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Horror - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Miao border affairs Array Volume 1: Age of Hungry Finale: lips are soft and tears are salty NaMoJiaShaLiKeFo 9925K 24-07-18 serializing
Mr. Yin Yang Array Volume 1: The Old Corpse of the Mountain Village Chapter 992: The Finale! WuJiu 5848K 24-07-17 serializing
Weird way Hu Zongren Array Text Chapter 21. Funeral (Grand Finale) Additional update, thank you for the crown of jagged 00 Nymp GhostFacer 2979K 24-07-14 serializing
Walking Yin and Yang Array The first story: Weird things begin with Feng Shui, written at the end [Free] XiaoHe 11332K 24-07-12 serializing
Ziyang Array Text Chapter 580 Heaven and Earth FengYuJiuQiu 6422K 24-07-10 serializing
The last Taoist priest Array Text Final remarks ZuiAiMISICBaiJue 4357K 24-07-08 serializing
spellcaster Array Text The complete book of Side Story Doug’s Diary is completed ZhiAi 2362K 24-07-07 serializing
Qin Emperor Mausoleum Array Text Chapter 418 Final Chapter YiMu 3584K 24-07-04 serializing
great day of joy Array Text Chapter 340: I feed tigers and wolves with my body, and there will be no escape until hell is e LiuYunFeiDu 3407K 24-07-03 serializing
Global Monsters Online Array New book notification ZaiLaiYiZhiDaXueJia 13266K 24-06-29 serializing
Apocalyptic Legend Lander Array Text Chapter 616 Return ShenYuan1 4323K 24-06-29 serializing
attack magician Array 2. Accelerated World Chapter 106 Maid Suit ZiMuc 3398K 24-06-29 serializing
Void Hunter Array Chapter 281 Make you the hall master BuSiJianChen 2779K 24-06-29 serializing
Plane collector Array 正文 家中突发急事,暂停更新! WanMeiJiShiQiXi 126K 24-06-29 serializing
university of death Array The first entrance exam: biochemistry?  crisis!  Chapter 134: Temporarily join forces! ShuiDi 845K 24-06-29 serializing
Movie Plane Adventure Array Volume 1: Iron Man (1) Chapter 86 If you step on your face, you have to use force HeiAnLOLI 2829K 24-06-29 serializing
shadow crisis Array Text ends early YeNaXing 1794K 24-06-28 serializing
Dimensional invasion Array Volume 1 Dimensional Invasion Chapter 319 Lily BeiJuDiGMoTian 2639K 24-06-28 serializing
Plunder the Starry Sky Array Text Chapter 300: Breaking Fate LuoJiaDaXia 2677K 24-06-28 serializing
Infinite camp Array Volume 3 The Return of Christ Chapter 134 LinQingYi03 871K 24-06-28 serializing
Evolution in the animation world Array Text Chapter 121 Emergencies GongSeShiYue3 1170K 24-06-28 serializing
The Great Call of Girls Array Text Final remarks RuQingRuSu 14268K 24-06-28 serializing
Infinite world-famous monster Array Volume 4 Is this guy really a zombie?  Chapter 57 Devil May Cry (15) Honkai Impact Continues QingGuoDaDi 1033K 24-06-27 serializing
Accidental double repair Array Volume 1 Sin City Chapter 429 So what if I’m playing tricks on you GuanShanYue 3624K 24-06-27 serializing
The most powerful vampire in history Array Volume 1 Encountering a Vampire Chapter 106 Intelligence Agent Argo CyYiFangWangJue 720K 24-06-27 serializing
Travel through a fantasy world Array Change of Destiny Chapter 206 Destroying the Buddha (Part 1) TuLuCangSheng 1613K 24-06-27 serializing
Rebirth of the Doomsday God of Death Array Episode 5 The Chessboard of Life and Death 259 The fate you want to break is not here BenDanYeXieShu 2394K 24-06-27 serializing
Civilization surges Array Earth Trial Chapter 89 Initiative SanShaoDeDao 631K 24-06-27 serializing
The Summoning of Doomsday Monsters Array Text Chapter 199 A base with inherent deficiencies AnYeYanQiang 1585K 24-06-27 serializing
unlimited player Array Volume 4: The Decisive Battle at the Top of the Forbidden City Chapter 293: The Only True God (5,000 BaQiShiSanLing 2208K 24-06-27 serializing