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Extra chapter 5 princess

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    "Ahem" A clear cough came from the back hall of Shoukang Palace.

    Wearing a brown flag dress trimmed with silver, the nanny came in carrying a bowl of white fungus and snow pear soup.

    "Princess, let's drink some soup to moisten your throat first." Aunt Liu said with a bit of pity in her eyes, "All the servants in the former Queen Mother's palace went to help the third and fourth princesses pack up, and they didn't have time to get the new bird's nests.  , you can just make do with it and have a drink first.

    Fifth Princess Yilan smiled slightly: "Folgochun and Tana will leave Beijing in three days, right?"

    Mother Liu took the embroidery basket and sat in front of her: "The day of Qin Tian's election is exactly three days later. It's a good day to travel and get married. It's an excellent day."

    Yilan smiled: "That would be great. I hope they are safe and happy."

    "After they leave, it's time to make arrangements for the princess's marriage. With the Queen Mother here, you will definitely get married in a glorious manner." Aunt Liu said sincerely. Her big-breasted princess has not been able to have a mother-in-law even since she was a child.  She likes her, but she has always been open-minded and gentle. She has never complained. She deserves to have a happy rest of her life.

    The smile on Yilan's lips turned a little bitter. She didn't have such great expectations. She just hoped that she and her husband would be able to treat each other as guests and not make any mistakes.

    She can't compare with Fulo Guochun and Tana. They have been in the limelight since they were born. Even their names are as good as Lingrui and Baozhu. Unlike her, her birthday is the anniversary of her brother's death. Amma only knows that she was born in March.  Here, the name was given based on the Manchu meaning of March, but E Niang never cared about it.

    She knew that she was not liked by her mother since she was a child. Until she went to school with Dabao and Xiaobao at the age of five, she could only look at her mother and Ama from afar during the holidays, and was kept tightly in front of them on weekdays.  In the courtyard and the fifth east house.

    When she was a child, she had grievances, she would secretly cry, and she would secretly be jealous of the two sisters who were only half a year older than her. But after all, she was used to being disappointed since she was a child, and she never thought about revenge or doing bad things.

    Being ignored for a long time has made her develop a temperament that doesn't take everything to heart, and she doesn't like to join in the fun. They are princesses, and no one really dares to bully them. After all, she has grown up peacefully.

    However, her indifferent temperament was noticed by Dabao and Xiaobao, who were always surrounded by many people to fawn over them. I dont know when, these two people always supported her and helped her deal with those who tried to flatter her.  My slave, life is getting better gradually.

    Queen Mother Tongjia kept her in Shoukang Palace and raised her. Yilan knew that this was the intention of the Yuanhuang Imperial Concubine. She was secretly grateful and silently treated Dabao and Xiaobao better.

    But she didnt like to go to the Yongshou Palace. Her mother-in-law framed Concubine Yuan Huang again and again. Even though she was grateful in her heart, she had no reason to step forward and interfere with Concubine Yuan Huang.

    "Mammy, please help me deliver the embroidered peace talisman purse to the third and fourth princesses." Yilan took out the purse she carefully made from the makeup box and told Grandma Liu.

    Mother Liu took it and said, "Why don't you go and see the two princesses? I'm afraid we won't be able to see them much in the future."

    Yilan was a little reluctant when she heard this, but she still shook her head: "Forget it, they must be busy now, so I won't go over and cause trouble."

    It would be great if she could also marry to Mongolia. Nowadays, the nobles in Mongolia do not dare to bully the princesses of the Qing Dynasty. She can also be closer to Dabao and Xiaobao.

    But she knew that her body was not as good as that of Dabao and Xiaobao, and she had no right to make her own decisions about marriage, so naturally she would not talk nonsense, she would just think about it in her heart.

    So when Queen Mother Tong Jia called her over after Dabao and Xiaobao got married, she was a little surprised.

    "We Princesses of the Qing Dynasty are all noble, but we can't marry blindly. Tell the Ai family what you like, and the Ai family and the Yuan Emperor's concubine will choose a good one for you." Tong Jia took Yilan's hand.  smiled.

    To be honest, Tong Jia didn't have any feelings for Yilan at first. She only took her into Shoukang Palace because the Yuan Emperor's noble concubine lamented that the fifth princess was too pitiful.

    But after raising her for so many years, she really felt sorry for this sensible and well-behaved girl. The more Yilan didn't cause trouble to others, the more Tong Jia was afraid that she would be wronged. That's why she started talking to Dabao and Xiaobao just after they came out of the palace.  Lets ask Yilan.

    "In fact, because Dabao and Xiaobao got married late, Yilan is now seventeen, which is not too young. It would be better to marry earlier to reduce rumors.

    Yilan was only surprised for a moment and then calmed down. She leaned next to Tong Jia and smiled gently: "I listen to Madam Huang, you have good taste."

    "You have to like it yourself. Tell Madam Huang, what do you like?"

    Yilan heard the words, I only like you.  "

    Tears overflowed from Yilan's eyes again, and she couldn't help but hug her back tightly: "Well"

    Feeling Fuming's tenderness and affection, she felt real joy.  She also likes her consort, hers is something she can absolutely own, get it for the first time in her life, and have no regrets for the rest of her life.


    Hey, I feel sorry for my fifth princess, and I cant help but give her a good ending. The result is written down. I feel that this is also a good model for a sweet article. My hands are itchy. Ill wait and see if I can think about it. I will definitely write one in the future.  Such a sweet little post!

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