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Chapter 880 Visit

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    "It's a pity that the idea is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. It's impossible for no one to care about it. I can only be a little happy during the Chinese New Year. I still have to be asked from time to time if I have completed my homework. It's almost annoying to death."

    The problem is not just this. Everyone in the family is at home during the Chinese New Year, and his eldest brother hangs in front of his eyes every day. Recently, Huang Shaoming has been thinking about how he will have to go to Guangdong and Hong Kong to live with the grandfather he is not very familiar with.  It¡¯s so annoying to even think about it.

    No matter how smart and lively a person is, they are reluctant to leave the place they are most familiar with.  Mr. Qian Zhongshu mentioned this sentence in his book, "Every time you leave a place, it seems like you have died once." Huang Shaoming has never heard of it, but thinking about it, he can't stand this kind of thing.

    However, there are indeed some people in this world who like to "die and die" and find it a kind of fun, or they think they can obtain a kind of spiritual baptism.  But unfortunately, these people have never even been there, let alone left. What if they can really feel what "death" is.

    When Huang Shaowu and Ye Zijia got in the car and headed south to Guangdong, a man came to Huangzhuang in a car. The whole family was in the county to see off Huang Shaowu and Ye Zijia. Zhao Dan still didn't know that Ye Zijia's family was actually very good, and they didn't  I know that Huang Shaowu resigned from his job and is starting a business.

    After some instructions, Huang Shaowu almost said it.  Huang Shaowen originally wanted to talk about his own affairs while Ye Zijia was around, but after thinking about it, he decided to wait for them to leave and face it himself.  Like grandma, I am still very reasonable.

    "Be careful on the road. I originally wanted to bring you some eggs and peanuts, but now the security check won't allow you to take them. Don't take more planes. It's the time to save money when you're young. When you get there, don't forget to give some to your uncles and aunts.  Buy some gifts, don't be rude, do you understand?" Zhao Dan ordered.

    Huang Shaowu wanted to say that of course he wanted to buy some gifts, but he didn¡¯t dare to neglect the master of Ye Zi¡¯s family, he was a real master.

    After Huang Shaowu¡¯s solemn assurance, Zhao Dan finally let them get in the car with confidence.  Huang Yaoshan also came to give her a gift. After all, this Ye Zijia is most likely to be his future second daughter-in-law. He can't let people say that his future father-in-law doesn't value her, and it won't matter anyway.

    "Remember to make a call when you get there. Don't forget it." As a man, Huang Yaoshan's instructions were more concise and concise, paying more attention to the safety of the two of them.

    When they got on the bus, Huang Shaowen said with a smile: "It's much safer on the road now. Besides, the plane they took will be there in a blink of an eye, so don't worry."

    "Why aren't you worried? Planes, planes, bah, bah, you don't know the news last month. If you want me to say how good it is to take the train, there is nothing in the sky, forget it."

    Zhao Dan almost let his son bring out bad words, but thinking about the price of the plane in Chongqing on the 18th last month, how could Zhao Dan not be worried.

    For this reason, when he heard that Huang Shaowu was going to fly back, Zhao Dan even checked the almanac on the day of the plane. I didn't really believe in this kind of thing, but I would rather believe that it exists than that it doesn't exist.  Fortunately, the almanac indicates that it is appropriate to travel.

    However, Huang Yaoshan believes that the almanac of ancient people cannot control modern airplanes. There were no airplanes in ancient times. Even if the almanac is true, how can it calculate how modern airplanes fly?

    However, Zhao Dan directly refuted such "I don't know what to say" words.

    "It's a plane, it's science. How come it's not there? The old man flew every day when he went to foreign countries in Guangdong and Hong Kong, so there was nothing wrong with him." Huang Yaoshan thought Zhao Dan's idea was childish and he didn't understand science at all.

    "That's~" Zhao Dan wanted to say something, but it wasn't appropriate after thinking about it, but he was still a little angry, "I can't help you because you understand science. Let's go, boss." After saying that, he sat down in the passenger seat.  , I don¡¯t want to be in the background with Huang Yaoshan.

    ??Send Huang Shaowu and Ye Zijia as gifts. It is definitely not suitable to ride a motorcycle in the winter, so Huang Shaowen asked Zhang Jianwen to borrow a car.  Huang Shaowen is now getting more and more used to his parents' quarrels.

    It¡¯s definitely not easy for me to say anything. I just need to be a driver for others.

    There was no conversation all the way. Of course, Huang Yaoshan and his wife were not surprised about how Huang Shaowen could drive. The eldest son is a professor, can he still drive?

    Huang Shaowen took the Baima outer ring road and left the city. After passing a section of the road that was not easy to walk, it was a little bumpy, but it didn't take long before he got on a better cement road.  This is the road that Huangzhuang built before to the county seat. Compared with other places, Huangzhuang's financial situation is indeed better.

    Ten minutes later, we entered Huangzhuang. The people in the village were not surprised by the car. It must have belonged to Huang Shaowen's family, although their family kept saying that they didn't buy it or borrowed it., but no one believed it.

    People who know better also know that Huang Shaowen¡¯s family did not buy a car, but they also know that Huang Shaowen¡¯s family can definitely afford a car.  In fact, some wealthy people in the village are still waiting for Huang Shaowen's family to buy a car.

    " Huang Shaowen's family didn't buy it. If they bought it first, they would definitely be criticized.  The big truck that Li Ziniu took over from Guo Xingcai was not included. It was a tool, not a life.

    Stopping at the entrance of the West Alley, Zhao Dan, who was still sulking before he got out of the car, asked: "Whose car does that belong to?"

    Huang Shaowen probed, "I don't know."

    After parking the car, the three of them got out. Huang Shaowen took a quick look at it, but he didn¡¯t recognize it, but it seemed to be the kind purchased by the county, and Huang Shaowen had seen it before.

    After entering the door, Huang Shaowen heard the old lady talking to someone at the door. Huang Shaowen had never seen him before, but Huang Yaoshan was a little surprised, "Wei Bureau?! Why are you here?! Oh, look, you didn't even say a word,  Quietly."

    Huang Yaoshan may not like the man named Cheng, and may even dare to scold him, but when he encounters a current manager like Wei Dongsheng, Huang Yaoshan really has to treat him well.

    "Haha, Brother Huang is back, nothing happened. I, this is the New Year, I'm here to visit you and celebrate the New Year, haha." Wei Dongsheng looked harmless to humans and animals, and those who didn't know must have thought that he was a people-friendly official.

    However, Huang Shaowen knew who this guy was when his father called him Bureau Wei, and he also knew that this kid's visit here was definitely not a so-called "visit" as he said.

    "This is the famous Professor Huang. Oh, look, I have been here in Baima for so long and I haven't seen Professor Huang yet. Hello, Professor Huang." Wei Dongsheng said and stretched out his hand.

    It¡¯s not that he is smiling but not smiling. After all, he is also an ¡°old fried dough stick¡±, and his acting skills are still good in comparison. However, in front of Huang Shaowen, an older ¡°old fried dough stick¡±, Wei Dongsheng¡¯s acting skills are still terrible.

    "Hello, Bureau Wei." Huang Shaowen smiled and stretched out his hand.

    Huang Shaowen understood very well what Wei Dongsheng was here for, but he still had to show his face, otherwise he would appear too arrogant, which would be bad.

    After Huang Shaowen finished his dry sentence, he said nothing.  The old lady was kind enough to let them sit down first and pour them water.  (Remember the website address:
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