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1599The so-called right way!

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    The hole looks huge.

    It is seven or eight meters high and four or five meters wide.

    The sea water passes through the bottom of the cave and pours into it in waves.

    However, at this distance, only one side of the entire suspended land can be seen.

    This side is tall and wide.

    Not only can¡¯t you see the boundary lines to the left and right, but you can only see where its top intersects the sky, even if its neck is tilted 90 degrees.

    "follow me!"

    Long Enqing didn¡¯t even look back and whispered instructions to his companions behind him.

    The voice lowered.

    She jumped directly outward, more than 89 meters, and jumped end to end into the edge of the hole in front.

    As soon as he saw Long Enqing, he took action.

    The rest of the ship also jumped over.

    Fang Lang was the last one to jump.

    Then came the princess, who entered the hole even further.

    After stabilizing at the edge of the cave, Fang Lang looked around in the knee-deep water.

    The opening of this hole is located at the end of the corridor.

    The corridor is almost five meters wide.

    When it extends over 100 meters, there are left and right forks at the end.

    Long Enqing waited for everyone to enter the corridor inside the cave and walked straight into the corridor.

    After Fang Lang looked into his eyes, he hurriedly followed the princess and walked deeper into the corridor.

    Turn right at the end of the corridor.

    On both sides of the corridor, there are obviously more cells one after another.

    The cell¡¯s thick metal door stood open.

    Without exception.

    However, the floor of the corridor used to be only sea water, but now there are more floating objects.

    The floating objects were papers, cups, rice plates, broken weapons and a large number of prisoners' underwear.

    The walls on both sides of the corridor are also very smooth.

    Except for the absence of prisoners and guards, all the facilities seemed to be the same as before.

    ¡°The massive prison break of the Polluters must be related to some of the guards at this prison. Even the culprits may be on top alert!¡±

    Yu Fei suddenly opened his mouth and made a decision.

    The certainty of tone.

    As she saw with her own eyes, what happened in this prison.

    Long Enqing did not refute.

    There was a middle-aged hunter with a high star rating who asked casually.

    "Why did you say that?"

    The princess¡¯ peach blossom eyes narrowed, and then she smiled charmingly:

    "There are many reasons for this judgment. You see, the cell doors on both sides of the corridor are not damaged, which shows that the cells were opened from the outside by people using keys or remote control devices in an extremely calm atmosphere. After the door was opened, the walls on both sides of the corridor  Intact, no signs of fierce fighting. What's more, although the floor of the corridor was soaked by sea water, there were still many debris floating. However, if you look closely at these floating objects, you will find that most of them were in the battle  Objects that were obviously very fragile were intact. All of this evidence, large and small, suggests that most of the polluters in this prison escaped without much effort."

    Hear this explanation.

    A group of high-star hunters nodded silently.

    Respond to the correctness of this explanation with action.

    Fang Lang squinted and looked at the wall of the corridor.

    The anti-radiation coating on the wall has been completed.

    This suggests that it is impossible for most Defilers to control the Guardians through dreams.

    After walking more than 300 meters, I still didn¡¯t find anyone.

    Suddenly, Long Enqing stopped.

    Use your left hand to swipe.

    Quietly ordered the people behind him to stop.

    ? Stretching out his right hand, he easily pushed open a small door on the side of the corridor.

    Da da da.

    As soon as the door opens, there is a very hidden staircase.  At the top of the stairs, there were footsteps one after another.

    Listen to the sound.

    ¡°Apparently, there were a lot of people running quickly from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

    If Long Enqing had stopped even one step, their team would have been cut off in the middle by people rushing out of the stairwell.

    Fang Lang was shocked.

    Subconsciously, he took out the silver source force rod.

    "Get down!"

    Long Enqing suddenly said something incomprehensible.

    Then Fang Lang felt that hisHis hands were heavy and his feet were soft and slippery. He fell directly into the water.  The nose and mouth were invaded by sea water.

    The next second, he put his hands on the water and raised his head from the water.

    Have a look.

    This is puzzling and strange.

    Except for Long Enqing, everyone present did not stand.

    The same goes for star hunters like Yu Fei.

    Compared with the Qin Dynasty, they look better at best.

    For example, Yu Fei, she fell against the wall.

    It was just a long scratch on the left cheek.

    Although the friction was great, there seemed to be no way to prevent her from falling completely.

    Some high-star hunters fell on their backs.

    Some high-star hunters are on their side.

    Some high-star hunters, such as Fang Lang, rushed towards him.

    However, Fang Lang and others are definitely much luckier than the walkers in the stairwell.

    Those people almost went all the way back from the long stairs, sliding from the steps to the floor where Fang Lang and others were sitting like a slide.

    On its legs or waist, there is a dense sword mouth that exudes strong black power.

    Although they all fell on the steps with their heads and feet lowered.

    But if you look closely, you will find that they have different patterns in details.

    As for their swords, they are 100% from Long Enqing¡¯s only standing hand.


    Fang Lang was stunned.

    His eyes looked at Long Enqing involuntarily.

    The only one standing?

    Why is there so many people and only the goddess standing alone?

    Others, friends and foes alike, fell to the ground.

    ?Recall it.

    He vaguely remembered hearing her mouth "come back" before he fell.

    ? Such a strange situation.

    Is this a coincidence or something else?

    Fang Lang couldn't help but become suspicious of Long Enqing.

    Before he took this action, most of the hunters in the entire team also cast doubtful glances at her.

    Move forward.

    While thinking.

    After walking dozens of meters away, she gave a calm explanation without looking back.

    "Comrades, I think you all have questions at this moment, but I can't explain too much. There is only one thing I can frankly admit. The fact that I fell to the ground unconsciously just now has a lot to do with the word "upside down" I just said.  Big relationship. Yes, as long as it is in the dream that I personally create, no matter whether it is friends or enemies, no matter how wide the scope is, when I personally say a specific verb, the actions of everyone in the dream will be based on their own  Actions show themselves in the details.¡±


    This explanation suddenly caused an uproar among followers.

    Fang Lang cannot escape customs.

    However, his inner reaction to this incident must have been stronger than his apparent surprise.  (Remember the website address:
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