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Chapter 927 New book released "Forty Thousand Years of Games"

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    You can search "online game trial" in Baidu to find the latest chapters!

    A new book has started to be uploaded. This time I have made complete preparations. The title of the book is "Forty Thousand Years of Games". It talks about a world with a slightly distorted technological tree. Think about how many generations of people have been playing games for forty thousand years. You  Don't ask why everyone is playing games. This is their own way of life.

    The book is about returning to the game. I hope to find another way to play the game. Please give me your support.

    The link is as follows: http:book.qidian.cominfo1004185439

    In addition, we will build a gate at the through train. I hope everyone will support it.  (Remember the website address:
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