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Chapter 627 Chongwu

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    Strong chakra surged out of Sasuke.


    The violent thunder suddenly startled the ground!

    Accompanying the thunder were electric arcs so blue and white that they were dazzlingly bright, floating around him like densely swimming thunder snakes.

    And in the blink of an eye - Sasuke took a deep breath.

    The noisy thunder suddenly disappeared, the restless thunder snake stopped moving, the blazing thunder light also became milder, and everyone became quiet in an instant, lying calmly on the young man's body, like a quiet and unrippled deep pool.  The water was like a light blue thunder suit, wrapped around his body.

    The unimaginably powerful thunder-like chakra is actually like a docile cat at this moment.

    This scene made the enemy's scalp numb and frightened even more than the huge thunderous riot just now.

    ¡ª¡ªAs long as the other party understands what this means.

    The experimental subjects obviously understood.

    The monsters were still laughing at first, sarcastically and wildly, but gradually they stopped smiling. Their eyes were first surprised, then solemn, and then fear slowly filled their eyes.

    The leader took a step back unknowingly. He was secretly annoyed at his own cowardice, and soon these annoyances and distracting thoughts completely disappeared, leaving onlythe thought of taking more steps back.

    Xianglin watched the group of arrogant rioters fall into silence in just a few seconds, like a cat being pinched by the back of the neck, like a duck being lifted up by the neck, and then looking at Sasuke who was walking towards the crowd calmly, his heart was full of thoughts.  Incredible.

    She had sensed Sasuke's chakra from a distance and sensed the scene of his battle, but she didn't think it was anything at that time.  But now that she was experiencing all this up close, she realized how ridiculous she was

    This is just like seeing a tiger playing and playing in a photo, watching a tiger resting lazily in a zoo, and encountering the king of the forest crawling and hunting in the wild, the psychological feeling is completely different!

    This is the momentum and strength of a Kage-level ninja

    So strong, so scary!

    The girl swallowed involuntarily and glanced at Uchiha Sakura again.  Sasuke was so powerful, so what was the situation like when Sakura, who was even more powerful than him, took action?

    While Xiang Rin was thinking about it, Sasuke was already in front of everyone. The rioters who were retreating step by step were like springs that had been compressed to the extreme, and finally had to fight back!

    However, with their momentum severely suppressed, their action was more like a way to vent their fear.

    The strength may have been greatly enhanced, but the coordination and accuracy have been greatly reduced.

    Sasuke didn't even pay attention to their attacks. The lightning shield had automatically blocked the enemy's weak ninjutsu and darts.  And he just slowly opened his palm, and the lake-like tranquil thunder light condensed into a slender sword in his palm.

    The young man held the sword.

    The air seemed to freeze in this second.


    The thunder suddenly exploded, and the shining light filled the entire space!

    His figure shone in the endless light.

    There is no sound audible from the waving of the thunder sword. In the thunder light, the only thing that can be heard is the dense "puff-puff-".

    That was the sound of flesh falling to the ground.

    No one can survive a knife!

    As Sasuke said, only for a short moment.

    The bright light suddenly disappeared. Xianglin blinked hard and saw the last rioter staggering down.  On the floor, the bodies of the experimental subjects gradually exited the cursed state and returned to their normal appearance. They were lined up in half the hall.

    Sasuke stood at the end of the hall, the blue light on his body disappeared, the wind was light and the clouds were light.

    The battle was over in an instant.

    Uchiha Sakura turned her head and smiled at Xiang Rin who was still stunned: "Let's go, let's go find Jugo."

    "Ohoh!" Xianglin woke up from a dream and hurriedly followed.

    "Cough, cough!" Suddenly someone made a weak voice, "You are looking for Zhong, Zhongwu?"

    Sakura looked down and saw that it was the leader from before who was speaking. He hadn't fainted yet?  Sasuke underestimated this man's resistance to blows.

    "Oh?" The girl squatted down and asked with interest, "Do you have any advice?"

    "Haha" The leader chuckled with difficulty, "You don't have to look for himhe will naturally come to find you"

    He breathed for a while before continuing: "Before we left we opened that guy's cell. Do the math.Yes, with your strength, you are fully capable of entering and exiting Longdi Cave safely!  "

    After experiencing the power of Sakura and Sasuke at close range, Xiang Rin was completely convinced, and only then did she tell all this trump card information.

    "Wait! Are you hinting to us that Orochimaru might be hiding there?" Sasuke interjected.

    "It's very possible." Xianglin nodded.

    Sasuke made his choice almost without thinking: "Where is the psychic contract? I want to chase him to Ry¨±chi Cave to complete our mission and my fight with him!"

    Xianglin looked at Sakura again.

    The girl smiled slightly and said confidently: "Longdi Cave sounds like a dangerous area. It looks very interesting! Let's go, Xianglin, take us to find the psychic contract."

    "I would like to see what kind of dragon pit and tiger den the so-called Longdi Cave is!"

    Even if it is a dragon's pond and a tiger's den, she can still break through.  (Remember the website address:
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