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Chapter 1,188 Moving towards a beautiful ending (the ending chapter is also the final chapter of the fourteen-part Era of Chaos...)

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    The fiery red on the blood phoenix wings behind him instantly drowned his figure, and at the same time, countless dense and layered sword energy flew and bloomed in all directions!  In an instant, it swallowed up the figures of all Sinde civilization warriors within a thousand feet.  Thousands of armies dance with swords!  There are probably no warriors in the universe who don¡¯t know this move.  Countless sword energy instantly cut almost all Sinde civilization warriors within the range into blood mist.  The sword energy flew in front of Leng Leng who had just escaped, and would have hit him if it missed him.  He maintained his composure, but slowly retreated.  ¡®Oh, luckily I ran far enough and that bastard Feng didn¡¯t get killed.  ¡¯ Layers of sword energy also swallowed up Happy Wang Feng and Black Dragon, who were only a few hundred feet away from the indifferent Dharma God King.  The sword energy kept cutting open the black dragon's armor and body, but as soon as the sword energy passed, his injuries had already recovered. No matter how many swordsmen had the densest honor in the universe, they were still unable to cut the black dragon into pieces.  Blood dance!  A breath does not last long.  The Black Dragon just stared at Jianwu Qianjun's trauma until the end.  Even though Tang Lang knew that Black Dragon had gained the power of the undead Black Wind, he still couldn't help but be secretly shocked by his super power that could even withstand thousands of sword-dancing armies "Compared to Black Dragon, Happy Wang Feng was much more relaxed.  Having obtained the power of Huan Li, he carries with him a continuous overlord energy. No matter how powerful Sword Dance Thousands of Arms is, after all, it is composed of substantial energy. In the face of the overlord energy force that can defeat all energy forms.  Happy Wang Feng didn't even move.  However, at this moment, they seemed to be separated.  And the Wushuang God Clan rushed over at once, filling the emptiness within a thousand feet cleared by Hengyi Sword Dance's thousands of troops.  The front end of the continuous passage was destroyed by Heng Yi in an instant.  When the activation of Sword Dance Thousand Army ended, Hengyi left an afterimage, activated the third stage of the instant slash to move back in a flash, and activated the flying slash to jump back in front of the second god king Hongmei.  The black dragon swords kept flying and biting the huge body of the Red Demon King.  Pieces of flesh and blood were torn apart together with scales, but they were quickly healed and restored by the restorative power of the Soul Clan's body.  That huge body shape and powerful protective ability completely cut off the possibility of Hengyi's special spell killing range being able to inflict large-scale wounds in an instant.  ¡°Even if you stand on Hong Mei¡¯s shoulders and release thousands of swords, you can only cut a bloody hole The second god king Hong Mei is by no means someone who can be killed quickly.  The person who can cause large-scale trauma to a gigantic being like her is among the top super-gods in the known universe.  Probably only Youyou, the God of Slaughter.  Heng Yi didn¡¯t expect to kill him quickly. All he had to do was block Hong Mei¡¯s destructive power of breaking through the formation unscrupulously.  The tail ends of the black dragon's sword energy overlapped and wrapped around Heng Yi's left fist.  Hong Mei¡¯s powerful force to break free was continuously passed on.  She was blocked in her rampage Black Dragon and Happy Wang Feng, who were under siege for a while, turned around and charged with their swords, and broke through the siege within a moment.  They reunited with the Sinde civilization warriors who were struggling to fight and respond.  But they rushed back a bit, which is enough to make people angry.  Black Dragon doesn¡¯t feel angry because his sensitivity is extremely low.  Wang Feng is happy and unhappy.  "I should have known that the battle between the Wushuang God Legion was a perversion. Bai Yun was so entangled by Ling Luo that he couldn't move his hands and feet. His nerves were depressed and absent. It would be difficult to continue to advance if You You didn't come." Black Dragon said in a deep voice, "You You should have committed genocide a quarter of an hour ago.  We have already begun to support the battle." This sentence made Happy Wang Feng secretly startled "That means that Youyou has encountered an obstacle "Slaughter God Youyou has encountered an obstacle?     yes.  She was indeed being hindered from moving forward by being pestered.  Originally, under the order of the Second God King, she deliberately stayed outside the territory of the Wushuang Gods, in order to take action when the Sinde civilization could determine what the Wushuang Gods' trap was.  When she found out.  There is no way to know what is going on inside.  Because the information about the training beads cannot be sent in, the information within the territory of the Wushuang God Clan cannot be sent out either.  And Shen Nao was busy trying his best to deduce the solution because the experience beads were interfered with by communication.  Just as she was moving, her perception range quickly captured an existence.  And this person.  Originally it was for her.  So she? Blocked, although there is no danger.  But six days and six nights have passed, and the persistent person has not yet fallen.  The flying arrows continued to shoot at a black figure.  The black flames continued to burn around the figure, burning all the arrows that came close.  Until, the arrow rain offensive suddenly stopped.  The black fire also disappeared from around Dayuan's body.  He gasped for air.  There was no blood in his pale face.  He is too tired.  The power of the black fire was as he had estimated. It was indeed able to continuously burn down the infinite rain of arrows that could not be avoided by evading the God of Slaughter Youyou.  But what he didn¡¯t estimate was.  The God of Slaughter Youyou seems to be a monster who has no concept of exhausting his energy.  For six days and six nights, the rain of arrows did not stop.  His black fire cannot be stopped.  Dayuan knew that he was almost reaching his limit.  But he was still in the void in front of Tu Shen Youyou, with no intention of leaving.  He was just wondering, why did the slaughtering god¡¯s faint rain of arrows stop?  ¡°Obviously if he continues, he will soon die of energy exhaustion.  But this is a good thing for Dayuan, because with more time to breathe, his energy can be restored to some extent, and he will naturally be able to sustain it longer.  The God of Slaughter heard the faint rain of arrows, and the Mayan bow in his hand also dropped.  Such a reaction really made Dayuan feel baffled. He didn't think that Tu Shen would suddenly be soft-hearted towards him.  "What? You seem to be indifferent, but in fact your energy has been exhausted?" Although this was a guess that even Da Yuan didn't think was possible, he couldn't think of any other reason other than that.  The God of Slaughter Youyou didn¡¯t answer, and his indifferent eyes didn¡¯t change at all.     at this time.  A dark purple figure suddenly flashed beside the slaughter god Youyou without any warning.  Dayuan was slightly startled, because he is Yiyu, the leader of human civilization.  Yiyu looked at Dayuan with a smile, then turned to the God of Killing and said quietly, "Why don't you just get rid of him and go away?" "He came for me. If you get rid of him, he will chase after Wushuang."  The territory of the gods. If you say don't kill him, leave it to you and don't let him bother me anymore, otherwise you will shoot him to death." Tu Shen Youyou dropped these words and flew away.  When Dayuan saw this, he hurriedly shot out black fire to stop him!  Unexpectedly, his arm just moved.  A ball of white light energy flew over first, blowing off his right arm!  He was already extremely weak.  After suffering this blow, his head was dizzy. When he barely regained consciousness, the scenery in his sight became a little blurry.  Yiyu was already hovering in front of him.  In a moment, Youyou, the God of Slaughter, had gone far away.  "Yuan Dingzun is an unexpected change in this war." Dayuan could see the smile on Yiyu's face clearly.  He sneered disapprovingly.  "The leader personally came to deal with the sinners who defected?" Yiyu still had a smile on his face.  Turning a blind eye to Dayuan's attitude, he said to himself, "Although you are an unexpected change, your behavior is very touching. I have always felt guilty for the eldest disciple I care about most, so I chose to fight to the death at this time.  It is understandable that Youyou, the God-Slaughter, relieves huge pressure on the Wushuang Protoss, but this reason is not enough for you to choose a desperate way. When you have no clear idea of ????occupation, you are already determined to die, and you are undoubtedly begging for death at the same time.  " Dayuan was slightly startled, but he didn't expect that all his thoughts were seen Yiyu looked at Dayuan and continued in a relaxed tone, "Tell me, maybe I can help you. " Dayuan looked at it in disbelief.  Yiyu, he really didn't think anyone could change his situation, so.  Choose silence.  "It is no accident that you can become a master that Wushuang God has always respected. Because of the influence of the twin sisters' remnant souls, they have committed crimes in human civilization. It seems that you have accepted the remnant souls for so many years, but in fact you have never really surrendered and accepted your fate. You did.  So it can be said that it is really well-intentioned. Everything that the Mosia tribe worked for was originally intended to be the territory of the Wushuang God Clan, but they did not expect that the rapid development of the Wushuang God Clan was surprising. The territory of the Mosia tribe was compared to the huge territory of the Wushuang God Clan.  , is no longer worth mentioning. The long-term cognition of the Mosia clan under your leadership has also made it difficult to join the Wushuang God Clan, so you adjusted your original plan and regarded the Mosia clan as the eldest son, Yuan Xiaoliu and Xu Bawang.  The gift of merit. Choose to help Heng Yi in the current way and seek an end that no one else will know, as a final counterattack against the influence of the twin card sisters.¡±p; Yiyu¡¯s relaxed words captured Dayuan¡¯s thoughts!  Yes, that¡¯s what he thinks.  He has never hated the dual-card sisters, but he has never hated them unilaterally.  Because the remnant souls of the Shuangka sisters made him successful, but they also destroyed him.  He never wanted to be this kind of person in his life. He was never this kind of person in human civilization.  He is scheming and can do cruel things, but they must be targeted.  Once upon a time when the power of the Peak Sect increased greatly, he almost indulged himself. Because of Hengyi, he returned to normal and gradually became the person he most wanted to be.  Later, during the period of human civilization, he also did it. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Not only did he become a good husband, he also assumed the responsibility of the leader of the Sanyuan Sect, and he also fulfilled his responsibility to do his best for human civilization with his own strength.  That is what he thinks is the most fulfilling life.  A perfect life should be like this, and it is never incomplete when you throw away other important things for something.  The Shuangka sisters are imperfect people, imperfections that run counter to his wishes.  The Shuangka sisters take this kind of disability as happiness, but Dayuan is not!  His black fire power is getting stronger and stronger, but he is also sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness. Sooner or later, he will become more terrifying, cold, and without love.  He knew it would be like that.  "Since the leader knows, please give me Yuanda an end. This is better. This is the limit of blocking the God of Slaughter Youyou. I, the master, can only do so much for Hengyi. I will die at the hands of the leader.  , as long as the leader is willing to keep it secret, no one else will know. I hope that Hengyi, the children, and the woman I love will think that it is inevitable due to the remnant soul, but they will only be sad.  A helpless tribute to fate. If they knew it was me who asked for death, it would be difficult to accept it. "Yiyu smiled, Da Yuan thought so.  Dayuan is undoubtedly a rare person.  "If the price of saying goodbye to the Shuangka sisters is to fall below the cultivation level of the Dharma Master, what choice will you make?" Dayuan's eyes.  Suddenly it lit up What choice would he make?  He has even made up his mind to die. Is he still afraid of losing his cultivation?  Not to mention today¡¯s universe.  The cultivation level of a person who walks into the Resurrection Flower of the Unparalleled God Clan can be lowered and lower, and the Dharma Lord may not be unable to wait. As long as he is determined, he can directly enter with the Dharma Lord's cultivation level.  Can it be worse than death?  "I do!" Yiyu smiled happily.  Let go of the heaviness.  Dayuan and Yiyu chatted more and more relaxedly in the void.  Dayuan knew the solution, and he also knew that if Hengyi knew about this matter, Hengyi could solve the problem for him at this price.  This made Dayuan stunned, but he had no way of doubting it.  "Is it appropriate for the leader to leave the Shadow Clan for my Yuanda's affairs?" Dayuan, who relaxed, couldn't help but think of the overall situation. The Shadow Clan should perish, and should have perished long ago.  Yiyu smiled and said, "The battle of the Shadow Clan is actually over before it even begins." He said, looking in the direction of the Wushuang God Clan.  He smiled and said, "The war here is almost over." Dayuan was silent, and suddenly asked, "Does the leader intend to reap the benefits?" Yiyu couldn't help laughing and said, "Human civilization has never planned to fight the Xinde civilization in the same way.  Achieve unification of the universe. First, it is not necessary. Second, such unification is not an end. When the power of Sind civilization is weakened, we can indeed fight and let them voluntarily accept the leadership of human civilization.  If there is no real superiority, then the Sind civilization will definitely fight again. The Sind civilization is a race without hatred, because they are pursuing stronger evolutionary development, and they can go voluntarily if they prove to be stronger.  To imitate, to follow. It was for this reason that I followed the dream space. " Dayuan fell into a long silence, and Yiyu took out the wine from the storage talisman.  "It's better to drink when you think about these things. The war will end soon"  The war will end soon?  But the fighting was obviously still fierce.  It is intense and tragic, but the tragedy is also strange.  ¡­¡­ Countless members of the Wushuang God Clan are supplying their true energy to the Divine Soul Subtree through the Divine Soul Will Point.  Day after day, the fighting has not stopped since the beginning.  Some people fell down due to exhaustion, but they still had to sit up.  The volunteers around them were busy supporting themRest in the treehouse.  Exhausted people are unwilling.  "We can all see that they are fighting with all their strength, enduring the pain of having their bodies blown to pieces and being chopped open countless times, and fighting unremittingly for the protection. All I can do to protect the war is to try my best to supply my own Qi.  , I don¡¯t want to stop, I can hold on for a while longer.¡± ¡°Fighting is for protection. If you are not careful and are in danger, their protection will be less meaningful. We are all responsible for protecting together.  The volunteer calmed down. He was originally a planting volunteer and had never cared about battle-related matters in the past, but the power of the Divine Soul Mother Tree allowed everyone who contributed Qi like him to see the war.  After the scene, his mind changed.  He decided to become a cultivation volunteer in the future. Even if it was just for guardianship, he had already developed a certain level of interest in cultivation, enough to make him willing to spend time to understand and learn.  He should have a good rest, because there is still "us". This is a guardianship war for all the Wushuang God Clan, and "we" of the Wushuang God Clan are also working together. ?¡­ ?The fighting continues.  The breakthrough trend of the God Kings led by the God King has been hindered for a long time.  But they haven¡¯t fallen into a disadvantage yet, they are still making progress little by little.  It¡¯s just that more warriors from the Sinde civilization have been at a disadvantage.  Because, since the war, very few people from the Wushuang Protoss have died.  So rare that it¡¯s almost impossible.  It seems as if every unparalleled protoss warrior fighting is immortal.  Even though they were bravely dragged away from the formation by Sinde civilization soldiers.  Those who were besieged, besieged for days and nights, still could not be completely killed!  Even the normal phenomenon of the colored light becoming dim did not happen The warriors of the Sinde civilization didn't know why.  But the warriors of the Wushuang Protoss know.  Because - behind their backs.  There are countless fellows of the Wushuang Protoss who bear the trauma for them.  The infuriating power that is continuously delivered to the Divine Soul Sub-Tree is all turned into their infuriating energy through the Divine Soul Will Acupoint; those tribesmen who are willing to consume their own energy are also turned into their energy through the Divine Soul Will Acupoint.  In this sense, they are indeed immortal. As long as the countless tribes they rely on do not fall, they can continue to fight!  But they are not truly immortal, so they still enter the battle nervously.  Avoid avoidable injuries and lean on each other.  Cooperate with each other, and you cannot rely on your 'immortal body' to rush into the enemy's formation unscrupulously and keep fighting.  Because their immortality relies on countless members of the same race who bear the burden together, any additional injuries they suffer will increase the pressure on their fellow members.  They must face the battle more seriously and use power more carefully.  Use your abilities more carefully.  But these only make the pressure on Sind civilization even greater.  Military staff are constantly busy in shifts. According to the combat situations in different areas, down to the configuration and combination of different combat teams, they provide the most targeted combat guidance to the unparalleled protoss combat teams in the battle through experience beads in real time.  They believe in their ability to invest all their time and energy for a long time.  The battle situation so far has also proved this. Their collective wisdom has truly become the ability to replace the two super-civilized gods to guide the actual battle.  The battle continues. ?¡­ ?The garden elves are paying attention to the battle.  King Nature is also paying attention.  Everyone in the Secret Garden News Star is busy with this, but the unstoppable battle between human civilization and the Shadow Clan has not become the focus of attention.  The garden elves have lost the capital to realize the unification of the universe and become the masters of the universe.  This is a cruel fact.  The natural king is very ashamed.  Because it is undoubtedly her responsibility.  She is very concerned about the war between the Sind civilization and the Wushuang Protoss.  It is possible for the Sind civilization to win, because the Wushuang Protoss does not have as many interested cultivators, that is, combat units that have actually practiced spells and special skills, as there are not as many as the Sind civilization.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????OUTOUT  But it must be a protracted war, and it is not unusual even if it lasts for hundreds or thousands of years.  But as the news became public day by day, King Nature discovered that she was still wrong.  Although she is not the only one who is wrong.  Although the situation observed by those who entered the news star of the Wushuang Protoss is far away?The true casualty ratio varies widely, but it is illustrative.  The reason is very simple. The warriors of the Wushuang Protoss are basically unbeatable.  The original numerical advantage of real combat units was getting smaller and smaller day by day King Nature read the latest information compiled by the News Star and let out a long sigh.  This sigh.  Probably only she understands.  Subsequently, the Natural King summoned the Holy King from the Holy King Temple and the elders from the Natural King Temple together.  "My mistake has led to the current decline of the Garden Elf Tribe. However - I have never had great glory." The King of Nature ignored the reactions of many elders and holy kings.  She just took out some scene records that she had prepared personally. Those were things that the Holy King did for the Garden Elf Tribe back then.  The Holy King didn't want to say it, but at that time the Natural King thought that if one day she died in battle and there was no one good enough to succeed her, this would be proof of the Holy King's ability.  Today, although she is still alive, she decided to take it out.  The elders who had read those scene records were silent, because they included almost 70% of the past convincing achievements of the Natural King, and more importantly - there were opinions to dissuade the Natural King from interfering with the Divine Soul Mother Tree War in the Divine Soul Clan Galaxy.  And this is the key turning point for the Garden Elf clan from its peak to decline.  "This is everything the Holy King has contributed to our clan. Even if I don't want to, I must admit that what the Holy King said is right. Our clan's ambition to become the master of the universe has become impossible. Originally, I thought this was admitting defeat. It was giving up.  However, today, the king suddenly realized that the ultimate goal of our clan is to create a foundation for the long-term stable survival of our clan, but the Wushuang God Clan has proved this to the universe.  From now on, I will punish myself and enter the Holy King Palace, and propose that the most suitable candidate for the position of Natural King will be the Holy King. During this period, the second elder of the temple has no intention of succeeding to the Holy King.  Objection, no one present could object, but he had doubts about the temporary replacement of Queen Yi.  "The king has relieved our family of the heavy responsibility, but the truth about Queen Yi's possession of two super-civilization secrets has not yet come to light" King Nature couldn't help but smile and said, "You still don't understand to this day - there is no so-called secret method at all. Dark intelligence  The organization is the most advantageous weapon of the two super civilizations. This is just a false thing deliberately spread by the two super civilizations through the dark intelligence organization in order to confuse our clan, the Invincible God of War clan, and the Soul Alliance.  Indeed, all the outstanding and experienced god commanders and legion commanders in the clan were placed under house arrest." In an instant, there was no more sound in the temple.  And the King of Nature left the throne and flew out of the temple.  He walked straight to the Holy King's Palace "Grasshow long will we continue to fight" The King of God of Law stood indifferently among the soldiers of the Sinde Civilization, surrounded by a large area of ??warriors who were exhausted and resting to regain their strength.  .  He is tired, not the type who habitually avoids war.  It¡¯s from the bottom of my heart that I¡¯m tired.  He has experienced longer continuous battles countless times, and of course it is not because of this.  "The war is not afraid of being long, nor is it difficult, but what is most afraid of is hopelessness.  It seems that all the warriors of the Wushuang Protoss cannot be killed, and so far only Baiyun can kill people.  ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Except for those who have no sensitivity, everyone will be tired??In the battlefield of the battle.  The blond-haired Lasis deftly avoided the charging attacks of several Sind civilization leaders who finally rushed in. Under the rescue of the top leaders of the unparalleled god clan, he flew away and passed through the space left by the crowd.  When he stopped, he opened the long bow in his hand, and a huge golden arrow flew out. At the same time, Tang Lang's sudden attack was swift and violent, and a pair of sickles slashed at the black dragon's arms one after another.  .  The force of the counter-shock caused the acupuncture points on Tang Lang's body to shoot blood arrows one after another, but his sword force was as fast and fierce as possible.  It's like fighting hard.  Until the golden arrow hit the black dragon's body.  Tang Lang then retreated with a sigh of relief, breathing heavily with the support of the Supreme Lord of the Unparalleled God Clan and the Crazy Sword God.  The god-kings of Sind¡¯s civilization are all trouble.  It's still a big trouble.  As for the black dragon, let alone him and the Crazy Blade God, he and the Crazy Blade God couldn't be killed. Even if they were exhausted, they couldn't kill more people.  It wasn¡¯t until Laches joined the battle that this trouble was finally brought under control.  Under the continuous power of Lasis' magical golden arrows, although the black dragon could not be killed, it succeeded in making the black dragon unable to exert its power at all. Just like when the black robe was shot by this stunt, the continuous rhythm made the black dragon unable to exert its power at all.  move.  A figure whizzed past the Crazy Sword God and Tang Lang.Beside.  The surrounding unparalleled protoss warriors tried to pursue, but failed to catch up at all.  That is the second god king Hongmei.  Since Heng Yi has been fighting with her, she has withdrawn many times when her true energy was weak.  But Hengyi did not break into the enemy formation and pursue him to the end like in previous battles.  The Second God King Hongmei retreated again.  Heng Yi still didn¡¯t pursue him. In the experience pearl, a voice suddenly sounded.  "We are here." A relaxed smile appeared on Heng Yi's face.  "You hastened the end of the war." "Of course, not for you, but for us, we are also fighting to protect the ideals of the Open Party." Hengyi suddenly turned into white light and broke into the battle of the Sinde civilization alone.  Countless intercepted sword rays and magical skills were unable to stop it.  It took only a moment to catch up with the second god king Hongmei who retreated into the Sinde civilization formation, but Hengyi did not stop and continued to advance forward.  Until, he stopped in front of God King Xinde who was surrounded and protected by a group of dignitaries.  "Protect the God King!" Hong Mei, who arrived in a hurry, ordered in shock. His hands were covered with scales. When he was about to take action - God King Xin De suddenly said, "Stop." The hands covered with scales stopped behind Heng Yi's head.  .  The top saints of Xinde civilization who protected the god king Xinde retreated together, but still held the magic weapon, calmly paying attention to any subtle movements of Hengyi.  At the same time.  War God Baiyun suddenly flew over with Huan Li, followed closely by Dharma God King Leng Leng.  Heng Yi pressed his palm on his forehead.  He gave a divine soul salute, and then looked calmly at the crimson eyes of God King Sinde, and said in a calm tone, "The victory has been decided. I know that the gods of the two super civilizations have always pursued a higher goal.  Evolution and development. In this war, the Divine Soul Clan has proved the more powerful power of the Divine Soul Mother Tree, and it has also allowed the Sinde Civilization to see the miracles in the battle of the Unparalleled Divine Clan, and it is a miraculous power that the Sinde Civilization cannot create. This is enough.  This battle has no further meaning for the Sinde civilization. "The outcome is uncertain!" The second god king Hongmei is still fighting high.  But at the next moment, I was speechless.  Heng Yi raised his hand, and a clear scene was reflected in the monitoring array he controlled.  That was countless surging black mist rushing into the territory of the Wushuang God Clan.  The scene that appeared behind the Sinde civilization army included the unparalleled god killing group led by Yixi and the numerous legions of the unparalleled god clan flying in the void.  "Shadow Clan?" Dharma God King was indifferent and surprised.  Immediately said, "Fuck! Your Wushuang God Clan actually colluded with the Shadow Clan? If you do this, human civilization should send troops to help fight you! Send someone to notify human civilization!" The Dharma God King shouted indifferently at the surrounding Xinde civilization warriors.  , but suddenly there was a figure in front of him.  A familiar figure that is no longer familiar.  Yiyu is here.  Then he kicked it!  "It's a pity that the kick was missed."  Yiyu flashed between Hengyi and God King Xinde.  He saluted with an unusually serious expression.  "Fuck! It's disgusting to see you pretending to be serious!" The Dharma God King cursed indifferently and angrily.  And the densely packed Shadow Tribe who appeared behind the Sinde Civilization Army in the supervision formation and did not look like the Shadow Tribe at all suddenly stopped advancing.  "They are the Shadow Clan, a Shadow Clan that is really emotional and possesses the power of the Soul Clan. Under the leadership of the Red Shadow God Emperor, they successfully established the Soul Clan system and established various volunteer areas with high perfection.  They are also a divine soul tribe, and they are a divine soul tribe with an open sect as their philosophy." Heng Yi's calm words made the listeners not only surprised but also shocked.  Where did these shadow tribes originally exist?  Why hasn¡¯t anyone heard of it in the past?  No one knows they exist?  Only then did Yiyu say, "I can prove this." "What do the leaders of human civilization think?" At this time, God King Xinde was not as gentle and obedient as when she was alone with Yiyu, because at this moment she was Xinde  The god-king of civilization.  What we are talking about now is also the future of Sinder civilization.  Yiyu responded with a serious expression, "The outcome of this war has been decided. Human civilization believes that there is no point in continuing to fight for the Sind civilization. At the same time, what I bring is the consistent judgment result of the Sind civilization's divine brain and the human civilization's divine brain.  There is no possibility for the Sind civilization to win. The Wushuang Protoss has proved with facts that the open concept and the soul system built on it are the direction of the restructuring and development of the two super civilizations. " This is Sind God.  Brain decision?    Orthe result is consistent with the divine brain of human civilization?  The surrounding Xinde civilization soldiers all collected their weapons.  Because Sind¡¯s Divine Brain is the arbiter, since this is the decision of the Divine Brain, it is impossible for the Divine King to object.  Starting from the time when the Sind civilization led human civilization like the dream space, it built the master brain. It is the existence of the Sind civilization that integrates supervision and decision-making power.  It is equivalent to replacing the main power of the original God King.  The Dharma God King was indifferent and very happy, and sat down relaxedly.  You are not ashamed of failure at all, and you are not going to be a slave anyway. Not having to fight means you are not in danger of being killed, which means you can live a comfortable and relaxed life.  After fighting for tens of thousands of years, isn¡¯t that why?  Hongmei stared at Yiyu and asked, "Should God Brain's decision be to surrender to the Wushuang God Clan or to cease the war?" "Myth and legend appeared on the Sind God's Planet, confirming that the God Soul Clan both belong to the glory of the dream space. In the future, the God Soul Clan will be like our two super powers.  Civilizations are as inseparable as brotherly civilizations." Yiyu said, taking out the scene recorder "This is the guide to the dream space?  ??The guidance of the true god in the dream space that has not appeared for tens of thousands of years?  If this is the case, then the decision is made. ?¡­ ?The Shia universe area.  On a planet that cannot exist, Zishan sits next to Yiyu on the back of a whale whose head is swimming in the sky.  In front of them.  It's the scene where Yiyu is talking.  "Hehe. Yiyun Yiyun, the Wushuang God Clan really blocked it! The power of the divine soul will created by Hengyi is really enough to activate the protective power of the divine soul mother tree!" Zishan danced excitedly, but Yiyun on the side reacted  cold.  Zi Shi, who was just used to this, was still describing the future with great joy and said, "Hmm - when they create that everyone has the heart of God, they will have the power to open channels to other universes. Then they will take the soul with them."  The will will sow the seeds of true future creation to other universes that are still in a state of chaotic war and have been destroyed and reborn countless times. Countless universes will gradually change and move towards a better future where everyone has the heart of God. " Yiyun finally reacted!  , he raised his hand, flashing with purple light.  The planet that could not exist in the Shia universe disappeared, and they moved to the dream space along with them Dayuan, who walked out of the past-remembering circle, looked at the light outside.  He smiled involuntarily.  The remnant souls of the Shuangka sisters have been peeled off. The magic circle of recalling the past and the secret method given to Hengyi by Yiyu saved him from his bad luck.  Looking at Yuan Xiaoyi and Yuan Xiaoliu waiting outside.  Dayuan's eyes showed the same kindness as when he was in the Sanyuan Sect.  "Father!" Dayuan helped Yuan Xiaoliu, who was crying with excitement, and Yuan Xiaoliu, whose eyes were red, and said with a smile, "Okay, you two brothers can go and do your own work. There are still many things for our human civilization to start establishing volunteer areas.  To do this, you two brothers have to help the people of the Three Yuan Galaxy get through the initial period of confusion." Wang Feizi, wiping his tears, said hurriedly, "Master, don't worry, I will help my junior brothers." Watching this happen together.  Disciple, Dayuan nodded with relief.  "Master, my wife will be able to get out of the Resurrection Flower in about thirty years." Heng Yi has been manipulating the past-remembering magic circle these days, and chatted a lot with Dayuan through the magic circle. Naturally, Wang Feizi and the others were not as excited about meeting him at this time.  Dayuan's soul did not know the end date until the separation was successful, so he naturally did not mention the matter of the master's wife to make the master anxious.  After hearing this, Dayuan nodded and said, "Okay, that's great. Master, I have to work harder and try not to keep your wife waiting too long." "Father wants to enter the Resurrection Flower?" Yuan Xiaoyi and Yuan Xiaoliu were both a little surprised. Now  Dayuan's cultivation level is only at the level of Dharma Master.  After walking in, I don¡¯t know how many years it will take to come out.  "Of course, otherwise, why won't I make you sad again when I die of old age?" It seems that this is the truth Yuan Xiaoyi couldn't help but laugh  Xin De Shen Xing.  The restructuring of Sind civilization is far more troublesome than that of human civilization.  It is also slower, because starting from the opening of sensitivity, a planned and step-by-step approach must be adopted to determine the actual operability through the changes in the establishment of aspirational areas for those who are enabled.  The Second God King Hongmei is presiding over this matter.  Before Yiyu came over from human civilization, she said she would bring a special gift to Xin De.  "What is it?" God King Xinde was looking forward to it, because she really couldn't guess that it could be called a special gift.  is a scene recorder. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??The light curtain in front of us reflected a beach with waves.  On the beach, there is a house hanging in the air.  The trees on the hill behind the house are colorful.  It looks particularly bright.  On the beach, several tigers had fluffy white rabbits lying on their backs.  From inside the room, a beautiful woman flew out with an obviously silent man on her arm. When she saw the woman's face clearly, Xin De was stunned involuntarily - but the man and woman were smiling as if they were facing her.  Calling her name "Xinde" "Is this?" God King Xinde felt an unprecedented emotion surging in his body.  "A corner of the dream space, a gift from myths and legends." Yiyuru seemed to be trying to show off, but he gently hugged her waist and said softly, "His name is Chen You, and her name is Chen Qing." In an instant,  God King Xinde's eyes were filled with tears because she finally met her biological parents Many years ago, Xinde's civilization's divine brain deduced through historical information that after Chen You and Chen Qing left, in a  They lived on the destroyed planet for a long time and left about two hundred years after the dream space was established. Not long after that, the planet they once lived in was destroyed.  There has been no news since.  The answer is now undoubtedly revealed.  They went to the dream space, and they really lived on that planet for an amazing length of time.  And still alive.  "Yiyu, what does the dream space look like?" God King Xinde stared at her biological parents who were smiling at her and calling her name. There was a light of hope in his eyes, which he had not seen for a long time.  .  "Myths and legends say that that is where the true gods with the heart of God are. Anything can be, anything can exist. Because as long as the true gods want, everything can be destroyed in an instant, and can also be reborn in an instant." "Then.  . Why doesn¡¯t Dream Space use their power to create a beautiful future for the universe?¡± Yiyu smiled, holding God King Xinde¡¯s face, staring into her red eyes affectionately, and said softly, ¡°If life ends at the beginning.  The result of death. That is a blank. The heart of God is like an indispensable process of life. It is never a fruit that can be truly possessed by picking it up. Only through continuous improvement can we create and destroy together.  The power can only exist in the true God with the heart of God, so it can only exist in the dream space. Only in this way can the reality exist without contradiction. " "You know, is it because you have been, or are.  Are you saying that you are about to have the heart of God?¡± ¡°That¡¯s true.¡± ¡°Then why don¡¯t you go to the dream space?¡± ¡°¡­ The Temple of the King of Nature.  Heng Yi flew into the temple and saw the Holy King manipulating the monitoring formation on the throne.  He asked with concern, "How is the situation in the Garden Elf Volunteer Area?" The light curtains of the surveillance formations flying around the throne all disappeared in an instant.  "It went very well." The Holy King floated away from the throne and landed in front of Heng Yi.  "It seems to have interfered with your business." Heng Yi blamed himself.  "Leave it to the Holy King Temple and the temple elders." The Holy King held Heng Yi and flew over the temple.  He flew into the Natural King's Palace, flew into her bedroom, took out a glowing object, held it in his hands, and raised it to Heng Yi's eyes.  "This is what the Dream God Myth and Legend gave me. She said that if we are willing, we can go to the Dream Space at any time. Do you want to go?" Heng Yi shook his head without thinking, leading the Holy King to fly out of the dormitory.  Flying into the sky, he pointed around the sky and the earth and said with a smile, "In July, the dream space is eternal freedom. But we are working to realize the free will of the entire universe. The True God of Dreams created the Soul Clan precisely in the hope of realizing that the universe will become a dream.  The space is so free that everyone can have the free and satisfying way of life they want. Why is there any need to go to the dream space? This is another dream space. " July smiled happily and held her hand.  Hold the ball of light in your chest.  "Yes, brother Bu. No wonder the myths and legends say that we will go to the dream space, but we will not use it. It will be a gift to bless us. So that's how it is"  No one went into the dream space originally.  , a place where you can get happiness and satisfaction.  A heart that doesn¡¯t know how to be happy at all will only feel that it is hell even if it flies to heaven.  The Fourteenth Part of the Era of Chaos "The End" ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­   My mother had surgery at the end of last month and needed to rest for a long time after the operation.  So this book, which could have been finished earlier with more updates every day, finally came to an end today.  As for the new book, it will take three months for my mother to recuperate, which is until the end of June, so it will probably be at the end of July at the earliest, and August if it is slower.  The dream of connecting fourteen books has finally come to an end, which lasted exactly ten years.  I really want to talk about my thoughts on the fourteen books in the Age of Chaos, but it is really difficult to describe them all in a short space.  After thinking about it, after all, it¡¯s what the book lovers themselves see and think about, that¡¯s what it is.  It¡¯s better not to talk too much.  ??For me, being able to bring an end to the final installment of the Age of Chaos series is a complete spiritual satisfaction.  I have to make this sentence with this personality. Otherwise, I will always hover in my mind and expect to write other things back freely. It is pure impossible.  Book lovers who know Wang¡¯s book will understand it if I explain it here.  Wang originally wanted to write an independent story, but as a result, his mind couldn¡¯t help but think about stories related to the entire Age of Chaos series, so he simply turned Wang into the history of the origin star of the elves in the Sinder civilization Do you want to say that this is a disease?  Can it be cured?  So now it¡¯s cured, because the Age of Chaos series is completely over, and you don¡¯t have to think about it anymore!  What kind of free thoughts will fly in the next book?  I can't wait to start soon.  It¡¯s just thatit will definitely be three months after the mother¡¯s surgery. She has to take care of the mother and the child. It¡¯s really hard to do it all together I won¡¯t say much about the feeling of this month. I only have three biggest wishes: to catch up on sleep!  Catch up on your sleep!  Still catching up on sleep!  Finally, let me say this sincerely: Thank you book friends for your support, especially your long-term support.  Because of you, we were able to complete the entire Age of Chaos series!  To this end, I will prepare the next book carefully to suit the appetites of as many book lovers as possible!  (To be continued)
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