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Chapter 1369 Gone!

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    Just when a group of soldiers looked at Qin Lang anxiously, wanting to know if their young national master would take them with him as they thought, Qin Lang relaxed his frown and smiled.

    "I originally thought that since I brought you out, I would take you back intact and safe."

    "You stay away from the Japanese country and hide on the sea. You can be safe and sound. After the Japanese country is settled, we will return to the Tang Dynasty together. Who would have thought that you would not be able to bear to stay like this."

    "That's okay." Qin Lang sighed, seemingly helpless: "In that case, I happen to have something for you to handle, and it happens that the waters of the Japanese country are not calm recently. If something happens here after I leave, you guys  Unable to cope.¡±

    "In this case, you go to the surrounding countries to collect more intelligence information and summarize it for future use."

    "It's just that you need to hide your identity well, and don't let others see that something is wrong, and then harm those of us in the Japanese country."

    His affectionate words made a group of soldiers feel very excited. They wanted to scream and rush to the surrounding countries to get all the information their national division needed.

    But how did they know that Qin Lang's words did not want them to cause trouble while sitting around and being bored, and then implicate him, Xiao Cheng Chongyi and others to expose their identities.

    ¡°I don¡¯t want those powerful people from the Japanese country to follow the clues and chase them here and catch all these soldiers.

    The soldiers on the left and right are also impatient, so we just need to find something for them to do.

    It just so happens that he now has the idea of ????taking over the mineral deposits of the Japanese country under the Japanese country. Moreover, the Japanese country is just an island country, and there are so many capable people and strangers. Who is sure that the surrounding countries do not have them?

    Even if you don¡¯t, collect some intelligence from various countries. If the army comes to Japan in the future and wipes out the surrounding countries, wouldn¡¯t that information come in handy?

    A group of soldiers looked at Qin Lang with bright eyes and enthusiasm.

    "Don't worry, Imperial Master. With us taking action, we will not disappoint the Imperial Master!"

    "Yes, National Preceptor, don't worry, we will definitely get the information for you clearly. We will even find out for you the concubine that the king of the surrounding countries slept with at night!"

    Hearing these words, Qin Lang almost lost his temper!

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Out of the way, they still want to find out which concubine the kings of the surrounding countries slept with at night?

    How much fake wine did you drink to become like this?

    If this was said by the disciples of Zhaoyu Palace, he would still believe it, but these soldiershe really doesn't believe it!

    "It's just that he doesn't believe it in his heart, but he can't say it with his mouth.

    I originally wanted to find something for them to do, so that they would not get into trouble or get impatient and directly confront the Japanese fleet and be taken advantage of. Now is the time to cheer them up, how can we attack them?

    Not only can¡¯t you crack down, but you must also encourage and encourage!

    Qin Lang slapped his thigh and gave a thumbs up: "Okay, okay, you are all good men of the Tang Dynasty!"

    "I believe in you, it will definitely work!"

    "It's just that when you go this time, you must remember to hide your identity. Information is not important, what is important is your safety!"

    "But if something goes wrong, I would rather give up intelligence than protect my own safety."

    "Since I brought you out, I have to take you back intact, otherwise I won't be able to explain to your parents at home."

    "You must not act rashly, stay calm and calm when encountering problems, and listen to the advice of the disciples of Zhaoyu Palace. After all, Zhaoyu Palace is specialized in intelligence. They have experience in this kind of thing, but they must obey the instructions well.  "

    Hearing these words, a group of soldiers felt both warm-hearted and aggrieved.  &#24378&#29306&#32&#120&#105&#110&#100&#105&#110&#103&#100&#105&#97&#110&#120&#115&#119&#46&#99&#111&#109&#32&#35835&#2930 6

    They are very happy that the National Preceptor attaches so much importance to their safety.

    It is true that this national master loves his people like his own children, butisn't this looking down on them too much?


    It is true that Zhaoyu Palace has a background in intelligence. He makes a living by buying and selling intelligence in the world. He is more experienced than them, but are they just vegetarians?

    The scouts in their army have returned from fighting hard on the battlefield. When it comes to covert spying, they cannot compare to those elite disciples of Zhaoyu Palace, but compared with ordinary disciples, there should be no problem, right?

    ¡°Besides, when I came to Japan this time, I didn¡¯t bring much with me.?The only elite disciples of Zhaoyu Palace are still in the Japanese country and have not come back with the imperial master at all!

    Qin Lang is a great man, so he doesn¡¯t have to think too hard. Just looking at the faces of these soldiers, he knows that they have guessed what they are thinking, and he can¡¯t help but shake his head secretly.

    These guys don¡¯t even know the difference between them and the martial arts masters!

    "When it comes to fighting on the battlefield, the army is the strongest, but when it comes to spying on intelligence, those people in the world who know how to come and go are stronger.

    ¡°I didn¡¯t see these gangsters being so arrogant on the way here. Could it be that the fight against pirates along the way made them swell?

    This can¡¯t be done!

    "If you are not careful in this world, you will die. How dare you expand like this?"

    "I know that you are all good soldiers in the army. I dare not say that one is worth a hundred, but there is no problem if one is worth ten, but that refers to ordinary people."

    "Since you came to Japan with me, have you heard anything about ordinary people from my mouth? Which one is not a stranger with unpredictable methods?"

    "If the Japanese country didn't have these ordinary people, would I, your national master, still need to be so cautious? I would have led you to defeat the Japanese country!"

    "If I don't talk about anything else, let's just say that for the Zhaoyu Palace disciples who came with me, it is not a problem for one person to destroy an entire city in an instant."

    "But what about the reality? Let's go and ask those disciples of Zhaoyu Palace, are they feeling miserable in Japan these days?"

    "If they are like this, how can you deal with such methods?"

    Hearing these words, a group of soldiers couldn't help but tremble in their hearts.

    Isn¡¯t it?

    Those Zhaoyu Palace disciples came back with the Imperial Master this time, but every one of them brought a salute. They probably won¡¯t go out with the Imperial Master again.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The disciples of Zhaoyu Palace, who quietly attracted a lot of poisonous insects and poisons, can be withdrawn from the Japanese country. I guess the situation in the Japanese country is not very good, otherwise why would the Japanese country leave these people unused?

    Even if you don¡¯t help in the fight, it won¡¯t be a problem to serve the national master, right?

    "But if the Imperial Preceptor didn't take them with him, then there must have been a problem that even the Imperial Preceptor found difficult. He was not sure that he could save them in the unexpected event, so he sent them all back, leaving only a few good people around.  At this time xindingdianxsw.*com Zhang Si

    Looking at their suddenly serious expressions, Qin Lang nodded happily: "It seems that you have figured it out. In this case, you must take my words to heart and do not make it public when you go."

    "Let the disciples of Zhaoyu Palace help you disguise yourself, spread out the people, quietly inquire about the news, and then come back quickly and find another hiding place to wait for me." Zhi Da Zhi Xiao

    After saying that, he looked at the bright night sky and said, "Things in Japan will be over soon."

    "When I clean up those threatening people in the Japanese country, it will be time for you to show off your skills!"

    "It's getting late. You should arrange your schedule as soon as possible and set off as soon as possible. It's time for me to leave too."

    After saying that, the whole person soared into the sky like a roc and disappeared into the vast night sky in an instant

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