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Text Chapter 651 The Fifth Lamp (Part 2)

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    "Keng!" A ball of sword light suddenly lit up behind Luo Shuihan, lighting up the dark night like a raging sky fire.

    Diao Xiaosi rushed up. His destiny talisman had been completely pushed back into his body by the chaotic black energy. His body was burning fiercely like a ball of brilliant rays of light, constantly squeezing, twisting and changing shape.

    Luo Shuihan felt the pressure on his body suddenly reduce, and the iron wall in front of him suddenly became loose.

    "Bang!" Diao Xiaosi raised his leg unceremoniously and kicked him in the butt again.

    The Yinghai Divine Spear suddenly straightened up, its momentum was like a rainbow, and it stabbed the Chaos Black Fire with the help of Luo Shuihan's forward momentum.

    In an instant, Luo Shuihan's body burned, just like Hou Yi in the ancient legend who bent his bow to shoot at the sun, facing the sun in the chaotic world!

    "Boom!" It felt like the tip of the gun had hit something, and there was a loud bang that lasted a long time.

    Luo Shuihan only felt a group of powerful black energy pouring into his face, and his mind instantly became dark.

    His body seemed to have exploded into countless tiny dust particles, merging into the surging black tide and becoming part of the chaos.

    Time no longer has meaning, a moment can be very long, or it can pass by in the blink of an eye.

    Space has also collapsed. Sometimes it is as small as a mustard seed, and sometimes it is vast and boundless.

    Is this what death feels like?

    At the last moment when Luo Shuihan lost consciousness, a calm and relieved smile appeared at the corner of his mouth

    However, in Diao Xiaosi¡¯s eyes, the situation was completely different.

    He clearly saw that the moment the Yinghai Divine Spear pierced the Chaos Black Fire, the black flame suddenly exploded and penetrated Luo Shuihan's body like thousands of arrows.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The chaotic void around us, is also turning upside down, constantly cracking and collapsing.

    The violent black energy shrank rapidly, surging in with Luo Shuihan as the center, and poured into the bodies of the two of them without any explanation.

    In comparison, Diao Xiaosi just suffered the disaster of Chiyu, and the chaotic essence absorbed in his body was less than 30% of Luo Shuihan's.

    Even so, his body also exploded strangely, and the immortal essence rolled like a violent wave and continued to merge with the influx of chaotic energy until water and milk merged into one body.

    The whole process happened in a flash of lightning. When he reacted, all the chaotic black energy was swept away and his body returned to normal, as if everything that had just happened was just an illusion.

    But Diao Xiaosi knew that this was definitely not an illusion. The best proof was that thousands of dark lines of chaos had inexplicably grown in his body.

    His eyes lit up and he saw himself suspended in the air. Not far away, Chu Weili and Yu Piao were standing in astonishment, while Luo Shuihan was right beside him.

    It turns out that Chu Weili was saved by Luo Shuihan at the risk of his own life, and he saw Diao Xiaosi rushing into the bloody mouth of the chaotic beast, and was about to desperately explode his immortal essence, when a sudden change occurred in front of him.

    With a deafening "boom" sound, the chaotic beast shrank incredibly suddenly and completely submerged into the bodies of Luo Shuihan and Diao Xiaosi in an instant.

    Yu Piao was also stunned for a moment, his dark eyes rolling around, as if he wanted to understand something.

    "Xiaosi, Brother Luo!" Chu Weili felt relieved when he saw that the two of them were safe and sound.

    "Keng!" Yu Piao suddenly pulled Shi Yin and jumped towards Luo Shuihan.

    The chaotic forest disappeared, and his cultivation was restored immediately, like a wild horse that had escaped from the reins and was no longer restrained by anything.

    Ten Silvers burst into the air and released an indestructible sword light, destroying everything within a ten-foot radius and turning it into ashes.

    Luo Shuihan woke up suddenly, like a baby who had just opened his sleepy eyes. His clear eyes without any impurities quietly stared at the chopped ten pieces of silver.

    Suddenly, a black chaotic lamp lit up in the depths of his eyes, and his gaze fell on the blade.

    As if the scene was reappearing, the sword light raging all over the sky suddenly became chaotic, like headless flies scurrying around and falling apart.

    Luo Shuihan stepped out of thin air and struck the Yinghai Divine Spear with ten silvers.

    "Law of Chaos!" Yu Piao was caught off guard. Shiyin bounced high and flew backwards. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his right hand was covered with shocking black hairsprings.

    He immediately took away the ten silver coins and shouted: "No more fighting!" He looked like a little naughty boy begging for mercy.

    Luo Shuihan stopped firing his gun and slowly let out a breath, noticing that a black chaotic magic lamp was looming on the spiritual platform and returned to silence.

    Diao Xiaosi couldn't help but feel annoyed when he saw that Yu Piao failed to steal the chicken but lost the rice and failed to injure Luo Shuihan. He made use of the topic and said: "You said you won't fight? Now that the fight has started, I have to decide when it will end.  Decision!" After saying this, he charged towards Yu Piao with the Kunwu Divine Sword.

      Unexpectedly, Luo Shuihan and Chu Weili had no reaction and stood aside and watched.

    Diao Xiaosi was stunned and scolded these two guys for being unloyal.

    Seeing that he was about to rush in front of Yu Piao alone, he suddenly put away the Kunwu Divine Sword, a bright smile appeared on his face, opened his arms and said: "Brothers have been through all the calamities, and we can forget our grudges with a smile when we meet again!"

    Yu Piao looked at Diao Xiaosi blankly and asked, "What are you doing? Don't you want to fight again?"

    Diao Xiaosi hugged Yu Piao and said earnestly: "The battle is over, let's raise a toast together!"

    So Yu Piao contributed his wine bag again, and Diao Xiaosi also showed a rare moment of generosity and took out his own treasure - a dried Feilian whip.

    Sometimes men are more interesting than women. As long as there is wine and sex, all the great grudges can be thrown away, and after three drinks, they can become brothers and sisters.

    Yu Piao completely gave up the idea of ??snatching the Great Wilderness Magic Lamp.  It's not that he didn't want to, but he chose to give up wisely.

    After having enough wine and food, the four of them did not break up and went to the Suzaku Hall to join Dongfang Qiming and others.

    Before leaving, Diao Xiaosi deliberately searched among the flowers, but unfortunately there was no trace of Hui Zhicheng, and he had already escaped.

    The cooked duck flew away, which made him very depressed.  Fortunately, the monk could not escape from the temple. For the five thousand gold, the worst he could do was kill the Xuanhai Sect and come to collect the debt. Even if Hui Zhicheng did not dare to show his face, it was only natural that the son should pay back the debt to the father.

    Diao Xiaosi knew the way and returned to the Suzaku Hall without much effort.

    A huge garden has been completely emptied in a few days, and all the exotic flowers, rare plants and precious trees have been transplanted to the fairy city.

    Chu Weili saw the King of the Immortal City from a distance and said in surprise: "Isn't this Hai Wuxie's Soul Sea Immortal City?"

    Diao Xiaosi said proudly: "Who said it belongs to Hai Wuxie? It's obviously mine."

    Luo Shuihan was surprised. He had fought against Hai Wuxie before. Although he successfully drove him away, the opponent's cultivation level was only slightly lower than his own.

    You must know that the Soul Sea Immortal City is Hai Wuxie's natal cave. It can be said that when the city is alive, people will be there, and when the city dies, people will die.

    So, Hai Wuxie is dead?

    Diao Xiaosi killed Hai Wuxie and occupied the Soul Sea Immortal City. This is really unbelievable.

    At this moment, several figures flew out from the fairy city. They were Peng Zixin, Yu Hong, Hou Xianjie and Liao Junqi.

    Dongfang Qiming didn¡¯t come out. He seemed to be stationed on the tower, always holding his wine gourd and not getting bored.

    "Brother Diao!" Peng Zixin smiled as brightly as a flower, flying over like a cheerful lark.

    Hou Xianjie was much more mature, and he couldn't help but be surprised when he saw Luo Shuihan, Chu Weili and Yu Piao behind Diao Xiaosi.

    He knew that Diao Xiaosi went to rescue Chu Weili, but he didn't expect to bring back Luo Shuihan and Yu Piao.

    ¡°One is a genius disciple who has gained fame and is known as the immortal disciple of Penglai Immortal Palace; the other is Marquis Jueyou¡¯s favorite youngest son, a **** boy with the blood of Kunpeng - this lineup is really eye-catching.

    After everyone met and exchanged greetings, Diao Xiaosi couldn't wait to drag everyone into the city and wander around to show off.

    "The next day, there was a sudden roar in the sky, and the blood-red clouds were billowing. Unexpectedly, thirty days had passed.

    "Buzz¡ª¡ª" The Heaven Token carried by everyone suddenly activated and flew into the air, disappearing into the depths of the turbulent clouds.

    Diao Xiaosi hurriedly put away the King of Immortal City, and saw a bright light shining in the clouds, and the formation gate opened.

    After a while, the clouds calmed down, and then silhouettes rose from all directions in the wind, passing through the formation gate and returning to the outside world.

    Diao Xiaosi perked up and called to everyone: "Let's go quickly, don't wait for the door to close!" He didn't want to stay in this damn place for a moment longer.

    When everyone passed through the formation gate, they felt a slight trance and were already in the sea of ??clouds above Huanggu City.

    The blood-red clouds all around rose and fell, dissipating like a tide, revealing the dark sky again.

    Diao Xiaosi found the direction of the inn and was about to land when he suddenly heard Peng Zixin calling softly from behind him: "Brother Diao!"

    Diao Xiaosi turned around in shock. Peng Zixin was standing in the clouds, staring at him and said, "I'm leaving."

    "Leave?" Diao Xiaosi said in surprise, feeling a trace of reluctance in his heart.

    Peng Zixin nodded lightly and said: "I want to return to the master as soon as possible and report what happened here to the master. There is also the bad news about senior brother Yu we also need to let the senior uncle know as soon as possible."

    Diao Xiaosi glanced at Hou Xianjie, Yu Hong and Liao Junqi and asked:??: "Will it be okay if you go back to the mountain alone?"

    Peng Zixin smiled brightly and replied: "We can go together for more than half of the way. When we enter Guyouzhou, there will be people from the master's sect to help us."

    She paused and lowered her voice: "Brother Diao, you killed Hai Wuxie and Hou Yuxuan in the Immortal Realm Ancient Formation, and you have created a lot of grudges. You must be more careful in the future."

    Diao Xiaosi smiled and said: "It's okay, I will run away if you can't beat me."

    Hou Xianjie and others couldn't help but be shocked when they heard this. It was obviously very shameful to flee without fighting, but what came out of Diao Xiaosi's mouth was actually very upright and upright.

    Peng Zixin didn't say anything, with an intoxicating smile on her pretty face. She suddenly jumped into Diao Xiaosi's arms and whispered in his ear: "I'll wait for you!"

    With the words still in her ears, she reluctantly pushed Diao Xiaosi away and flew westward as if she were running away.

    Diao Xiaosi was dumbfounded, watching Peng Zixin¡¯s beautiful silhouette disappear in the sea of ??clouds. He didn¡¯t even know how Hou Xianjie and others thanked her and said goodbye.

    It¡¯s like a feast has come to an end, and I feel a ray of emptiness in my heart for no reason.

    However, the next moment he came to life again and shouted loudly towards the noisy Huanggu City: "Xiaoya, I'm back!" Without any explanation, he pulled Luo Shuihan behind him and rushed into the city first.
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