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Text Chapter 255 The Immortal Thunder Emperor (End)

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    Mu Yunxiang rushed over with a ferocious smile.  ( "Trash, get out!" Tang Xuan threw out a high-grade inscription talisman - the Star Explosion Talisman, boom! Huge fire engulfed Mu Yunxiang, and screams came from inside. Tang Xuan didn't care whether Mu Yunxiang died.  "Yes, that's Elder Lu." Tang Xuan's eyes narrowed. He saw the Yunxiao sect's people, Lu Daoming, and Tianfeng, but they were obviously surrounded by demons.  Elder Feng's gryphon rhubarb was torn apart. Fortunately, they had only a few disciples with them. The three supreme elders had brought nine disciples, and now only five were left. Tang Xuan quickly led Wan Yanran over there.  Go, he can't save other people, certainly not the Yunxiao sect. He still has feelings for the Yunxiao sect, and Lu Daoming and others are also very good to him. During the flight, he took out two Star Explosion Talisman and seven or eight other people.  The intermediate explosive talisman was thrown at the demons surrounding Lu Daoming and others. These talismans were left behind by his usual practice of inscriptions, and he did not want to sell them. They were all put to use at this time. After a series of explosions!  , those demons were exploded, half of them were dead, and the rest were seriously injured. Tang Xuan quickly rushed over when he saw Tang Xuan, he was shocked and anxious and said: "Tang Xuan, you are here too." "Elder, we are here.  Rush out." Tang Xuan was not in the mood to reminisce. "Okay." The three supreme elders of the Yunxiao Sect also knew that the situation was urgent. Fortunately, the seventh-level forces of the Yunxiao Sect could only stand on the periphery, and now the chance of survival was greatly increased. Tang Xuan asked Wan  Yanran stood on Suzaku, and at the same time took out a lot of inscription tools from Kong Ming Ring, some defensive ones, some offensive ones, and handed them to the Yunxiao faction, and rushed out as a small team with the dead people.  More and more came, the blood mist became thicker, and the power of Demon Lord Mosa became stronger and stronger. With just a few moves, he killed a large number of powerful people in the Mortal Transformation Realm. The Shattering Void Realm crushed the Mortal Mortal Realm again.  The power of Shattering Void was so strong that no one could stop it. Wherever the huge bloody figure passed, the demons were at an absolute upper hand, making it difficult for humans to breathe.  They were also constantly being sniped, but they were getting closer and closer to the edge of the blood mist. Lord Mosa couldn't kill everyone at once. After all, there were too many strong people here, and Tang Xuan and others were not weak at all.  Pay attention. "Tang Xuan, you deserve to die." A charred demon rushed over with a large number of demons. It was Mu Yunxiang. He was not dead yet. The demon's vitality was really strong. "I stopped him! You guys rush out." Tang.  Xuan jumped out directly and slashed at Mu Yunxiang. A dragon-shaped sword flashed and split a demon in half. Before Tang Xuan broke through to the Yuan Fei Realm, his strength was comparable to the peak of the Yuan Fei Realm. Now.  Lu Daoming and others wanted to help him. Tang Xuandao said, "Quickly, I have a way." Under Mu Yunxiang's call, dozens of Mu family demons besieged Tang.  Xuan. Roar! Tang Xuan let out a low roar and activated the blood-reverse technique. A stream of substantial essence wolf smoke rushed into the void. In the blood pillar, Tang Xuan's power directly broke through 20,000 kilograms. He grabbed a demon with all his strength.  As soon as he tore it apart, the demon was torn into two pieces.  Although the demon body is strong, it depends on who he is competing with. Tang Xuan's power has already surpassed Old Man Tianlei by a lot, and he still has dragon power in his body.  The blood stimulated the demons. Although Tang Xuansheng tore the demons apart, it made more demons go crazy. They roared and hissed, rushing towards Tang Xuan from all directions, trying to tear Tang Xuan alive. Tang Xuan's eyes were scarlet, so he simply gave up his hands and fought with these demons directly.  A bloody fight between monsters and monsters.  Blood filled the air, and pieces of flesh and limbs continued to fall from the sky. Tang Xuan relied on his super strong body to resist dozens of demons. Demons were constantly being torn apart and smashed by him, and more demons rushed towards him Tang Xuan was also full of demons.  It's blood.  "Die!" Mu Yunxiang suddenly made a sneak attack and kicked Tang Xuan in the back. Tang Xuan spurted out a mouthful of blood. Immediately, the demons swarmed up, grabbed his limbs and head, and violently pulled out to pull Tang Xuan away.  "Five horses cut into pieces"!  "Tang Xuan!" Seeing Tang Xuan being overwhelmed by the demon, Wan Yanran covered her mouth with despair in her eyes.  Lu Daoming and others' eyes were red with tears, but because of their strength, even if they went up, they would die. There were too many monsters.  Quack!  The bones all over Tang Xuan's body made a sore sound, his limbs and neck were all torn open, and blood gushed out. The pupils of Tang Xuan's eyes gradually shrank, and then gradually changed, turning into vertical pupils.  "Dragon Transformation!" His soul trembled violently, and his body bones began to change. Scales appeared on the surface of his body, and ferocious and sharp bone spurs drilled out of his elbows, spine and other parts. Two thorns appeared on his head.  apical angle, iceThere is a bloody and cruel light in his vertical pupils. The dragon is inherently cruel. After integrating into the dragon's bones, Tang Xuan's character will also change. Although he can still control it, at this moment, the demon that Tang Xuan faces is completely beyond his control.  No control required.  After transforming into a dragon, Tang Xuan suddenly retracted his limbs, and the demon holding him couldn't help but collided with each other.  "Die." A low roar came from Tang Xuan's throat. His hand turned into a dragon's claw and he squeezed hard. The heads of the two demons were crushed like watermelons by him. Whoa!  His dragon tail sliced ??through like a blade, and the three demons were sent flying out, blood spurting out.  "Kill!" Tang Xuan moved, and each demon was torn to pieces by him, and his head was crushed.  After he transformed into a dragon, his strength exceeded at least 30,000 kilograms, and he had the reflexes of a dragon. Even his energy and smoke changed. It would be terrible to seal the power of a dragon in a human body. If it is a hundred meters away from the dragon,  The body's power is not that great, but when the size is reduced, the same power can exert a very terrifying lethality.  "You still want to run!" Tang Xuan's cold eyes stared at Mu Yunxiang who turned around in fear and wanted to run away. His figure flashed and appeared behind Mu Yunxiang. His arm thrust out fiercely. Mu Yunxiang screamed, Tang Xuan  The arm pierced his heart and stabbed it out from his chest.  With the other hand, he crushed Mu Yunxiang's head and Tang Xuan threw away his body.  After killing so many demons, the blood mist affected him again. Tang Xuan was now filled with a crazy killing intent. Ang - he let out a dragon roar from his throat and rushed toward more demons with scarlet eyes.  His mind was filled with endless killing intent, and he couldn't even think of escaping.     kill!  kill!  kill!  Tang Xuan slaughtered demons without hesitation. He was not suppressed by the blood mist, and his strength was even greater than that of the demons. The combat power he displayed was simply heart-shaking. He tore another demon into pieces. Suddenly, a powerful aura locked onto it. This aura was like the sea.  Like a prison, Tang Xuan, after transforming into a dragon, felt like he was being poured down by a basin of cold water.  A pair of big bloody eyes stared at him.  It's Mosa.  Tang Xuan's heart was trembling.  He had just fallen into madness, slaughtering demons and monsters, and finally attracted Mossa's attention. Mossa's lips curved into a smile as cold as a blade: "This is the breath of a dragon. Are you a dragon? Unexpectedly. There are still dragons now.  The existence of human beings and the flesh and blood of dragons are very beneficial!" Mosa's eyes were greedy and evil.  He gave up his pursuit of other humans in the Mortal Realm and rushed towards Tang Xuan.  Tang Xuan turned around and ran away.  Although he was invincible after transforming into a dragon, he knew very well that the gap between him and Mosa was thousands of miles away, and there was absolutely no hope of victory. So he ran away, but he did not escape in the direction where the Yunxiao sect escaped, but  Shoot upwards.  This is the only thing he can do. As for whether Lu Daoming and others can escape, he can only leave it to fate.  Tang Xuan mobilized his shadow wings with all his strength and shot high into the sky, with Mosa chasing after him. The distance between Tang Xuan and Mosa was hundreds of miles, but with Mosa chasing, the distance between the two was within 100 kilometers.  Approaching quickly, Tang Xuan was already at his fastest speed, and all the inscription weapons that could be activated were activated, but Mosa was much faster than him.  Tang Xuan rushed out to an altitude of tens of thousands of meters. Mosa had already approached ten miles away from Tang Xuan and punched out.  With a bang, the space was shattered and crushed over.  To Mosa, who punched through the void, ten miles was just a moment.  Tang Xuan frantically activated various defensive inscriptions, attack inscriptions, and more than a dozen inscription weapons. Dozens of layers of brilliance shone on his body, but with one punch, all the brilliance cracked like an egg.  , Tang Xuan was hit by the fist, his body trembled violently, and he shot straight into the sky.  His body trembled violently, countless scales burst directly from his body, and his bones made a cracking sound.  "Thunder Spirit!" Tang Xuan roared violently, and the shadow of a thunder tree appeared on him, and thunder light enveloped him. While the magic destroyed his body, the power of Thunder Spirit tried its best to repair his body.  "Yeah!" Mosa was stunned, a little surprised that this seemingly weak dragon man could actually block his punch.  "It's interesting!" Mosa chased after him. Tang Xuan was punched tens of thousands of meters by Mosa. Mosa quickly closed the distance again. This time he didn't attack from a long distance. He kept getting closer to Tang Xuan.  To catch Tang Xuan directly, Tang Xuan was anxious. He knew that if Mosa caught up with him, he would be completely dead.  At this moment, his soul trembled violently, and all his power was running. He drew out the purple electric sword and slashed it out, boom!  A sword light appeared in the void, like a falling meteor!  This is the third form of the Purple Lightning Crazy Sword, Meteor Thunder!  Boom!  Thunder light surged, and the meteor-like sword light fell towards Mosa. This sword was already the pinnacle of Tang Xuan, but Mosa swung his fist, and boom!  The meteorite shattered, the thunder light split into pieces, Mosa broke through the thunder light,There is no obstacle in his body. Even with Tang Xuan's will, he can't help but despair at this moment. This gap is simply unimaginable. Even if he breaks through now, it will be useless. The power of Shattering Void Realm is too abnormal.  Ten miles, eight miles, five miles, three miles The distance between the two people quickly narrowed. Mosa smiled ferociously, and licked the corner of his mouth with a scarlet barbed tongue. For him, Tang Xuan was a great complement, a dragon-blooded person.  Ten soul-melting realms.  Suddenly, a black jade plaque flew out from Tang Xuan's waist, and an illusory figure appeared in front of Tang Xuan. He smiled at Tang Xuan and whispered: "Run away!" Tang Xuan rubbed his eyes and shouted: "  Master Feng." The voice shouted again: "Run away!" After saying that, Feng Qingyang's whole body burned quickly. Tang Xuan had never seen what burning soul looked like, but now he saw it, like a scorching sun, burning.  His eyes closed, and two lines of tears fell from his eyes. Since his cultivation, no matter how great the pain was, no matter how tortured his body, he could bear it and never shed a tear. But now, Tang Xuan shed tears.  .  "Master Feng!" Tang Xuan roared.  Boom!  The burning figure rushed towards Mosa.  Violent light shined, and the soul wave took on the shape of a sword and pierced into Mossa's body. A ethereal voice reached Tang Xuan's ears and said: "Escape quickly" Tang Xuan was shocked, and he gritted his teeth and flew up.  Mosa¡¯s body was shaken violently.  After being hit by Feng Qingyang's burning true spirit, his soul was in chaos for a moment, but he was too strong, and Feng Qingyang's true spirit was not much left. Although this blow was sudden, Mosa  Still woke up after a moment.  He glanced around and locked onto a small black spot in the distant horizon. He roared several times to vent the fury in his heart.  Go straight after him.  High in the air.  The void is becoming more and more violent and chaotic.  After breaking through the stratosphere, Tang Xuan entered a violent world. This is the current layer that even those in the Mortal Realm dare not easily step into, with countless void winds.  Various elemental storms.  Twisted chaos.  As soon as Tang Xuan entered here, he lost his way.  He tried his best to control Shadow Wings, his face looked cold and terrifying.  Scenes of Feng Qingyang teaching him.  It flashed through his mind that although he and Feng Qingyang had not been together for a long time, Feng Qingyang was like his master, caring for him in every possible way and trying his best to train him. However, Feng Qingyang actually sacrificed everything for him.  The few remaining true spirits also burned.  "Mossa" Tang Xuan hated his own powerlessness, and in his heart he had listed Mosa as a must-kill target.  Not long after Tang Xuan entered the Gangliu layer, a bloody figure also broke in. Mosa chased him in. His soul power was also greatly affected in the Gangliu layer. After searching for a while, Tang Xuan was vaguely discovered.  He quickly followed Xuan's trace.  Tamosa finally broke free from the seal. If he couldn't kill even a small ant, why would he be considered a demon lord?  The Gangliu storm was constantly being torn apart, and the storm in the Gangliu layer could not stop Mossa's footsteps. Soon, he saw Tang Xuan's figure and laughed ferociously: "Dragon man, where are you running away from?" "Mossa  !" Tang Xuan gritted his teeth. He wanted to fight Mosa, but he knew that he had no hope of victory.  Boom!  Thunder roared in the void, and in the distance, thunder flashed. In the astral layer, thunder and lightning were too common, and the thunder and lightning here were much more violent and dense than those in the stratosphere.  Thunder and lightning, yes, thunder and lightning, Tang Xuan rushed towards the thunder and lightning area desperately, this was his only and last hope.  Mosa quickly approached Tang Xuan, grabbing Tang Xuan with his huge claws.  "Shatter!" Under the pressure of death, Tang Xuan slashed out with a sword that he had not yet completely mastered. This was the fourth style of the Purple Lightning Crazy Sword. The void continued to twist, and Mosa stopped for a moment under this sword. Tang Xuan rushed into the thunder and lightning area.  .  Boom!  A bolt of thunder and lightning struck Tang Xuan fiercely, and the huge force made Tang Xuan tremble as if he was shaking.  His body was scorched black, and tyrannical electricity poured into his body. If he hadn't transformed into a dragon, this lightning would have turned him into ashes. Mosa rushed over, carrying the lightning and approaching Tang Xuan, and grabbed Tang Xuan's quilt.  Body struck by lightning.  "You can't escape even if you turn into ashes." Mosa opened his bloody mouth.  Suddenly, another thunder and lightning hit Mosa's arm. Tang Xuan shuddered and opened his eyes. He broke away and rushed towards the thunder and lightning dense area. Boom, boom, boom, thunder and lightning hit Tang Xuan's body.  His body was almost transparent, and the shadow of a Thunder Spirit Tree appeared on him, swallowing up thunder and lightning.  At the same time, the thunder eyes in his mind also lit up, and a large number of thunder and lightning mist threads poured out. Tang Xuan's soul was bathed in the thunder and lightning mist threads, wreaking havoc on him.Swallowing the thunder and lightning mist threads, his soul soon emitted silver light. The soul after absorbing a large amount of thunder and lightning mist threads, transformed for the fourth time!  The silver will took shape, and Tang Xuan's soul power transformed four times.  However, a large number of thunder and lightning were still hitting Tang Xuan. Gradually, Tang Xuan's soul began to turn golden. Under the impact of thunder and lightning, Mosa's body felt ripples, and he moved towards Tang Xuan step by step.  Go.  "I don't know why, but the aura on Tang Xuan's body makes him feel more and more dangerous.  Tang Xuan's eyebrows became brighter and brighter, revealing the outline of thunder eyes. All the thunder and lightning in the void were attracted to Tang Xuan. The golden color in Tang Xuan's soul became more and more obvious. After absorbing countless thunder and lightning mist threads, his soul  , began the fifth transformation, and the golden color in the soul became more and more obvious.  All the thunder and lightning were absorbed by the mysterious thunder eye in Tang Xuan's mind, leaving only endless emptiness around him.  Mosa lost the blockage of thunder and lightning, and flashed beside Tang Xuan. He roared, blood was flowing, and he grabbed Tang Xuan. The power of thunder and lightning on Tang Xuan was so dense that it was frightening, but he still grabbed Tang Xuan in his hand.  Squeeze with all your strength.  At this moment, in Tang Xuan's soul sea, the transformation of the soul has reached a critical moment. Tang Xuan's soul turned into gold, and the transformation is just a short step away from being completed. However, this fifth transformation is the most difficult among souls. Tang Xuan is stuck.  There, at this moment, the mysterious thunder eyes that stayed above his soul suddenly moved. He came to the forehead of Tang Xuan's soul, and the thunder eyes gradually shrank and merged As soon as the fusion was completed, Tang Xuan's soul emitted water.  shaped golden ripples, and at the same time, there was an extra eye on his soul.  Mosa was holding Tang Xuan. Suddenly, Tang Xuan opened his eyes, and between his eyebrows, the third eye opened. The golden light shined and hit Mosa instantly. Mosa roared and shrank his body in pain.  Tang Xuan's body floated into the air, his head lowered, and his cold eyes looked down at Mosa.  "Youyouthis is the radiance of golden will. How is this possible?" Mosa looked frightened. He looked up at the golden ripples emanating from Tang Xuanmei's heart.  "Nothing is impossible!" Tang Xuan murmured, his eyes were cold and ruthless, and a thunder and lightning twined around his fingertips. This thunder and lightning contained the flavor of immortality, and was completely different from ordinary thunder and lightning.  "Immortal Thunder, who are you? Hasn't the ancient Immortal Thunder Emperor fallen?" Mosa looked at the thunder and lightning at Tang Xuan's fingertips with fear on his face. He suddenly turned around and ran away in fear, reaching his speed limit.  Tang Xuan shook his head and flicked out lightning from his fingertips, bang!  The thunder and lightning fell on Mossa. The originally arrogant Demon Lord Mossa wailed under the thunder and lightning, and his million-year-old immortal body also continued to collapse under the lightning.  "No, it took me Mossa millions of years to come out. How could I die right after I came out?" Mossa roared at the top of his lungs. After a moment, everything turned into nothingness Tang Xuan stood in the void, silent, immortal  Thunder Emperor?  I turned out to be the successor chosen by the Immortal Thunder Emperor. The ancient emperor war shattered the sky, and even the Jiutian Continent was divided into nine parts. The Immortal Thunder Emperor was plotted against in the emperor war, and lost the qualification to compete for the Heavenly Emperor. The Immortal Thunder Emperor is unwilling to disappear in the long river of history.  , throw the thunder eye into the endless space turbulence, choose the successor of the Thunder Emperor, and wait to regain the position of the Emperor of Heaven in the future!  The Emperor of Heaven, Lord of the Endless Sky!  It turns out that I am the one in destiny!  Tang Xuan looked up at the void above his head!  From the very beginning of the Thunder Emperor inheritance, Tang Xuan was destined to join the battle for the Heavenly Emperor. Boom!  High in the sky, a dazzling star gradually emerged, surrounded by thunder and lightning Deep in the endless void, on a huge throne, lonely and lonely, a blurry figure seemed to be sleeping. Suddenly, his body shook slightly and his eyes opened.  , like two scorching suns, looking at the stars emerging in the sky, he stood up in an uproar, and the stars trembled under his feet.  For a long time, a voice lingered and laughed, and the laughter became louder and louder, until it spread to the endless universe and shattered countless planets.  "Old Ghost Lei, you are finally back! I have been waiting for hundreds of millions of years until my bones are rusty. I am so looking forward to this battle!" (To be continued, please search Piaotian Literature for better and more updated novels.  Hurry! PS: It can only be the ending, not the ending, because the traditional Chinese manuscript fee has also been cut, and I really can¡¯t continue writing. If I write more, my whole family will starve. My wife is not working now, and she is taking care of her daughter at home.  I, I have no choice but to write this for the time being. This is the traditional Chinese version. There are twelve episodes in total. I know it is very rushed. In fact, I originally wanted to write this book with three to five million words, but it was forced by reality.  , a lot of content cannot be written, and can only be left for the next book. The beginning of the new book has been written, and it should be released soon. We strive to release it within a month. The regrets of "Extinction" will be left to the new book to make up for it, and the new book will resume.It¡¯s much more fun to write if you abuse the protagonist¡¯s arrogant character but have a different personality.  .  Sorry, sorry to the hundreds of people who subscribed to this book, I can only say that I tried my best.
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