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Chapter 2043 The Divine Fire Palm is Completed

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    In the heavy fog, a solemn palace gradually revealed its true appearance under the light of the rising sun in the early morning.

    It is powerful and majestic.

    This is a palace located on the top of a mountain.

    It is also the meeting hall of Zhenhuo Hall.

    Unlike Guangde Hall, the Discussion Hall is the main place where sect elders discuss sect affairs and receive distinguished guests.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? from the sect, are almost not qualified to enter this hall.

    There is also a small hall at the lower right side of this imposing hall, the Inner Sect Mission Director's Hall, which is a place specifically for inner sect disciples to receive sect missions.

    Once the sect masters in the discussion hall make a decision in the discussion hall, they will send the accompanying boys to hand over the matters that need to be handled by the sect disciples to the director's hall.

    The deacons of the Director¡¯s Hall will promulgate the tasks and then hand them over to the disciples of the sect to handle them.

    Although it is said that every inner disciple must complete an inner task at least once a month.

    But the sect will not let the disciples in the sect work in vain.

    The tasks issued by the Council Hall range from cleaning up the sect to participating in various battles between the sect. As long as the disciples of the sect accept and participate in it, and finally complete the task.

    The Council Hall will award the points and rewards to the sect disciples who complete the tasks according to the points and rewards set in advance.

    Early in the morning, the director's hall was bustling with people.

    Almost all the sect disciples who have free time will go to the director's hall every day to see if there is a task suitable for them to complete. If there is no suitable task for them, they will practice.

    Early in the morning, Gu Yuan also brought two friends, Xiaoying and Li Cheng, into the director's hall.

    Since the last mission was completed, because Xiao Yingying and Li Cheng had to recuperate, Gu Yuan took on more than a dozen missions, large and small, and exchanged the "Nine Styles of Heavenly Thunder" that he had longed for.  There are a lot of points left.

    During this period of time, Gu Yuan has been concentrating on practicing the Divine Fire Palm. After achieving the perfection of the Divine Fire Palm, Gu Yuan began to think about other secret books in the Scripture Deposit Pavilion.

    A few days ago, Gu Yuan went to the Zongmen Scripture Collection Pavilion again.

    After a patient search, Gu Yuan found a volume of "The Burning Sky Sword Style" that was tailor-made for him. Unfortunately, due to insufficient sect points, Gu Yuan could not redeem it for the time being.

    "The Burning Sky Sword Style" requires a lot of mission points, and you have to complete at least one more Grade A mission before you can redeem them.

    Therefore, Gu Yuan has been coming to the Director¡¯s Hall almost every day these days to look for Class A tasks that suit him.

    After this period of cultivation, the injuries of Little Eagle and Li Cheng have healed.

    Gu Yuan took the two of them together to pick up the sect mission that he had seen two days ago, which required at least three people to complete in a team.

    If you complete that task and add in your previous accumulation, it will be enough to exchange the sect points for "Burning Sky Sword Style".

    "Are you sure you want to take on this No. 3 mission?"

    The three of them entered the director's hall and talked to the guard at the director's hall. Even though there were sect disciples on duty, they led Gu Yuan and the others to the registration counter.

    This disciple asked with some uncertainty when he saw that among the three Gu Yuan, only Gu Yuan himself was a foundation builder.

    After all, the first condition for accepting a Grade A mission is that the disciples receiving it must have a cultivation level above Foundation Establishment.

    Only one of the three is building a foundation. It can be said that the difficulty of completing this task is a bit high.

    "That's right, the three of us are going to take over the task of No. 3."

    Gu Yuan nodded and confirmed with the sect disciple in charge of registration.

    The disciple in charge of registration turned to look at the deacon beside him. The deacon was lazily sitting on a rocking chair with his eyes closed, noncommittal to the conversation of several people.

    Since the deacon had no objections, this disciple had nothing to say. He had been on duty here for many days and had seen many disciples who were too good at it but did not succeed in accomplishing tasks that were simply impossible. He subconsciously regarded Gu Yuan and the others as this category.  people.

    He thought that after these people hit the south wall, they would not be too ambitious next time they take on a mission.

    Although he didn¡¯t think Gu Yuan and the others could complete this task in his heart, he had no right to refuse and could only help Gu Yuan and the others register in accordance with the regulations.

    "Okay, let's register your situation and you will accept the mission. Three senior brothers, I am not telling you that this mission is indeed a bit uncertain for you."

    "Of course, it's not impossible. Regarding the rules for accepting tasks, I still have to repeat them."

    ¡°If you give up halfway, there will be no deductions.??For the corresponding points, just come to the director's hall and tell us, and we will cancel the task for you.  "

    "Of course, if you can successfully complete this task, you must come back and hand in the task immediately after the task is completed. Do not exceed the deadline for completing the task."

    "Otherwise, the Council will assume that you have failed in your mission. Well, I wish you good luck"

    The disciple in charge of registration followed the rules and rambled on about the rules for accepting tasks to Gu Yuan and the others.

    Although everyone has to listen to these rules every time they come to accept a task, this is the job of the responsible registered disciple. Even if it makes your ears tingle, you can only listen patiently.

    After Gu Yuan and the others confirmed it, the disciple took out a rather magical jade slip and asked Gu Yuan and the others to touch their identity tokens on the jade slip.

    The identity information of the three people is now registered.

    If the sect master or deacon wants to check, he only needs to extend his spiritual consciousness into the jade slip to know who has taken over the task.

    After the three of them registered, a disciple handed an animal skin scroll to Gu Yuan.

    This is an animal skin scroll that records specific tasks. When others opened it, it was just an empty animal skin scroll with nothing written on it.

    Only the sect disciples who have received the mission can see the specific content of the mission from the animal skin scroll.

    This is also the sect¡¯s protection for its disciples.

    The little eagle unfolded the scroll nonchalantly: "What is this? Let me go, is there something evil in Canglian Mountain City that will cause trouble?"

    "You want us to go suppress the evil?"

    "Are you sure it's an evil cultivator? Aren't you an evil cultivator?"

    "No, it's clearly written on it, it's evil!"

    After leaving the director's hall and seeing the content on the scroll, Little Eagle felt a little unbelievable about the mission content on the scroll. Even Gu Yuan was surprised.

    "Xieyi" is a general name given by the orthodox sect and the human government to some heretics or some ferocious beasts who practice unorthodox practices.

    In the beginning, people usually called cultivators who practiced unorthodox practices "evil cultivators". Only those who practiced unorthodox practices and became ferocious beasts would have the word "evil cultivators" written on them.

    Later, it developed into the common name of evil spirits, but the evil spirits written on the mission scrolls are usually ferocious beasts with unorthodox cultivation, or undetermined supernatural events.  (Remember the website address:
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