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Final words

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    ??First of all, I feel everyone¡¯s support.

    Fishing was updated from June 18, 2019, to today, November 3, 2022, three years and four and a half months, with a cumulative word count of 10.01 million words. Calculated, on average, about 250,000 words are updated a month.

    To be honest, I also admire myself a little. I have never written such a long book. I originally expected it to end at five to six million words at most. Who knew I would write so much.

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    In more than three years, a lot of things happened, including getting married, having children, and raising children.  Gee, raising a baby is really hard.

    I remember the most difficult part of this book. There were three periods: the beginning, the Hundred Thousand Mountains part, and the end.  The beginning was very irritating, because simply writing about fishing cannot last long. You cannot keep fishing and describing the underwater world. The various secret places and underwater scenes I wrote at that time have almost been collected from all kinds of books and information packs.  Perhaps this is why no one has written on this subject before.  So after the beginning, in the early stage of Broken Star Island, it began to slowly change towards traditional fantasy, but it only maintained the characteristics of the ocean.

    The part of One Hundred Thousand Mountains, that is, the part where I met Ximen Linglan, may have been a bit convoluted, so at the beginning of writing, the response was not great. I was under a lot of pressure every day, and I was afraid that I would collapse.  After all, I am not a master, so I don¡¯t dare to mess around. I really try my best to write and conceive.

    But the most difficult thing to write is the ending.  To be honest, in the last volume, I wrote a detailed outline for almost every chapter. After all, the whole book is almost 10 million words long. It is too long and leaves too much foreshadowing.  There is no way, it has to be collected, and it must be collected in a reasonable way that can connect the upper and lower parts. Sometimes to write a chapter, I have to make up a long story of the causes and consequences, so the ending really makes me feel numb.  Fortunately, I finally got through it. At the end, I felt relaxed.

    I know that some foreshadowing has been missed and some holes have not been filled, but it cannot be filled by force, so let them go with the wind!

    The extra chapter is a supplement to the finale!  Nine-tone bell!  Luo Xiaobai!  What was previously confiscated in the main text was included in the extra chapter, so although the extra chapter is more like the ending, I still put the finale in the previous chapter.

    The reason why Luo Xiaobai had a child first was because she needed a child to balance her emotions.  Moreover, I also have selfish motives!  The character Luo Xiaobai is too lonely to stay without getting married.  I don¡¯t want to get married, and I don¡¯t think the other people in the book are worthy of her.  In the end, it was left to Han Fei. Who gave me, Han Fei, the aura of the protagonist, right?

    I guess you guys must have not guessed it, hahaha

    ?? Okay, let¡¯s get back to the subject. The ending of fantasy novels is usually difficult.  I have said before that in fantasy, if you want to keep writing and create an enemy for the protagonist, you must have an infinitely powerful enemy, so that there is continuity in writing.  But what exactly this infinite strength is, the author himself doesn¡¯t know.

    I bet that when Chen Dong wrote the Zhe Tian trilogy, he also wrote the final stage of the Holy Ruins before he made up the final enemy.  In the world of Zhe Tian and Perfect, it just created an infinitely powerful unknown enemy.  If he doesn't have to make up an enemy, he probably won't make it up. Haha, just procrastinate. I am the same way. Even if I procrastinate, I will make up the enemy bit by bit.

    In short, the writing on fishing is quite satisfactory, and everyone has already pointed out the good and bad parts.  Some people gave up at the beginning, some gave up in the middle, and some followed until the end. All I can say is that I am grateful to my friends who have been following the updates.

    It is difficult for a book to be perfect. It has mixed good and bad qualities. Some people like it and some don¡¯t like it. I just write it with my heart.

    As for many people asking whether there will be a second sequel to Fishing, or the Fishing Universe?

    I can only say, probably not!  Although I reserved the foreshadowing of the World Divine Mirror and other realms at the end, I have already written out the ominous BOSS.  I will only consider it unless I have a particularly good idea and idea. Otherwise, I won¡¯t write it for the time being.

    At this moment, it¡¯s easy, unprecedentedly easy.  Tomorrow I will sleep until 8:30, then choose a day to go for a full physical examination, and then take a rest for a week, read books, and watch TV series. Well, it is quite luxurious.  Of course, you still have to continue taking care of the baby.

    Regarding the new book, of course I have to write it.  The specific time is estimated to be one or two months!  It should be soon.  The direction and themes are already there, and there is still a little bit of imagination, but it still needs to be considered.  Think about how writeable the subject matter is, and then polish the beginning and so on.  I will let you know when I open the book.

    Finally, I will adjust myself as soon as possible and work hard to write a wonderful new book for all my book friends.

    Thank you to every friend who has read my book, thank you!

    !  (Remember this siteWebsite:
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