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Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Deep Space Main Text Chapter 458 Correcting the Track of He admin 10196K 23-08-09 serializing
King of Myriad Forms Text Chapter 962: Meeting Qin Yi Tian Can Tu Do 6581K 23-08-09 serializing
I am not a savage Text Chapter Thirty-five: Ono Hoshidru Jie and 2 2624K 23-08-10 serializing
Demon Arrival Text Asking for a day off, I need to think about Pure Little Dr 6308K 23-08-10 serializing
Futian Clan Text Chapter 2189 Chaos Realm Pure Traceless 20004K 23-08-10 serializing
This is not entertainment Main Text Chapter 232 Repaying Him with His Way Sleeping will 1639K 23-08-10 serializing
Extraordinary Tales of Immortality Starting at Ca Text Volume The new book "Lord of the Immortals" h The Truly Fool 4471K 23-08-10 serializing
Rebirth requires being tough on oneself Text Chapter 229: I’m Just an Ordinary Person ( Inflate a Larg 4442K 23-08-10 serializing
This Northern Song period is a bit unusual Text Volume The new book "The Joyful Man from Blu Xiang Yan 2849K 23-08-10 serializing
Greed Island: Infinite Nightmares Text Chapter 1 The first day (1) North Rain Nes 1294K 23-08-10 serializing
Returned from Nine Hundred Levels Main Text Chapter 473 Adding a Touch 3289K 23-08-10 serializing
Starting from the Embroidered Uniform Guards Slay Text Sorry, I can't hold it anymore A Sleeve of Mo 541K 23-08-10 serializing
Peerless Grand Immortal Sovereign Main Text Chapter 39 Uneven Road Xiao Shengyue 257K 23-08-10 serializing
Crimson Scroll of Chu Text Chapter Sixty-ninth Prison of the Ministry Old Cat Nine 443K 23-08-10 serializing
Under the Snowy Night Brandishing the Sword to Sh Text Chapter 50: Storyteller Lonesome Unend 1257K 23-08-10 serializing
Spiritual Energy Resurgence I Cultivate Immortali Text Chapter 799 One Word is a 4836K 23-08-10 serializing
Imperial Pronoun Text 239【Team training】 Wang Zijun 6798K 23-08-11 serializing
Unscientific Beast Tamer Main Text Chapter 159: Strength of Jiuli Form Gentle Spring 4596K 23-08-11 serializing
I can extract rewards while playing games Text Testimonials Day of the Roo 1566K 23-08-10 serializing
Foggy City Detective Text Chapter 202: Cool (3) Shrimp Writing 4735K 23-08-11 serializing
Immortal Fox Text 45. Unnatural Creatures Foundation Wandering Frog 2335K 23-08-10 serializing
Sparrow Pavilion 1 Text 153 Pregnant Taibo's Merit 1043K 23-08-10 serializing
Apocalyptic Rats Text 1033 You are poisonous! The Tenth Name 8601K 23-08-11 serializing
Master times have changed Text A new book has been published, titled "I Hav Full Metal She 2073K 23-08-10 serializing
When youthful fantasies come to life Text The new book "The Neighbor Is Very Cute Toda Kissing Pigs a 1261K 23-08-10 serializing
Starting From Zero: The Elf Text Chapter 300 Yellow Crystal and Crisis Very Cute and 2614K 23-08-11 serializing
Add one more Im not too good at playing Main text Final chapter: How much do you remembe Grove Street B 3695K 23-08-11 serializing
Ive returned from the starry sea Text Chapter 252 In Mai Country (11) Sink into the 2839K 23-08-11 serializing
White Snake Asks the Heavens Text Chapter 139 The Butterfly Effect, Nine-Tail Moonlight Pavi 1040K 23-08-11 serializing
Traversing the Paths Across the Realms Text The new book is here!  ! New Moon Over 3644K 23-08-11 serializing
Ive Become a Faded Legend in the Martial World Text Chapter 217: Transformation into a Dragon C Traveling Acro 1521K 23-08-11 serializing
Eternal Prosperity of the Great Qian Text Chapter 1188: Nie Yuan (Part 2) Xiao Shu 8677K 23-08-12 serializing
I am a god Text Chapter Eleven: Gods and Temples Blowing Wind T 4473K 23-08-12 serializing
This forward comes from China Body 043 "Chinese Derby" (4) Xiao Liu's Draw 304K 23-08-11 serializing
Dont try to deceive me into becoming the top play Volume 63 Chapter 63 Don't you feel ashamed? Da Chuan 01 402K 23-08-11 serializing
I Am Truly Invincible in the Apocalypse Text The 39th Liang Clan Meeting (Part 2) Hehe and I 221K 23-08-12 serializing
World of Divine Sins Text Chapter 55: Blood Diamond Heist (11) Clear Gun 432K 23-08-12 serializing
Flow King of Hua Entertainment Main Text Chapter 254 The car is fas 2607K 23-08-12 serializing
The Mysterious Revival Starting from Hong Kong Var Text Chapter 288 She is Coming FeiTong XiaoKe 1931K 23-08-12 serializing
While others practice martial arts you cultivate Text Chapter 0079 Foreign Aid Water Moon Azu 495K 23-08-12 serializing
This humble Daoist really doesnt want to pursue w Text The new book "I have a page to change my lif Master of June 2582K 23-08-12 serializing
Passing through the demonic barrier and slaying fi Text Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five Onlooker No.1 1762K 23-08-12 serializing
We live in Nanjing Text The physical book is officially on sale! Tianrui speaks 1029K 23-08-12 serializing
Reborn in 1999  Unleashing the Era of Black Techno Chapter 1092 This is the pattern Red Sugar Ferm 7403K 23-08-12 serializing
The Druid Master of Hogwarts Text Ahahahaha~ new book is coming~ Reading books 4942K 23-08-12 serializing
The Barbarians Demon-Hunting Daily Life Bow down to life Cycling Crutch 1300K 23-08-12 serializing
Starting out as the leader of a theater troupe Main Text Chapter 47 Oiran Election Seeking from B 164K 23-08-12 serializing
The long night will soon dawn Text Volume Chapter 43: In the Arms of the Trans Returning in t 280K 23-08-12 serializing
The Great Ditch King Arrives Seeking Welfare for Text Chapter 22 Master, Don't Laugh Master of the 144K 23-08-12 serializing
He Comes from Beyond Main Text Chapter 52: The Investigation Begins Ink Sorrow 358K 23-08-12 serializing
Unable to cultivate immortality I can only cultiv Text The new book has been released! Xia Shuqin 3260K 23-08-12 serializing
My Game Sweeps Across the Universe Text The new book has been released! You forced me 1288K 23-08-12 serializing
Starting Character Template Text Chapter 8 Avenger Shuncen SC 1457K 23-08-12 serializing
My Secretary is a Fox Demon. Text End of this speech Divine Journey 2423K 23-08-12 serializing
Chronicles of Immortals Spirits and Demons Text Chapter 147: Hanging Zhu Yan...with Hunyuan Purple Star Em 837K 23-08-12 serializing
Huayu 1997 Text The audio drama of this book is launched in A little chubb 4909K 23-08-12 serializing
My skin is invincible Chapter 1234 Hurry up and report HanYeShengHua 7309K 23-08-15 serializing
God level trainer Chapter 422 Discussion ChenShiNanNian 2806K 23-08-15 serializing
Lin Yuan Xing Chapter 891 Mr. Shui Jing's Conspiracy ZhaiZhu 6819K 23-08-15 serializing
The strongest Shenhao system Humiliation incident XiaoZhaiZhu 2121K 23-08-15 serializing
The Story of the Shepherd Read the full text for f Chapter 1808 Return to Zero ZhaiZhu 12772K 23-08-15 serializing
Shepherds Chapter 1299 Masculinity (third!) ZhaiZhu 12750K 23-08-15 serializing
Unique in the world Chapter 472 The primordial spirit is reborn and ZhaiZhu 6428K 23-08-15 serializing
Supreme Humanity Chapter 1465 This hatred is endless, running out ZhaiZhu 9044K 23-08-15 serializing
Rebirth Westward Journey Chapter 131: Yi Xi Rejoices, Zhuang Zhou Rejoice ZhaiZhu 2950K 23-08-15 serializing
barbarian throne Chapter 268: Be Myself Back ZhaiZhu 2188K 23-08-15 serializing
Outlaws of the Marsh Chapter 59 White Hair and Double Eyes ZhaiZhu 786K 23-08-15 serializing
Myth alone Chapter 136 Exotic Scene HuaXinJiuSe 1182K 23-08-15 serializing
Journey to the West: I am Tang Seng s father Chapter 1197 MoYe001 7808K 23-08-15 serializing
interstellar miner Chapter 858 Gecko Tail MengLiShangHua 6311K 23-08-15 serializing
The ultimate anti-day cultivation system Chapter 558: The Chrysanthemum Has Been Develope DaShanDeXiaoJi 3982K 23-08-15 serializing
Holy Old Emperor Chapter 552 Reversal of Reincarnation YaoTian 3497K 23-08-14 serializing
The beginning of reincarnation Chapter 441: Zhou Yu's Knowledge of Liu Ying QingShiDaPeng 6589K 23-08-15 serializing
My disciple is Sun Wukong Chapter 341 It Must Be a Conspiracy ZhouQiLin 4354K 23-08-15 serializing
Song s Peak Legion Chapter 31 XiMoYa 274K 23-08-15 serializing
Qimen Little Miracle Doctor Chapter 2273 Action BuXiangZuoMeiG 15263K 23-08-15 serializing
Miraculous doctor poison concubine black belly bab Chapter 2293 Break his dog legs! MuYiYi 15416K 23-08-15 serializing
My family is all overlords Chapter 902 Action! BeiDaoZhiYao 4930K 23-08-15 serializing
Fresh and tender wife: Uncle  don t worry Chapter 1422: One for one ZongQi 9061K 23-08-15 serializing
Da Bong beats up people Extra Story 3 Celebration Banquet MaiBaoXiaoLang 6533K 23-08-15 serializing
Mistress  please respect yourself Chapter 2772 Scary blind man! BuZui 16952K 23-08-17 serializing
Daily life of the noble girl who wears books Chapter 1125 Zhang Fu'er's Distress JiangShangYu 6837K 23-08-17 serializing
Shinto Dandi Chapter 3292 Train Ye Chen MoYang 19057K 23-08-15 serializing
A few words of ABO Chapter Forty-Five BingKuaiEr 405K 23-08-15 serializing
Tong Xiaoman Ou Zeye Chapter 800 HuaMuLan 4452K 23-08-15 serializing
This swordsman is a bit fierce Chapter 910 Almost Missed... WanShangBuHaoB 5589K 23-08-17 serializing
If you tease me again  you will die [quick wear] I became the head waiter 07 ChaoBei 1778K 23-08-17 serializing
lord of inferno Chapter 825 Heart of Nature WoShiXiaHunDe 6605K 23-08-17 serializing
chief press officer Extra Story: Families with children grow up earl YeHuoHuo 5475K 23-08-17 serializing
door-to-door son-in-law Chapter 2513 XieGongZi 18433K 23-08-17 serializing
Naruto strong system Chapter 1707 Subdue the little scorpion XiangDangMianB 8142K 23-08-17 serializing
Fangcun Kill Chapter 525 Breaking into reincarnation! Wandering Illu 3105K 23-08-17 serializing
doom cockroach Chapter 2195 centrifugal WeiAnZhangLang 17830K 23-08-17 serializing
Seventy Lucky Little Wife Chapter 1868 Two years no see LuXiaoYu 5509K 23-08-17 serializing
Rebirth Blessed Wife and Little Miracle Doctor Chapter 1244 Is it either of bad character or ba LinXi 7224K 23-08-17 serializing
I am the crown prince The new book "Three Thousand Dao Tribulations" was HuangHeLaRiYua 6221K 23-08-17 serializing
Fantasia: Sign in at the beginning of the game Chapter 557 Get Rich YuHuaLong 2817K 23-08-17 serializing
Conferred God: Beginning Saint Experience Card Chapter 194 Yuantu Abi!  Kill God for nothing! JiXiangXiaoZhu 1462K 23-08-17 serializing
God class takeaway brother Chapter 738 You may have misunderstood simplicit MoYan 5929K 23-08-19 serializing
Reborn Ace Wife: Paranoid Master Bo flirts wantonl Chapter 43 If I play her badly JinSeLi 8657K 23-08-18 serializing