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Chapter 768 Extra of Lingxu Sect

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    In the quiet mansion.

    The women in the three characters sat at the stone table, holding their chins and sighing.

    Xu Qingqiu said with a nostalgic look: "I really want to go back to Lingxu Sect to take a look. It is said that Senior Brother Mu's son has now become the founder of Lingxu Sect."

    "Hey~ It's a pity that we have ascended to the spirit world now. People in the spirit world cannot interfere in the affairs of the human world,"

    Shen Bingqing and Xiao Qing both had melancholy looks on their faces when they heard this.

    Lingxuzong has always been a pain in their hearts.

    When Shen Bingqing and Shen Yuan learned about Jiuliying's plan, they used several Wanli teleportation talismans and rushed to Canglan Continent to stop her plan.

    "The stone statue of the Demon Lord was destroyed by us, so he has completely disappeared from the world. Unfortunately, the seniors of Lingxu Sect used the power of their own sacrifices and curses, and they have long been unable to recover."

    Seeing the heavy look of guilt on Shen Bingqing's face, Xu Qingqiu and Xiao Qing comforted her: "Bingqing, don't blame yourself too much. It's not easy for you two to unblock Lingxu Sect."

    "Wow~" "Wow~"

    Hearing the baby's cry, Xiao Qing subconsciously turned around and stood up.

    As expected, it was Dianrong who came over carefully holding the youngest Ah Li.

    Xu Qingqiu and the two couldn't help but joke: "Senior Sister Xiao, you two are really in love. After so many years, you are still as clingy as a young boy and girl in love."

    The woman¡¯s face turned red after being teased by the two men.

    Dianrong, who transformed into a professional nanny, looked at Xiao Qing aggrievedly and said, "Xiao Qinger, why have you been away for so long."

    Hearing this, Xiao Qing rubbed her temples and said, "How long has it been? It's only been two hours."

    "Okay, okay, don't be angry. I am here to bring you good news. Mu Liujing and Baichuan have found a way for you to go to Canglan Continent, but when you get there, your strength must be suppressed.  In the Mahayana period, otherwise that continent will not be able to withstand your power."

    The three goddesses stood up excitedly and said, "Dian Rong, thank you for telling us the news. Let's take the first step."

    I saw three figures suddenly turned into three lights and shadows and disappeared.

    Looking at the empty courtyard, Dianrong couldn't help but secretly regret it.

    I knew he would have told the news later, and now I have to guard the empty room alone.


    "Where do you think this Lingxu Sect came from? Why did so many strong men attend its founding ceremony?"

    The man in gray looked around and replied: "According to my inquiry, the Lingxu Sect back then was known as the five major sects of the Canglan Continent together with the Kunlun Sect, Danxia Sect, Hehuan Sect, and Cangqiong Sect. However, due to the Demon Lord back then,  The incident caused a big fuss, and several major sects were destroyed one after another."

    "Gradually, except for the Kunlun Sect and Danxia Sect, which are still standing, the names of the other major sects have been replaced by other rising stars."

    Hearing this, the round-faced man looked thoughtfully at the handsome man standing at the top of the mountain gate.

    That man looked like he was only in his early twenties, but he was already a high-level practitioner of pulse condensation. This kind of talent was simply unparalleled in Canglan Continent.

    ?Looking at the young man's expression as he looked into the distance, it was clear that he was waiting for someone.

    "Master, the time is coming, how about we hold the opening ceremony first?"

    Elder Liu Yeqing looked at Mu Shaochen respectfully.

    Mu Shaochen waved his hands indifferently and said, "Just wait, they will definitely come,"

    "This is good,"

    Yes, this Mu Shaochen is the son of Mu Liujing and Princess Baichuan.

    At this moment, Liu Yeqing saw a smile suddenly appear on the man's face.

    When he saw this, he quickly turned around and looked into the distance, only to see five men and women with extremely extraordinary looks flying from the sky.

    After such a long time, he knew for the first time what the true beauty of heaven was.

    "Aunt Qingqiu, Aunt Bingqing, Aunt Xiao, and Ajin, you are finally here, please come inside quickly,"

    Mu Liujing said with a dissatisfied look: "Hey, you brat, why don't you welcome me when I come? Are you my biological child?"

    Mu Shaochen looked at him with disgust and said: "Stupid,"

    Then he very eagerly led Xu Qingqiu and others into the gate of Lingxu Sect.

    "This brat is getting more and more outrageous. Hey! You guys should wait for me!" Mu Liujing chased after him helplessly.

    ? ?The moment a few people stepped into the sect, a loud voice sounded outside the mountain gate.

    ¡°The founding ceremony begins!¡±

    ¡°The founding ceremony begins!¡±

    ¡°The founding ceremony begins!¡±

    Everyone in Lingxu Sect, including Xu Qingqiu and others, worshiped the statue above the main hall with solemn expressions.

    Thousands of young disciples knelt down and worshiped the statue on the high platform with respectful expressions.

    Seeing the unfathomable strength of Xu Qingqiu and others, all the disciples were secretly determined.

    One day, we must become as powerful as our seniors!

    Looking at the countless new blood flowing through the sect, Xu Qingqiu felt like he was suddenly separated from the world.  I remember that she had looked at those senior brothers and sisters with this look.

    Chen'er is very suitable to be the leader. She believes that with Mu Shaochen here, Lingxu Sect will definitely get better and better.

    Master, I wonder if you can see this scene from afar?

    Xu Qingqiu raised his head and looked into the distance with a nostalgic look.

    She seemed to see an old man in slovenly clothes carrying a wine gourd in the distant sky, waving kindly to her.

    The corners of Xu Qingqiu¡¯s mouth couldn¡¯t help but curl up.

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