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Chapter 1475 Missing

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    Looking at these well-behaved children, Mu Jingchen felt unspeakable guilt in his heart.

    Being too sensible makes people feel more distressed.

    He opened his arms and hugged the children tightly.

    "Don't worry, Daddy and Mommy will be back soon."

    Several children also reached out and hugged their daddy, with happy smiles on their faces.



    Mu Jingchen left Bieyuan and got into a black car.

    He sat in the back seat and stared out the window at the thick night.

    The car drove smoothly on the road.

    After a while, the driver suddenly braked hard.

    A white luxury car appeared in front of them, blocking their way.

    ¡°Then, Quan Zhengrong got out of the white luxury car and walked straight towards Mu Jingchen¡¯s car.

    He slapped the window of Mu Jingchen's car.

    "Jingchen, are you going to Country E? I have a few words to tell you!"

    The driver in the car looked at Mu Jingchen.

    "Mr. Mu"

    "Open the car window."

    The car windows gradually lowered.

    Quan Zhengrong looked at Mu Jingchen's side face and advised: "Jingchen, you can't go to country e. She is the monarch of country e. If you go head-to-head with her, you won't get any benefits. If not, you might even let her go.  Liyue is in danger!"

    Mu Jingchen¡¯s face showed no emotion.

    "Are you done?"

    Quan Zhengrong knew that he couldn't listen to his own words now.

    "Jingchen, you are not an impulsive person. You should calm down and think carefully. Since she has captured Liyue, she will not let you take her away easily.

    "If you go there, you will definitely have a conflict with her. Country E is her territory, and you can't compete with her at all!"  "

    Mu Jingchen looked away at him.

    "You want me to turn a blind eye to all this and let her kidnap my wife?"

    Quan Zhengrong frowned.

    After hesitation, he said: "The best way now is to follow her wishes and let Shao Qinglian replace Liyue and stay with you temporarily After that, she will let Liyue go."

    Hearing these ridiculous words, Mu Jingchen sneered and said, "You and her are such a perfect match."

    Then, the car window gradually closed.

    Quan Zhengrong wanted to persuade him again, but Mu Jingchen¡¯s car quickly bypassed his car and left.

    He looked sad and sighed heavily.


    e country.

    In the castle.

    The cloth cover on Huangfu Liyue's head was lifted, and a dazzling light suddenly greeted his eyes.

    When she subconsciously blocked the light in front of her with her hands, she gradually saw the scene in front of her clearly.

    In the luxurious hall, the queen sat there upright, holding the pure white cat in her arms.

    The queen caressed the white cat leisurely, her face as cold as ever.

    Huangfu Liyue saw her and strode over.

    "What did you bring me here for?"

    Seeing her being so rude, the maid on the side immediately scolded: "Don't make any noise to the Queen!"

    Huangfu Liyue rolled her eyes at her and ignored her at all.

    The queen raised her hand to ask the maid to step back, and said magnanimously: "It's okay. Princess Liyue is resentful and her voice is louder, which is understandable."

    With that said, she stood up and walked step by step to Huangfu Liyue.

    "I asked people to invite you here. I just want you to be a guest in country e. I have no other intention."

    "Being a guest? Stop being so hypocritical. You found a woman who looks similar to me to go to Jiangcheng. What do you want to do?"

    In response to her question, the queen raised her lips and smiled.

    "Don't do anything, you don't have to be so nervous. I won't hurt you. If you are in country E, I will let you enjoy the same treatment as a princess and will not treat you badly."


    Huangfu Liyue smiled disdainfully: "Sorry, I don't need it!"

    The queen looked at her straightly with a cold face.

    "That's not up to you."

    As soon as he finished speaking, the soldiers guarding the door immediately walked in and took control of Huangfu Liyue.

    The queen immediately spoke: "Take Princess Liyue down and find a good place to live."


    The soldiers escorted Huangfu Liyue and took him away by force.

    Huangfu Liyue tried hard to break free, but it was of no use.

    Although she doesn¡¯t know the Queen¡¯s purpose, she knows that the Queen¡¯s purpose for doing this must beIt¡¯s related to Jingchen!

    After trying to break away to no avail, she could only shout loudly to the queen: "You abandoned Jingchen before, and now you are trying to hurt him. You are really not worthy of being a mother!"

    The queen's movements of stroking the white cat in her arms stopped following her words.

    The hall was still for a few seconds.

    Everyone held their breath, not even daring to breathe out.

    The queen has always been cruel and ruthless, and Huangfu Liyue was the first person who dared to yell at her.

    The maids and soldiers on standby in the hall could all predict that the queen would be furious and punish her.

    But what surprised them was that the Queen did not get angry, but just said indifferently: "Take her away."

    The soldiers immediately escorted Huangfu Liyue and took her out.

    As Huangfu Liyue left, the queen walked to the window and stared at the sky through the window, seemingly thoughtful.

    Seeing the queen¡¯s gloomy expression, the maid on the side stepped forward to comfort her: ¡°Queen, she was talking nonsense in a moment of excitement. Don¡¯t take her words to heart.¡±

    The Queen blinked her eyes lightly and said calmly: "She is right, I am indeed not worthy of being a mother"


    "There's no need to comfort me. He should be coming to Country E soon. I told him to go down, but he's gone."



    Huangfu Liyue was taken to a luxurious residence.

    As the Queen said, she still enjoys the treatment of a princess in country E.

    The only difference is that she has no freedom.

    After being taken into the residence, the soldiers closed the door and stood guard outside.

    She is not even qualified to go out.

    After such a long time, the effects of the medicine in her body are gradually fading away, and she has regained some strength.

    At this moment, she walked to the window and got some air.

    Looking at the distant scenery, she felt a little melancholy.

    I don¡¯t know what¡¯s going on with Jingchen. Did he find out that he was arrested?

    "If he hadn't discovered that he was really with the woman who looked similar to him

    Huangfu Liyue shook his head, not daring to think any further.

    "Jingchen will definitely find out that it's not me at all!"

    The most difficult thing for her to figure out now is what the queen wants to do when she sends a woman similar to her to Jiangcheng.

    Is it possible that she wants that woman to stay with Jingchen instead of her?

    But, what¡¯s the reason for doing this?

    She has not offended the queen, and the queen does not care about Jingchen. Is she doing this simply to hurt Jingchen and not want to make Jingchen feel better?

    Huangfu Liyue immediately gave up this idea in his mind.

    She is the queen, and she has so much to deal with on a daily basis. How could she be so boring?

    After being puzzled, Huangfu Liyue put aside the messy thoughts in his mind and began to look out the window, observing the outside environment and the location here.

    She can feel that her physical strength will be restored soon.

    She can¡¯t let the Queen¡¯s conspiracy succeed and must find a way to escape from here.

    However, looking at the buildings outside the window, she was in trouble.

    The terrain of Country E's castle is complex and it is very difficult to escape.  (Remember the website address:
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