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Comics - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Global League of Legends Array Attack of the League of Legends Chapter 78 Dual-line Finale [Complete Book] MoDaoDiZi 5291K 24-07-18 serializing
bode big world Array Coming Through Time Travel Chapter 991 Returning to Earth (Finale) HaiLaSiTeHeiPao 8867K 24-07-18 serializing
A Happy Journey to the World of Martial Arts Array Final Volume—Holy Way Chapter 4 Cause and Effect WeiXiaoAWeiXiao 9860K 24-07-18 serializing
The Elder Scrolls Sons of Skyrim Array Rich Chapter 96 Revenge YueXiaFeiTianShan 1188K 24-07-18 serializing
God-level minion of Warcraft True Three Array Volume 5: Passing through the world 0224: Epilogue ZuoYeYouYou 2962K 24-07-18 serializing
Overlord of the Seven Seas Array Volume 1: Sail Chapter 116: The God of War Eternal Life (Finale) ZhengQiDan 4465K 24-07-17 serializing
Heroes and Dungeons Array The Happy Life of a Great Martial Arts Chapter 693: Finale ShiYuGeGe 6320K 24-07-17 serializing
I walk alone in the world Array Volume 2: The Storm of Bashu Final Chapter See You Again XinZhiYiJian 9350K 24-07-17 serializing
Great Tower Defense Era Array Text Chapter 085: Heavy Artillery Sniper WenMangGe 627K 24-07-17 serializing
Ball Master Array Volume 1 Chapter 960 Finale [Tomorrow] TuLaiGeCao 9293K 24-07-13 serializing
pirate system Array Volume 1 Cang Tian Hao Chapter 551 Finale ZhengQiDan 6168K 24-07-13 serializing
The ultimate master of online games Array Volume 1 Chapter 362 Ceremony LongDaRenLaiLe 6472K 24-07-13 serializing
SC Flower of the Other Side Array Text Chapter 320 Finale MoZui 2577K 24-07-13 serializing
Mad Lich s Experimental Diary Array Text Extra Chapter 4 Simple Task: Find the Lost Mother FenNuDeSongShu 9410K 24-07-13 serializing
Hot restricted area Array Volume 1 1040 Absolute Sound (Finale) YiTuoPanZi 10504K 24-07-12 serializing
Winning ticket is in hand Array Cow Pass Final Chapter - Ten Years Later dleerZuoPinJi 5338K 24-07-11 serializing
Dragon Tomb World Array Text Chapter 665: Comeback LongGuWei 5784K 24-07-11 serializing
spartan total war Array Volume 1 The City-State of Sparta Chapter 33 The Final Chapter (Grand Finale) GengHaoHanDeHaiXiang 1779K 24-07-10 serializing
Online games follow you everywhere Array Text Chapter 726 The Forever Game (Finale) QingChunDou 7008K 24-07-10 serializing
Summoning the other world hegemony Array Volume 1: The Fledgling Chapter 180: Battle of Baimajin (Part 2) HuanXingChen 1717K 24-07-10 serializing
Data is king in online games Array Text Chapter 355 The ending is not the ending FengDaoShuangJian 3434K 24-07-10 serializing
Wild Lion Marshal Array Text: Final Thoughts TianTianBuXiu 12201K 24-07-10 serializing
fishing world Array Volume 1: Houhai Fish Boy Chapter 727: Believe in the weather forecast!  (end) SaWaSiTuoBoEr 5788K 24-07-10 serializing
Perfect rating Array Volume 2: Copy Expert's Final Thoughts: 無Yi 4053K 24-07-09 serializing
big data world Array Age of Dragons Chapter 635: Starship Commander, Hope for Humanity's Survival (Finale) MoXiang 5735K 24-07-08 serializing
Endless Knight s Journey Array Part One, The First World, Chapter 476 The Creation of Heaven and Earth + Postscript QiCheJuShi0 3800K 24-07-08 serializing
basketball overlord Array Text Chapter 351: Dead Rookie! PuYanFeiE 3066K 24-07-08 serializing
Ares Blade Array Text Resident Evil Chapter 18 The Licker (Part 2) WangLingBaoJun 1331K 24-07-08 serializing
Paladin Zhao Daniu Array Text Chapter 497 Final Chapter. Expedition to the Doomsday Volcano (End) YeSeFangZhe 3451K 24-07-08 serializing
Martial Arts Evolution System Array Text Chapter 116: Kill them all DongXueHuaYang 748K 24-07-08 serializing