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Chapter 97

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    Draco stood with his mother in the renovated building of the Ministry of Magic, facing the various reporters huddled in front of them.

    The familiar place, familiar postures, familiar flashes of light and puffs of black smoke gave Draco a feeling of being displaced in time and space.  At a certain moment in the depths of his memory, Draco could never forget that he was standing in front of others with his mother, receiving all kinds of hate and malicious gossip from the people in front of him, all of whom were barely concealing their wait.  Watching Malfoy's jokes, waiting for the downfall of the Malfoy family, but now, it is still the same, these people are still the same, and their expressions are still full of eager gossip, but this time, Draco only sees from their faces  To the point of flattery, compliments, and eagerness to try.

    "Mrs. Malfoy, what are your views and expectations on Mr. Malfoy being elected as the new Minister of Magic?"

    "Mr. Malfoy, as the heir to the Malfoy family, may I ask your thoughts on the family and your father"

    "Mrs. Malfoy, regarding the relationship between your son and Harry Potter, how are you and Mr. Malfoy"

    The staff of the Department of Public Safety of the Ministry of Magic worked hard to isolate the reporters from Mrs. Malfoy and the young master. Draco protected his mother and struggled to escape from a group of fanatical reporters and walked into the VIP channel. "Mom, are you okay?  ?¡±

    Narcissa stroked her clothes, feeling happy but helpless, "For Merlin's sake, Lucius hasn't even started taking the oath of office yet!"

    Draco smiled, "You have to start adapting to this kind of life, Madam Minister."

    Draco took his mother to the minister's living room. The exquisite suite was also full of people. There were directors of various departments, staff and secretaries, etc., all preparing for the minister's inaugural speech at 11 o'clock in the morning.  The subsequent press conference was busy, and the big platinum aristocrat, despite working all night, still looked perfect at this moment.

    "Ah! Look, it's dad!" Draco adjusted the pin on his collar and walked to his dad, "Congratulations, Mr. Minister Malfoy!"

    Lucius glanced at his son, nodded but said nothing with a straight face. Although almost two months had passed since that day, the big platinum noble was still unwilling to easily forgive his son for violating the family honor at such a critical moment.  The oath passed.  Although everything seems to have passed from today's point of view, if something happened that day, wouldn't the Malfoy family fall by the wayside and have no successor?

    Draco turned to his mother with a pitiful smile.

    Draco looked at his parents standing together and talking in low voices, looking at those people looking at his father and the Malfoy family with respect and admiration, and suddenly felt that all the hardships and hardships he had experienced in the past were gone.  Worth it.  The glory of the Malfoy family, with his efforts, finally changed the trajectory of history and reached its heyday.  Draco was even thinking that it wouldn't matter even if his father publicly declared that he had deprived him of the Malfoy inheritance.

    But this is a question worthy of careful consideration. Draco suddenly realized that if his father continued to live with his current status, power and happy family life, there would be nothing to be surprised about if he lived to be one hundred and fifty years old.  !  The Malfoy family can develop stably for at least another seventy or eighty years in his father's hands, so why is he still busy taking over?  Thinking of the prosperous joke shop in which Harry owned one-third of the shares, Draco felt that it was time for him to develop his own business.

    As for the development direction of his career, Draco already had a rough outline in his mind. He thought about it from the Dark Lord's trap before the war: because Harry's double-sided mirror was maliciously destroyed by his opponent, at a critical moment when his life was at stake.  , but his contact with Sirius was forced to interrupt. Although they were not fooled by this, they had to admit that this exposed a fatal flaw - the wizards' instant communication method was too narrow, or from another perspective  He said that even if the double-sided mirror is not broken, not everyone can afford this high-end alchemy product.

    Of course, the Patronus Charm is also a solution, but Hermione's evaluation of this is very pertinent: "This is a very, very profound curse." Summoning your Patronus just to convey a message would put the cart before the horse.  In this regard, Draco admitted that Muggles were ahead of wizards. He heard that they had a very cheap machine called a bp buzzer. Although it only exchanged information via text, it was far more efficient.  On the owl.

    The reality tells a business-minded Malfoy: The field of instant messaging contains huge business opportunities and is worth a try!  But in addition to considering the problem from Galleon's perspective, more importantly, Draco had to worry about Malfoy's position. To be honest,?Child Oh, Merlin As the leader of the Black clan, when will he be more mature!  "This was the advice of Narcissa's other biological sister, Andromeda Black Tonks, St. Mungo's healer.

    "I don't think there's anything good about getting married so early. I'm not talking about you, Harry. I mean, anyway, you and Draco are childhood sweethearts. It doesn't matter if you get married sooner or later. Besides, you are in the same dormitory now But let me  Being tied to a man for the rest of my life, I think I will go crazy" This is a cousin who can break dishes when washing dishes, kick and break vases when walking, was once bitten by Nagini, and now is a lively and trouble-making cousin.  Tonks.


    Just when Harry was at a loss and Draco could hardly help but roll his eyes, the door to the bedroom opened, and the two Black couples, with lingering passion on their faces, smiled happily at their relatives and friends.  People are jealous.  Here's the most important part for Sirius.  In the bright yellow ward, a bright, clear and beautiful halo ball appeared in the once empty crystal cover. The central core could not be seen clearly, but it was certainly not big, because even with the halo outside, it would not be visible.  It's about the size of a bludger.

    Under the guidance of the therapist, Sirius nervously and carefully touched the halo ball. It wasn't until he held it that his expression began to become uncommonly gentle and relaxed. After a while, Sirius felt  It showed signs of life, and could barely hide the tears of excitement in its eyes, "I feel its heartbeat, Remus This, this is so wonderful I can't believe it"

    Whisp Therapist happily picked up the wand, "It's rare to succeed in the first time. Congratulations to both gentlemen. It turns out that you love each other very much and are very compatible. Now, Mr. Black, are you ready?"

    "Yes." Silistan exposed his upper body and carefully picked up the halo ball and carried it into his arms.

    The healer pointed his wand at the father and son and recited a lengthy spell in Elvish. The dazzling halo on the outer layer of the ball was peeled off layer by layer and submerged into Sirius's body. Then everyone could gradually see the center.  The core was a very small, milky white to very pure, soft, maybe a little fragile round 'egg', and then with the spell, it disappeared, disappearing in front of Sirius' smooth and powerful belly.

    Because of the congenital physical limitations of the wizard couple, the crystallization of their love needs to be placed in a magic nursery egg and slowly wait for it to develop and grow. After thirty-six weeks, it will 'break out of the shell' and be born.  But for such a major event as giving birth to a new life, especially in the unstable state of the first nine weeks, many wizards are more inclined to believe in themselves than in the alchemy products of fairies.  Therefore, Sirius came for a physical examination a few months ago. Through a series of detailed physical examinations and tests, it was determined that all the standards of his body met the strict requirements for gestating a new life. His own strong body could ensure that it would provide it with a  The stable environment and his superb magical ability can also ensure that the fetus has strong magical protection. Sirius has enough ability to support it to grow in the body until the eighteenth week, and then put it into the magic incubator to continue growing. If possible, this  The fanciful big dog didn't even mind being a pregnant woman throughout the whole process, but for the sake of the Black family's baby, this idea was unanimously rejected by the medical doctors and family members (including the ancestor portraits).

    In short, the whole process went smoothly and successfully today. After that, the therapist spent about an hour telling the two expectant fathers some precautions. For example, during these eighteen weeks, Sirius was not allowed to use Apparition and was not allowed to take any unprepared medicines.  Any magic potion approved by a doctor is prohibited from eating any alcoholic food, and you are not allowed to come into contact with any poisonous animals and plants above Class C level

    Whether it is a father or a mother, nurturing life and spreading blood is a sacred and arduous responsibility. Harry looked at Sirius and Remus' expressions that were so serious that they were almost pious, and so gentle that they were full of expectation and caution. He pulled Draco.  hand, suddenly felt that welcoming new life is always a very touching thing.

    n years later

    On the soft and smooth back garden lawn of Malfoy Manor, flowers, colored balls, banners saying 'Happy Birthday' and the little flower fairies that children love flying around are arranged everywhere, indicating that there is a little fairy here.  The birthday party is going on.  But the three-layered butter cake was left aside. The birthday girl, the green-eyed peacock, had a dirty cat face, and her luxurious little dress was hung in a mess on her body. She looked embarrassed and commanded like a bully.  The red-haired head with short legs chased her all over the yard persistently, causing Alina to run around dragging her long white tail feathers and chirping.

    On the other side, the golden-haired birthday boy who looked like a little angel raised his little chin high and used the same gesture for the 101st time on several other carrot heads of similar age in front of him.  The sentence pattern starts with a milky voice, "My dad" (Remember this website's website address:
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