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    There happened to be four people left in the classroom. The wind blew through the window, and the books on the desk were blown loudly. Some people's papers were not pressed properly, so they fell with the wind.

    The four people all opened their eyes, big eyes to small eyes.

    The little girl said hesitantly: "Who is going to get it?"

    Green Tea didn't want to write a paper, so he took out a paper from the hole in his desk, put it on the other person's desk, and casually covered it with the textbook: "Okay, let's go."

    Others have no objections.

    The bell for the end of get out of class was always timely, and Green Tea put the test tube back.

    The little girl said goodbye to Green Tea: "I'll go back first, and then I'll play with you in the evening."

    Green Tea was chewing gum in her mouth, and the broken hair on her forehead became a light maroon color like a layer of golden light: "Okay."

    Xu Fang also lingered for a long time. When the door of the laboratory was about to be locked, he pretended to be calm and walked forward: "Shall we go find the teacher together?"

    Green Tea walked out the door and walked towards the math teacher's office: "Okay."

    Xu Fang is just shy. Although he is a little bit ready to make a move openly and secretly, he is timid. Even if he gets closer, let alone confession, he feels like he is sweating all over his body.

    Green tea is quite casual. She glanced around aimlessly: "Why do you keep me here?" She was a straw in the teacher's eyes. Xu Fang was such a treasure that the principal was eager to offer her up.  I don't know what's wrong with this baby bump. It's like having a communication disorder. It stays on one side and farts out for a long time.

    She doesn¡¯t like to see this kind of people, except for Xu Fang, it¡¯s as if she has been poisoned.

    Xu Xin felt so sweet that he walked carefully against her. Out of some unspeakable selfishness, he walked to her left: "I fell asleep during the exam and handed in a blank paper."

    Green Tea whistled and squinted at him: "I really can't tell."

    Xu Fang¡¯s heart exploded for a moment, let alone excitement: ¡°What about you.¡±

    Green Tea knocked on the office door: "I have nothing to do, I'm just in a daze."

    She always thought it was ridiculous, and for a time she thought she was going crazy.

    Her life is quite smooth. Although her family is not the richest in the world, they have no worries about food and clothing. They have a small bungalow and an underground garage. Her birthday is like a party. Even her family is a little princess, and her parents are role models.  Husband and wife are the same. They have grown so old and have to worry about it. It is really pointless and there is nothing to make trouble for.

    But she was just feeling aggrieved, feeling aggrieved but had nowhere to vent.

    She is not just the little princess of the family, she is simply the princess of this world. To put it bluntly, the whole world fucking revolves around her.

    Green Tea was a little irritable and kicked the door with a bang.

    Xu Xing felt sorry for his goddess¡¯s feet. His mouth twitched and he didn¡¯t hold the door open: ¡°Does your feet hurt?¡±

    Green Tea turned to look at Xu Fang, as if looking at a pervert: "I just kicked the office door." He asked her why her feet hurt.

    Xu Fang also felt that something was wrong with him, so he changed the subject and said, "What's wrong?"

    Green Tea leaned towards the door and casually said: "The teachers are going out for a dinner. The math teacher will call us later and ask us to go back."

    The person who sweeps the playground is an old man, a retired old principal. He is nothing but willing to contribute and burn himself. He is a very kind little old man, lean and lean: "It's classmate Xu Fangxu, your math teacher and the other young people are out."  Come on, you just called me and asked me to inform you."

    When Xu is having fun, he will show his big white teeth: "I understand, thank you."

    The old principal was still holding the broom. He waved his hand and said, "Don't be shy next time. Go back quickly. Don't let your family worry."

    Green Tea's face almost turned green when she heard the news. She even suspected that she was God's illegitimate child. She was obviously born and raised here. The ugly photo of her peeing on her butt when she was a child was still displayed by her bedside.

    Xu Fang saw that she looked bad and did not dare to say anything, so he followed her and followed her all the way to the entrance of the "M Country Welfare Lottery" store.

    Green Tea took out two coins from his trouser pocket and patted them on the counter proudly: "Give me one."

    The clerk was a forty-year-old greasy man. He threw the money into the drawer with a big sweep of his hand, and then threw out a lottery ticket: "No." The whole process was so smooth that he never took his eyes off the magazine.

    Xu Fang finally found the time to interrupt: "Do you like this?"

    Green tea scratched the lottery ticket: "I don't have pocket money, so get 10 million for fun."

    The uncle laughed shamelessly, and a dull hehe sound came from his chest,??Cha was silent for a while, I really felt that it was not easy for her family, she was very sincere: "I only like you."

    Xu Guiyi believed it: "His family is poor and he is ugly."

    Green Tea: "", she responded with difficulty, "Yeah."

    Xu Guiyi coaxed: "It's all over."

    Green Tea still wants to ask: "What happened in that world just now?"

    Xu Guiyi: "Before being exiled by me, that woman dragged you into a small illusion. I couldn't force you out, and I couldn't get too close to you, so I sealed my memory and went in."

    Green Tea thought it was really difficult for him: "Is the world transformed into that by you?"

    Xu Guiyi was still thinking about that, so he hugged her tighter: "I want you to feel better."

    Green Tea said in her heart, thank you very much. Being stupid is really stupid, but she still raised the corners of her lips: "I know." She suddenly remembered something interesting, "Is there a world of cultivating immortals?"

    As long as Xu Gui is with her, it will be great: "Yes."

    Green Tea thought of the last world, when he and she had just gotten engaged: "Let's go on a honeymoon."

    Xu Guiyi let her go: "Okay."

    Green Tea is ambitious: "I want to go to the end of the Dharma era and create a new order."

    Xu Guiyi¡¯s eyes were gentle: ¡°Okay.¡±

    The rest of my life will be yours.


    Thank you dear friends for accompanying me all the way here, thank you very much.

    Bow.  (Remember the website address:
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