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Chapter 1817 Global Turmoil (Part 1)

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    The country's weirdo "Xuanyuan Sword Spirit" suddenly left on his own, and the imperial army on the scene instantly lost their arrogance.

    Facing the strength of Xue Yun, Lin Ganglie and Sima Nanqin, these ordinary night watchmen gradually lost their fighting spirit.

    Coupled with the battle reports coming from the direction of other city towers, they were basically defeated by all the princes and city lords from all over the country.

    After hesitating for a long time, officers at all levels finally decided to avoid the danger for the time being and ordered the withdrawal of troops.

    The original team of 100,000 people left behind the corpses of 20,000 to 30,000 people under the city tower. The remaining legions shrank their troops in an orderly manner and fled under the gunfire of the Snake City defenders.

    "We won, we held on!"

    The light of dawn slowly rises from the horizon.

    The Snake City defenders on the tower were happy and hugging each other. Many people cried bitterly because of the aftermath of the disaster.

    He waved his hand and removed the form of "Demon Lord of Six Paths".

    Xue Yun gathered his breath and jumped down to the mottled and dilapidated tower. Looking at the mess and decay on the battlefield outside the city, he couldn't help but close his eyes and sighed softly.

    In the place of fighting, rivers of blood flowed.

    Flocks of crows and vultures followed the smell of blood and soared over the battlefield filled with corpses.


    The first to be unlucky are always the people at the bottom.

    Although their identities are night watchmen of the Imperial City Legion, they are also husbands, sons and even fathers in countless ordinary families.


    The combat status was also withdrawn.

    Sima Nanqin came to Xue Yun's side and looked side by side at the horrific and bloody battlefield.

    He raised his eyebrows and asked, "This shouldn't be the first time you've seen this kind of scene, right?"


    A bitter smile.

    Xue Yun shook his head and sighed: "But the point is, all this is for a boring civil war, which makes people feel a little aggrieved."

    As a national night watchman, it is inevitable to shed blood and sacrifice in order to resist the invasion of foreign enemies and monsters.

    However, because of the stupidity and greed of the royal family, so many good men lost their lives.

    On the contrary, it makes people feel very worthless

    "No need to think too much"

    Raising his hand, he pushed the ends of his hair behind his ears.

    Sima Nanqin looked calm and muttered: "As long as there are human beings in this world, various conflicts of interests will never stop. Strong self-awareness gives us rich emotions and at the same time gives us too many desires.  "

    "Wherever there are people, there will be wars. It has nothing to do with right and wrong, as well as moral ethics"

    He shrugged his shoulders.

    The Iron Lady drooped her eyelids, spread her hands and said, "This is the naked reality. We can only learn to passively accept it."


    On top of the city tower, the Snake City defenders began to drop a large number of incendiary bombs and torches on the battlefield outside the city.

    The raging fire rose instantly and swallowed up countless corpses on the battlefield.

    These bodies must be disposed of as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, it will not only attract the attention of the monster beasts, but may even lead to the spread of the plague.

    The most time-saving and labor-saving way is to burn it completely with a fire, burning all traces and turning it into ashes all over the sky.

    "City Lord Sima, there may be some truth to what you said."

    The oncoming heat wave is mixed with the smell of decay, which makes people feel somewhat uncomfortable.

    ??Fluffing her sleeves and turning around.

    Xue Yun curled his lips and smiled bitterly: "But what I'm worried about is that if a powerful enemy from abroad suddenly invades Daxia at this embarrassing critical moment, what should we, and that stupid little emperor, do with it?"  How to deal with it?"

    Stop talking.

    Xue Yun stopped talking.

    With his hands in his trouser pockets, he strolled past the crowds of people passing by on the city tower, and finally disappeared at the end of the city wall.

    ??Slightly startled.

    Sima Nanqin felt a moment of astonishment. He couldn't laugh or cry, and murmured to himself: "This kid is looking more and more like Bei Gong Mu back then"

    "Hahahaha, the people of Longdu have always been this virtuous!"

    The fat body suddenly came behind the Iron Lady.

    "Pig King" Lin Ganglie patted his belly, grinned and said: "Beigong Mu was like this back then,The same is true for this silly boy named Xue today, but then again, why can¡¯t I hate them? Although they are a bit pedantic and disrespectful, they still feel quite cute!  "

    He turned around and gave this guy a hard look.

    Sima Nanqin didn't bother to pay attention, turned around and walked towards the bottom of the tower.

    ¡°Sister Sima, where are you going?!¡±

    The freckles on the cheeks are crowded together.

    Lin Ganglie shouted with some disappointment: "The Lord of Snake City has set up a large banquet for us. It's not easy to meet us. Let's have a drink with Lao Lin!"

    "Get out of here, I'm not a bartender. How can I have time to drink with a fat pig like you?!"

    Almost no face was given to the other party.

    Sima Nanqin jumped down from the tower and said without looking back: "After working hard all night, I'm going back to my room to take a shower and get some beauty sleep. You guys, don't bother me!"

    He stared at the Iron Lady walking away with his mouth open.

    Lin Ganglie lifted his chin, shook his head and sighed: "Sure enough, when it comes to women, the fat man still suffers. These young prodigals, no matter what age they are, they all like the guy named Xue"


    At the same time, it was located in the distant Emirate of Barcelona.

    The morning sun has just hit the earth.

    In the dense jungle, a small group of people were fleeing in embarrassment. They were wearing desert robes. Their specific appearance could not be seen clearly, but the tense atmosphere was obvious.

    "Through this rainforest, there is a seaside port in front"

    Everyone hurried on without stopping.

    The leading man looked unusually heavy and reminded: "No matter what, we must escort the Queen safely out of the country at all costs!"


    A group of more than a dozen people responded almost in unison.

    The middle of the team.

    Susan, who was already in her thirties, had a sad face. She was surrounded by guards, almost completely surrounding her.


    With a loud noise.

    The trees in front of the rainforest suddenly exploded, and sawdust shot up into the sky, blocking everyone's view on the spot.

    "Damn it, it's the vanguard of the "Fist of Freedom"!"

    The leading man stopped suddenly, immediately took a defensive posture, and protected Susan without hesitation.

    "Our whereabouts have been exposed, everyone, do your best to protect Her Majesty the Queen¡ª¡ª!"

    In an instant¡ª¡ª

    Hundreds of heavily armed night watchmen descended from the sky, wearing uniforms of black and red uniforms. Well-trained, they immediately and methodically blocked almost all possible escape routes for the small group in front of them.

    "Dear Her Majesty the Queen"


    The harsh guitar sound suddenly sounded in the rain forest.

    A man also wearing a standard military uniform and with wild hair slowly descended from the sky. There seemed to be a hint of hysterical madness in his decadent eyes, and he said politely: "It's not yet dawn, where are you going?"

    "Damn Thomas"

    He pulled off his desert robe.

    Under the protection of a group of guards, Susan's eyes widened, and she gritted her teeth and growled: "I knew that you disgusting guy would never give up"

    "That's natural."

    The former rock star has now become the leader of a mercenary organization.

    Thomas held the guitar in his hand and said with blurred eyes: "After all, you are the nominal ruler of this country, and for us, you are also a rare puppet."


    Thomas raised his eyebrows and said, "How could you just leave?!" (Remember the website address:
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