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My Bodyguard is a Killer Volume 18 Finale

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    "How could this happen?" Lester asked.  Of course Sopuhaya knew what he was asking: "Do you remember that there was a time when whenever someone in the family went out, I would tell them to be careful?" Of course Lester knew that almost every move of anyone in the family was recorded.  Sonic feedback came back to him.  Sopuhaya said: "After Yinyuetian took back "The Mystery of Socrates", I knew what you wanted to do. There is no doubt that no matter what you want to do, any family with too much high-end power will  It's your stumbling block. You must put away the threat to your family. Among them, Zhou Xiangyu and Song Tian'er, who have six pairs of chromosomes, must disappear. Otherwise, with your caution, you may think of something that even I can't do.  Things I don¡¯t dare to think about. My plan, I think you know by now, is to add a few things to your plan, so I have to make some changes that you hope will happen.  "The situation happened." Lester said: "So you asked Xu Xiangyan to send most people in after discovering the different space portal?" Sopuhaya said: "It was also that time that I began to doubt Sound Wave.  , because the appearance of the different space portal is too coincidental. As our enemy, it should not be easily discovered, right? If you enter this portal, you may encounter danger. It is more likely that it is a trap.  More than a coincidence. But it doesn't matter. The known danger is not the most dangerous, so I just let everyone in, including Zhou Xiangyu and Song Tian'er. " Lester smiled miserably: "The two of them.  Although they are at the sixth level, they still need to grow, and their overall strength is not as good as Xu Xiangyan's, so they can enter the portal but Xu Xiangyan cannot. It is precisely because they and most other people have entered that it shows how much attention we attach to that different space, and I.  That's why I was confused. In fact, I was also curious later, how could so many powerful people in the family be eliminated so easily? This is too easy, but the facts are in front of me.  It is impossible for bombs to appear on the earth. I really can't imagine that anyone can guess my behavior. "I didn't guess that you would just throw the bomb in." Sopuhaya said with a smile, "I just want to confuse you."  The monitors hiding near the teleportation array are very simple. They only need a hole in the ground and everyone can disappear out of thin air. All they need to do afterwards is to control the guys you sent to track those people. " Lester said: "  Since you knew there was something wrong with Sonic, why didn't you expose him as soon as possible?" He smiled bitterly and said, "Yes, I am too stupid. If you leave an undercover agent, it will be easier for the information you want me to know to reach me.  "Ears." Sopuhaya said; "It's not that serious. My plans are all based on your plans. Except for the secrets in "Sopuhaya Secrets", there is almost nothing that you can't know.  , so the sound wave has not been solved. But" His expression became serious; "The only thing you did that I didn't guess was the resistance force's attack on the one-eyed dragon. In fact, I didn't even think about the people at home.  [Most of the damage will be done in another space], but you still attack me. This is my mistake." Lester glanced at the sky tree in the distance: "If I guessed correctly, these were hidden earlier.  The reason why this guy took so long to show up was definitely not because he wanted to serve as a surprise force to resist the Sixteen Death Hell.  " Sopuhaya nodded: "Yes, from the moment they 'disappeared', everyone was practicing a kind of skill. It is called a skill, but it is actually a way of energy operation, and this energy operation can  The effect achieved" Lester said: "Use your own life and the enemy's life to turn into a specific [space flow] to expand the frequency of energy fluctuations in the core of the Sky City, so as to expand the different space portal that will be opened.  range.  " Sopuhaya said: "That's it. They are all using their lives to win the future for mankind, and such sacrifices are worth it in every sense.  "The two chatted calmly. Nineteen of the family members on the other side had already completed their sacrifices. Each of them forcibly brought an enemy into space flow and blasted it on the core of the sky tree. Because of this,  In this way, the golden light from the core of the sky tree has covered most of Africa like the sun. The eighteen strong men of the Sixteen Death Hell, as well as Leicester's general Heaton, are so silent or even invisible.  Death without resistance. In fact, these people had already felt panic since the third person was grabbed by the family and hit at the core of the Sky City, but the two who arranged the formation and connected the instruments behind them  The words of Xie Sha Yao made them stop trying to dodge and resist. "The energy fluctuations in the core of the Sky City are expanding. As long as this continues, the gate of the Sixteen Death Hell will be unlimited."Open!  " Every race has the will to sacrifice, especially for warriors. The sixteen death hells are divided into eight cold hells and eight hot purgatory. In such a place, 'life' is just a joke, and 'survival' is fundamental  . Human beings resist the invasion of the earth just to protect their homeland, and the alien invasion of the earth is just to obtain a homeland more suitable for survival. Is this not the case for a race that lives in hell all year round?  Children can live in an environment without suffering, suffering, and danger. Isn't it normal for a soldier to give his life? Therefore, except for Heaton who will never be willing to be killed, after the death of the first ten people?  After the six dead warriors of hell, the remaining seventeen people opened their arms and closed their eyes, welcoming death with a smile without any resistance. The four powerful men blocked the moment after Heaton died.  In front of the two evil killers who controlled the space link, unlike the people in the Sixteen Death Hell, they took a defensive posture, but it didn't matter, because the core of the Sky Tree was already shining enough, regardless of the energy.  The frequency and intensity of the pulsation are almost in line with Sophaya's requirements. The few remaining humans are looking at the 'family members' in front of them with their mouths open. They can't imagine these strong men who have the ability to reverse the situation of the war at this moment.  They actually put on a posture of dying together and actually did it! They don¡¯t understand, the people in the Sixteen Death Hell don¡¯t understand, and the number of people who understand this is becoming less and less as time goes by.  The thunder disaster gradually disappeared, and there were only four people left in the family: Xu Xiangyan, Song Tianer, Zhou Xiangyu, and Jessica laughed and said with tears: "Big boss, look at those four people.  Which one can I crash into?  " Her strength is at the bottom among all her family members. When she was dealing with those guys from the Sixteen Death Hell, she wanted to rush forward to find someone who would die with them, but Xu Xiangyan kept holding her back. " She said this now, but it may not be true.  She didn't mean to be resentful. She wanted to deal with the four powerful men with overwhelming strength. When all her family members who lived together day and night had been sacrificed, she could only watch from the side. How could such resentment prevent her from feeling a trace of resentment against the big boss?  Zhou Xiangyu looked back deeply at the thunderclouds that were about to disappear in the distance, clenched his fists and said: "I'll do it!  I am confident that I can die with two of them!  "    "I come!  Tian'er took a step forward, with a firm look in her eyes: "If it were me, there would be no problem!"  ¡± This special technique is to explode the energy and coercion of the whole body in an instant. It seizes the moment of shocking the enemy and forcibly traps the enemy's body and energy with its own energy. At the same time, it quickly assimilates its own energy and the enemy's energy into  [Space Flow] with the same attribute. There is no doubt that such a technique would have been extremely stupid at any time in the past, and it would never be possible for anyone to practice it, because it cannot be regarded as a trick that can be used to die together.  The user only has explosive power at the moment of use, and to put it bluntly, this power only changes the enemy's energy trend within a period of time, but it cannot cause much damage to the enemy.  , but it is very useful, because the core of Sky City is a variability energy of an extreme magnetic field, which is the legendary absolute negative energy. It can neutralize the positive energy of any attribute, whether it is natural water or fire.  Ice wind or functional wolf blood, etc., as long as it is positive energy, it can be neutralized. This means that as long as a fixed frequency [space flow] is created (positive energy with negative attributes that exactly echoes the magnetic field flow).  , then all creatures whose bodies are filled with such energy will be immediately swallowed up by the Sky City Core and turned into their own energy. That is to say, as long as they have corresponding strength and are next to this core, they can use this technique to achieve mutual destruction.  It¡¯s not difficult. Xu Xiangyan smiled and said to Zhou Xiangyu, ¡°Do you know what Sopuhaya asked me to do?  " Zhou Xiangyu was stunned: "I know.  Xu Xiangyan said: "Now it's up to you to do this."  " She said to Tian'er: "Okay Tian'er, I'll leave the four of them to you. Don't let me down.  " "It's really biased" Tian'er pouted and immediately laughed. She doesn't care about death, especially when the fate of mankind depends on herself, she doesn't care about death even more. She has deep feelings for Zhou Xiangyu and  Jessica said: "Then from now onYin Yuetian, my lover, will be left to you.  " Jessica opened her mouth, but on the battlefield now, she was too weak, which made her speechless and could only cry silently.  Zhou Xiangyu was also crying, and her pretty face became distorted as she cried: "Sister Tian'er you" "Idiot, stop talking so much, promise me." Jessica nodded vigorously: "We  Promise you." Tian'er smiled, her eyes suddenly turned sharp, she took a step forward, and faced the four powerful men who looked dull but maintained a defensive posture.  The ghosts burst out from all over her body, roaring all over the sky like thousands of ghosts walking at night, and instantly pounced on the four powerful men!  The four powerful men are unconscious at the moment. How can they remember that what is in front of them is irresistible?  They instinctively attack the ghosts that come towards them, and such things can be easily erased in their subconscious mind.  However brush!  In an instant, the four powerful men were penetrated by ghosts all over the sky, and they all knelt on the ground and groaned unconsciously.  "Big boss, I'm going!" Tian'er smiled briskly, looking back at the disappearing thunder clouds and the chaotic energy column rising into the sky, and said in her heart: "Farewell, my love." She dropped the last drop  With a drop of tear, the energy in the whole body moves quickly according to the requirements of the technique.  However, at this juncture, a white jade hand pressed on her neck, and Song Tianer's vision went dark and she immediately fainted.  Xu Xiangyan glanced at Zhou Xiangyu and Jessica who were stunned, and said with a smile: "When this is all over, this world will no longer have the power to restrain Yin Yue Tian, ??and the emotional turmoil will make him confused. And you,  You are the only ones who can restrain him. I hope that you can become his fetters and the light that guides him forward. You can become the rope that binds him when his body is about to lose control. When he is close to emotional collapse, you can become the trap.  Cage the beast in his heart Give him love and affection, so that he can accept and protect the world. "Goodbye, my children." "Big boss!" In an instant, Zhou Xiangyu and Jie.  Sika understood what Xu Xiangyan was going to do and couldn't help but scream and cry.  Xu Xiangyan smiled, and her body turned into a stream of light, carrying the four powerful men and crashing into the core of the Sky City. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A shocking buzz permeated the entire African continent, as if the earth was constantly shaking!  The golden light erupting from the Sky City at this moment has far exceeded the brilliance of the sun. Not only has it covered the entire Africa, but also Europe and Asia have been shrouded in this golden light that reaches the sky!  No one could have imagined that the five powerful men who shined at the end of the cataclysm would all fall simultaneously in such a way at this time and place.  Such a shocking change made Leicester show an expression of disbelief: "Why? She obviously didn't need to die." Sopuhaya said: "Because it's not enough, the core is not charged enough, and the door is not big enough when it is opened.  "The lives of the four strong men have not achieved the expected results." Lester said: "Did you ask her to do this?" Sopuhaya said: "She guessed that my original plan was to let her do this.  Song Tian'er did this because this girl is too immature. If she is left behind, she will inevitably become a big trouble to mankind At least when she is unscrupulous, no one can stop her. But Xu Xiangyan obviously doesn't think so, but this.  There is nothing that can be done, because even if Xu Xiangyan is alive, she will not be able to restrain him after this incident. " "Him?" Lester looked at the black and white energy beam in the distance.  The color of the pillar was chaotic but distinct in black and white. Even the golden light in the sky did not cover its color. One can imagine how powerful the man in this energy pillar was.  "Yes, that's him." Sopuhaya said: "The person who will really change everything is also the last trump card of mankind in this war." "What was the thunder tribulation just now" "The Immortal Binding  Rope, the rule attached to the authentic Immortal Binding Rope is [bind evil, bind the power that cannot break the world], whether Yin Yuetian was the former god of death or the current butcher, he is an absolute evil person, and this one.  The Immortal Binding Rope can just bind him to the point where he cannot use any energy unless he starts to advance and will have the power to break the world. " "What if he has this power?  The rope will trigger a thunder tribulation, which will be launched against this 'evil person'. The tribulation thunder is not only a punishment for the evil, but also a tempering of the body, which can make a person's body unstable after the chromosome changes during advancement.  Become adapted to this chromosome change." "Why did Yin Yuetian advance? I admit that if he is always in this battle.If you are a bystander and watch countless people die and come back to life, if you keep wandering between sadness and surprise, the seal of Pluto on 'emotions' will be unlocked.  But even if the emotional seal is released, Immovable Pluto is still Immovable Pluto. It is just the ability to recombine four pairs of chromosomes. Why does it advance?  " "Because from the beginning to the end, Immovable Pluto is not Yin Yue Tian's first ability, nor is it his most important ability. What has been tempered countless times in his body is the [Origin of Killing].  " "The origin of torture and murder?  " "That's right.  Sopuhaya said calmly: "That is the energy of the magnetic field system controlled by the Immovable Pluto. It is also the rarest and most special evolvable energy in the world."  Immovable Pluto's seal on emotions also greatly limits the source of cruelty and killing, so it is more difficult for Yin Yue Tian to activate energy than others, and the accumulation and acquisition of energy are also much more difficult than others.  But this is also a good thing. In the time it takes others to accumulate ten units of energy, Yin Yuetian can only accumulate one unit, which causes his energy to continue to undergo qualitative changes.  The unlocking of each emotion will allow his murderous nature to break through a layer of bottlenecks.  In fact, before this war, after he received the news of the deaths of his family members who went to other worlds, the origin of torture had already completed its first complete evolution [The Origin of Black Death].  " "Energy evolution has never happened before.  Lester said: "How is the source of black death better than the source of massacre?"  " Sopuhaya said: "For example, the source of black death can cut through space and open a space channel.  " "Could it be!  !  !  !  "Lester was suddenly startled and stood up. Sopuhaya said: "That's right, what you thought was impossible happened exactly.  " He said profoundly: "What I want to do is not only to end the catastrophe and prevent the magnetic field that affects the evolution of the earth from changing, but more importantly, to push the city in the sky to a different space!  " He also stood up, spread his arms and said loudly: "The way to push the source of everything to another world requires three conditions: a space in space, a door big enough to accommodate the 'source of everything', and  The power of the absolute magnetic field!  !  !  ""This isthe power of the absolute magnetic field?  " Waving his hand to scatter the chaotic beams of light around him, Yin Yuetian looked at Tersa who was walking over and said: "An energy that can control all magnetic fields and magnetic field-like energy, and has absolute rules for magnetic fields?  " Tersa nodded: "Yes, when the seal of Immovable Pluto is completely opened, you will not only open up all the emotions, but also be able to completely evolve the origin of murder into the energy of six pairs of chromosome recombination, and the name of this energy is 'Absolute  The power of the magnetic field'.  " "You seem to be right.  "Yin Yuetian played with the two black and white flame-shaped mist floating in the sky with a confused expression: "The black one can cut the magnetic field; the white one can fix the magnetic field.  And I" He looked up at the sky, then looked around: "I can clearly see all the existing magnetic fields.  "In his eyes, all the invisible magnetic fields in the past became as clear as obvious lines, and they could fluctuate as he fiddled with his fingers. Tersa nodded vigorously and pointed to the sky above the sky tree, which was aimed at the ground  The rapidly expanding black hole: "That is the portal to another space connecting the Sixteen Hells of Death.  Sopuhaya and the perfect immortal body, as well as your father, friends, family, and lover, all plans, all sacrifices, the final explanation of everything from beginning to end is there!  Now you have the ability to cut through the magnetic field that blocks the two worlds. What you need to do is to open the portal to another space when it is large enough.  The mutually interfering magnetic fields are cut open, and then your girlfriend Zhou Xiangyu will push this sky city to the hell of sixteen deaths!  "    "So simple?  "Huanghuang's emotions, like fire from heaven descending and fire from earth, are constantly impacting Yin Yuetian's heart, which makes his brain extremely confused. "Simple!  ?  "Looking at the expanding black hole, Tersa shouted hysterically: "Countless people died just to delay the world until all the hidden forces appeared!  Your friend Delvin used his life to prevent the entry into Hell of Sixteen Deaths!  Your father, John Kaufman, used his life to break the foundation of the Sky Tree!  Your family uses their lives to expand this different space portal to the point where they can pass through the Sky City!  All these interpretations, all these interpretations, don¡¯t you understand?  ?  What we need now is your power!  If you cannot cut through the mixed magnetic field on the different space portal, the city in the sky, which itself continuously diffuses magnetic field energy and changes the surrounding illusion, will not be able to pass through that portal!  All interlocking arrangements, all sacrifices and deaths will become meaningless!  You now" She cried and yelled: "??Don¡¯t you understand yet?  " "I seem tounderstand.  "Yin Yuetian's expression changed instantly. "When you understand, hurry over!  !  !  !  "Yin Yue Tian nodded, and took one step forward, covering a distance of several kilometers. Behind him were Zhou Xiangyu Jessica, the unconscious Song Tian'er, and hundreds of remaining human warriors.  Zhou Xiangyu said excitedly: "Youare finally here!  "    "yes.  "Yin Yuetian turned around and smiled at her, but for some reason, tears fell down unconsciously. Jessica looked at the sky and said in a hoarse voice: "It's almost, in one minute at most, that different space portal will open.  Finalize.  " "One minute?  enough.  "Yin Yuetian said calmly: "Since you are here, please show up.  "    "What?  " Zhou Xiangyu and others looked around, but saw no one. " There are people with such senses among humans who can detect the existence of this general Yes, Yin Yuetian.  "A loud voice sounded, and a man in black armor walked out from behind the sky tree. He looked similar to an ordinary violent monster. He was wearing heavy armor and holding a giant sword, but the giant sword in his hand was not that kind.  It was made of pure black metal, but a sharp sword shining with golden luster. Yin Yuetian said to Jessica: "Take Tian'er and these people away, and Xiangyu will make preparations.  "    "good!  "The two women nodded vigorously, beckoning everyone to evacuate quickly. With Zhou Xiangyu's power, it probably wouldn't even take a minute for everyone to stand on a huge platform and then hold the platform away, and this minute is enough.  Having done a lot of things, Yin Yue Tian said: ¡°Who are you?  " The black-armored man said: "Sixteen dead hell generals, a clan of violently injured monsters, Zhan Tian!  " "Zhan Tian?"  What a meaningless name.  "Yin Yue Tian glanced at the top of his head: "I will give you ten seconds to leave your last words, and then your body will be sent to the Sixteen Death Hell together with this sky city.  "    "ha!  Zhan Tian smiled arrogantly: "You are so confident!"  You don't even have the energy in your body, yet you dare to say you can defeat this general?  " "Ten seconds are up.  "The energy in Yin Yuetian's body is indeed difficult to feel now, because his energy is originally a magnetic field, and the City in the Sky is a place with a very chaotic magnetic field. It is naturally difficult to detect water droplets falling into the water.  As he spoke, he took a step back. However, with this step, his whole body disappeared from Zhan Tian's eyes instantly! "What" Zhan Tian was so shocked that he immediately clenched his sword in a defensive posture: "What?  meeting?  Moving at such high speed that I can't see clearly?  "    "you are wrong.  "Yin Yuetian's voice came to his ears, but when he turned around, he couldn't see anything. The voice seemed to come from all directions, and it seemed like it was just a whisper against his ear. "It's not a high-speed movement, but a high-speed movement.  Simple immovable Pluto.  "Yin Yue Tian's voice was calm: "Die, Thorn.  " As soon as he finished speaking, Zhan Tian's upper body and chest suddenly thrust forward! He looked down in disbelief, and saw a silver-white long sword protruding from his chest. " How is this possible My armor I  The defense and recovery power" "The sword destroys the body, and the energy on the sword destroys the soul. The defense and recovery power are not worth mentioning in front of my current strength.  "Yin Yue Tian appeared from behind him and pulled out the sword. Zhan Tian's corpse fell to the ground, and his tyrannical strength died without even causing a trace of waves. "Fudo Pluto is indeed so powerful. Back then, Yin Yue Tian and the third  When Reyes, the Immovable King of Pluto, met, he was frightened by his invisibility-like ability, wasn't he? Looking up at the sky, the alien space portal in the sky was like a huge black hole, blocking out the sky and floating in the city in the sky.  In the sky, the shape fluctuations stopped and became stable. When Yin Yuetian turned around, the two evil killing demons who were in charge of the formation were looking at him with a frightened look, but he did not kill them.  Yuetian turned the memory metal in his hand into a longer and wider sword. He held the sword high, and in his eyes, the film-like chaotic magnetic field attached to the portal clearly fell on his face.  , revealing the sorrow and prayer for the past, as well as the longing and expectation for the future. ¡°The future of mankind begins from this moment.  " He said softly,The long sword was already covered with a thick layer of flame-like black mist that could not be broken away.  "Cut." With just one word, the thousands-meter-long arc-shaped sword light swung out by the long sword resounded throughout the world, and the black energy slash fell on the huge black hole and immediately made a sizzling sound!  On the surface, it seems that the different space portal has always remained the same, but in fact, in Yin Yuetian's eyes, the thick and chaotic magnetic field has been cut open by himself with one blow!  Then, a flaming white mist ignited above the middle index finger of his left hand, and as he moved upwards, it turned into an ordinary grape-sized energy bomb and hit the portal to another space that was eyeing thousands of miles in the sky!  "Single." One word conveys the true meaning. In just one click, in Yin Yue Tian's eyes, the white mist is like a drop of paint falling into the water, quickly melting on top of the black hole, and will be cut open and repaired again.  The magnetic field is completely stationary.  Therefore, the barriers blocking the advancement of Sky City also completely disappeared at this moment.  Yin Yue Tian smiled coldly and his figure suddenly disappeared.  When he reappeared, he was already below the Sky City, and Zhou Xiangyu was already at the very tip of the inverted mountain-like bottom of the Sky City: "Is it okay?" "It's okay." "I can definitely push it!!!" Zhou  Xiangyu shouted, with a look of fanaticism in his eyes, and at the same time, the pair of immature arms began to exert force crazily, pushing the Thousand Miles City upward very violently!  Apart from her, only Xu Xiangyan can push forward this city.  With the movement, large chunks of boulders fell, and Yin Yue Tian flew beside Zhou Xiangyu, considerately helping her break all the falling rocks.  The City in the Sky is getting closer to the different space portal, and Sopuhaya and Lester inside are looking at each other and smiling.  Sopuhaya said: "The chess game between us seems to be endless." He pointed to the chess game on the ground.  Lester smiled and said: "It's done, isn't it? Congratulations, my father." He took out a dagger from the ring and pointed it at his heart: "I failed, and there is no point in living anymore, father  , All the things I have done, no matter whether they are right or wrong, I will repent for my actions in hell. Farewell." As he said that, he stabbed the dagger into his chest!  Although he has become an evil spirit in his heart, his body is still a human body.  The corpse fell to the ground, and Sopuhaya shed tears. She calmly pulled out the dagger from his chest and murmured: "No, the son will suffer the consequences of the father. My child, let me accompany you to repent in hell"  ¡± The dagger pierces the heart.     ¡­¡­    Three years later.  On the Caribbean Sea.  A small yacht is drifting on the sea, and even its owner may not know where it will drift.  In the open space at the front of the yacht, three pretty girls were lying on the blanket taking a sunbath. They were all wearing only a pair of shorts, and their upper bodies were completely bathed in the sun.  The whispers seemed to be chatting about something, but no one knew.  I don¡¯t know how long it took, the sea water broke through the layers of ripples, and the handsome mixed-race young man floated up from the ripples. He didn¡¯t stop completely until his feet stepped on the sea.  ?Silver hair, black eyes, white skin.  This mixed-race young man stepped on the waves of the sea and jumped onto the yacht.  One of the girls turned back lazily: "Did you find it?" "No." The young man smiled, and the smile on the corner of his mouth came from the bottom of his heart.  Of course, so is the disappointment in his eyes.  With a slight shock, all the water columns on his body were shaken away from his body and fell on the girls, making them squeal.  He smiled faintly and sat down leaning on the railing, showing a trace of confusion: "Is the life-returning stone of Atlantis really just a legend? What should I do next" "Hee." One of the girls  He smiled and said: "Yelic just sent a message. He has found a good thing. I guarantee that you will jump up with joy after hearing it." "Oh?" The young man became interested: "What is it?" The girl was proud.  Said: "I will tell you if you agree to my conditions." The young man was helpless: "What conditions." "We want to play 4P tonight!" "" The young man shrugged: "Okay." "Yeah!" The girls celebrated happily  stand up.  One of the shy and blushing girls whispered: "Yelich said that he found a way to use the Burning Lamp of Life, and that after every three people are resurrected, they can use it again after five years.""Great!" The young man clenched his fists vigorously, and the joy on his face could no longer be suppressed.  The girl said: "Be the first to be resurrectedDad." "Him?" The young man curled his lips: "Let him lie underground for a hundred more years! Take a breakthat bastard."  "Alfred  ?Kuffman, my favorite son, when you read this letter, I will be dead. (Look, since I am dead, you can follow my wishes and change your name to Alfred  Damn it, I always think this name is very nice) "Hahahaha! Don't be sad, don't remember me, I died for the human race!" "I won't say any more.  "In addition to taking care of your sister, um did you see the box next to it?"  If you are alive and the store is still there, you can repay it for methe father's debt must be paid by the son." "In addition, you go to France to find a woman named 'Rebeca Constantine' and help me take care of her.  She is my lover" "There is also a female professor at Columbia University, 'Lisette Zira', who is also my lover. Please take good care of her." "There is also the boss of a large clothing group in Nanchang, China.  The girl named Zhang Qing is also my lover, but she will definitely reject your idea of ??taking care of her, so just leave her some money, just a few hundred million." "And" "Well, a total of ten.  Seven women, it¡¯s a pity that none of them gave birth to me a child, otherwise I would have been full of descendants, haha!¡± ¡°By the way, they have been using my blood to maintain their youthful appearance all these years, and now I am dead.  Now, just leave more blood for them, remember to leave enough for twenty years, so you only need to find them once every twenty years. " "Well, above all." "I love you, your father, John?  Kaufman. " "Another: I have already decided on your child's name. The boy will be called John D. Kaufman Jr., D means Doubanga; the girl will be named Josephine D.  Kaufman, Josephine is the name of my favorite woman, isn¡¯t it? You see how much your father cares about you.
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