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Volume 2 Our Journey is the Stars and the Sea The Origin of the Poseidon + Final Thoughts + New Book Preview + Extras

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    Regarding the origin of Poseidon, some readers and friends are asking, saying that the last big hole has not been buried.  In fact, I already gave a clue, but I didn't explain it.  ??Then think about it, why does Neptune have so much data, and every time it is upgraded, the permissions will be increased, the database will be expanded, and the improvement is almost unlimited.  So, this shows that Neptune's own database is very large and has extremely high authority.  The only one that appears in this book and controls all the information on the evolutionary history of the entire chaotic world is the Nuwa!  Nuwahao is the origin of life in the entire chaotic world of Nuwa, and her existence runs through the timeline of the entire chaotic world of Nuwa.  Actually, my idea at the beginning was to clarify the plot, let the Poseidon connect with the Nuwa, receive all the data from the Nuwa, and then know my origin.  However, as the plot developed at that time, Poseidon had begun to come into contact with information from outside Nuwa's chaotic world, so there was no need to return to Nuwa to complete the connection, so I did not write about this part.  As for how Poseidon escaped from Nuwa and appeared on Aquamarine, everyone can use their own imagination.  Of course, some small holes are indeed not buried, such as the whereabouts of Skynet and the whereabouts of Boy, who took Guding's place.  If these were written in detail, they would be worth tens of thousands of words, but they don¡¯t have much to do with the main plot, so I didn¡¯t write them in detail.  ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­ The book "The Supreme Reward" is about dreams.  To sum it up in one sentence, it is the story of a young man chasing his dreams with a group of friends.  When the book was first published, many people criticized it, saying that being an interstellar pirate was unreasonable, and that pirates should burn, kill, loot, and do all kinds of bad things.  What I want to say is that the background of this book is in a world where interstellar navigation is highly developed. The profession of interstellar pirates is indeed not a good person.  But is there not a single good person in this entire industry?  Also, Guding grew up hanging out in taverns, and he was exposed to these interstellar pirates.  At least in the tavern, these people did not engage in burning, killing, looting, and with Auntie Roush suppressing them, the atmosphere should be good most of the time.  Therefore, the interstellar pirates that Guding saw since he was a child are different from others. He sees them from the perspective of the Rose Tavern.  In his eyes, interstellar pirates are just a group of ordinary people who drink, brag and take risks everywhere.  If you don¡¯t like it, I can only say that the book is not to your taste, and there is nothing I can do about it.  Because my initial setting is this kind of world background and this kind of character background.  The initial performance of the book "Supreme" is pretty good. It has been on the homepage new book list, the homepage weekly click list, the new book monthly ticket list, and even the homepage weekly recommendation list for about nine hours (this can only be done by a true master)  must-go list). ???????????? It has been recommended by Sanjiang, strongly recommended, and featured on the homepage, and it has also been selected as a high-quality product.  However, due to some personal reasons of mine, including work and personal relationships, this book had an ill-fated life, its updates were unstable, and it lost many loyal readers.  The book was published at the end of March 2014. It should be two years and nine months ago, almost three years.  I even feel that it is really not easy to follow these old friends over the years until the book is completed.  I want to say sorry here. I really can't help you with this update, and thank you for your continued care and persistence. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Since I am a full-time writer, updates will definitely be much better, and I also hope that I will try my best not to owe you anything by then. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? off? ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­ The opening time of the new book is tentatively scheduled for February 8th after the beginning of the new year.  Because during the Chinese New Year, everyone is very busy. They are probably busy eating and drinking and visiting relatives, and they don¡¯t have much time to read novels.  I also hope to take advantage of this period to take a little rest and adjust my insomnia.  It takes more than a month to perfect the settings, save some manuscripts, and try to explode when the new book is on the shelves.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Except for the great masters like Tudou and others, everyone will be worried, and I am also worried.  But I think the performance of a book is affected by many factors, and the story itself only accounts for part of it.  I try my best to do what I can do well, and the rest can only depend on everyone's approval.  I still hope that readers who like it can support the genuine version as much as possible, because if you work full-time, you can only live on the royalties.  The genre of the new book is fantasy, another world.  But it¡¯s not the kind of alien continent that everyone writes about now, it¡¯s an alien continent with a modern background similar to the style of the early days of the book Supreme.  I will consider changing the writing method for the new book, instead of constantly opening new maps and writing in a fancy way like Supreme.  I will spend more energy expanding horizontally on the map and try to describe a complete world.Draw it.  As for the characters, they won¡¯t be as numerous and complicated as the Supreme. To be honest, there are really a lot of characters in the Supreme. It¡¯s very difficult to write because you have to constantly create characters.  In the new book, I will also consider digging deeper into the characters, trying to make them as flesh-and-blood as possible, and deepen the connection between the characters and the plot.  As for more, I won¡¯t reveal it yet. I can only say that the new book is a world where monsters are rampant.  The title and introduction of the book have actually been finalized and are being kept secret for the time being.  I have said so much in bits and pieces, and I have not organized it carefully. You can just take a look at it.  The following short story may be related to the new book, so you may wish to read on In the Dream spacecraft, two children, a man and a woman, who looked to be five or six years old, were chasing each other and playing in the main cabin.  The two of them arrived at a hatch and stopped.  "Brother, you lose, you knock on the door." The little girl was as beautiful as a porcelain doll, she smiled proudly at the little boy beside her.  The little boy grinned, showing a mouth full of millet teeth, and then knocked on the hatch, "Uncle Neptune, open the door quickly! We have brought you delicious food!" The hatch opened automatically soon, and Neptune saw two  The doll had empty hands, curled her lips and said with a smile, "Two little devils, where is the delicious food?" "I was eaten by my brother" the little girl covered her mouth and laughed.  "I'll ask Uncle Big to make one for you" The little boy turned red and turned around to leave.  "You two little troublemakers, don't always go to Uncle Poseidon to cause havoc!" Gu Ding walked in from the door and hugged a little kid in one hand to prevent the two little guys from causing havoc again.  ¡°Dad, we are not causing any damage, we are here to bring delicious food to Uncle Neptune!¡± the little boy explained.  "Where's the food?" Guding asked with a smile.  "That" The little girl was about to say it, but was stopped by the little boy's eyes. He broke away from Guding's arm, "I'll get it now!" "I'll go too!" The little girl also jumped down and followed her brother.  Ran out of the room.  Guding turned and walked to Poseidon, "I haven't seen you out for dinner these days, what are you tinkering with?" "You should know that the small heavenly way in a chaotic world cannot fully affect the life forms from another chaotic world.  Right?" Poseidon turned to look at Gu Ding.  "I know, because each chaotic world has different Little Heavenly Dao, and the little Heavenly Dao left the mark of Heavenly Dao on the life forms during their initial reincarnation, so that they cannot escape from the original chaotic world and can only stay in the original chaotic world.  The world completes reincarnation. This rule improves the order of reincarnation, but it also causes the living body with a small Tiandao mark to enter another chaotic world, which will exclude the supervision of the new Tiandao to a certain extent. " "But one.  If the cultivation level of the living body is not strong enough, they will not be able to escape from the reincarnation of the chaotic world where they belong, nor can they leave their own chaotic world. If they are a strong enough practitioner and are strong enough to enter other chaotic worlds, they will also be able to enter other chaotic worlds.  Without the existence of Xiao Tiandao, Xiao Tiandao's supervision of them is ineffective for them. Therefore, the problem you mentioned is not a loophole." Gu Ding nodded and explained.  "I know, so what I'm thinking about is using this loophole to manage some problems that arise in the chaotic world." Poseidon expressed his thoughts, "We create some time travelers, enter other chaotic worlds, and give them some gold  Then guide them secretly and ask them to help solve the problem. "Making a time traveler? Is this similar to the one you made before?" Gu Ding raised his eyebrows after hearing this, "I remember you did it before.  It¡¯s something from the Lord God, summon batch after batch of people into the various simulated worlds you create, give them tasks, and after completing the tasks, you will receive equipment and various other resources, and train them to become strong quickly. After all training is completed, let them.  Enter other chaotic worlds to solve the problem. Is there anything wrong with this training method? " "There is a small problem" Although the Emperor of the Sea was unwilling to admit it, he still nodded and explained, "Although the Lord God cultivates strong people quickly, and in actual combat,  They are very capable, but most of the powerful people trained by the Lord God are more bloodthirsty. Therefore, I am considering using a new method to train time travellers, which is more gentle." "I have already done this.  Tens of thousands of virtual simulation training experiments have been carried out. Although it is much slower than the main god's training, the final training results are pretty good. If you think it is okay, then I will start the formal operation of this plan now.  Looked at Guding expectantly.  "It sounds good. If there is no problem with the virtual test, there shouldn't be any problems. Just give it a try." GudingHead nodded in agreement.  As soon as the two of them finished speaking, two little guys ran in again, carrying two plates of desserts.  "Dad, this is for you." The little girl handed the plate in her hand to Guding.  The little boy ran up to Poseidon and handed over the plate in his hand, "Uncle Poseidon, this is yours!" "Okay, I'll take them out, you go ahead and get busy!" Gu Ding said.  She stuffed the dessert handed over by her daughter into her mouth, then picked up a child in one hand and left the Poseidon's room.  Poseidon reached out and stuffed the dessert into his mouth. He stared at the blue light screen in front of him and said vaguely, "Okay, the time traveler project has officially started!" ¡­ Today is the last day of 2016.  One day, tomorrow is New Year's Day.  I wish you all good test scores, a bulging wallet, a good mood, and everything goes well in the new year!  February 8th, see you with the new book!  (~^~)
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