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Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Ancient Supreme Chapter 2985 The Awakening of the Overlord Body LiangChuXianCh 21638K 24-07-18 serializing
game invasion era Text Chapter 721 Murder in the City DuZuoChouCheng 7569K 24-07-18 serializing
The strongest time traveler Text Chapter 980 Telling Stories with Lu Jiao LuoBaDao 12594K 24-07-18 serializing
Back to the 21st century Golden Age 23 Gadgets kl3300 1463K 24-07-18 serializing
Dragon rises from Nanyang Text Chapter 1003 Victory LiuLeiDeYuwyj 13535K 24-07-18 serializing
red director Volume 2: The Turbulent Years Chapter 423: The M HeiSeDeChanChe 3743K 24-07-18 serializing
Xian Cun Volume 1 Tianxuan Sect Handyman Chapter 50 Meeti QingShuiXiaoKe 469K 24-07-18 serializing
Infinite fear that I am a devil Text 082 The increasingly chaotic situation TianBuSha 716K 24-07-18 serializing
fox sword Volume 1 The Chaos of Da Qi Section 19 Martial S NaXian 199K 24-07-18 serializing
The birth of an entertainment empire Volume 2 Chapter 158 Influence YuLe 2108K 24-07-18 serializing
The Unparalleled Ship Princess of a Certain Sea Fo Volume 2: Beiyang Nanyang 007: Shield of Sol 92HeDanNiang 660K 24-07-18 serializing
Throne of All Nations Text Chapter 1,632: Throne of All Races (Grand F HongMengShu 13883K 24-07-18 serializing
Super Electronic Empire Volume 1 Final Thoughts QianNianJingSh 12197K 24-07-18 serializing
Martial God training system Volume 7 The Legend of the Condor Heroes Chapter WuDaoChengShen 3134K 24-07-18 serializing
Mo Lian Xian Yuan Lu Text Chapter 221: Director Zhang is in embarrass GuMuFaNian 2186K 24-07-18 serializing
Global League of Legends Attack of the League of Legends Chapter 78 Dual- MoDaoDiZi 5291K 24-07-18 serializing
Big corpse brother Volume One: Doomsday Scenes Chapter 512 Finale ShaoLi 3619K 24-07-18 serializing
bode big world Coming Through Time Travel Chapter 991 Returning HaiLaSiTeHeiPa 8867K 24-07-18 serializing
Apocalyptic Black Swordsman dragon!  dragon!  dragon!  Chapter 393: Saving the Los DongFangChu 3081K 24-07-18 serializing
Become a rich man in the United States Text Epilogue JiaWu 5114K 24-07-18 serializing
star energy century Text Chapter 152 Outline Thunderbolt Scissors (F YuGuiZhuiTu 1158K 24-07-18 serializing
God-level genius Text Chapter 909 The legendary final speech WeiYuJianXiao 8642K 24-07-18 serializing
Across the world of martial arts Volume 2 Chapter 544 Finale (4) TianXiaSheiRen 3902K 24-07-18 serializing
The best mad fairy Text Chapter 326 The Return of the Mad Immortal YiYanShengSiYu 2610K 24-07-18 serializing
Song private detective Text Chapter 1456 Ending GongZiLingYi 8526K 24-07-18 serializing
A Happy Journey to the World of Martial Arts Final Volume—Holy Way Chapter 4 Cause and Effec WeiXiaoAWeiXia 9860K 24-07-18 serializing
It s all the fault of the underworld Volume 1. After finishing this book, let’s take WuBanXian 4566K 24-07-18 serializing
Immortal Dharma King Volume 1 Chapter 215 The Second Star! XiaoShiShui 1785K 24-07-18 serializing
Angrily trampling the sky Text Chapter 76 The mysterious call NuXingTian 653K 24-07-18 serializing
Memorial to the Great Devil Volume 1 Chapter 140 Space Treasure HuanLe 1309K 24-07-18 serializing
Adventures in the martial arts world Volume 2 The Condor Shooting Chapter 30 Contest ZiYiJiaoZhu 240K 24-07-18 serializing
Infinity pierced by a spear Episode 1 Biochemical Entry Chapter 7 Ada Wang BuJiBenFangDeG 80K 24-07-18 serializing
Miao border affairs Volume 1: Age of Hungry Finale: lips are soft an NaMoJiaShaLiKe 9925K 24-07-18 serializing
Monster crossing Volume 1 I am a ferocious beast Chapter 2 Crisis DeGuaDaShu 179K 24-07-18 serializing
Invincible Yaozun Text Chapter 1029 Yaozun (Final Finale) DunRouDaGuoCai 8734K 24-07-18 serializing
Rebirth of the Second Empire Volume 2: Growth, Epilogue, Reincarnation YouLingQiuYue 7384K 24-07-18 serializing
Fear comes Text Chapter 418 Lotus LingMeng 5958K 24-07-18 serializing
Iron-Blooded War Text Chapter 365: Battle between vassals and tow FengZhongDeShi 3443K 24-07-18 serializing
Text Chapter 213: Hurt my woman, die! 1769K 24-07-18 serializing
The female CEO’s divine bodyguard Text Chapter 0744 [Shadow] MeiGanCaiShaoB 5576K 24-07-18 serializing
The Elder Scrolls Sons of Skyrim Rich Chapter 96 Revenge YueXiaFeiTianS 1188K 24-07-18 serializing
The Legend of Lich Cultivating Immortality Volume 10: Fuyang Inner Sect, One Thousand and F TianTangZhiSho 7254K 24-07-18 serializing
door of creation The new book "Immortal Mortals" has been released EShiLaoWu 14615K 24-07-18 serializing
God-level minion of Warcraft True Three Volume 5: Passing through the world 0224: Epilog ZuoYeYouYou 2962K 24-07-18 serializing
Lingding Text Side Story 3: The water spirit rains down! XinSuiMengSaiQ 24881K 24-07-18 serializing
The emperor comes to the nine heavens Volume 2: Troubles in the Imperial City Chapter KongShen 12865K 24-07-18 serializing
The sage of Confucianism and Taoism New book "The Life Hunter" released YongHengZhiHuo 24751K 24-07-18 serializing
glory under the crown Chapter 96 The Seventh Horcrux (Part 1) GuangTouJiTa 1809K 24-07-17 serializing
Overlord of the Seven Seas Volume 1: Sail Chapter 116: The God of War Etern ZhengQiDan 4465K 24-07-17 serializing
Arcane Reborn Volume 2: "Legend of Science and Demon Scholar" 99 LaoSao 1815K 24-07-17 serializing
Longevity Muyunlu Volume 1 Qing Ping Mo Chapter 70 DongYangWu 873K 24-07-17 serializing
God-level villain Swordsman target=_blank Chapter 29 The last word YeShanHeiZhu 18097K 24-07-17 serializing
The door to my plane Text 142 Why should I help you? BiLanDeShiJie 929K 24-07-17 serializing
The monastic career of a modern heavenly master Volume 4: Demon Valley Spirit Valley Chapter 107 ChangSunYuZhe 7988K 24-07-17 serializing
Heroes and Dungeons The Happy Life of a Great Martial Arts Chapter 6 ShiYuGeGe 6320K 24-07-17 serializing
The return of the mage Text Chapter 334 Meeting between the two parties ChaoJiChen 2840K 24-07-17 serializing
The God of Desolation Volume 1 Luofu 【0035】The hatred of childhood YunShaoQing 265K 24-07-17 serializing
Arms gangsters in another world Text I'm back, and I won't let you down this time! LieRiYaoJiaoYa 1122K 24-07-17 serializing
Strange business path Volume 1 Chapter 533 The Future (Finale) YeShen 5109K 24-07-17 serializing
Gods and Demons Text Chapter 1,374 Canonization (Finale) JiuDangJia 13011K 24-07-17 serializing
God of calligraphy Text Chapter 269 The Unhappy Divine Book SheHu 2400K 24-07-17 serializing
Crazy defeat system Volume 1: Seeking Defeat Chapter 211: Half a Dre XinShi 3203K 24-07-17 serializing
I am the villain in the movie Volume Three: The Great Evil in "The Dragon King LaNanDeLaoShu 3801K 24-07-17 serializing
twenty-four little corpses Volume 6: Famous in the World Chapter 799: Three LaoGao 7973K 24-07-17 serializing
The fantasy life of the British manor owner Text Chapter 195: Refinement MoRiZhanShen 3204K 24-07-17 serializing
The richest man in the world of immortality Text 232 Dream Demon Continent ZuiAiNiDeYan 1603K 24-07-17 serializing
The strongest star Small Achievements Chapter 273: Not being a big XiWoNianHua 1889K 24-07-17 serializing
The Glory of the Song Dynasty Volume 1: The country breaks through the mountai YuLouHanChen 3271K 24-07-17 serializing
adventure city Volume One Adventure at Work Chapter 314 The Exp ChuanGuoGongCh 2844K 24-07-17 serializing
tahoe Volume 1 Kunyu Chapter Fan: The World Without Me MoJiShuChong 15641K 24-07-17 serializing
I walk alone in the world Volume 2: The Storm of Bashu Final Chapter See Y XinZhiYiJian 9350K 24-07-17 serializing
Haunting Volume One Chapter 105 The Army Heads West QingShiJinChen 4704K 24-07-17 serializing
Rebirth of the Divine Condor: Yang Guo Text Chapter 284 Qingyu YouBianWuHu 2100K 24-07-17 serializing
Kung Fu Doctor Text Chapter 1446 The Sword Emperor arrives in p TianXiaQingKon 12636K 24-07-17 serializing
Rebirth of Zongheng Entertainment Circle Volume Three: A Big Storm in the Music World, Ch KuaXiaShaQiZon 2370K 24-07-17 serializing
Extraordinary twins Straight to the bottom 1066 The imperial city ca ShouXianMo 11416K 24-07-17 serializing
Duqing Volume 2: Blue strands on the road to open up th MeiLaHuangChao 10278K 24-07-17 serializing
Star Martial Arts Frenzy Text Chapter 0502 Finale HuaTong 7059K 24-07-17 serializing
I am the king at the end of Sui Dynasty Volume 1 Chapter 616 Finale WuLaoLang 9655K 24-07-17 serializing
The infinite terror of one person Volume 5 - Legend of Gods and Ghosts?  Finale Afte Seraphim 4364K 24-07-17 serializing
bright sun and moon Chapter 705 Various Resolutions BaiLunSanRen 6028K 24-07-17 serializing
Chinese evil dragon Text Chapter 526: One wave comes after another LFengSuoWoYiSh 2475K 24-07-17 serializing
Choosing Tian Ji Text Postscript MaoNi 9794K 24-07-17 serializing
Xiao Ming Text Chapter 609 Epilogue-----Sunset on the silv ZhiHuaChuan 5886K 24-07-17 serializing
Galactic Lich Text Chapter 391 The New World QingZhongLiuSh 3950K 24-07-17 serializing
The first ancestor in history 1.Kang Nanhua BaYueFeiYing 15117K 24-07-17 serializing
Mage s Eye Text Chapter 145: Strong man, please stay! ErDouXianYu 1182K 24-07-17 serializing
big monkey Chapter 802: A new era JiaYuBuShiGui 7668K 24-07-17 serializing
Throne of All Realms Text Chapter 1,758 Entering the Cave QiYueHuo 13503K 24-07-17 serializing
Infinite Chinese Drama Space A Better Tomorrow 3 Chapter 63 The Origin of the JiaXianDaXian 617K 24-07-17 serializing
Blow up the planet Volume 1 Galaxy Roar Chapter 684 Supreme Qin Pen FengShaoYu 6276K 24-07-17 serializing
fantasy world breeder Volume Three: Earth's Changes and "The Matrix" Chap XuHuanManBu 5317K 24-07-17 serializing
Mr. Yin Yang Volume 1: The Old Corpse of the Mountain Village WuJiu 5848K 24-07-17 serializing
Peerless war ancestor Text Chapter 1244 Qingtian War Ancestor YunLaXingChen 10846K 24-07-17 serializing
Great Tower Defense Era Text Chapter 085: Heavy Artillery Sniper WenMangGe 627K 24-07-17 serializing
Zero Realm Apostle Text Chapter 86 (Part 2) Summoning the Army MoYou 2199K 24-07-17 serializing
prehistoric time Text Chapter 549 Three Thousand Avenues All Retu JingMoJieZou 6297K 24-07-17 serializing
Tricky people Text Extra (Zhao Chuxi): The most ordinary life. GuanZhongLaoRe 11709K 24-07-16 serializing
god of entertainment Volume One: Emerging (Revised Volume) Chapter 10 QingChunZhengT 638K 24-07-16 serializing
Electric tyrant Text Chapter 389: I can’t help myself HanZhen 5131K 24-07-16 serializing