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Volume 2, Box Garden Chapter Final Thoughts!

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    My first novel, Wandering in the Second Dimension, is over.  At three million words, it¡¯s over.  On January 3 last year, on a whim and with some free time, I uploaded the first chapter of Wandering in the Second Dimension. On January 3 this year, I uploaded the last chapter of Wandering in the Second Dimension.  One year, three million words, I was shocked that I could persevere.  The results of Wandering Two Dimension were very poor. There were not many subscriptions. There were more than 14,000 collections, but all of them were less than 400. The subscription ratio was 36:1. Later, the number of subscribers even dropped below 100.  .  Many times I wanted to just stop.  But looking at the book friends who are still subscribing, I think of my promise, "I will definitely not be a prisoner." Therefore, no matter how bad my grades are or how confused my thoughts are, I will write something every day.  Write less when there are manuscripts saved, and write more when there are no manuscripts saved.  That's how I finally persisted.  The writing is not very good, the writing style is not enough, and there are many problems with the wording and sentence segmentation. The only thing I can say is that within this year, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter the severe cold or heat, or even the power and water outage, I can write it.  There have been no interruptions.  It can range from 10,000 words to 5,000 words.  When my book is finished, I always feel a little emotional and have a sense of accomplishment.  Perhaps because it is my own hard work, I was very interested in comparing the total number of words, total collections, total recommendations, and total clicks one by one.  Ranking of science fiction category: total word count 68, total collections 227, total recommendations 637, total clicks 733.  Ranking of all books in Qidian: total word count 890, total collection 2211, total recommendation 8150, total clicks 8732.  No matter how you look at it, it¡¯s not a very good result. I¡¯m a little disappointed. I really want to tell myself that it¡¯s just my first book, so I shouldn¡¯t have so many extravagant expectations.  However, he was still unwilling to give in.  Writing a book is really tiring. Three million words a year, an average of more than 8,200 words a day. One day is nothing. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, it is like this every day. It is really tiring.  I have paid so much and received so little, which makes me feel a little unbalanced.  However, when I thought of so many miserable books, I felt better for some reason.  Should I say that I am gloating over my misfortune, or should I say that I have the spirit of Ah Q?  Thanks to the editor Blu-ray for taking care of me this year, recommending it twenty times, and recommending it once.  Without the great care of Blu-ray, I probably wouldn¡¯t have achieved the results I have achieved now in my two-dimensional roaming.  Thanks to King of Technology, matanore, Yeyue Chenyu, Lan Song, Little Demon of Dreams, ~€Mr. Narrator¡ê~, Tunichuan, Eternal 0000 Moment, Butterfly-Wu, Book Friends 140714005051059, Target Magician, ‡å Zhu‡å Pig, Zhaixiang ACG Control, Zhutian Throne, Pinfeng, Night Spirit, Cloud Eagle Realm, God also likes to read, e, Silent Ku etc. For the support of all book friends, without your support, we would not be where we are now.  This is a journey through the second dimension. Thank you all for accompanying me through this year.  I hope that book friends who can vote satisfactorily for this book can vote for me.  At stake is the book's final revenue.  Finally, an announcement is made that the new book will be released next month.  I hope everyone can continue to support us.  ¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤ Thank you primula  monthly pass.  i1153
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