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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Dragon rises from Nanyang Array Text Chapter 1003 Victory LiuLeiDeYuwyj 13535K 24-07-18 serializing
Song private detective Array Text Chapter 1456 Ending GongZiLingYi 8526K 24-07-18 serializing
Rebirth of the Second Empire Array Volume 2: Growth, Epilogue, Reincarnation YouLingQiuYue 7384K 24-07-18 serializing
Iron-Blooded War Array Text Chapter 365: Battle between vassals and towns (1) FengZhongDeShiLa 3443K 24-07-18 serializing
The Glory of the Song Dynasty Array Volume 1: The country breaks through the mountains and rivers in Chapter 22: Casting Infinite Glory YuLouHanChen 3271K 24-07-17 serializing
Haunting Array Volume One Chapter 105 The Army Heads West QingShiJinChengHui 4704K 24-07-17 serializing
Duqing Array Volume 2: Blue strands on the road to open up the mountains and forests Chapter 895: Surrender MeiLaHuangChao 10278K 24-07-17 serializing
I am the king at the end of Sui Dynasty Array Volume 1 Chapter 616 Finale WuLaoLang 9655K 24-07-17 serializing
bright sun and moon Array Chapter 705 Various Resolutions BaiLunSanRen 6028K 24-07-17 serializing
Xiao Ming Array Text Chapter 609 Epilogue-----Sunset on the silver platform! ZhiHuaChuan 5886K 24-07-17 serializing
A generation of military advisors who went with th Array Side Story Qing Sanskrit Song SuiBoZhuLiu 4741K 24-07-13 serializing
Way of Augustus Array Volume 2 The Silver Face at the Colosseum Chapter 20 Curtain Call XingYunDeSuLa 7059K 24-07-12 serializing
Traveling through 1630: The Rise of South America Array Text Chapter 170 The Vast Land GuDuMaiKe 27418K 24-07-12 serializing
Grandmaster of the Republic of China Array Volume 3. Guyu Chapter 427. Guanyin DanJingCanWen 4399K 24-07-12 serializing
The best prince consort Array Chapter 1111 God Killing XiaoXuanWu 10520K 24-07-12 serializing
Biochemical Madman of the Three Kingdoms Array Text Chapter 721: Sea of ??Stars (Grand Finale) TangYanGuiLai 6983K 24-07-11 serializing
Flowers and Swords and France Array Text 51, past events Xiong宮Chu夢 12179K 24-07-11 serializing
The best eunuch Array Finale: Dingding Tianxia Chapter 44: Loud noise in the sky, I appear on the stage (finale) JinWanYouDaLaoHu 5643K 24-07-11 serializing
Travel into the Middle Ages Array Text Chapter 241 Ending ErLiangBaiTang 6047K 24-07-11 serializing
Wulin Empire Array Volume 5 7-9 Finale XiaoJiJiao 3981K 24-07-11 serializing
The first emperor of Qin Array Text New Era Chapter 1 Ying Zheng WoYangWangBaiFuMei 1820K 24-07-11 serializing
knife and pen official Array Text Epilogue MuYi 3109K 24-07-11 serializing
Sunshine Daqin Array Text Chapter 651 [The Next Guiguzi] Finale GuangAnZhiXin 6197K 24-07-11 serializing
The Yuan family of the Three Kingdoms is my decisi Array Volume 2: A famous family is in Yecheng. Final chapter. Finale. SaoMeiDaMu 7411K 24-07-11 serializing
Red Alert Greater China 1985 Array Text 712 Final Chapter BaiMianHeiSi 6771K 24-07-10 serializing
imperial ambition Array Leap, a stroke of genius that shakes the world. The Final Chapter of Empire (Big Ending) TianKongZhiCheng 5090K 24-07-10 serializing
Little Landlord of the Tang Dynasty Array Text Finale DaMengSanNian 4018K 24-07-10 serializing
rising red star Array Chapter 3 Battlefield Star 18 Follow-up (1) BaiMuDaHeiDong 1099K 24-07-10 serializing
The Red Merchant Arrives 1949 Array Collision 84 Just throw it away TuShenLongZuoPinJi 714K 24-07-10 serializing
The best fake eunuch Array Text Chapter 442 Retire after success GongChenXiaoSeng 3023K 24-07-10 serializing