belatedly.

    Which new god is this?  At least he had never seen such a beautiful god during the banquet of the gods.  Even the God of Samsara, who was deeply devoted to him and dotes on him, couldn't help but cast his eyes on the black-haired god.

    But as a new god, the power of the god in front of him seems to be too powerful, and his performance in front of the two main gods is too calm.

    Seeing that Althea was still in a trance, Christine couldn't help but said angrily: "Lord God of Samsara, you seem to be very familiar with this god, why don't you introduce me to him?"

    Christine never expected that Althea would answer.

    The answer was also beyond his expectation.

    "He is the substitute I made because I wanted to get you at that time," Althea said extremely calmly.

    Christine knew this - Althea used his body parts to create a doll similar to herself.  Apart from the initial awkwardness, Kristen quickly understood Orr and believed that this was a manifestation of the God of Samsara's deep love for her.

    He is a god, there is really no need to argue with a divine creature.

    It was just the completely different and gorgeous appearance of this divine creature that surprised him Christine couldn't help but frown.  He knew that this substitute should look the same as himself. Could it be that he himself had changed his appearance in an attempt to gain power?

    No matter what the other person is thinking, Kristen feels very irritable and tired of dealing with it.

    Although he still loves the God of Light, he is tired of the same emotional pattern that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Finally, he has a legitimate reason to get acquainted with the new God of Samsara, who is also the main god, as his partner.?.

    But no matter what, Xie Xu finally came back.

    The black-haired god knocked on the table and whispered: "After talking for so long, it seems that we haven't exchanged names yet."

    The blond young man paused for a moment and immediately said: "Korlan."

    "Xie Xu." Xie Xu's eyelashes lowered slightly, "Mr. Keerlan, would you like to do some artistic processing with me?"

    This time, Keerlan was really stunned. After a long while, he responded in a hoarse voice: "I do."


    ¡°Fuck, who would have thought that in the end it was Xu Zai who proposed first, but you can¡¯t do that, Keerlan (shakes his head jpg.

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    Xue Jing fell into countless reincarnations and worked step by step as the tool of the Son of Destiny.

    Suddenly one day, he wanted to live longer.

    ¡¤Interstellar World

    As an omega with a 99% genetic compatibility with His Highness the Third Prince, the first step in his rise to prominence was to ask the royal family to send him to the Imperial Academy to study, so that he could be gold-plated.

    The geniuses looked down upon him for his lack of knowledge and skill, until one day they discovered that this student student had written ten pages more papers than they did. He was used to answering the questions in three ways, and he always got the highest score in the in-class test.

    So when the Third Highness announced that the one he loved belonged to someone else, all the geniuses were excited: "Really? Then can I pursue Chief Xue?"

    ¡¤The world of cultivating immortals

    The sword cultivator, who was fortunate enough to be chosen by his ancestor as his Taoist companion, cut off his friendship with his ancestor and cut off a Taoist bone to give to his first disciple to replenish his spiritual roots.  Only then did the world know that the ancestor had become a Taoist couple with Xue Jingluo, so that he could save the person he admired by transforming into a Taoist body.

    Xue Jingluo's body was half soaked in blood, and his expression was indifferent.

    "I don't owe you anything now."

    The man in the sky leaned over to secretly take a look at his power, but he gritted his teeth and looked extremely gloomy.

    "You still owe me."


    Xue Jingluo: I don¡¯t really want to live, and I don¡¯t really want to die either. Let¡¯s make do with it.


    The text is finished, let me say the final words!  Even if you cover my mouth, I will say it (shouting a dove call).  Who would have thought that I wrote 770,000!  Seven hundred and seventy thousand!

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